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free press release submission sites

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Ten Easy Rank Websites

1. prweb.com
2. newswire.com
3. pressrelease.com
4. apnews.com
5. prunderground.com
6. releasewire.com
7. 24-7pressrelease.com
8. prlog.org
9. issuewire.com
10. openpr.com

Marcus’ Press Release Class Is Included With The Live Web Basics Entreprenuer Training Below

Watch this whole video if you want to get traffic really fast. Step one, find the right keyword. We want to find keywords that have low competition and a lot of traffic. Something like phone number lookup with over 279,000 searches a month; or even TruthFinder with over 222,000 searches a month; or InboxDollars with 210,000 searches a month; Drone X Pro with over 79,000 searches a month; Lost Book of Herbal Remedies, 26,000; keto diet, 20,000. So as you can see, we can use pretty much any niche as long as there’s a good amount of traffic and fairly low competition.

Step number two, we’re going to create some simple content. And unlike those other blogging type things that take thousands and thousands of words to get a few clicks, this one, we only need to write about 300 to 500 words. Come on, anyone can do that. And lastly, step number three, all we have to do is submit our little article to one of these 10 websites and get tons of traffic overnight.

All right now, hold on a second and let’s see if you’re able to pay attention. First, I’m going to do a Google search on these different keywords. We have phone number lookup here, and we can see the results. There’s some paid results and some free results. And I want you to take a look at this page and see if you notice anything out of the ordinary. I’m going to do the same thing for TruthFinder. We’ve got some ads. We’re going to scroll down and I want you to see if you notice anything. And when you notice it, type it in the comments below, so I know you’re paying attention. Let’s do InboxDollars. Couple of ads up here, and then we scroll down and see if there’s anything interesting on this page.

Drone X Pro, we’ve got some ads here, some pictures of the drones over here, and then we’ve got some interesting results down here as well. Same thing for Lost Book of Remedies, like this, and Shark Tank keto diet, which surprisingly gets a lot of searches. Now, did you notice what I wanted you to see? If you did, let me know in the comments below and we’re going to continue on. You got to have this aha moment for this to actually work.

And if you commented APNews below, pat yourself on the back, because check out each one of these keywords. We got APNews right here ranking for Reverse Phone Number lookup. We got it right here for TruthFinder, right here for InboxDollars, Drone X, Lost Remedies, and Shark Tank keto. Yep, that’s right. Every one of these rankings was done using a press release. No Marcus, not press releases. Isn’t there an easier way to get traffic? Well, I think if you do this right, you’re going to find out that it’s probably the easiest way to get traffic really, really fast to a brand new website or even an affiliate offer. Yep, that’s right. You can do this without a website, though it’s not recommended.

And just to show you that I know what I’m talking about, take a look at these press releases when I first figured out this method. Here’s one I did for backgrounds and layouts, which I actually made a lot of money with. This one got over 96,000 impressions. Here’s another one with over 61,000 impressions. And this one had over 27,000 impressions. That’s like 200,000 impressions using one simple method with one simple niche. And as you can see, even though this was put up almost 14 years ago, it’s still ranking in Google for some of the keywords I went for.

Now, for transparency, my space doesn’t get a whole lot of traffic anymore, but you could see this works. Here’s one I have that’s still ranking in the blog niche. And I put this one up almost 11 years ago and it still brings in traffic. And I’ve been using this method for years to get lots of traffic. And the cool thing about this is that these get picked up really fast. If I do a search for site called APNews.com, which is the Associated Press News site, I can see that this one got picked up 20 hours ago, 22 hours ago, 13 hours ago. And if I even do like the past hour, we could see that these got picked up like five minutes ago. So it’s not like the old days where you had to wait like 90 days to get your site picked up by Google. Yep, these suckers go live instantly. But when it comes to press releases, most people get them wrong, which is why you need to watch the rest of this video, because most people are focused on either getting press to contact them or getting backlinks.

Now, this is what most people get wrong, and that’s why you need to pay attention to this entire video and even watch it twice so it starts to sink in. Most people are using these press releases to get backlinks. What they want is different sites to point into them so their website starts to rank. This is not what you want to do. You see, I really don’t care how many backlinks I have as long as I have the desired outcome I want, more traffic to my website. And if I use my press release to rank in Google for the keyword I want, then all that really matters is I’m getting traffic from Google. And on my press release, when the traffic comes from Google, I could have different links or affiliate offers that people can click and when they buy, I get paid.

