Adwords vs Adsense – How Does Adsense Work

Making Money With Adsense – How Adsense Works

Part 1: What Is Google Adsense?

First… Understand Adwords VS Adsense

adsense vs adwords

Google Adwords: Business’ Buy Clicks On Keywords… AD-WORDS

how adsense works

The Ad Shows For The Words Selected And Business’ Pay “Per Click…” When The Ad Is Clicked.

Its Like A Bidding War, Auction Based, AI Quality Score Generated, Price Per Click…


These Are Google Adsense Ads… Website Owners Can Place Them On Their Site / Blog To Earn Money.

how adsense works

MOST Advertisers Pay Less For Content Network Ads VS Search Ads… So You Will Most Likely Not See The “BIG” BUCKS…


NOTICE: Be Sure To Follow All Rules, Terms, And Guidelines


adsense setup

Most Of The Time We Will Use Display Ads

best adsense sizes

Create Your Ad Block… Generate The Code

adsense earnings code

Copy Code Into CODE Section Of Your Blog

(sidebars, in content, plugins)

adsense ad block

BOOM – Now You Have Ads… When
They Are Clicked You Get Paid…

Part 3: How Much Can You Earn?

$204,178 – My Earnings
Less Than 5% Of My Total Earnings

NOTICE: Adsense Is Best As A SUPPLEMENTAL Revenue Source
Not The Main Attraction!

$0.01 Per PPV

BEST $0.03 PPV


NOTICE: Adsense Is Best As A SUPPLEMENTAL Revenue Source
Not The Main Attraction!

RPM = Earnings Per 1,000

Page View RPM = Page View

Impression RPM = Ad View (multi ads on pages)

Ways to Make Money With Adsense:

– Blogging

– Websites

– Youtube

– Affiliate Marketing Sites / Flipper Sites

BOOST Your Income Tips

– Your Content Matter / Flipping

– Ad Placements

– The Way Your Ads Look

– Frequency Of Ads

The FULL Rundown On Adwords And Adsense:

Hey, guys, it is Marcus here and welcome to this training about how to make money with Google adsense.

How does one go about making money with adsense?

How does it work?

How do we get in there and actually get the dollars from the ad sense into our pocket?

Well, this is the training you’ve been waiting for. We’re going to talk everything about adsense now. I’ve made multiple six figures with adsense, although I will say it’s less than about 5 percent of my total income that I have earned on the interweb. So it’s not like a huge amount. Now, the reason it’s not a huge amount is because I find that if I have ads on my site that are placed there automatically by a machine based on what other people think they want to advertise on for my site traffic, they’re not going to be as good as knowing what my visitors want. As I am.

So I find that adsense is best used as a supplementary income stream.

However, with that said, there are many multiple seven figure earners with the adsense program and we’re going to talk about how that works.

And it all kind of boils down to what you’re content’s about.

You can see here, this is my adsense earnings.

So you can see I’ve made over two hundred four thousand dollars with adsense. Again, not my main income stream by any means, but it is definitely an income stream. And I think that some people can use this to their advantage to start to make money and learn about their traffic and building grow, which is really cool because sometimes we aren’t able to get affiliate programs for some of our traffic or we might not know what to do right off the bat.

What is Google AdWords?

Now, ad sense, ad AdWords are like two sides of the same coin. AD sense is where I get paid for traffic. AD words is where I pay for traffic. OK. Now they’re the same platform. They’re the same thing. If I buy an ad on ad words, I can click a little button and say, yeah, I want to show up on other people’s Web sites. Or I could say, no, I don’t. OK. So that is what we’re looking at here.

Now, AdWords is obviously that thing where if you go to Google and you type in a word, you’re going to see some ads right now and pretty simple. Right. How many guys have seen Google ads, type Google ads in the box? Right. You’ll notice a Google ad because it’ll have a little green thing that says ads, buy it, ads and things like that. OK. Now, what these are, is they are known as paid ads. These advertisers are paying to show up at the top of the search engines. And when their ad is clicked on, they pay money. Now, Google AdWords is where businesses buy clicks on keywords. Hence the name AdWords.

