I Spent $1,000 Outsourcing Articles For My Website

I Spent $1,000 Outsourcing Articles For My Website

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So I just got done spending a thousand dollars in articles for one of my Web sites to try to get search engine rankings now to outsource these articles was actually pretty easy. It only took a little bit for the people to finish the articles. And here’s what the content experiment looks like. We are spending a thousand dollars on content and it’s an experiment. Now, the way that it worked is very simple.

What I did is I spent on 34 articles that have a word count of about two thousand words each. It’s two thousand or more, up to three thousand, something like that. Those articles cost me twenty eight dollars and twenty cents each. And there’s some of the keywords abused. So I got these articles here so that I can get ranked on the search engines and get lots of free traffic. Now you can outsource articles a little bit cheaper.

There was an option to get these for 14 dollars, which would have been half price. And I want to gotten double the content, but I wanted him to do a good job. Now, in a later video, I’m going to show you the difference between a 14 dollar article and a 28 dollar article so you can understand the difference there and make your decision based on what you want to get done. Now, before we dove in and I show you the actual articles that I got for all this money, I want to take a minute to show you why I came up with the keywords and which keywords I selected and how it’s going to work out for me in the long run. Now, about a year ago, I noticed that one of the blog posts that I made without

any purpose or anything, I just throw it up on my blog, started ranking for the word Wicks affiliate program and I was like, wait a minute, this keyword is now bringing me traffic every single day for a very targeted keyword. And I like that. I thought it was really cool. Now, I had been doing search engine marketing since 1999 when the Internet was just a wee lad. And I learned a lot of things, but I kind of ignored it for a while. On one of my main sites, because it was so much easier to get paid traffic and to get free traffic from like YouTube and stuff like that. So recently I started diving in and saying, what would this look like? And the content search engine bug hit. And I kind of went crazy. And so what I did is I printed out a

bunch of keywords and different rankings for my competitors sites to look at what their ranking for and look at what’s easy. And you’ll notice that this has like the volume, it’s got the keyword difficulty. And so I was looking at the keyword difficulty for this one gaming affiliate programs. The keyword difficulty is only a one says like, okay, cool, I could probably write for stuff like that with a site that I haven’t done much SEO on. So let’s get started with that and see how it works out. And so I decided, hey, you know what, let’s do a test. And you could tell that I’ve been working way too much because my hair kind of is taken on a life of its own. So let’s talk about how these keywords worked and how we did all that, how we did the keyword research and kind

of what’s going on now. I noticed that with my Web site, I have several different rankings for some terms that are pretty good, but I’m not getting that much traffic. So I wanted to dove in deeper and see what I could get more traffic for. For example, take a look at this one that I recently started ranking for just this month. That is about free classified ad sites. And I’ve never even tried to rank for this word. It just happen as a byproduct. And now I’m getting traffic from that word, which is pretty cool because my site hasn’t had much SEO on it ever. So what I decided to do is go out there, spend the thousand dollars, get the 34 articles and see what happens. Now, it’s very important that I focus on the right keywords, which we’re going to show you in just

a second and we focus on the sweet spot. So we want sweet spot keywords that we know we can get. This is especially important if you have a new Web site. A lot of people are out there going for the wrong keywords and that’s why they fail. If you go for the right keywords that have the right amount of traffic that are focused on things that, you know, people will want to check out more of your site for, then you’re golden. And these words are not that hard to rank for at all. So we’ve got to have the sweet spot and we’ve got to have one that’s like less than 10 on the keyword difficulty scale. Now you can find this keyword difficulty scale in several keyword tools. Some are free, some are paid. And I have a list of those keyword tools over at

keyword sniffer dot com. You can get those tools. You can use them and find the competition for any keyword you want. So I set out and I dove into 34 different keywords that I really wanted to rank for that I thought weren’t too competitive that I could get traffic on. Now, in order to make this happen, I was listening to a lot of the people out there that are talking about SEO and things like that. And again, remember, I’ve done SEO for a long time. I’m not a super expert, but I’ve gotten several hundred million visitors for free from the search engines. And I noticed that a lot of people were saying and I’ve learned, too, that fifteen hundred words or more is a good size for an article. Now, you can’t just put junk articles up there and you can’t just focus on any