I can even send them to an opt-in page, a sales page, a landing page or anything that makes me money. But if you focus on using this as a backlink method, you’re going to find out that you’re not going to get very far because these press release sites have what’s a no follow link, which means none of the link juice is going to trickle down to your website, so you’re not going to get any boost there. So if we instead look at press releases as a way to rank in Google with the press release, instead of getting backlinks, then we could start to get a lot of traffic.

Now, before I go ahead and reveal the 10 websites that you could submit free and paid press releases to, I want you to understand exactly how this works. First of all, we need to find the right keyword. Having the right keyword is everything. You want to find a good keyword that is not getting a lot of rankings from Associated Press or any other press release site that you’re going to use. So, if I wanted to use any of the examples in this video, it probably wouldn’t work out that good because someone else is already doing them. So we need to find keywords off the beaten path that we can start to rank for, and there’s millions of them.

So we’re going to find that keyword that we want, and we are going to create a good piece of content. This content is going to be about the keyword. It’s very important that you focus on the keyword because you want your press release on the site to actually rank. That’s right. We’re actually taking advantage of the ranking by PRWeb or Associated Press or whatever site we’re using. And I found that the sweet spot is somewhere between 300 and 1,500 words in your article or press release. The one ranking for the word TruthFinder actually has about 1,100 words in the article. Lost Book of Remedies has about 1,500 words in that article. Reverse Phone Lookup has about 1,562 words. And the one that I wrote for the backgrounds and layouts only had about 615 words.

And when I ran a keyword density report on these different posts, we can see that the sweet spot is around 3 to 4% keyword density. Here’s the phone number one, my background’s in layouts one, and the Lost Book Remedy. What this means is that if you have about 1,000 words in your press release, 3% of them need to be your keyword or keyword phrase, somewhere between 2 and 4% is the sweet spot. And obviously you need to make sense. So you don’t want to just put a bunch of keywords up and hope it ranks.

And once you’ve written your article, you are going to go ahead and submit it to the press release websites. Now, you can do this either free or paid. The advantages of using paid is you’re going to stay on the site longer. Now, why does this matter? Because the longer you’re on their website, the longer Google has to actually pick you up and rank you for the keyword. And that’s not to say that these free ones aren’t good. You’re still going to be out there. It just might not get picked up as quickly and ranked as high right off the bat.

So I like to use free press releases for stuff that I’m just testing out. And if I get something that’s a zinger that I think is going to do really well on a keyword I know I could make money with, then I’m going to go ahead and pay for the press release. A paid press release could be anywhere from like 25 bucks up to like $1,000 if you get all the bells and whistles. I find that the best spot to be is using something that’s right around 200 bucks. And I have to ask myself the question, was 200,000 visitors worth 200 bucks to me? Hell yeah. I do that every day and twice on Sunday. Why? Because I know the traffic’s going to make me money. And some of the top sites that I like to use are prweb.com, newswire.com, pressrelease.com, APNews, PR Underground, ReleaseWire, 24-7 Press Release, PRLog, IssueWire, OpenPR, and more.

And if you want a list of these along with a cool little guide on how to use press releases to make money, check out affiliatedude.com/press, and I’ll have these waiting for you. We actually have a special training available on press releases alone if you want to go deeper into this method, and you can do that over at affiliatedude.com/press. Now, it’s also important to note that when you submit to one of these sites, the chances are, you’re going to get posted on all of the sites if you use syndication. This is why I like to use the $250 option over at prweb.com because that usually is going to get me picked up by Associated Press and a lot of other news sites that are going to rank really highly.

And the key to using this is you’re piggybacking off of the power of the website that already exists. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You don’t have to get backlinks. You simply find a good keyword, create some decent content, put your keyword in the title, post it on the site, and bam, you’re off to the races. And some of you watching this are going to think, “Hey, this seems a little too simple.” And that’s probably because it is. And if you want to learn more about this, definitely hop over to affiliatedude.com/press. We’re going to give you some information on the full class for press releases. We’re also going to give you some cool links and tools on how to use this method to start making money. And if you like this, smash the like button, subscribe, click the bell and check out my next video over here somewhere.

