I Watched 10 Hours Of “Make Money Online” Videos

Best Way to Make Money Broke Beginner In 2020 ($10K a month proof)

First thing I notice is a clickfunnels affiliate screenshot.

Clickfunnels pays out 30-40%
Going to show us a 6-figure business.

Ok he’s being upfront he is promoting clickfunnels

Super competitive market.

He has a huge following and 300 active users per month.

SEO ARTICLES – rank on search engines


Get webhosting – signup at clickfunnels

Go to answerthepublic.com to find keywords

WordPress Post Make A Post For Your Keywords

Clickfunnels vs zipify – no traffic

Make sharefunnels

Real estate sales funnel

Give away free mini course

Earn $500 Typing Names Online

All you need is fingers and a computer

Step by step by step


competing for a prize by naming business, making logos, ect.

$37 tripwire course.

Earn $10 Every 10 Seconds FREE (Make Money Online)

$10 every ten seconds – $86,400 Daily???

$635 Screenshot… lots of $10 payouts

Making logos?

Get paypal account


Be a freelance logo designer

$130,572,105 / 2,399,9459 = $54 Per Freelancer???

Even At 90/10 rule $544!




Skips the training to go to his number one recommendation $5,5000 – $30,000 Course

Cheap Promo For LegendaryMarketer.

The BEST 4 Ways To Make Money Online In 2020

1. ecommerce selling on amazon (promotes ASM $6,000 course)
find a product that is selling and private label it (books kindle)
amazon is best start amazon – shopify
2. Affiliate marketing – filling gap and getting sales for the vendors
one of the bet easiest cheapest way… low risk + high ticket programs
build mailing list for recurring income. Combine and leverage
3. Be an influencer most valuable thing online is attention
sponsors, affiliate programs, be relatable people follow for a story and relatability content and message is same… story is different.
video is good and better. Video, podcast, blogging.
4. Freelancer Jobs
work for a company that allows you to work from home.
develop valuable skills

all the skills you learn are valuable for someone else.

Business quiz mailing list promo

How To Make Money Online (The BORING REAL Process)

You do not need a revolutionary business idea.
It’s a dull process to get to 100K
Shut up and execute
Forget your ideas and execute.
People get to distracted with all the stuff.
You do not need a complicated marketing strategy
Analyze your strengths
What are your experiences
Go very niche figure out what your targeted audience wants
Make sales with calls
Not a lot of risk
Play video games
Its boring… life is not spectacular

Book a consultation call.

4 Ways To Get Paid By WALMART Working From Home

Promoting legendary marketer

You can promote Walmart as an affiliate… signup and you can get paid commission on everything on their site.

Google adwords
Bing ads (lower competition)
Start a wordpress blog around a topic


Earn $15 with one simple website

Shortening links on mimiurl

$2.20 every 1000 views

7,000 – 8,000 views every 10 minutes = $15

1,000,000 views a day to do this all day

COMMENT SPAM!!!!!! Don’t Do This!!!

He uses passive income with affiliate marketing

Promoting legendary marketer

How to Copy and Paste Ads and MAKE $100 $500 DAILY! (Step by Step Training)

3 websites to generate free traffic

1 Freeadvertisingforum

How to post free classifieds
Craigslist Spamming
Fake Job Ads For Biz Op Stuff

2 free global classified ads
3 craigslist

Spam people with resumes asking them to join your bizop!!!!

Basically, spamming free ad forums… these get low low low traffic

His results and screenshots

Promoting instant cash solution


Doesn’t matter who you are you can make money.


Search google for small business’ in local areas.

Make Videos For Local SEO Rankings

Pick one at a time per local area per niche

Spammy videos with no real value

Could get sued for using other peoples content (I the business info and website content)
Spammy backlinks to video??? Used to work in like 2010 not so much anymore

Front page video is not really up there yet.

Promoting legendary marketer

Make $500 PER WEEK With NO Website OR Money! (Make Money Online In 2020)

No money no website… $500 a week

Step 1 find something people need that is in demand

He is suggesting getresponse affiliate program

(sell autoresponders and software)

He makes up to $2,000 with getresponse affiliate program

Step 2 Traffic

Go for keywords and make youtube videos

Step 3 make content

10 Legit Ways To Make Money And Passive Income Online

Active income vs passive income

1. Upworks.com freelance
2. youtube – monetization (passive income) paid sponsorships / affiliate
3. amazon (mturk) (kindle publishing) (amazon affiliate)
4. clickbank affiliate and vendor
5. flippa.com auction site for websites
6. shuttershock
7. rover pet sitting?
8. takelessons – teach a skill
9. fiverr – sell your skills
10. dropshipping

Earn $100 Per Day For FREE With No Website (Make Money Online)

Launch Jacking

Muncheye launch calendar

Warrior plus

Add bonuses make your own or plr bonusvault.net

Promoting Legendary Marketer Scam

Make Money Online Creating FREE Images (EASY)

Free / anywhere in the world


Creating and selling images for $5 to instagramers

12 per hour searching google

Search Engine Evaluator

Content curating

Make page ratings for the results



7 Legit Ways To Make Money Online – How To Make Money Online

1. Ecommerce (sell stuff online)
2. Dropshipping
3. Affiliate Marketing (he loves this) recurring income
4. Sass Software As A Service (stay hydrated???)
5. Google Adsense WTF Dude went to the bathroom! (need lots of content and visitors) Not As Good As It Used To Be??? Friend made 1mm a year now 30K???
6. Expert Business… training ect (what this guy does)
7. Youtube good to get traffic for everything. Affiliate marketing on youtube.

