Shopify Affiliate Marketing Program

Shopify Affiliate Program Overview

  • $58 Per Sale Average
  • Up To $2,000 Commission On Some Products
  • Tons Of Affiliate Resources
  • Easy To Navigate
  • PRIVATE Affiliate Program (run thru shopify rather than affiliate networks)

shopify affiliate

Shopify is rated as one of the top affiliate programs you may consider to earn a significant amount of money from the monthly commissions and other content based earnings. Shopify has been rated to be the best paying affiliate paying program for many years, and it is currently reported as the most profitable affiliate program in the market.

If you are thinking of applying for an appropriate affiliate program to make a good earning from, then you should think of the Shopify affiliate program. If you do not have sufficient knowledge on how this program runs, then this article is worth reading as it provides a comprehensive guide on how the program works, how you can successfully apply for an opportunity in the program, and the estimated earnings you could expect once approved.

What is Shopify affiliate program?

This is not only a free but an open affiliate program that you can quickly subscribe to earn commissions on all merchants you have successfully referred to Shopify. You have to convince as many merchants as possible to subscribe to the paid affiliate plan.

This program is usually based on referrals, and you can earn as more money as you want based on the number of merchants you referred to the program. The Shopify affiliate tracking devices make it easy to identify all clicks made on all links you shared every month. If you succeed convincing other merchants to subscribe to the Shopify affiliate program, then your commission can be approved and paid as well.

Shopify affiliate program has a range of affiliate plans, and you can easily choose the most appropriate affiliate plan that works best for you. The commission rates, therefore, differs from one payment plan to the other with the basic Shopify pricing plan paying the least commissions. Usually, the formula 2× price of the subscribed plan is used to compute the total commission earned. If the merchants subscribe to the Shopify plus, then this could boost your sales by $2000.

Parties involved in the Shopify affiliate marketing

Three major parties are usually included in the Shopify affiliate program, namely the merchant who is usually the entrepreneur who agrees to subscribe to the affiliate channel, the Shopify software that offers the service, the affiliate program, and the audience involved.

√Merchant- These are usually the new business people that you target to subscribe to the Shopify platform to increase your commission earnings. Attracting more merchants to the program increases your profits, as well.
√Affiliate- if you apply to subscribe to the Shopify affiliate program, you will be an affiliate to the program. This, therefore, makes you a store owner to promote the Shopify affiliate platform. You should help as many merchants as you can reach to subscribe to the Shopify affiliate plans that suit them.

√Software- the software is the online platform where you engage new business people and convince them to subscribe to the channel. The software is free for all people and allows you to freely interact with all potential merchants willing to subscribe to the Shopify affiliate program.

√Audience- the audience is the developers with full experience in effectively running the program. They ensure that all interactions between the merchants and the affiliates a rerunning smoothly. They provide that the software works effectively to r all partners.

How does Shopify’s affiliate program work?

The significant idea is all about promoting Shopify plans and ensuring that store owners grow their businesses for more profits. The Shopify affiliate is thus a process that integrates three parties to ensure that the program works effectively. Below are the three major partners who are involved in the day to day Shopify affiliate program.

1. Product creator
The Shopify platform is the central partner engaged in the development of the affiliate Shopify plans. Therefore the major tasks involve developing and ensuring that the affiliate marketing program runs effectively. The product creators are, therefore, not involved in the marketing activities but only ensuring that all affiliate programs run smoothly.

2. The affiliate
The affiliate, also referred to as the Shopify partners are involved in creating referral links to attract as more business people into the Shopify affiliate platform. The affiliates are engaged in the active marketing of these links. They are allowed to share the Shopify affiliate links through their social media platforms to influence more entrepreneurs into Shopify. Immediately after a visitor clicks on the Shopify link, they are directed to the Shopify plan, and they can, therefore, decide on whether to subscribe to the plan. The Shopify affiliate tracking software monitors the visitors withing 30 days if they successfully subscribed to any of the four Shopify plans. If the visitors subscribe to the program, then the affiliate gets their monthly commission through their Paypal accounts.

3. Merchant
Merchants are the primary targets in this program. All promotion programs are run to influence the merchants to subscribe to any of the four Shopify affiliate plans. Once they click on the referral link, your commission increases significantly. This commission is thus credited to your account every month through your PayPal account.

How to successfully apply for the Shopify affiliate program

The application process is straightforward, as there are no complicated procedures required. The application is open and free for all, and you can follow a few steps to complete the application process. Below are some of the few critical things you need to do to apply for the affiliate program successfully.

