How To Make Money With
Niche Blogs In 2024



This Was My Big AH HA Moment


Ok Marcus... Great For You And All... But How Does This Work

Right Now Millions Of Advertisers Are Paying BILLIONS Of Dollars
On Paid Ads, Sponsored Ads, Banner Ads, Video Ads, ect...

Recently some people have been asking me if this method still works with the how the economy is, and the way the internet is always "changing" so I decided to post the results from a simple offer I started running on FEB 19, 2015...


As you can see it took about two days for the site to start gaining momentum... but then it took off like crazy.  Not bad for a little that only took an hour and a half to build.  The cool thing is that these sites keep making money month after month with very little up keep or maintenance.

Imagine Having 5, 6, Or Even 10 Sites Like This Brining You In $1,000 Profit Each Month Or More

Here are some actual screenshots from some of my sites these have been verified.

New Results In: Simple Bible Verses Blog Does $101.88 In Less Than 24 Hours

Some Of My Bigger Sites / Blogs Earn As
Much As $21,347 Per Month Or More

So, What Is The Big Secret To Making These Simple Sites Work?

Simple Sites Work Because They Are Based On 
What People Are Searching For Online...


Until Now... Getting Traffic For These Keywords Has Been
Super Competitive, Overpriced... And NOT Profitable

Note: This Market Currently Has Traffic
Being Bought For An Average Of $10+ Per Click

If I Had To Pay $10+ Per Click I Would Be Making Nothing :o(

~ Instead ~

My Goal Is To Find People That Need Something

Educate Them On What They Need

And Increase The Value Of The Traffic Instantly

There Are Some Super High Traffic Keywords Too

And The Cool Thing... I Don't Need That Much Traffic...

~ Here Is How It Works ~


The Best Time To Sell Home Security Systems
Is After A Home Invasion In A Local Area

Expensive Market... With People BUYING ADS RIGHT NOW

Question - How To Get Cheap Traffic In This Market???

Take A Look At These "Non Money Making" Niche Markets

Yes That's 20 Cents Per Click On Over 1.5 Million Views

Keep In Mind We Run Other Offers Along Side These Ones...

Which Means... We Make
Even More Per Click




"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in
overalls and looks like work." Thomas Edison

1. Find Your Need Niche

2. Find Higher Paying Offers $30 - $100 + Or Simple Converting Offers

3. Set Up Direct Site Promoting The Offer

4. Get Some Traffic (the easiest ways)

5. Watch What Your Visitors Click On (get them to opt in) Be Interactive

How To Find Super Profitable Untapped
Niches And Flip Them To Profit

Trigger Word Method / Glossary Method / Product Method


Pairing The Right Offer With Your Niche

Major Categories


Think About What The User Ultimately Wants And How You Can Help Them

Landing Page

Offer And Payout Match

Visualize The Possibilities

If You Can Pair The Right Offer With The Right Keyword... You Can Make Tons Of Cash

Train Your Brain To See The Opportunities

Get The Jumpstart You Deserve

How To Find Non Competitive
Niches With Hidden Profit


1. Start With A Solid Niche With Direct Offer

- not doing the "generic ad method" show examples

- not doing the random traffic random offer method

a. find good niche and or domain

b. find direct offer that pays well (look at numbers)

c. remember your blog is a HUB for everything

2. Set Up Blog Website With The Shell

- Pages Posts Money Biz Stuff

- align content flow (funnel, opt in, sales, ect)

- get one track goal and one track focus

- jugular offer

- create content to fill what the site is about

3. Create Download Pack

- this will insulate your content and traffic

- think what would this market really want with a spin

- build little pdfs, worksheets, calculators, planners ect...


4. Match Opt In Pages

- create opt ins for the good downloadables... 3-7 pages specific to each.

- use the linear traffic model to drive traffic to it

a. who else searches

b. glossary

c. everyone else is doing it


5. Run Traffic

- seo with keywords / old rankings

- paid ads where it makes sense

- joint ventures

- pinterest

- video traffic

- blog content

- guest posting

- press releases

- sharing ect

6. Drive Traffic To Offers

- you already have the content - use it

- make specific tips / reports / for mailing list follow up

- build and grow

Ai Makes It Easier

Multiple Traffic Methods

- search traffic

- pinterest traffic

- youtube

- download pack traffic

- content driven traffic

- facebook

- forums

- tiktok

- ect...







These Are Your Visitors

They Are Super Hyper Add Crazed "Gimme What I Want Right Now" People

If They Cant Find What They Want In A Few Seconds They Are Outa There

Your Site Must Have A Goal And Purpose

What Do You Want Them To Do

Click Something?

Buy Something?

Opt In?