keywords. So you’ve got to have easy to write keywords. It could put you in the sweet spot. Next, you have to have good relevant content. Some of the articles that we had written we had to send back and I had to say, you know what? Redo this article or you’re not going to get paid in nicer terms. Right. So I’ve got to have good relevant content. It can’t just be about some kind of junk. Next, the word has to have lots of subcategory words. So, for example, the free ad Web site, free classified keyword I was going for. There’s lots of subcategory words. There’s different variations of the word. There’s different things added on to the word. For example, if we look at some of the keywords that I went for here, I have a little snapshot of six of the articles. I got some of them we’re still waiting on. One of them was the Amazon affiliate program. Now, this has lots of subcategory words. Amazon affiliate program, Amazon Associate Program, How to sign up for the Amazon affiliate program. How much does the Amazon affiliate program pay? And on and on we go with tons and tons and tons of keywords that we can write for with just one article if we do it right. I also went for the next keyword, which was Shopify affiliate program. I noticed that one of my articles had the word Shopify affiliate program from way back when we didn’t even try to rank 4 in it. Right click number ninety for it. And I was like, hey, if I write number 90, not even trying, I should be able get a top 10 if I actually try. Right. You would think. And this test is goin to show it.

And by the way, if you like this content experiment and you want to see what happens over the next few months, make sure you subscribe and click the bell and we’re gonna walk you through everything. Nothing held back. Show you exactly what happens when it happens so that you can duplicate this and make some money for. Yourself. The next one I went for was Blue host affiliate program, I noticed a lot of people were searching for these. Again, you got to look at the amount of searches that are out there to make sure it’s going to make sense. Now, I like to do this using several different tools that will show you who’s ranking number one and how much traffic they think they’re getting, which is pretty cool because then you can use that to figure out where you’re going to be.

So you don’t do all this work and spend all this money on articles that get you a visitor every seven months. We don’t want to do that. So Blue host affiliate program was a good one with over 400 searches a month on the main term and lots of subcategory terms as well. And it’s one that I’ve used and I think is pretty good. So we could use that as well. Next, I’m going all in on the free classified ad site since I ranked number two without even trying. I figure if I go for a lot of the subcategory words, we’re going to do pretty good as well. Especially when you look at the fact that free classified ads has about 40 900 searches a month free classified personals. Twenty nine hundred and post free classified ads in USA a thousand. So there’s lots of subcategory

words here that we can choose from, including stuff like Free AD Forum, which is the one that I currently rank for, free ad forum all like that, which gets two hundred and fifty searches a month. And I’m showing that I’m getting an average of about 38 visitors a month. As it is right now, without even trying. So I think we could do a lot better on that one as well. Next up, I went for high ticket affiliate programs because I noticed this one has quite a bit of searches as well. So we got some articles written about that. And lastly, the one I got to show you today is pay per lead affiliate programs. So these are the main keywords. And I know if I can rank for these and some subcategory words as well as for the other 34 articles we’re going to go

through, then I could get some traffic. So let’s dove in. Let’s see what I got for my thousand bucks. OK.

So now here’s the article Web site that we use that you can find at get Web site content dot com over there. You can get all these articles written. And these are the prices on the site. OK. So we are looking at beginner, general skilled expert. I usually use skilled, which is why you could see my 2000 3000 word article was 28 20. Now you can also use beginner level. We’re going to be testing this out and show you the difference between beginner and skilled, an expert. So we’ll try them all out on the same article and we’ll make another video where you guys could see the difference and decide for yourself, which is best. Now, no matter which one you get, you’re also going to need to remember that you’re going to have to do some revising. OK, so this is what it looks

like. These are the prices. You would just go in here and put your project description, your keywords and the instructions for your article. So project description would be your keyword. Then you put your keywords in here. I usually just put one main keyword, your sweet spot keyword and then put some instructions. So if I’m going for something like Wix affiliate program, I would put Wix affiliate program up here. Wix affiliate a program down here. I’d choose skilled writers because that’s the one I like. I’d choose one day because I want him to do it in one day. And then I would go through and I’d put a description of what I want. Please write a report talking about the way affiliate program, what they pay, how to promote them and how people can make money with the Wix affiliate program. And then I give them

some links to help him out of other Web sites that I found that I like that rank for that keyword. Very important because they’re going to use those links and they’ll be able to see what you’re after instead of just writing a bunch of junk. Now, once you submit your job, a writer will pick it up, usually within an hour or so, he’ll pick it up and start on the job. And then once he’s done the job, it will actually go into your projects and then they’ll be like a little time thing here. And that’s the time that you have and that’s the time that they have left to create the article. Very simple. Once the articles done, it’ll go into your download area and you can actually go in and see the details and download the article. Very simple. So what I’ve done is