• Create a blog
You will need to have an active blog to share the Shopify referral links. Therefore before you can think of applying for the Shopify affiliate program, you need to create a blog and create quality content to attract more traffic on your blog. You will only be able to influence more entrepreneurs in your blog if you have quality content that will keep them in your blog. Very long and poorly structured content would only discourage visitors from your blog, and it would make it difficult convincing them to subscribe to the Shopify affiliate program.

You should also have a more extensive audience network, including more followers in your social media channels to reach as many potential entrepreneurs as possible. The idea here is to maintain quality content to influence more visitors to read your content and successfully subscribed to the Shopify affiliate platform.

• Add social media channels to the Shopify theme
Social media platforms are proved to be the most effective marketing channels that any company could opt for. Potential entrepreneurs spent most of the time browsing through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to get updates on various matters in the globe. Therefore ensuring that you have many followers on your social media channels increases your chances of influencing more people in the Shopify affiliate.

Therefore, you need to include the social media channels in the Shopify theme during your affiliate application. However, you need to ensure that all the social media platforms included in the Shopify theme are running effectively.

If you have successfully created an active blog and included your social media platforms in the Shopify theme, then you can follow these simple steps to apply for the Shopify affiliate program successfully.

1. Visit the Shopify website

You can quickly open the Shopify website and browse to click on the Shopify affiliate program at the bottom of the website page. Immediately after clicking to the Shopify affiliate program, the page directs you to the Shopify affiliate application page

2. Click the apply button

You can now click on the apply button at the bottom of the website page. This directs you to create an affiliate account.

3. Create an account

At this step, you need to fill in some personal details to create the Shopify affiliate account. This includes your name, your email addresses, and as well as feeding in your preferred password for the affiliate account.

4. Filling all details in the Shopify partners column

This is also part of the account creation process where you are required to fill in the Shopify partners’ details in the spaces provided. This includes your business name, the primary address of the business, if you have any website, your current city, country of residence, identifying the Shopify affiliate program you prefer to run, and finally confirming if you agree to the terms of the Shopify partner program agreement.
If you have successfully filled all the details, then you can click on the view tour dashboard button to be directed to the account details you entered in the application process.

5. Click the apply button

You need to ensure that all your affiliate details are correct and complete before you can click on the become a Shopify affiliate and apply button. Therefore take time to reread all information entered in the account creation process.

6. Describe your intended marketing strategies

You need to write a brief description of how you intend to promote the Shopify affiliate links. This could be through your blog, your social media platforms, and the consistency in posting quality content in your blogs to attract more traffic. You should also include any previous experience in similar tasks of affiliate programs with digital marketing. This helps to ensure that you are sufficiently fit for the task, and you can successfully convince more subscribers to the Shopify affiliate program. After committing the descriptions, you can click on the “apply” button to become a Shopify affiliate partner.

7. Get started

The Shopify affiliate developers will receive your application and begin the approval process to determine if you are fit to become a Shopify affiliate. It may take about two business days to get your account approved, and this signifies that you can get started with your marketing strategies to persuade more merchants to the Shopify affiliate program. You, therefore, need to promote your Shopify affiliate links to get more subscribers.

Below are simple ways to promote your Shopify Affiliate Links.

In-depth tutorial videos
Think about creating quality, in-depth videos informing more followers on the benefit of the Shopify affiliate program and why they should join it. You should also make brief illustrations explaining how the program works and how your audience can subscribe to the program. However, you need to ensure that the videos are eye-catching and are entertaining as well to attract more traffic in your blog. You, therefore, need to include the Shopify affiliate links in the content atleast three times. Also, ensure that they are bold for easy identification.

Share on social media channels
Many potential subscribers spent time on various social media platforms. Therefore, including your referral links in your social media posts reach many potential merchants. You can consider joining more e-commerce groups on the various social media channels to get more subscribers.

Webinars are also better strategies for running successful marketing programs. This strategy can help you attract more subscribers in the shortest period as compared to other platforms. However, you need to advertise your webinars some days before the day you will be marketing the Shopify affiliate links. You could use an email campaign to inform more people about your webinar to reach more audiences. Take time to teach your audience how the affiliate works and how they are likely to benefit from it. You also need to ensure that they understand how to access the referral links and convince them to click on them to get directed to the various Shopify affiliate programs.

Automated emails
You could also consider sending personalized email messages to different visitors to persuade them to click on your referral links. Refer to them by their names. This makes them feel honored, and they are likely to respond positively to your emails. You could as well include the Shopify referral links in the email messages to direct them to the Shopify platform and also earn you more commission as well.

The Shopify affiliate program is indeed among the top-rated affiliate programs with the best paying plans. The application process is simple, and you only need to run through a few steps as you fill in the required details and get your account approved. The approval process takes about two working days, and you can immediately begin your marketing as soon as the account is approved.

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