You’re running an ad on the keywords. And when you get clicks, you pay. Now, if you go into the Google AdWords keyword planner tool, you can get an idea of what the average is that people are paying for certain keywords. Now, obviously the word funny cat video is not going to be as expensive as like how to refinance a mortgage. OK. So we’ve got to look at that. So if your site content is about funny cats, you’re not going to make the big dollars like the mortgage ones. Right. So you’ve got to look at that. Now, you can use the Google AdWords keyword planner tool to kind of find out what is going on for various niches. So we could see year that for the word penny stocks, which I put stocks in here. So we’re trying to be, you know, kind of focus on the right thing here. So you guys can see how this works linearly or vertically or whatever it is. Right. And you can see that penny stocks, the top of paid page bid is like a dollar to nine dollars. So the advertisers are paying like a dollar to nine dollars per click on their Web sites. Now, that means that if you generate the click, you’ll get a portion of that. Now, I got to tell you that advertisers know the difference between search traffic on Google and ads and traffic on your site. So now I going to pay the nine dollars a click for traffic from your site. Most of the time some of them will. Some won’t. I think the most I’ve ever made on a click was like six bucks or something like that. And it wasn’t like a bunch of clicks I got. It was like a one off kind of deal. OK. I’ve had several hundred like that, but it was more or less a one off kind of thing.

It wasn’t sustainable. All right. So we look at the top of bid page rain for the low range and the high range. OK. So they’re bidding anywhere from a dollar or two dollars to fourteen dollars for stocks to buy. All right. Now, when you go to Web sites, they have the option to make less or spend less money. On site traffic. So we got to look at that. OK. So that’s how that works. These ads are powered by people bidding on the terms and they only pay when the ad is clicked. OK. Now let’s talk about how this works. The ad shows for the word selected and the businesses pay per click when the ad is clicked. So the click has to happen for the person to pay. Now, much like ad words, same kind of deal, the click has to happen for you get paid unless you’re doing an impression based kind of deal. OK. So they pay when the ad is correct. Now it’s kind of like a bidding war. OK. So I start out and I’m like, Hey, you know what? I’ll bid a dollar and I don’t show up. And I try to box and maybe I’ll show up higher or whatever.

So it’s like a bidding war and it’s an auction based a high quality score generated price per click. So it’s like this big crazy algorithm that goes into what, a collection cost. OK. And it also obviously because it’s a business, it depends on supply and demand. Are there people that want clicks for this stuff right now for the word funny cat videos? Not a lot of advertisers. So the demand is low, but the supply is really I. Right. So very, very little amount of money going to be made in that now refinance. All right. There’s some decent amount of traffic for that. So the demand is really high. They want those words and the supplies, you know.

So it just depends on what you’re going after. Now, this is what a site looks like with ad sense on it. OK. Hospital scam site that I built years ago. And you can see these are the ads. Now, it usually says like ad choices or ads by Google. This is what’s known as an adsense blog or ad sense. BLOCK OK. These are Google ad sense ads. Website owners can place them on their site and their blogs to earn money. Right. So it’s very simple. It’s like, OK, these are the Google ads. The website owners can put them on their site and they can earn money. Now, again, remember, the amounts that are shown in the Google AdWords keyword tool are not the same. Most advertisers pay less for content network ads versus search ads. OK. So they’re gonna pay less for content network ads. So you’re most likely not going to see the big bucks. So if you go out there and set up a site about like, you know, how to donate a car to charity, which is one of the top money words, then, you know, you can’t expect to get like one hundred fifty dollars a click because they’re not paying that much for content network traffic. OK. Now, we don’t really know what they’re paying and it’s all algorithm based and we don’t even know what keywords are going to trigger on our site because it’s automated. OK. So we’ve got to look at that. So you will most likely not see the big bucks. Now, how does this work? Super easy. It’s extremely easy. This is why people love Google ad sense. Now, before we get into how it works, I want you to follow the notice. And be sure to follow all the rules, terms and guidelines. OK, make sure you read them, make sure you understand them. If a company is going to pay you like they paid me two hundred thousand dollars, you need to follow the rules. Like you can’t go to a job and be like, give me two hundred grand and I’m going to go, you know, sleep in the bushes. It’s not going to work. You follow the rules if you want the paycheck. So you’ve got to treat this like a business, not like a hobby. Don’t mess around. Really focus on what’s going on. Don’t try to buck the system. If you buck the system, you won’t get paid. Kate, and we’d like to get paid. That’s kind of the whole reason we’re doing this. OK, so here’s how it works. Make sure you follow the rules. Next, you’re going to go into your Google ad sense account. You go over to Google ad sense or you just type ad sense in the box and you apply for an ad send to count Alaska for information about your Web site. Things like that.

