Free Classified Ad Sites For Affiliate Marketing

Free classified ad sites like thefreeadforum and freeadforum area good way to increase publicity for your service, product, and website.



It is a good advertising method to reach more persons, potential customers, useful backlinks, and many cites. Thanks to many free ads sites that are in the market to help you in this venture.

These websites can help you achieve the following:

When selling products on auction sites or eBay, free classified ads can provide a great platform to get your content in the eyes of many potential customers. Based on your target, the ads can be focused on various categories that feature your listings. It also features the best avenue to expose your services, and the ads can be uniquely made to target different states and cities in which you provide the services.

Free classified ads can also help you with search engine optimization by adding to backlinking campaigns. Many merchants use article marketing and other ways for SEO but fail to understand that classified ads are the best option too.

If interested to learn and use free ad services or make a try, then here is a list of the best popular websites for free classified ads.


Craigslist was started in 1995. It is the most popular free classified ads website. Most people are aware of the site, and this provides them with more traffic. This is the leading classified ads site. Craigslist features many working sections such as personals, housing, for sale, services, gigs, most wanted, community, discussion forums, and resumes. Most craigslist customers are ordinary people who are searching for services and goods. An ad posted at craigslist will last for seven to forty-five days, depending on the place it is posted. Craigslist allows its customers to post two free ads each day with one email account. Many entrepreneurs use this site to market various goods and services for different categories, such as medical services, and many of them can cause spammy. Looking with a critic’s lens, Craigslist has, on various occasions, been used by unscrupulous individuals and criminals who ruin their reputation; it has also had a bad reputation from frequent psychopaths and dirtballs. However, this is a small backslide compared with the many advantages it has to offer.

eBay classifieds

With this free classified ads site, you can sell and buy all the products in the USA. The website functionality has majored for business persons and buyers who deal with U.S. local products only. This allows you to place free ads posting for U.S. services and local goods for marketing if you are dealing with local products. The site does not require you to register to post ads. In short, the site lists sell and buy properties, electronics items, jobs, offer services, and can also allow you to adopt pets, among others.

Free Ad Forum

Free Ad Forum is an excellent marketing website for sellers and a right place for consumers to find goods and services. The site features a highly flexible and easy to navigate platform for a newbie. It also provides you with the chance to post your first ad without registration, and also, an opportunity to create an account for ads follow up. All the services are free with the ability to display eye-catching content to entice potential customers.


The Oodle website is hosted in San Mateo, California. It was started by Faith Sedlin, Scott Kister, and Craig Donato. It features a very simple to use platform integrated with USA Today, and this allows your ads to appear in them additionally. All you need is to sign up for an account, and become a powerful marketer, with a broad platform to reach your audience, due to the appearance of your ads on USA Today classified section. Oodle does not provide the opportunity to use HTML linking, meaning you cannot give a backlink to your site. It offers an opportunity to login with social media accounts. However, you must ensure consistent data between your social media profile and user account information, if you plan to log in to the account with social media. Otherwise, your account will be blocked.


Locanto is among the best free sites for both consumer and seller needs. It is the best website choice to find pets, employment, services, classes, real estate, community, and personal events with millions of adds. As a seller, you can post ads of the same categories indicated. The website also provides babysitting and dating services. If you post an ad on this site, it will last for sixty days, allowing the content to reach a broad target audience. It also features an easy website to navigate and signup. You can also post ads with enhanced photos, website links, and even HTML codes. Choose the city you are working from and begin marketing.

Free Ads Time

Free Ads time is another place to post-marketing ads free. The site is straightforward to navigate, and all categories are self-explanatory. They do not provide automatic HTML codes linking, but if you know how to use them, you can add the codes by hand and put backlinking. You can place your ads with an account or without an account. If you post an ad with an account, then you will have an excellent opportunity to keep track of your ads or posts, but if you post an ad without an account, the administrators will notify you with an email and provide you a link to edit it. There is no massive traffic within site, probably because of location and manual HTML links.


Kugli is not only a free classified ads website, but it is also an international business marketing platform. It features both global classified networks and free classified ads on one site. Therefore, if you are a merchant looking to sell products, a service provider, an employer looking for employees, or consumers of various services, kungli is the right place for you. It features ads for many products from different traders, candidates for jobs, many service providers, among others. They accept marketing for all sectors such as pets, automotive, jobs, real estate, serves, among others.


