How To Become A Super Affiliate

How to Become a Super Affiliate Marketer

Easy Profit Plan Overview – With Marcus Campbell


Before you go through this simple six step process, I recommend you start a  hub site. This is where everything is going to be. You can install trackers to see everything at a glance, have your links, and test out plugins. This is extremely helpful for both beginners and seasoned affiliate marketers.


As we go through the six steps to success, keep this  hub site in the back of your mind.


Now, let’s get into how the affiliate marketing industry works.


  1. Find a niche. No matter where you are in the process, this is very important! Your niche market is your group of people hanging around on the internet who we want to market to. You need to find your keywords.



For finding our niche, we use  Google Keyword Planner.



  1. Find profit centers. When you find your niche, you have to find out if it’s profitable.



For this, use Offer Vault. This lets us search for different offers and see what they pay.



  1. Traffic. Find your traffic source. You need to see where the people are.



  1. Set up domain. This is different from the hub site. Once you find your traffic source, choose your domain name based on your traffic source. Your domain name should be simple, but still have the exact keywords that people are searching for.


  1. Get content and set up a layout. This will include our affiliate links and mailing list.


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