And then they’ll come back and approve you or not approve you or whatever. If you don’t get approved, just, you know, build your website up a little bit and then try again. It’s not that hard to get approved. You just got to go out there and do it. They’ve got to make sure that you’re not going to do anything shady or weird or that your content isn’t like harmful to anyone or something like that.


  1. So once you have your ad since account, you’re going to go into ads, you’re going to click on overview. You’re going to click on buy site. And then you could click on Buy Unit. OK. Then you’re gonna get a page. It looks like this. Create a new ad unit. Very simple. OK, you’re going to choose display ads. OK. Now you can use an article or native, but I really like the display ads because they’re there based on what works because obviously Google wants to make a lot of money and they have more data on what people click than we do. And they’re gonna make it the best way possible to get you as much click to rate as you can. Okay. Now, most of the time we are going to be using display ads. OK. Now you can customize your display ad. We’re going to talk to you about some of the best ad blocks, the sizes, everything like that. OK. Most of time we’re going to use display ads. What we’re gonna do is it’s just going to ask you to name your ad unit.


  1. I usually name it like if I have a Web site about elephants, I’d call it like elephant site or maybe use my domain name as the ad unit. And then it’s going to show you a preview of the ad and then they’re going to go ahead and click create.


Now, once you create your ad block, it’s going to generate a code. It’ll generate a code that looks like this. You simply copy this code and put it in your site. Then the site’s going to show ads much like that. Yeah. I have another one. Good. I thought this through. Right. Then you’re going to copy the code into the code section of your blog. You can put it in your sidebars, in your content, either certain plugins, you can use different things like that. Once you paste that code on, that’s going to put the ads on your site when the ads are clicked. You’re gonna make money. Now you’ve got to follow the rules again. Don’t do anything shady. Now, once you do this, you have ads and when they’re clicked, you get paid pretty good. Right. I mean, you guys are like, yeah, I get this. OK. Type ad sense if you get it. OK.


And then we’ll continue on. I want to make sure that you guys are following along here.


And right now, we’re going to get into part three and then we’ll take some Q and A and stuff like that, okay. Part three is how much can you earn? Now I’ve earned two hundred four thousand one hundred and seventy eight dollars with my ad since. Again, not one of my biggest income earners. It’s less than 5 percent of my total online earnings so far. I think it’s actually less than 2 percent. I don’t know. My math brain is still asleep, but I’ve made a lot right now. You can’t expect to make that or more or less. We don’t know what you’re gonna make a business as a business. And I think by now you guys understand that, right? We’ve got to focus on that and be like, okay, yeah, this is a business. I’m not gonna expect to watch one YouTube video and get rich overnight. It’s gonna take some work. And even if you do the work, there’s a lot of variables involved. You know, maybe it won’t get clicks or maybe you won’t get traffic or maybe the ads will work out or whatever it is. OK. So there’s you can’t look at it and be like, yeah, I’m guaranteed to make money.


It’s not guaranteed.


You’re gonna set this up. And again, you got to build it. Now notice.

Important notice ad sense is best as a supplemental revenue source. OK, I’m going to read that again. AD sense is best as a supplemental revenue source, not the main attraction. So where I made a lot of my money with ad sense was with my refinance website. I had a Web site with mortgage calculators and I had ad sense on it and I also had refile offers. Now, the amount of money I made on the refile offers was way higher than the amount of money I made on ad sense. But it was good to get two checks, right? Who doesn’t want two checks as long as one check doesn’t make the other lower? OK, so we’ve got to look at that. We’ve got to focus. OK, so we’re going to take a look at that ad sense as best as a supplemental revenue source, not the main attraction. Now, what we’re seeing on average average across the board, I actually looked at some statistics and I found that the average is about a point two percent or two point two cents per view. What does that mean? If you get you know, let’s let’s get the old calculator out here, calc you later. Right. So what that’s going to mean is that if I drive so point two cents. So if I drive one hundred thousand visitors to my Web site and I get zero point zero, zero two cents per visitor, let’s make the sales molars going here.