I went ahead and did all this for us. And I have about a thousand dollars worth of these articles that I’ve started on. We have seven of them in here. There’s about 30 or 27 laughter or something like that that we’re going to go through as well. So you could see the articles here. And what I’m going to do is going to show you how they work. Right. So here’s what I did for pay per lead affiliate program. This one’s very easy. It talks about paper lead talks about how they can get paid. So they did a really, really good job. Now, if a writer comes back and does not do a good job, you can click request to revision and tell him what you want him to change. It’ll give him another 24 hours or so to make it up to par. And then

again, you have another chance to approve it or not. Now, don’t get too crazy with it. Like obviously you’re going to have to do some editing. So as long as he’s got the bulk of it in there, I think we’re gonna do OK. OK. And these ones I have approved, they’re doing pretty good. He’s got some different programs on there. We can use different stuff like that. We also have the Amazon affiliate program one, which is the one I’m going to be working with today. OK. So this one’s here. Pretty decent. Pretty good article there. We have the Costco on the Costco one. I had to have him rewrite it because the original it was all about Costco as a company, which I don’t want that. I want Costco affiliate marketing. Then we have an article for. Our affiliate program, which is another key word

I’m going through, he did a very good job on this one, talking about fiber, how to get paid, where to sign up, different things like that. And then, of course, we have the free classified ads, one where he talks about the free classified ad sites and he lists the various sites, which is good because we want to get ranked on those as well. OK. And we’ll show you also, like I would go in and I would put variations of free ad forum and then I put like the free ad forum dot com.

Since those are keywords that I want as well. OK, so very simple. Very easy. We also have high ticket affiliate programs where you went through and did various high ticket programs and you guys could see there’s some format and you need to do on here and, you know, check for little errors and things like that. But it’s a hell of a lot easier than having to come up with this content on your own. Right. So very, very simple. OK. So that’s basically what we’re looking at for that one. And then our last one was for the Shopify affiliate program. He did a good job on that one as well. Now, what we’re going to want to do is we’re gonna want to take this content and put it on our blog. Now, we don’t want to put all 35 articles like right away on the

blog. Right, because that’s going to be too much content. We want to drip them out maybe one per day over the next month and see how they start to rank. See how they start to do so. When I do this, I’m going to go into my blog dashboard here like this, and then I’m going to take the article I want. Okay. So I got Amazon affiliate program. I’m going to open that up and just kind of slide it over here in the other screen for now. That way we’re working on this now. What I did beforehand is I used one of the keyword tools that we’re talking about over on keywords sniffer dot com. I ran a report for the top people that are ranking for the words that I want that are related to the Amazon affiliate program. OK, so we got him here.

We’ve got him here and we got him here. Now, one of the ones that I found, which is a sweet spot keyword for me, was Amazon affiliate program review. Right. If I can get a good ranking on this, I can bag some good traffic. You can see that this guy is getting like one hundred and eighty five searches a month just from this one. Now, again, remember all these rankings and more and more. There’s four pages of them are just one blog post. OK. So pretty easy. Like I can get all these traffic from one blog post. Now we’re going to try to go for some of the bigger words also. But we want to focus on the sweet spot keywords. So we’re going to get that sweet spot keyword here. We’re gonna go to our blog post. We’re going to post ad New York.

Now, I don’t mess with FCO plugins or anything too much. They kind of slow down my site and I haven’t seen that great of a response from them. You could try em out if you want, but we’re not going to in this example. OK, so we’re gonna go through we’re going to start with our main keyword, Amazon affiliate program review. I’m just gonna capitalize those. And then I put something else like maybe Amazon Associates.

Amazon Associates. What did we have? A program? How to get started?

OK, so we got Amazon affiliates, programs review, Amazon Associates, how to get started. The next thing we’re gonna do now. I found a really good keyword in the when I was shooting the video earlier, which was Amazon affiliate disclosure. So I’m just gonna type that here.

Amazon affiliate disclosure and I can put disclaimer, too, OK?

That way I remember that. That’s a keyword that I want saying to put that in here. OK. So now what I’m going to do is I’m going to go get my article here to get the article body and copy everything from the article body like this. Think this one was about twenty two hundred words and I’m going to put that in the blog post now I could go through and I could do like all kinds of cool things like I can bold this, I can go through and add things in there. I can do like if I want this to show up on the top, I could do something like a note. Be sure when working with the Amazon affiliate program. OK. And we’re gonna have like a little little checkbox kind of thing over here. So note be sure when working with the Amazon

affiliate program. First off, we’ll say I have a Amazon affiliate disclosure disclaimer. Put some other tips here. Like never cloak your links, always use raw links and I’ll put another tip like always use a direct to product. Product link can’t spell today, OK, now we’ll put that in there and then we’ll go ahead and just kind of clear this up. According to Business Insider, Amazon valuation bubble, blah. OK. Good, good, good. Looks pretty good. Getting started with Amazon’s affiliate program will build this. There you go. You need to sign up. OK. So we could just. We can make this easier for him. We’ll just do Amazon.com. I’ll just scroll down and get their affiliate sign up page. So let’s see where that’s at. Work with Amazon.

