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Top 20 High Ticket Affiliate Programs


1. BlueHost Affiliate Program

The Bluehost affiliate program is our #1 rated program on the internet. The company is in the website hosting cyberspace, and has numerous hosting plans for their customers. The cheapest plan starts at $2.95 per month. It is easy to earn more commissions with the program as you only need to invite premium referrals. They offer one-time payouts of $65+ and is a convenient way to make online at a go.
Besides, they are always looking for affiliate marketers to join their company. When you first enter the affiliate program, you will be awarded commissions for every referral who uses your unique link to buy the company’s services during the first 45 days. Bluehost facilitates affiliates payments from the 16th of each month, and their minimum payout is $100. You can promote the company via links and banners. They offer high commissions, and their customer service is brilliant, which makes them the top affiliate company.

2. Fiverr Affiliate Program

Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for getting digital services. It features a pool of freelancers who offer multiple services ranging from freelance writing to digital design and programming services. Fiverr operates on a CPA dynamic model that gives you $150 for every successful client sign up. You’ll be paid to generate traffic to the site. There are over 3 million digital services in over 240 categories. Besides, a client purchases a gig every 4 seconds, and you can easily find relevant services that bring more for you.
You’ll also get a chance to maximize your affiliate potential with Fiverr’s new stores for affiliates. Fiverr has designed affiliate stores that will bolster your affiliate efforts. These stores include the best performing gigs from Fiverr’s best sellers in many categories, such as YouTube, Blog, and Instagram.

3. Dreamhost Affiliate Program

>DreamHost is a famous web hosting company. Its plans start at $8.999 per month and feature unlimited websites, disk space, and bandwidth. It’s also a leader in the global web hosting space whose popularity compares to webhosting companies like Bluehost. Dreamhost offers shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, and Cloud& VPS hosting. With Dreamhost affiliate program, you’ll make $97 commission per sale.

4. ClickFunnel’s Affiliate Program

Are you dreaming of owning a car soon from affiliate marketing? Well, ClickFunnel’s affiliate program might be your dream venture into your perfect world. It is one of the most lucrative and gives you a 40% commission on the sales you make. You can also earn a recurring commission on any product or service they offer. On a starter plan, you can make $100 money if you get many paid referrals.

5. Digital Altitude Affiliate Program

Digital Altitude is one of the popular MLM Pyramid schemes that offers its users a chance to make real money. The high ticket program teaches you on ways of targeting opportunity seekers and convincing them that Digital Altitude is their ultimate solution.
Members of Digital Altitude are known as affiliates, and they receive a commission for every member recruited into the scheme. At the same time, affiliates build their downline of affiliates that goes three tiers deep. The sole purpose of Digital Altitude is to recruit as many members as possible to their company. You can make much income on the three levels of the company: Aspire Walker, Aspire Hiker, and Aspire Climber. Aspire Walker gives you $37 per month and 40% commission, and Aspire Hiker gives you $67 per month and 50% commission while Aspire Climber gives you $127 per month and 60% commission.

6. Wealthy Affiliate Program

If you are looking for an affiliate program in the web that will earn you more cash, then its time you consider the Wealthy Affiliate Program. You can turn your passion into a successful venture. Besides, it’s a proven process, and its easy-to-use tools make website launching easier. Attract visitors to your site and earn revenue when you invite members to sign up for premium membership of Wealthy Affiliates.
The program was founded in 2005 by Kyle and Carson, and to date, it has over 800,000 entrepreneurs. You can earn up to $100 with every premium member sign up. The program is a popular, engaging online program, and you’ll only need to launch your online business and share your success secrets with others.

7. MOBE Affiliate Program

MOBE is one of the most legit affiliate programs that pay well. The company trains entrepreneurs and small businesses in different aspects of online businesses. With a range of online training products and training events, the company gives the best to entrepreneurs’ minds to enable them to profit from their business ventures.
The company has 13 products and packages for its customers. The popular products include Diamond mastermind, Platinum mastermind, titanium mastermind, gold masterclass, and silver masterclass books, and these teach your customers on solid business foundations. The courses are top rates, and you’ll get high commissions for referring to each client. Depending on the packages, you can earn more than $20,000 per sale. This Program was busted by the FTC as a fraudulent pyramid scheme.

8. LeadPages Affiliate Program

Leadpages affiliate program lets you receive a commission for promoting the Lead Generation tools that help entrepreneurs online create sustainable online businesses. With a myriad of tools to market, you’ll enjoy the 30% recurring commissions on your clients’ renewals and upgrades of the lead Pages Plan. It’s one of the most lucrative affiliate programs, and the recurring commissions’ feature helps get the most of your referrals.