There you go. Point 0 0 2 cents per visitor. That means I’m going to make an average of two hundred dollars for my hundred thousand views. That’s insanely low. I would be put out of business years ago if I just relied on that. So we’re going to talk to you about ways to make more than that. We’re gonna talk to you about some of the examples that I have. Like my average was about 1 cent per view. My best was about 3 cents per view. And again, remember, I’m also making money on other things. So that’s not my only income source. So we’ve got to focus on that. We’ve got to look at it. I even put it again at Sensis best as a supplemental revenue source, not the main attraction. Now, let’s take a look at some of the things that you’re going to notice. OK. When you go into your ad sense account, you are going to see several things. You’re going to see this number. Here are P. M.. What does that mean? That means earnings per 1000. Right.


So if I’m making point two cents a collect zero point zero zero two times 1000 visitors, my PM would be 20 cents. OK, if I make a dollar. I think it is. Or let’s say I make let’s say I make zero point zero three cents like my top one times 1000.


Clicks That would mean my RPA would be 30. So following along type RPI, I’m in the box if you get that. Now there’s two important PMS to look at. Okay. The one I’m going to look at mostly is the page view RPA. Why? Because you can have more than one ad adblock on a site.


I think they allow you three. Make sure you check the terms and conditions. Make sure you know that is up to date when you’re running yours. But I think they allow you three ad blocks per page. OK. What does that mean? That means that each page is going to result in more than one impression. Okay, so we want the page V1 because we want to know how much am I making on the people? I’m getting to my Web site and Leeds is saying, here’s our PMS around two to three dollars, which we see is usually like the average.


So we’ve got to kind of look at that and leads. If you if you want type in what market you’re in, like where’s your traffic? Is like mortgage or cats or, you know, what is it? OK, so APM, that is what we’re looking at. And Page View, our APM is for your page views. How many page views are looking now? Impression our PM is ad view multiple ads on pages so could trigger multiple page views with that. Okay. So very, very, very important. Okay. Now here are the ways to make money with ads since how do you make money with ads? So while there’s several different ways to make money with the old ads. OK. One is blogging. You could set up a blog. You can get some traffic. You could put ads on it and boom, there you go. Pretty cool, right?


Not that hard to do. We’re doing a traffic test. You guys might have heard about where we are, about a thousand dollars worth of articles and putting them on my Web site. We’re only like three days into it and I’m already getting traffic. Five days, I think. But most of the days I don’t even do anything right. We’re already starting to get traffic. So blogging and getting traffic is not that difficult to do.


But again, you’ve got to look at it and say, OK, well, how much am I going to make on these things and leave? Stick around. We’ll give you a cool tip at the end to show you how to make money with your sports football site. He’s got sports sites, though, so we’ll look at that. If you’re getting a lot of traffic for that, let me know. And is it YouTube or is it a blog? So blogging is a big one. A lot of marketers make a lot of money with ad sense, with blogging. They simply put the ad blocks on their site and they get paid when people click. Now, I can tell you, most people that are just doing this method are leaving a lot of money on the table like leads. I know he’s leaving a lot of money on the table because he’s not really making that much. So we’ve got to look at that. Next, we have websites, blogging and Web sites are pretty much the same thing, just a different platform. Web site is like a hard to make blog. A blog is a little bit easier to make. So that’s the difference between those now. I’ve made money with both blogs and websites. I’ve made money with free traffic and paid traffic.


And you really, really got to focus on this. Okay. The next way. One of the more popular ways to make money with ads since recently is using the YouTube partner program. Now, the YouTube partner program allows you to put those ads on your video. You just click a button. It’ll automatically run the ads on the video and you get paid per view, per impression, per click. Different things like that. Right. So very simple.


Very easy. A lot of YouTube viewers are making a lot of money. Some are making like, I think eight figures or something insane with ads on their video. Now, I got to tell you, also, a lot of YouTube ads are making a lot more with sponsored stuff. So YouTube ads are a very small portion of the income versus actually running your own business. OK, next, you can have affiliate marketing sites or flipper sites, which we’re going to talk about in a little bit as well. That’s going to come into the boosting your income part. So Google AdWords, a Google ad sense, is a good way to make money.