Marcus’ Press Release Class Is Included With The Live Web Basics Entreprenuer Training Below

Marcus’ Magic Money Code

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I Bought A Turnkey Amazon Affiliate Website For $399 On Ebay

Watch Video One Here

In one of my recent videos, we dug deep into the world of automated websites.

You know, those websites you can find on eBay and other places promising that you’re going to get income as soon as you buy them.

But we did a little digging and found out that’s not really the case at all.

Upon going through the comments on this video, I found someone, Roger, who said, how about the Amazon Web site? I think you can buy that and turn it around.

Well, Roger, challenge accepted.

And the Web site I’m choosing to buy is beautysuppliesonline.net

We can see that it does have a little bit of search engine rankings and it does have some blog posts and everything like that. So I think we can really turn this one around.

So let me go ahead and make the purchase now for three hundred and ninety nine dollars and buy this Web site. And then we’re going to talk about why I bought this Web site, why I think it’s valuable, and how you can start buying websites cheap and turning them around to profit big money.

As you can see here, the domain has not yet transferred to my registrar account, so we’re waiting on that so that we can do some updates and make the site the way that we want it. If you want to see the video update where I create the site and edit it and everything like that, make sure you subscribe, click the bell and smash the like button, because we are going to have a follow up where I go through and revamp the site and show you how much money it actually makes.

Now, if we take a look at the Web site, beauty supply online dot net, we can actually see that it’s not that great content. A lot of the images are broken. There’s some code that’s not working. It’s not that good. It’s most likely some auto generated content or some kind of junky content that they’re curating from other places. And according to GoDaddy, the domain is only worth about five hundred and sixty four dollars. And again, that’s a rule of thumb. If I wanted to sell this, I probably couldn’t get five hundred and sixty four dollars for it, obviously, since I was only willing to pay three ninety nine and even that was a pretty inflated price. And at this point you might be saying, well Marcus, why the hell did you buy it if it’s got crappy content in the domains, not that valuable.

Well, let me show you first off, if we do a report in AHREFS, we can see that it actually does have some back links. Some are referring domains and it does have some keywords. So if we go into the organic keywords, we can kind of take a look at what we’re ranking for and what this site is all about. Now, I can see that we rank for some kind of X Tavia beauty salon, hair dryer. We got hairstyles half shaved, some kind of brushes, hair dryers and different things like that, which is good because these are people looking to buy various beauty products. And as such, we can make some money off this stuff. And of course, the easy way to make money would be just to slap a bunch of Amazon affiliate links.

But as we know, Amazon doesn’t pay very much. So I’m going to show you a better way. But first and most importantly, since the site’s kind of screwed up and not working properly, let’s go into the movements tab on the keyword tool. What this is going to show us is the keyword rankings that this website once had and now lost. I’m going to go ahead and export this to an Excel file, and when looking at the Excel file, we can actually see some of the rankings this one had and the volume of those keywords that it ranked for. Now, it doesn’t matter to me if it ranks number 50 or number one, it just matters that it starts to rank because I know I can do a better job and put really good things in front of these people that make me lots of money.

So first of all, we can see that we rank for all these different keywords TV, makeup artist, physicians, formula, something, their beauty supply, contacts, beauty supply and on and on we go. We can also see that some of these keywords actually get a lot of searches. This one gets three hundred one hundred here. Some of these even get to fifty three hundred and four hundred eight hundred for this hairspray. Thirteen hundred for online beauty supply, five hundred for some other type of blow dryer and even a keyword with 2000 searches a month.

So we could see there’s a lot of searches and there’s a lot of stuff that this site is starting to show up for. And in order to make money with this traffic, we’re going to take like the actual products and hair blow dryers and things like that. And we’re going to use Amazon as our affiliate source, but we’re also going to do something a little sneaky and a little bit better to try to make even more money off this traffic, and that is to go over to offer vault and search for affiliate offers that are related to makeup.

And since I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for 21 years, I know that there’s lots of makeup giveaways and different things that we can offer to people that are going to pay us a lot of money, because if I just sell a blow dryer on Amazon, I’m probably going to get like two bucks. And not everyone’s going to buy, which means I’m not going to make much money at all, which is probably why this guy is selling the website anyway, because he doesn’t know how to make money with it. And we could see here there’s an eyebrow master make up pencils that pays twenty six dollars a sale test and keep makeup kit.