Then You MUST Put It In Front Of Them

Your Content Must Lead Them Where You Want Them To Go




Value Is The Future Of CPA

three mistakes many people make on their blogs

Show Them And Sell More

Interactive Tools

drop downs, questions, forms, search boxes, check boxes,
monetize ads, reports, downloads, videos, ect

Google Adsense Makes BILLIONS


#1. Thou Shall Not Beat Around The Bush

#2. Thou Shall Not Confuse Thy Visitor With Useless Info

#3. Thou Shall Not Bore Thy Visitors With Boring Info

#4. Thou Shall Not Go To Broad With Your Topic... Stay Focused

#5. Thou Shall Not Sacrifice Your Message For A Fancy Design

#6. Thou Shall Help Your Visitors In A Direct Way Using Their Favorite Medium

#7. Thou Shall Always Direct Your Visitors Where You Want Them To Go

#8. Thou Shall Always Find Ways To Interact With Your Visitors

#9. Thou Shall Always Use Your Content To Lead People To What Makes You Money

#10. Thou Shall Always Use Your Design To Guide Your Visitors Eyes Where You Want Them

BONUS COMMANDMENT: Thou SHALL Get A profit blog today...

NOW... How Do We Actually Value A Niche

It's Incredibly Easy To Get Started With Me Today

Just Click The Button... Fill Out The Form... 
And DOWNLOAD The Software

I Realize Other Programs Out There Are Charging $5,000, $10,000, Or Even $25,000 To Get Started... But I Have Made It Super Easy For You To Decide Now.

Here Is What I'm Hooking You Up With Today

As You Can See This Is A Sure Fire Paint By Numbers System That 
Will Have You Building Simple Sites For Big Profits In No Time...

Here are the basics of how the 'Simple Sites' system works...

1. Find What People Search For (I Give You The Tools With Your Kit)

2. Set up simple sites that give users what they want.

3. While giving users what they want... run ads that pay you for your visitors

Its the same thing Oprah and doctor Phil do all the time.

They get peoples interest, make a show, and the advertisers pay them HUGE...

Why... because advertisers want people to see their ads.

You Can be the middleman and get paid big for having ads on your sites.

Allow me to illuminate:

  • Did you know... You Can Get Paid when someone clicks on sponsored links?

  • Did you know... You Can Get Paid when someone downloads certain programs?

  • Did you know... You Can Get Paid when someone fills out forms online?

  • Did you know... You Can Get Paid when someone buys something online?

  • Did you also know... right now as you read this... huge companies like google, yahoo, amazon, clickbank, ebay, and countless of others arepaying billions of dollar each year to people just like me and you?

  • Did you know that right now as you read this... my personal "Simple Sites" are making me money... I could be sleeping, playing with the kids, or on vacation and my "Simple Sites" are making me money 24 hours a day!

As you can see there is a lot of money at steak here.  The affiliate marketing industry pays out billions and billions of dollars to people just like me and you.  Normal everyday people who run simple websites.

But... Until now it has been pretty much impossible for someone to learn everything in one program.  Sure there are programs out there that teach some good tips and tricks but...

Most Training Programs Do Not Teach You The Whole Story...

After watching this industry for over fifteen years I have found that most other programs don't teach you the whole story.  They may teach you some good tips and tricks but never get into the whole truth about how to be an internet marketer, how to get traffic, how to get paid, and how to set up your sites fast.

The main thing people dislike about 'training programs' is the fact that if you ever need help you're pretty much stuck... Most 'Gurus' leave you to fend for yourself.

Some of the 'nicer' guys will let you purchase coaching for an additional $1,000 or $2,000 or more.

My personal coaching fees alone are well into the $1000's of dollars...

Which Is Exactly

Why Simple Sites Big Profits Is Different 
From Anything You Have Ever Seen

This is not just another Ebook or video set: Obviously there is stuff to read and videos to watch but that is not all.

Simple Sites Big Profits will not only show you what to do... but also HOW TO DO IT so you can effortlessly put this to work for you and build sites fast.

You will no longer have to struggle trying to get the help and support you deserve, Simple Sites Big Profits has a BUILT IN support system that allows you to contact me and my support team via phone, email, and instant messenger.

All I ask is that you go thru the course first (most of your questions will be answered in there)

After you go thru the full program if you have questions, need help, or want me to look at your sites and review them feel free to contact me and I will help you.

This Is Like Having A 'Friend' In The Business To Help You Get
Started Fast And Kick Info Overload Out Of Your Life Today

Direct Match Domain Name $997 Value
Keyword Loaded Custom Content x25 PINS $1,250 Value
Giveaway Book + Download Pack $500 Value
Custom Blog Theme (From Marcus) $127 Value
Killer Blog Plugins (From Marcus Private Stash) $497 Value
Offer Selection And Guidance $497 Value
Super Detailed Traffic Plan $497 Value
Ad Writing Class And Banner Class $97 Value
Simple Sites Anniversary Edition $297 Value
365 Days Support And Coaching $1,200 Value
Three Live Calls Every Week $997 Value

Total Value   


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What Was It Worth To Them... What Is YOUR Time Worth???


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