But again, you have to look at what is it that I’m getting from this? What is it like? Can I make more? And you have to ask yourself if the averages are like two cents or whatever. Or point two cents per view again, because remember in marketing and I’ll pull up a notepads, you guys can see this.


You’ve got to look at two numbers. OK, two numbers here.


Are your earnings. Per view, an earnings.


Per click and effective APC. OK, so this is how it works, you got out, you’ve got to really, really focus. OK, so we go here and we’re like, okay, earnings per view. What am I making per view?


Well, if the example is zero point zero three cents a click, let’s just say that it’s hypothetical. I have hit that. But you know, again, hypothetical. So let’s say we’re doing like point three cents per click or pay per view.


OK, let’s say let’s say we have an ad and we’re getting an average of I don’t know, maybe it’s in a good market and we’re getting a dollar per click, OK? What it’s going to look like is this. All right. I get 1000 visitors to my Web site out of those.


One hundred one thousand visitors, maybe. I don’t know. Let’s say 50 click. And again, these numbers are hypothetical. Sometimes you can do a lot better than that, which I’m going to show you in just a little bit. But let’s say I get 1000 views. And then I get 50 to click, which would be 50 dollars to me right now.


I got to look at that and I’ll be like, Oh man, I’m getting a dollar a click. That’s pretty cool. But you’re only getting a dollar a click for the amount of people that click on the ad. You’re not getting a dollar a click for everyone, otherwise you’d be making a thousand bucks. Right. So you got to look at that. Now you’re effective. APEC is going to be total impressions.


  1. You’re going to do earnings.


Over total impressions. OK, so total impressions, what are your impressions on your site or total page views? If you want to do it that way. Okay. So now if I go out there and I’m like, OK, well, let’s say I earned three hundred bucks or whatever rights I earned three hundred dollars and I got a thousand impressions total. Well, let’s say I got 10000 presence, that would be a three cent per click. OK. So you can kind of look at that and kind of gage it when you do affiliate marketing. The same thing’s gonna happen because the temptation is going to be, hey, let’s look at the offer. OK. And you’re going to look at the offer and you can be like, OK, well, this offer is making eight dollars a Clegg or a dollar a click or whatever it is. But you have to factor in how many visitors it takes to get that click.

Because not everyone is going to click. Now, I’ve got some methods I teach you here on the channel where I’ve gotten upwards of 99 percent of the visitors to click on an affiliate offer, not ad sense. That’s pretty much impossible to do, but an affiliate offer, OK. And we’re going to show you those tactics to make sure you subscribe and click the bell and check out those videos. All right. You got to factor in how many visitors it takes or how many visits it takes to get that click, because that’s going to determine how much you’re going to be able to make because you’re effective. CPC is the number you use to say, how much is my traffic worth? This is important when you’re going after free traffic, paid traffic, any traffic, because you’ve got to know your metrics. OK. Very important. Now here are ways to boost your ad since income again. Make sure you follow all terms and conditions. Don’t do anything shady. Don’t do anything they don’t like. Focus and do what they want. OK. Now, the first way to boost your income tips is content.


  1. What is your content about if you’re content’s about, you know, I don’t know, spreadsheets. Right. Maybe you’re out there and you’re going to go for like budgeting spreadsheets or something. And you got all these spreadsheets on your site and all these people are coming in for budgeting spreadsheets. And what’s gonna happen is Google ad sense is going to trigger ads for budgeting spreadsheets, which don’t pay that much. Right. Maybe you’ll get like 11 cents a click or something like that or less than that. Probably.


  1. So what’s going to happen is they’re going to trigger ads based on the content. Now, what you can do is you can either change your content altogether and build a new site. Not the best thing to do if you have traffic. Find a way to monetize it. Like anyone out there. If you have Web site traffic, you need to figure out how to monetize it because you got the traffic and there are ways, even like cat. Funny cat videos.


There’s ways to monetize it. You just have to think outside the box and you have to do it the right way because Advent isn’t going to work very well in those markets unless you have a gazillion visitors a month. Then you’ll just be playing the numbers.


But again, if you have a zillion visitors a month, do you want to make that point 0 0 2 cents a click or do you want to make like a penny a click?


That could be the difference between, you know, a thousand bucks and like seven figures. So we got to really look at it. We’ve got to focus. Now, what I like to do is elect to take my content and I like to think about what they want. If someone is looking for budget spreadsheets, maybe I could have a little list on my site where it says.