Thefreeadforum website features around two million visitors every month; it is among the popular free ads marketing sites in the market. This site has no bad reputation among the users or the public, and this makes it suitable for use. It has a good traffic rank but with few social media ratings. The website allows you to post free marketing ads just like other free ads site, and it has an easy navigation platform with a division for various sections. You can post your content without or with an account. It does not provide automatic HTML linking, but you can manually backlink to your site. A simple to use website where you can track your ads if you have an account, but if you post with no account, there will notify you by email and send you a link to sign up.


This site provides you with the chance to sell or buy anything you wish from anywhere in the USA, and you could sell personal items you own, find an asset or service, and put an ad for your company or business free. The site is intended for the USA audience. Therefore, you can view services provided across the states. It features products of all categories such as real estate, manufacturing, jobs, among others. With Classifiedsforfree, you can search and find anything, everything you can think about in the industry.


It has a recent modern website appearance and unique, attractive features provided by FinderMaster, which makes it the ideal marketing ads site. The site can automatically know your location with your first visit, with straightforward navigation tools, yet complex formation is what you should expect when going to this site. You can post ads with or without an account or for free. As a serious marketing affiliate or merchant, Findermaster is one of the places you should never miss. It has functional divisions for various sections that cover all your needs. With this site, there is more traffic from individual countries/states, while others post very few ads.


Adpost is another right place for free classified ads. It covers most areas worldwide, including the USA. This site accepts ads for many sectors, such as employment, vehicles, homes and offices, business opportunities, consumer sections, and personals. It further divides these sectors to small subsections such as arts and crafts, clothing, health and beauty, furniture, business products and services, and many more. Your ads will be visible in more than a thousand cities and five hundred regions internationally, and this gives you a broader audience. All the services provided to you for free.


Wall classified site has set its self apart from the rest, with a beautiful, user-friendly interface design to ensure you enjoy the best user design. Moving through the site is very easy. We can say it is the best place to post ads for almost all services and products. WallClassifieds is made for local marketing; anything you need locally may be present. It also saves time for customers, most of the free ads sites will navigate you to many places before you get to what you are looking for, but this is usually different from WallClassifieds. It helps you to avoid such navigations, and you can select your desired category or city from its homepage. The only weakness is that it’s impossible to choose different sub-branches, such as the number of car doors within its search engine.

Domestic sale

A free ads website which allows you to post-marketing ads for free. It accepts many categories of ads that are relevant in the industry, such as sale services, jobs and resumes, garage sales, events, and real estate, among others. They also feature a unique service called the easy store, which will give you the chance to upload pictures for a car sticker, desktop wallpapers, board ad, sales sign, etc. All of these services for free.

Classified Ads

The classified ads site is a free website and easy to use. You can post an ad before creating an account, or post the ad and create the account later. All you have to do is visit the site and see what an enjoyable experience it has to offer. The site has well-defined categories and easy for a layperson to navigate. The website is also very active, with very many subscribers to interact. Classified ads allow you to use HTML codes and backlink the ads back to your site. It also provides straightforward and direct steps to create an account at no cost. We can say it has a weak search engine facility; it does not give specific answers to your search, for example, the city. But with the unlimited requirement to the number of HTML you can post, Classified ads can help you develop a wide follow up on your site through backlinks.


It is one of the popular marketing sites in the U.S. It connects local sellers and buyers for business in the online environment. You can sell or buy assets such as electronics, cars, furniture, real estate, and even pets. That’s not all; at Recycler, you can access more services like sports items, land, jobs, and many more. Also, you can post ads to market your business and personal sales. The website allows you to post content as well as pictures to drive more traffic to your site.

Final thoughts

It is effortless to sign up for accounts on free ad websites. These sites will give you the chance to build high traffic on your site through HTML backlinks, and you can also sign up for many free ads websites as possible, this will give you an added advantage over your competitors. After posting your ad on these free sites, the traffic attracted will depend on the traffic attracted by the website. You can also submit descriptions of the services and products you want to offer.
Moreover, hyperlinks are provided by most of these sites directing more visibility of your ads in leading search engines. Customers can also find the best and quality assets, services, and persons for jobs using these free ad services. By use of great content, descriptions, pictures, videos, and attractive customer feedback. Expect to get the best with free classified ad sites for affiliate marketing.

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