We got give away make up things that pay two dollars and 40 cents when someone puts their email in a box.

Yep. They don’t even have to buy anything. We can also see lots of different offers about hair that pay anywhere from ninety dollars to seventy dollars. And on and on we go. So there’s lots of potential to make a lot of money with this type of traffic if you know what you’re doing. And just to be on the safe side, I went ahead and searched for some of these keywords in Google like X, Tovah, Allura, Supreme. Twenty two hundred watt and we could see that, yes, the site actually does rank and it leads to their page that they can order this thing and it’s not even that good a page. And it says something about dog food. It’s kind of a mess. But with that type of ranking I can turn this around really quickly. So all I really need to do once I get this site in my possession is take some of these keywords that have lots of traffic and start to create content around them and put that page on the exact Eurail that once ranked in Google. This is very important because if you have something that once ranked in Google, it’s going to get picked up a lot faster. And if you do a good job of that article and matching the keyword, you should start to rank really, really fast because, hey, Google already knows it exists.

And again, you want to make sure that when you create your new piece of content, you use the exact same link that was showing up in Google at one point. This is going to help you get ranked really fast. Don’t add any extra dashes, any extra characters. Use the exact link that once ranked and you’ll get picked up really fast. So now I got my work cut out for. What I’m going to do is I’m going to go over to a writer and hire writers dot com, and I’m going to start ordering content about these different keywords. Then when I get this site in my possession, I’m going to put that content up with my affiliate links, start to see where the rankings land, check how much money I’m making, rinse and repeat. Now, is this website worth three hundred and ninety nine dollars? That’s to be determined.

Make sure you subscribe. Click the bell and check my follow up video where I show you exactly how this site does, how much money it makes, how much traffic it gets and everything. And if you’re interested in getting a Web site and a niche that you can work with, check out high ticket niches. Dotcom, where I actually find your niche, build your Web site and work with you every step of the way. Thanks again for watching. Check out the next video that’s going to go more in detail on this method.

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Honey Affiliate Program Wikibuy Affiliates – Make Money With Downloads

Today I’m going to show you how I’ve made as much as a thousand dollars a day or more giving away free downloads online.

First, I’d like to get into my story. A few years ago, when I was looking for niches online, I came across this market for people looking for emoticons and smiley faces. Yeah, those little things you use on your phone and your Facebook that make cute little happy faces when you type in a few little characters like this. And so I found all these people looking for smileys and I was wondering, is there a way I could make money off these people?

And I found what was known as the Smiley Toolbar. This toolbar was a free download that allowed people to send Smileys back and forth in their email, on their Facebook, anywhere you want. It would send the smiley faces. And that smiley face program paid me 70 cents every time it was downloaded for free.

That’s right. The customer didn’t have to pay anything. They didn’t have to put their name or email in a box. They didn’t have to sign up for some MLM or other crap. They just downloaded smileys and I got 70 cents.

And while you might be thinking 70 cents, Marcus, that’s not even going to get me a cheeseburger at the McDonald’s. But by sheer volume of this niche, I was able to turn that quickly into 300 dollars a day in profit. And once I started making 300 bucks a day, I couldn’t stop. I was kind of hooked. So I started doing paid traffic building websites, posting this on social media, making videos and more, and was able to get this niche up to a whopping 4000 dollars a day, just giving away free downloads. And after starting with the Smiley Face program that paid me 70 cents, I made a website about backgrounds and layouts.

This was a download that I got paid a dollar twenty to two dollars and seventy five cents per download. I was able to get this one up to about 4500 dollars a day. I also had a site about Bibles where I gave away a free Bible toolbar and they downloaded it and I got three dollars. I made thousands of dollars with that one before I sold it, I had a site about video converters and even where to watch football online.

And yes, these were all free downloads that paid me when someone downloaded something and they didn’t even have to pay for it. So as you could see, this is a super simple way to make money. I even taught my student, Jim B, and he made 7000 dollars a month with a free homework helper toolbar. He was kind of a math geek and he answered people’s math questions on his website, promoted the toolbar and got paid big.

Now, I got to give you a warning. There’s a lot of numbers you’ve seen here. And I want you to remember that these results are not typical, implied or guaranteed. The average person watching a YouTube video is never going to make one penny. That’s right. If you’re watching this, you’re probably going to do nothing. So you’ll probably make nothing. And even if you do set this up, there’s a chance you might not make anything.