What do you want to budget most? And you’ll say, like mortgage. And then I’ll say car. And then I’ll say debt.


Right. And then I could take them to other sites, which are about more expensive topics. And I could say, oh, hey, check out my debt consolidation site for tips on debt consolidation. Boom. Now it’s going to trigger debt consolidation ads and I will make more money right now. Again, do this in an ethical cool way by providing content and you could lead people down whatever rabbit hole you want to lead them down as long as you think it’s something that they’re going to be into. Don’t do click bait. Don’t do junk. Focus on good content. But that’s an example of how you can do it. That’s an example of how you could take budget spreadsheets and maybe to get them to an affiliate offer about Philly, about credit or credit repair or mortgages or whatever. Did that make sense to everyone? Because we got that. That’s like a big aha moment.


If you didn’t get it, then I don’t know if you’re gonna get that aha.


Moment or not. But how did you guys got that type. Got it in the box and let me know.


All right, cool. So content matter is the big one.

And then flipping the content is the example I used where you flip them into something more expensive, something that pays more based on the content. So I get a guy looking for a budget spreadsheet and I take him to, you know, maybe refinance or credit cards or whatever it is. Okay. Or I take some I’m looking for a hardship letter sample for mortgages and I take him to like re fi or when I write. Did that make sense to everyone? Everyone got it. I want to see a bunch of got it’s in the box. Give us a thumbs up and. A comment, if you like this video. All right. So pretty cool.


All right. The next thing.


Next way to increase your earnings is with ad placements. OK.


What are the ad placements or where are the ad placements now?


A lot of people are going to tell you all, you know, put the ad scents in the footer of your blog in the sidebar of your blog and blah, blah, blah.


That doesn’t work as good as putting it in the content. OK. You always want to put a article or a ad block in the content, your article or whatever it is on your site and make it look like part of the content. Right. That’s the key to making it work. Like when you do this, you got to make sure that your ad groups are white background if you’re sites white. If not, you know, match it to your site or whatever. Make sure the links are blue because people are used to clicking on blue links. Make sure the text is black and make sure that you l is either black or green. What this going to do is it’s gonna be like I had here where it’s like, yeah, obviously I want to click one of these things because it looks like content on the site. It doesn’t look like ads and looks like content. And that’s what really makes these work is making it look like content. Now, there are some people that go and do like gray hat, black hat methods of like putting arrows and stuff. Don’t do that because that’s against the T U.S. and like you don’t want to. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Right. So you got to look at that. You got to focus. All right. But that’s this is the best format right here. I use a green link. I are a green your L blue link and black text. Very simple right now. Usually the best ad block size that works for me is the 336 wide by I think it’s like three hundred thirty six by two hundred or whatever. And it’s very, very easy to do. OK. So yes, in article ads are the best. Now you don’t have to use in article ads. You try both and see which looks better. You want to get it to look as close as this as possible. OK. And when you have this in your content, it’ll work really, really well. OK. That’s going to get you more clicks, which is cool. OK. The name of the game is like the more people that click, the more money you’re going to make. Right. So if I get 1 percent to click, I’m not going to make as much as if I get 10 percent a click or 30 percent or whatever it is. OK. So the second tip to boosting your income is your ad placements. Where are they? I usually find that in your content. Let’s let’s give you guys an example here.


Let’s see.


And I’ll show an example, because what I do is I have my own internal ad server and what I’ll do is I’ll have that internal ad server. Let me see a page that has it. OK, so I have my little internal ad servers of like right here I have a page that I built for free classified ads for affiliate marketing. And it’s a little content article. And notice how like these links stand out and give people options. OK. That’s that’s why this stuff works. They stand out and they’re like, OK. Yeah. This is what I want. Now I like to put them within the content, which is pretty cool. And you guys could see that at the drop of a hat. I can change these and I can see what’s getting more clicks. So like what I’ll do here is I’ll just change these. You can see the other view of ad that’s very similar to AD since as well.


And so I’ll go in here and let’s see. Bear with me a second, I got to edit the group, but I think this is it.


