SEO Niche Hacks And Affiliate Keyword Research

Niche Hacks And Keyword Ranking Tips

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The BIG Secret To SEO Starts In Having The Right Keywords.

If You Have The Wrong Keywords You Are Dead On Arrival… So You Must Select The Right Nichehacks For Your Keywords.

Niche Hack Tip #1: Find Competing Sites In Your Niche And Run Them Thru A Tool Like AHREFS, SEMRUSH, Or Neil Patels Ubbersuggest.

Then you will want to pull a competition and ranking report to see what they are ranking for and what the traffic looks like

Nichehacks Tip #2: Sort the keywords by volume and difficulty.

In all the keyword tools you will see a KD or competition score… usually the lower the number the better… we want words that rank 0 – 10 for competition because these will be easier to rank for with a new/er site.

Some words that are easy are usually reviews, review, and other long tail keywords that have lower competition scores.

Niche Tip #3: next you will want to make a ultimate list of non competitive keywords and start making content for them and make sure the words have an intent that you can use to get buyers.

For example some of the words i use that may not seem “relevant” to my niche but have good intent are words like “linktree alternatives” or “bluehost affiliate program” or even on this page i am working on ranking for niche hacks, niche hacks reviews, and other things related to nichehacks.

Now i know that the intent of these keywords can easily get people interested in things i have to offer like linktree i can use to get people to go for hosting and since linktree alternatives has 600 searches per month… if i can get 100 or 200 to my site and get 10% to signup for web hosting… that is 10-20 signups $ 100 a pop… that means my little article would generate $1,000 – $2,000 per month… and if we are super conservative and say i only get 1% to signup that is still $100 – $200 per month NOT including sup category keywords (we go for those too) so we are looking at $1,200 on the low end and $24,000 on the high end… and that’s for about 1 outsourced article with about 20 minutes of tweaking and editing.

So you can see this stuff is not that hard to do at all.

REMEMBER your articles will not rank right away and when they do rank… rankings change and fluctuate… so if you rank 54 you can always improve… the name of the game is to put stuff out there… see where it lands, watch your traffic and improve.

That is what i am doing with the $1000 Content Test… and we are getting new traffic every day so far just 20 days in… and not that many of the articles have even hit google yet… when they do you will see the traffic rise very fast and sharply and that will produce an income boost as well.

So getting the right niche hacks and niche keywords is KEY!

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  1. whats wrong with offer vault?

    Love your videos, you give away so much good content, I wish I would have listened to you when I first purchased from you.

      1. Hi Marcus
        I think what John is getting at is that Offervault is down and has been for 3-4 weeks or so. I have been advised that Clickbank would be an alternative.

  2. Everything sounds great but in canada the cost zooms to about $1,500.00, thats my total monthly pension

    1. hay Charles, Marcus has payment options just catch him on live chat tell him what’s up and I bet he helps you out. He helped me get involved this way.
      He is a very nice guy and truly wants to see people succeed.

  3. I’ve learned a great deal from you over the last couple years…no, I’m not a paid member, I’m a senior on a VERY limited income, truth be told, if I found $100 in my pocket, I’d have someone elses pants on. I tried my hand at online marketing as a way to try and supplement my limited income. No success as of yet…I have trouble finding good products to promote. The site building is easy, I love doing it. Anyway, just wanted to thank you for the information.

  4. Hello Marcus…

    I recently purchased your simple sites course… Is this new SEO class much of the same teachings?? I follow every word you teach. I love all your wonderful videos and this one is truly one of my favorite… thank you!

    So I am somewhat confused about how this new course will be 197.00 all-new content??

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