Wix Affiliate Program Review

Wix Affiliate Program Overview And Payouts

All about the Wix Affiliate Program

Wix – It is a company that creates websites for persons and businesses. They offer premium and free websites. Free websites are suitable for musicians, artists, and other direct personal sellers. The free site is not ideal for affiliate marketing since it does not have sophisticated SEO features. For more complex websites, you have to switch to premium sites. The free sites will also be displaying the “free site logo,” which is not suitable for any serious businessperson. The flexibility of the site is also limited to ensure persons upgrade to a premium site that features word press and other reliable SEO tools to build more traffic. Wix also offers various packages for their services such as

Premium packages for creating websites are:

Connect Domain – the most basic package

Combo – made for personal use

Unlimited – for freelancers and entrepreneurs

VIP – the highest package with priority support

There is also a set of products for other online enterprises and small shops:

Business Basic – takes online payments

Business Unlimited – best for developing online enterprises

Business VIP – full selection for company owners

Wix Affiliate Program

Wix affiliate program is a strategy by which Wix Company makes use of affiliate websites to sell their products and services for commission. They usually pay a commission to every affiliate who sends a customer to their site and buys a premium product or service. No commission is paid for customers to get free products or those that fail to complete purchases.

What they pay

There is one primary method that Wix affiliate program uses for payment arrangements:

Pay-Per-Sale is also known as Cost-Per-Sale.

This method of payment for an affiliate program was used many years back, as we have highlighted above. It is the best method as the merchant who, in this case, is Wix pays only after his desired goal is met. In this method, Wix will pay the affiliate after they send a customer to their website, who purchases any premium products. A commission is given for the number of people who buys premium services, irrespective of the package they buy. As an affiliate, you can send as many customers as you want, Wix gives no limitation.

Commission Rates

You’ll earn $100 per premium signup with no caps.

The new signup has to stay for 14 days and you can earn more as you make more sales

Wix affiliate will pay a hundred dollars for every premium customer an affiliate sends to their site who completes a transaction. This is one of the highest payouts to expect in the affiliate programs, and the best thing is there does not limit the number of customers you send. The only issue is that your customer must not cancel the transaction before it’s over; in this effect, it is good to note that Wix provides fourteen days trial for their premium services. The customer should not cancel his application in this period for you to get the pay. Additionally, you must make at least a minimum of three hundred dollars to get your payment in a month, and if you do not meet the target, your payment is moved forward to the next month.

Wix Affiliate Program Management

Wix affiliate programs are easy and straightforward to administer, with patience and dedication. This is because Wix will always have personnel tracking affiliate links and actual transactions of the customers sent to give collect commissions for links provided.

The information an affiliate must-have is as follows:

1. The number of customers who see the Wix website banner link on an affiliate site

2. The number of customers who click on the Wix website link on an affiliate site

3. The number of customers the affiliate directs to the Wix website and finally buy a premium product or service.

4. The agreement between the Wix and affiliates as the changes, if any.

The affiliate program requires efforts by both the merchant and affiliates to be successful. Merchants such as Wix will always seek and recruit persons as affiliates, whereas affiliates must actively market products and gain buyers. Wix will always directly work with their affiliates because the rewards they gain from an associate is worth direct service. Wix must control and manage the payment process to ensure that no legitimate affiliate who fails to earn their hard-earned commission. It is good to ensure that every associate keeps track of his/her referrals to avoid disputes in the future. As with direct administration, the massive number of associates calls for patience to be served and sorted out of their grievances. With these in mind, you will always enjoy your services to the Wix affiliate program.

How to promote Wix Affiliate Program

Wix is a startup business. It is new in the industry with few or no bad reviews; this makes it easy for you to market it and gain potential links. The company is seeking new customers. It is, therefore, working under budget and very proud of the latest industry. However, as a new business, finding designers and developers is one of their goals. If you have the opportunity to work with them, count yourself among the lucky ones. It is, therefore, your duty to ensure you gain the most out of affiliate, and below are several ways to do this:


If you own a blog, then you have a good starting point. The blog post is among the best areas to showcase your Wix Affiliate Program links. You can use it as the center of all your marketing needs, make a great piece of content, and get the leads from interested customers. The content you create must be eye-catching, and that is easy to build with Wix products. There are many ways to redirect links to the Wix website; the topmost one is to send the customers to your site who are then redirected to the Wix site.