9. WPEngine Affiliate Program

WPEngine Affiliate program is one of the highest paying on the internet. WPEngine plans start at $29 monthly. As an affiliate, you’ll get a minimum of $200 on your first sale or 100% of your first sale. The affiliate commission can go as high as $7500. Also if you make more than ten sales, then you’ll enjoy a bonus of $1500. You’ll also enjoy a $50 bonus each time your affiliate makes a sale. It’s one of the top affiliate programs and also offers superb services for individuals and businesses.
10. ClickBank High-End Products
ClickBank is a marketplace where you can choose products from different categories such as good, games, business, and education. It’s one of the largest online retailers, and it combines the power of digital marketing partners and over 6 million products. The company has over 200 million customers dotted worldwide, and its referral program is one of the most impressive going up to 75%.
You’ll only need to choose a ClickBank product online and market it to potential customers. The online marketplace has thousands of products that give you many options for the products to market. Most products also sell on a recurring basis, and you’ll, therefore, earn recurring commissions when customers continue to purchase their products.

11. MaxCDN

MaxCDN has servers that help sites to load faster around the world. MaxCDN is one of the most popular companies with open sources like Jquery and Font Awesome using their services. Its affiliate program is also lucrative and gives a 200% commission for the first sale you make. The commission percentage goes higher, and you’ll get up to $4800 per sales.

12. Shopify referral program

The Shopify affiliate program is one of the most lucrative and gives you a wide commission for every referral purchase. Shopify is one of the world’s most popular e-commerce platforms. With Shopify, you’ll enjoy a 200% commission on the products or services that your referral purchases. Being a reliable website building and software sales company, you’ll hardly lack a product to market to your potential referrals. Earn $59 for each sign up who uses your referral link and an extra $2000 for each Plus referral.

13. SemRush

SemRush is one of the top high ticket affiliate programs on the internet. SemRush enables websites and blogs to get tailored keywords that will boost SEO ranking. It also spies on the competitor backlinks and keywords, which enables small businesses to arrive at the top of marketing. With SemRush, you’ll earn between $39.98 and $159.60 per active customer. These referrals are recurring, and you can make a six-digit monthly if you have many referrals.

14. Kinsta WordPress Hosting ‘

Kinsta offers premium WordPress hosting to both small and high traffic enterprise. With the platform, users will enjoy advanced and modern hosting services and performance to an advanced level. It is powered by the Google Cloud Platform and a premium tier network. Kinsta customers can choose a data center from the 20 data centers dotted around the world, which makes it easier and faster to access networks.
Its affiliate program is also best and popular in the web hosting industry. After your first referral, the platform gives you a one-time sign—up bonus of $500. You’ll also enjoy a 10% recurring commission for every referral who renews or upgrades your services over time. The best part is the company gives you an affiliate dashboard where you can monitor your referrals in real-time and access your analytics and payments on time.

15. Thrive Themes

Thrive times offers a variety of webmaster and themes. These products cost between $37 to $147. They include Thrive Leads, Thrive, Architect, Thrive Themes, and Thrive Clever Widgets. You’ll earn a 50% commission plus a 25% commission per each sale.
16. Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager’s company provides affiliate programs for businesses. These include affiliate managers and other affiliate infrastructure for both small and established businesses. When you join their affiliate program and invite a business, the company rewards you with $500.

17. AnswerBase

AnswerBase company supports Q& to your site. they also build community websites followers and enable sites to interact easily with their customers. AnswerBase affiliate program is one of the most lucrative and gives affiliate marketers 50% or up to $199 per sale, not mentioning a 15% recurring commission.

18. BigMarker

BigMarker is an online webinar hosting platform. Using BigMarker tools, individuals and companies can host their webinars. It also contains a myriad of tools for making your webinar a success. With such successful webinars, companies will find it easier to convert their email lists and audience into real buyers. BigMarker affiliate program provides 50% or up to $199 per each sale an affiliate marketer makes.

19. ConvertKit

ConvertKit provides email campaigns that target the user’s behavior. It monitors the way users click links plus companies pay only for the subscribers once regardless of whether the feature in many lists of a company’s site. the company has surpassed Aweber with many small and large businesses turning to the company for reliable Email campaigns. When you invite a client, and he makes a purchase from ConvertKit, you’ll make a 30% recurring monthly income that can go to $600 each month.

20. Studio Press

StudioPress is an SEO-optimized WordPress theme that features a Genesis framework. It has multiple templates that give sites versatility in choosing their ideal theme. Its high quality visuals also make it outstanding among the many WordPress themes on the market. When you join the StudioPress affiliate program, you’ll earn a 35% commission or up to $350 for each sale you make.
With the multiple high affiliate programs, you’ll get a unique chance to maximize your site’s income. These affiliate programs could be a solution to your search for viable solutions and a decent income. Join one today and promote the products or services on your site and social media platforms.

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