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Here is where we will update you on the $1,000 content outsource challenge…


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Updates May 7, 2020

i slacked off a bit on the article updates but you can see we got a TON of rankings we went for… this list is about
1/5th of the rankings we are getting… this stuff works like crazy when you focus on the right words. we are getting traffic EVERY DAY from these keywords.

Ranking Updare 1.5.2020

Ranking Update 12.27.19 LOTS Of Movement Happening… and some rankings getting new traffic 🙂

The highlighted ones are the new articles… one of my favorite that is getting traffic is the one for my wealthy affiliate scam review.


Update 12.15.2019: first page bing for “wix affiliate program review” 

Also picking up some more terms in google… not high rankings but its still early and i expect them to grow.

UPDATE 12.14.2019 : First Sign Of My Outsourced Article Getting Picked Up In Google…

search engine ranking serp

#78 for amazon affiliate program…

search engine ranking

so far #44 on the first sign of indexing… keep in mind this is the first article i put up on 12.6.19… so 9 days to get indexed… kinda slow but still lets see how it does.  i expect the ranking to rise as time passes and the others start getting picked up as well…

Also some action on bing with my latest post…

i just loaded this one on the site 9 hours ago… so bing is picking stuff up pretty fast.



bing picks up and ranks number one for

google is starting to notice the pages from links on my sidebar posts…

Keep In Mind The “affiliate” market is super competitive and this is not a major seo site… so this will be a lot easier in many non competitive niches.

added “free classified ads for affiliate marketing

Dec 8, 2019

now moved up to 38 in bing for bluehost affiliate marketing

dropped in bing to #106 on amazon affiliate marketing review (fluctuations are normal with new rankings)

ill be loading another article tomorrow.

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Dec 7. 2019 still not picked up in googe but my bluehost one is #79 for bluehost affiliate program in msn

and #21 for How to become a Bluehost affiliate

and #84 for amazon affiliate program review

LOL this page is even ranking on bing/msn for “search engine rankings update” didn’t even try for that one.


bing has picked up the article (no good rankings yet)

google has not picked it up yet


so far i put one article on my website for “amazon affiliate program reviews”

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