Social Media

Most of the people have accounts with popular social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, among others. The principle idea is to keep a limit to the number of affiliates offers you post, or else you will be seen as a spammer. An excellent eye-catching content or review will attract many of your friends as potential customers, and your friends will also refer their friends to you who require Wit products. The key is to ensure your link is used by your referrals when logging in to purchase products at Wix.

Search Engine Optimization

The keywords on your site will redirect search engines, such as Google and Duckduckgo, what it is all about. When potential customers search for website design services or related topics, the search engine results page will provide your content or other sites according to their formula, which will determine the most relevant documents.

Your website should have the best and straightforward keywords. The keywords are the words you feel most customers will use when searching for products provided by Wix Company. The title of the articles you write, posts, or reviews to place on your site for marketing must have at least one keyword related to the service you are marketing.

Review Videos and Posts

Review articles you post will have legitimate power and a strong sense of truth in them, and this makes them an excellent avenue for marketing Wix products to gain the commission. You should research widely on Wix products that you are planning to write a review on, make sure the report is factual as possible to gain trustworthy and legitimate customers.

Email Marketing

The major drawback of affiliate marketing is that most of the customers and traffic you send to merchant websites, you may never see or interact with them again. If they click on the merchant’s site without you interacting with them, the chances of talking with them again are limited, but if you can communicate, socialize and have the buyers on your mail list, you can sell to them regularly. This will also give you more follow up an opportunity with the customers.

How people can make money with the Wix Affiliate Program

To make money with the Wax affiliate program, you must join the program as an affiliate. Joining is very easy, free and direct. Visit the Wix Affiliate program site and put your data as required in the application form. The data required is simple such as an address, name, bank account to be paid with, and other relevant personal information. They will also need the data of your website, such as name, URL, and content description. The last part is to accept the agreement and terms of service, and then you are done. It is all free.

General terms of Wix Affiliate Program application process and operation

Wix affiliate program is tailored for persons who generate a massive number of referred users. They encourage advertising agencies, web designers, webmasters and other persons who cannot provide many referrals to move for another program named Wix Arena, which can help them create more money than the affiliate program. The affiliate program is made for massive generaters.

For the application process, the candidates should provide a clear and full application using the Wix site. The data provided must be accurate, full and true. Wix personnel will review the application made in good faith, after which they will inform the applicant of his acceptance or rejection before thirty days are over. Before the formal acceptance of the application, the applicant participates in the affiliate program is not valid.

Reasons for application rejection:

1. Wix may reject your application to join the affiliate program if they determine:

a) Your Website activities are unsuitable for the affiliate program, or if the affiliate site cannot function with your site.

b) If after accepting your application, they find 1(a) to be true, they will terminate the acceptance immediately and at any time according to their conclusion.

Unsuitable Wix Affiliate Program activities may include, though not limited to:

a) If your site cannot or will not generate any visitors for Wix sites, they use their judging mechanisms to conclude.

b) If your site is being involved in unacceptable social activities such as offensive, illegal, infringing content, and abusing. This can include sites that are involved in content and pictures which are harmful, objectionable, obscene, threatening, defamatory, unlawful, harassing and unethical.

c) They will also not accept sites which main themes activities promote: violence, gambling, discrimination of any kind, illegal activities. And also producers of services or goods that are against or help others go against trademark rules, copyright, intellectual assets rights and other rights of third parties which include Wix.

d) They also will not accept websites which have materials that go against the rights of children or abusive to children in any way.

It’s good to keep in mind that Wix may or may not give reasons for rejection. Within the rules, it’s not a must for them to explain as to why they have terminated or rejected your application at any time.

Rejection of affiliate program application does not disqualify the applicant from applying for the same program at any other period, provided the rules and terms of the agreement will have been met.

After approval, this can take one month, because of the high number of applicants. Wix personnel will guide you on how to post links and clarify any information you find necessary within the process. Your payment arrangements will also be polished during the process. You will then be ready to start marketing and making money with the Wix affiliate program. Also, they will be sending you communications regularly about the program and verifying if your site is complying with the terms and regulations.

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