Yeah. So like I could go in and do. Like this. And just kind of changed the way they look and you guys can see it changes the way everything looks, OK? Now, these would be better if you had a description on him. I don’t because I’m using the other version, but that’s kind of how they look. And you guys could see like see how this looks like part of the content. It doesn’t look like ads. These look a little bit more like ads. But, you know, you really can’t control that in any sense. OK. So that’s kind of how it works. Like left justified if your text is left, blue links. Very, very easy. And then, you know, you can kind of see how things are gonna look. Now, if you have like a banner kind of deal, right, where you allow in Google ad sense, you can either allow to have banners or image ads or just text. I find that text is very, very good. So you can do like little icons like this. But that’s kind of the deal. That’s the idea is to get that click through rate as high as you can. That’s the important thing, because the more people that click, the better. And I find that using the example I had here with I believe it was image ads, two columns. This example is getting me about 5 percent click through rate. So 5 percent are clicking on these, which is pretty cool, right. Compared to like a lot of other stuff. They’re not really clicking that much. I also find that some get like six. And I’ve had up to like 30 percent. So just depending on what you’re going for, that’s kind of how you want to put your content in cane. That’s how you want to put your ad. So make it look like part of the content. Which brings us to the way the ads look. How do they look? Right. Are they are they looking like this or it looks like part of the content? Do you have them in your article where it makes sense or does it stand out and be like, oh, yeah, hey, here’s a bunch of ads, you know, scroll down below. It’s like those sites where, you know, they have a big ad and it’s obvious that it’s an ad. OK. So we’ve gotta pay attention to the way that our ads look. The last way to boost your income is by the frequency of the ads. How many ads are you going to put on your site? Now, as far as I know, you might want to check the new terms and conditions. But as far as I know, you are allowed to have up to three ad blocks per page or post or whatever. And you don’t want to overdo it. You don’t want like a hundred of them, because obviously that’s going to work. And it’s against the TRW. So you probably won’t get paid, but the frequency is important and where you put them is important. Like, I find that putting one up front in the content and then in the middle and then at the end works really well. And you know, hey, that works. I think upfront, like, don’t put it as the very front thing. Like, I wouldn’t put it above this stuff, but I put it like here or something that way. If they get bored with the article, though, they’ll see something that they want and probably click on it. And obviously, if that’s using ads since that’s going to get them paid. OK, so any questions on what we went over so far? Let me know. Leeds says so in article. Ads are the best. It is one of the best. He says he’s currently running responsive ads, 300 by 250. If you change that to the one that’s a little bit bigger, it’ll probably get you more clicks. I’m thinking about changing the whole look at my Web site and ads units. Well, we’d have to look at your numbers to decide that. Can you have a look at my site and tell me where I’m wrong? Well, leads what I would do is I would recommend joining our mentor program and our mentor program. We have a call every Tuesday where you could go on and you can be like, here’s my site. Here’s how much traffic I’m getting. What would you do to make more money? And I’ll actually tell you, for those that have been on our Tuesday calls, you guys like love it. And people can’t get enough of them because we just are there to help, which is really cool. So I would recommend that what I’ll do is I’ll I’ll show you a little snippet about what that’s about and we’ll come back and do some more. Q and A.

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All right. So that is the Marcus Mentor Me program.


If you are new to affiliate marketing, you want to get started. That’s a great place to start where you can ask questions, get videos, get, you know, different things that we’ve made notes of our videos and different things like that. You can get that over. Marcus mentor Scott M E. Now, if you are serious about making this business work and we’ll go ahead and take some Q and A at the end. There are several programs we have. If you’re like Marcus, I want to get started with affiliate marketing ads and marketing and all that.


One of the best places to start is through the High Ticket Niches program. This is where I go through and I hand select a niche for you based on excuse me, a noncompetitive keyword and some super profitable offers.


So this is where I go through and I give you the starting point, which is where the value is because a lot of people don’t know where to start. And this gives them the starting place. So you go there, you get your content, you get some site, you get starter content, you get your domain name, which is usually valued really, really high. You can see the values over. I took it and it just dot com and we help you get started with it. We give you the affiliate offers, we give you the traffic method and everything. Next up is the Marcus mentor Dot M E. That’s the one I just showed you, where it’s like basic coaching. You get the Tuesday calls, you get some of my plugins and tools and you can go through and get signed up there, which is really cool. And then, of course, you have the simple sights course, which is like a do it yourself kind of training program. Now, if you are serious about this, I would highly recommend a high ticket niche if you don’t know where to start. If you can do this a while and you just need some help, maybe check out the mentor program and if you want to learn this stuff on your own.