But I’m going to make it very simple and show you exactly what you need to do so you could get started making money with free downloads. And you might be saying, Marcus, how do we do this? How does it work and does it work today? I’ve seen your Bible site, your smiley cite, but are there offers like this available now? And you can actually go over to offer Vault Dotcom, which is my favorite place to search for offers.

You can type the word chrome in the search box and you’re going to find all kinds of little downloads and toolbars that pay you when people download them. It’s actually very simple. You can see here we have the Honey Chrome extension.

This is the big honey app that everyone knows about. They’re paying four dollars and fifty cents when the user downloads and installs the extension on Chrome. And this tool has literally been downloaded millions and millions of times.

It’s free for the user and it helps them save money by giving them coupons and discounts and all kinds of cool things like that. We also have the wiki by Capital One shopping toolbar over here on the network Ambarella affiliate, and it pays four dollars a download.

So if you wanted to make a thousand dollars a day, all you need to do is find out how to get 250 people to download this and bam, you’re paid again. Results not typical, implied or guaranteed. Most of you watching this video will not grasp this concept because you won’t stay till the end. You won’t get the whole thing and you’ll probably never make money. So let’s continue on. We also have a movie finder, Chrome Extension, where people can look for movies. And again, it’s very important that you make sure that these are legit, can do a little demo, test it out, make sure it’s a good extension.

We have a recipe extension where you can get paid when people download recipes and on and on we go. Now, as I mentioned before, lots of people were searching for the emoticons and the smiley faces. And if we take a look at things like coupon code, you can see that even more people are searching for coupon codes, which is crazy. And to show you how easy this is, in my last video, I made a test post. It wasn’t even an actual post. I just put some stuff together to show you guys how to set this up. And it actually started getting picked up by Google for the word Camtasia coupon code.

And you could see the post literally has nothing on it but a couple of coupon codes. So if I built this out, I could probably rank for this keyword pretty easily, get some of that traffic and start making money with one of those toolbars. Pretty simple, right? And there’s lots of ways that you can make money with this type of stuff. You can also see that lots of people are looking for how to convert videos.

This is very popular here on YouTube where people teach you how to convert different video files to different formats. And check this out. There’s a video converter toolbar that pays two dollars and fifty cents a download that does exactly what they’re looking for. Again, it doesn’t cost them anything. And I get two dollars and fifty cents every time it’s downloaded. We also have lots of people looking for how to convert different PDF files to different files like Word JPEG, Excel, EPUB and more. And as you guessed, yep, there’s an app for that too that pays you three dollars every time it’s downloaded. You can even see that there’s hundreds of thousands of people every month looking for the specific extensions and toolbars that you could get paid to promote, which is pretty cool. There’s lots of websites that are doing this where they simply just tell you, hey, download this toolbar and you can save money. So what do you find the offer you want to promote? If it’s the wiki by one, you would go over to Ambarella affiliate, sign up for an account and get an affiliate link. Then you copy your affiliate tracking link. And every time that link is clicked and someone downloads, you get paid the amount shown here.

So if I was going to promote this on a blog post or Facebook or on a YouTube description, all I need to do is copy my affiliate link, type something in here like click here to download the.

Coupon toolbar, highlight it.

Insert my link in here like this. Make sure it opens in a new window so they never leave my page and then hit update and I’m done. Now, when they click this link and download the toolbar, I get four dollars and fifty cents.

Pretty simple, right?

And there’s lots of ways that you can promote these types of offers. You can make videos about how the extensions work and actually teach people how to use them and everything like that. You can create a discount Facebook group or a Facebook group about whatever that tool does for people.

You could set up a blog and go for free search engine traffic. You can do a post on medium blogspot, put your link on forums, or you can create a simple three page Web site and promote these with paid traffic. This is known as search arbitrage. You can buy traffic for anywhere from two to five cents a click. And as long as you’re making more than that, you’re profitable. And this is exactly how I went from three hundred dollars a day with smiley faces to four thousand dollars a day or more with simple downloads.

So if you’re struggling with making money on Click Bank or other affiliate offers because you’ve got to sell stuff, take a look at some of these download offers and I think you could make money a lot easier. Again, remember, the results are not typical, implied or guaranteed, and most people make nothing. But I think you can see how easy this is.


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