OK. We’ll have to Google it. They don’t want to make it easy for us. Amazon affiliate program.

Sign up. OK. So we’ll just get the Amazon affiliate program sign up here and then we’ll put theirs. Now, if this was an affiliate link, I would definitely want to use that. But they don’t they don’t offer that on Amazon.

So we’ll just have to put this here. OK. So what do Amazon affiliate link sign up? OK. Boom. There we go.

And always when you do links that are off of your site, make sure. Let’s see. I always make sure that you open them in a new window by clicking this tab here. OK. Very simple. Now, you can also go through and put images in if you got screenshots or whatever that fit, you can do that as well. So we’re gonna go ahead and just kind of finish formatting. How do I get started with the Amazon affiliate program? OK, we’ll do that. Like a big one. What is the Amazon affiliate program will do that big as well. And we can make these read if we want or whatever color you like. Becoming an Amazon affiliate. Create a blog or Web site. OK. So we can make these headlines. Big whoop.

Make this one big dude like that. Like this. OK. Looks good.

It’s got all the contact info stuff here and it will do to negotiate, to navigate your account.

We’ll do this bold, OK?

And then you can put in like screenshots and things like that. Good, good, good. OK. Then we can do like pros and cons of the affiliate program. Cons. OK, and then we’ll go through how to promote your links. Blogging media. Boom, like that. And then now we have our page pretty much set up right now. Once we have it set up, we’ve got all our keywords, we’ve got everything set up here, we can go ahead and save a copy. OK, so we’ll save it here by clicking publish. OK. And then once that’s published, it’ll go live on our blog and then we’ll have a link here and we could see what it looks like now. I’m going to go through afterwards and put some links in to like get people to buy stuff, because obviously the key here is getting them to buy things. So

I would put some links in there, some affiliate offers you some of the plugins that I have. I have a plug in that creates ads and create ads like this within the content. So like, if I want to put ads within the content, I can just go in the content wherever I want those ads. And I would just put like this all code down here. All right. Like this voodoo ads could do like I think it’s called in content. And then we can choose how many ads we want. And then I could just put this wherever I want within the content. So like, if I want, I’m right up front. I can just put that right in there. And I think it might have to be in text. And then we’re gonna put it right in there and text, update. And then what that’s going

to do is it will put the ads in there. Right. You got to have the ads in there, because the whole point isn’t just to get search engine rankings. It’s to make money. So you can see how it puts the ads in there. Very simple. Very easy. And it looks like part of the content, which is pretty cool. And you can put them as many times as you want. And then once this is done, you’re ready to go. We’re just going to wait for the search engines to pick this up, which usually takes a couple of days or so. If you have a blog that the search engines know about, it doesn’t take too long for them to pick it up. And we’ll see how it ranks, which is pretty cool. And if you keep doing this over and over, you’ll start to rank for

your terms and you’ll start to get a lot of traffic. I was just reading an example of someone that I was looking to interview on my site. And this guy started back in 2019. He did guest blogging. He did posts like this. And he’s got like a ton of traffic for words that I never even thought I could go for. So this challenge is kind of to challenge myself, get some really good rankings and show you guys the process every step of the way. So if you like this kind of stuff, make sure you subscribe and click the bell. We’re going to be doing all kinds of videos about how this goes. We’re going to show you how we post the other articles. We’re going to show you when they get ranked, what we do with the rankings, how much traffic they get and everything

like that. So you can kind of see like a bird’s eye view of how this business works and how content marketing works. We’re gonna do this with a thousand dollars to start. See how much traffic we get and then we’ll come back and do some more. If it does really well, because, you know, hey, that’s pretty cool. I could make that back and like one sale, which is cool. Now, depending on what you’re offering, might need a little bit more than one sale, but you get the idea. So thanks again for watching. Make sure you subscribe and click the bell and go over to keyword sniffer dot com for the keyword report so that you can do these reports on all kinds of different blogs and sites to see what you can rank for and find those sweet spot keywords. Thanks again for watching. I’m

Marcus. Check out the next video that’s going to talk about all the tips and tricks you need to know. Coming up.

Get A High Ticket Niche And Marcus Will GIVE YOU A List Of Easy Rank Keywords 🙂

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