Check out the simple sites program. So let’s go ahead and take some Q and A. Are you guys having trouble getting that link?


Someone said that Marcus Mentor Link Marcus mentor. The M E should be working.


That’s working up at the direct link in the chat box so you guys can get that. That’s the direct link in the chat box. But yeah, I should go to this page here. You can just fill it out. But your first name, last name, best e-mail. Put all your info here. Choose the plan. It is nonrefundable because we’re giving you like trade secrets and help and everything like that. But you can cancel whenever you want. OK. So very cool. Very easy. If you ever need help, you just go to P.S. money making dot com and we can answer your questions and then you’ll get the links for the Tuesday calls where you can hop on. You could even be on muted and ask about your site and everything like that. Now, for someone like Leeds who has a site about sports, there are tips with affiliate programs that I can give you that will literally like make your head spin. Well, figuratively, I think would be the right way to say that, because there’s a lot of programs out there that a lot of people don’t know about where I can help you make money with your traffic. And one of the things that I’ve been really good at is making money in niches where other people don’t think there’s money. For example, one of the niches where I was averaging 20 to 36 cents per click per visitor was in a market where like you would literally make nothing with automated ads, like literally nothing. So it was the difference between a niche that I took to multiple seven figures and making maybe a couple thousand bucks. And you got to ask yourself, you know, what am I willing to do to make the most possible off my traffic? And if someone out there that has some traffic, you know, you just go in and you start using it. OK. Sign up and we’ll take a look at your site. Like I would have to look at your site. What I do is I look at where your traffic is coming from and then we do a little review and say, OK, this is where traffic is coming from. What’s going to fit best and where? And we’ll place it on there. And, you know, usually the results are pretty quick if you are getting traffic. That’s not completely junk traffic. Which sports usually is not. If you think about it. Right. Because I’ve got to think about it. Like everyone who watches sports, spends lots of money on things, just might not be your site.



So that is the overview of how ad sense works. Are there any questions you have about what we went over? Also, if you want to get the notes from this video, I always put the notes of my videos over it. Download my notes dot com. We have blog posts so you can go through the blog. You can check them out and find the notes you want, but you can find that at download my notes dot com. You’ll also get a little free affiliate started course and stuff like that, which is really cool leads if it’s not junk traffic. Yeah, you’ll be fine. You’ll be fine. So I would say sign up for the mentor program and then get it. Get a get on the next Tuesday call next week. In the meantime, if you want to send over the stats of your site via support over at P.S. money making dot com, you can do that as well. And also for everyone that’s new, make sure you subscribe and click the bell because we have lots of videos that come out that teach you all kinds of ways to make money online. And as you guys see, this is not junk. This is not stupid stuff. I’ve been doing this 20 years. I know what’s going on. I know what works. I know how to get you where you need to go if you’re willing to do the work right. If you’re willing to do it, we will help you. Which is really cool.


So any other questions? We’ll take like two minutes for questions and then we’ll call it a day. But I think this was pretty good on a scale of 1 to 100. How much did you guys enjoy this?


Get any aha moments. Let us know.


All right, cool deal, so it doesn’t look like too many other questions. If you are interested in getting started, I would definitely recommend getting a high ticket niche, high ticket niches, dot com.


That’s all we’re going to go through and give you everything. We’re also going to give you access to the simple sights course so that you can follow that with your high ticket niche. And I mean, that is the program where if you just follow along, we’ll help you get some results. Again, results not typical, implied or guaranteed. We don’t know what you’re going to make. This is a business. Anyone who guarantees you an income, you should run away from home. But we’re going to really, really help you make it work. We don’t do PayPal on there.


But, you know, just use you could use your PayPal debit card if you want.


So cool. All right, guys. So thanks for hanging out with me for the last forty five minutes. I hope you learned a lot about ad sense and I hope you subscribe and check out our programs over it. Marcus Mentor M E or high ticket niches. Dot com. Thanks again for watching. Brian says, Can we create our own display ads for our affiliate? Yes, you can. Mary, just go on on our live chat and we’ll give you the status of your hide to get in touch and help you out with it. And we’ll take it from there. So thanks for joining. Get yourself signed up. See you in the next video.

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