These Ai Prompts Will Make Me Millions

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some of the frameworks we will be testing are:

  1. Poduct Review Article:
    • Title: Intriguing and product-focused
    • Introduction: Present the product and its relevance
    • Features: Detail the product’s key features
    • Benefits: Explain the advantages and benefits of using the product
    • Comparisons: Compare with other products in the market
    • Conclusion: Summarize the key points and include a call to action
    • Call to Action: Encourage readers to try the product
  2. How-to Guide:
    • Title: Clear and task-oriented
    • Introduction: Introduce the task and its importance
    • Step-by-step Instructions: Detailed steps to accomplish the task, possibly with the product
    • Tips and Tricks: Offer additional advice for success
    • Conclusion: Recap the process and encourage readers to take action
    • Call to Action: Promote the product as a solution
  3. Listicle:
    • Title: Numbered and catchy
    • Introduction: Introduce the topic and its relevance
    • List Items: Individual sections for each item, alternating between short and long descriptions for burstiness
    • Conclusion: Recap the list and tie back to the product or service
    • Call to Action: Encourage further engagement with the product or service
  4. Case Study:
    • Title: Result-oriented and intriguing
    • Introduction: Present the problem and the client
    • Solution: Describe how your product or service provided a solution
    • Results: Detail the results achieved with supporting data
    • Testimonials: Include quotes from satisfied customers
    • Conclusion: Summarize the success

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2 thoughts on “These Ai Prompts Will Make Me Millions”

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  2. Marcus, first off, I want to thank you for the enormous value you bring to your YouTube channel(s). There are only a scant handful of others with your work ethic on there, and nobody with your techniques and ways of looking at online marketing.

    Secondly, I just want to thank you for the resources you give away. They’re worth more than 90% of the high-priced courses from the lesser-known “gurus.” I have learned a tremendous amount about online business in general from you. And in the field of AI tools, I’ve been very impressed with your unique approach to using them. Like when you talk about using Bing CoPilot and ChatGPT at the same time, but for different purposes, to gain valuable insights! Genius!

    Thanks. I really do appreciate it!

    James Francisco

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