Stop Doing Keyword Research – Ai Content Planner

When: Wed @ 12PM Eastern Time

How: Click This Link Wednesday @12pm est

5 thoughts on “Stop Doing Keyword Research – Ai Content Planner”

  1. Less of a question but more an observation. Many of my articles have ranked and been ranking for a while and I didn’t do keyword research, I just wrote it. google gave me a featured snippet where there was a clear grammar mistake. This is likely because it’s obvious a human wrote it?

  2. I always find it challenging to find ideal keywords for B2B businesses because it is hard to get direct data from keyword tools that businesses search for. Can you show us how to create an effective content plan for a Heavy Equipment Movers Service specializing in industrial equipment? Thanks.

  3. Wow, that’s great and I love your live sessions. But I can’t make this one and am just hoping you can send me a link to the recording as I’m just about to embark on another keyword research mission soon. 😞
    Marcus you are amazing with all the knowledge and enthusiasm you give us

  4. Hi Marcus,
    I’ve heard that Google may de-list sites with poor AI content. But how do you know if you’ve “humanized” ChatGPT content enough to avoid being de-listed — and so it actually HELPS a site rank higher??? I want to create AI content for clients, so I certainly don’t want to get their site de-listed!!! That would be a disaster.

  5. Hello Mr. Marcus! normally in the matter of marketing, having or not investment, it requires a certain capacity of the subject, that is to say that one must have training to acquire a good knowledge in the matter of commerce to generate some income, so your way of doing things is very important.

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