PROMO: Register For Free Masterclass

Make Money Online DOING NOTHING

Up to $40 per month keeping your computer on all the time and let them curate content thru you.


$1 Million Per Hour Side Business

Just shows his money… no tips nothing.


1. Amazon affiliate / associate program (make review vids on youtube)
2. Google adsense blog or youtube
3. Jvzoo affiliate marketplace
4. Amazon kindle publishing
5. Upwork (work as freelancer or hire people and outsource work for your business)
6. Flippa purchase and resell or purchase and build
7. Dosh application – cash back for shopping or send them referrals.
8. Textbroker write content for pay
9. Amazon handmade (etsy for amazon)
10. Legendary marketer lol signup to promote


Affiliate marketing
– Get a good solid offer (clickbank)
– Pick products by gravity score – how you find your niche
– Gravity = high conversion
– Click promote get link
– Shorten link with bit.ly
– Find blogs in niche –
– comment on the blogs with thoughtful comments and insert bitly clickbank link
– set up google alert for your keyword
Now time to buy legendary marketer

Make Money Painting Lines – Easy Online Jobs

Go to fiverr
Remove backgrounds from photos
$5 each photo – not realistic

Promoting LM

5 BEST Ways To Make Money Online In 2020!

1. Social media agency
2. Youtube channel * his favorite he makes $16K a month on youtube ads
3. Online courses / teaching (run ads) clickfunnels / udemy
4. Dropshipping shopify
5. Start a blog / affiliate marketing

How To Make Quick Money In One Day Online

Sitting by a pile of money
Amazon turk
Amazon affiliate
Go to clickbank – promote his product
Spam your social media with posts about his free training
I see these often from lots of people spamming my groups.

Make $100 Per Day From Facebook With This 1 Trick

Excited and throwing money around
Get paid by check or wire
You need 60 clicks per day to make $100 – $1.50 epc
Get clickbank acct
Promote his super affiliate system
Or sell flat belly fix 3 sales per day = $100
Go to bit.ly shorten link
Spam facebook weight loss groups with link
No affiliate disclaimer could get you in hot water.
For extra money spam their message box

How To Make $4000 Plus Per Month From Google

1. Pick niche
2. Get links
3. Create content
4. Upload content
Spamming youtube with videos about universities.
Make negative video Do Not Attend ____ University.
Promote his program as an alternative to college.

Make $100 Per Day On YouTube Without Making Any Videos

Fast train video makes money.
Copy creative commons videos and reupload them (youtube hates this and will ban your account in many instances)
$117,000 train video
Good video topic idea training… I like that part
1,000,000 views = $3,000
Using monetization.
Fitness, conspiracy, top ten sports, recent news, gaming, popular games, check trending, make compilations
Socialblade to estimate earnings
This could work but probably not as easy as stated.
How To Start Shopify Dropshipping With $150
Shopify $29 month
Buy domain name for $14
Search Instagram for people with ads
(if they are advertising the product is selling – MYTH)
Build a nice website
Use remaining $136 on Instagram ads
Sponsored post
He sold beard oil in example on mens fashion pages

How To Promote Clickbank Products

Go to clickbank signup
Go to marketplace
1. Choose your niche by category
2. Select something you are interested in
3. Select by gravity
4. Go with what is already proven
5. Get affiliate link
6. Put up youtube vids teaching people about the product
7. Put links in description
8. Facebook groups – make a niche group
9. Instagram
10. Build a following in a topic
Earn $200-$1,000+ in ONE Hour JUST Reading
Be a voice actor $1,000 per hour???
Do voice acting

Best Way To Make Money Online As A Broke Beginner

Promoting make money programs on clickbank
Launch jacking
Muncheye | jvnotifypro
Ask for review copy
Make video for up coming launches (ive seen people get banned for this) title it ____ product review or reviews

Clickbank For Beginners 2019: How To Make A Consistent $10,000/Month

Get eyeballs to affiliate links
Youtube videos
Focus on a niche within an industry
How to select a product (BAD ADVICE FIRST)
Sort by popularity / gravity
Get affiliate link – shorten link
Make your links sexier???
Watch the sales video and learn about the product
Find the sub niches
Make theme channel on youtube
Use youtube search to find topics 3-4 top vids
Transcribe videos $1 per minute
Hire someone to reword the videos on fiverr
Make it unique content
Then have a video made
Change titles slightly
Vidiq to get tags
Model framework – reword ethically
Put affiliate link in description
Or make your own video cheaper.
All about lots of content

Make $10.00 Per 10 Seconds For FREE! (Work From Home)

1. Peopleperhour.com sell skills / logo design
2. Guru.com become freelancer
3. Next.com logos on there
4. Designcrowd.com
5. Truelancer.com
6. Upwork.com
7. Freelogodesign.org to make logos
8. Buy my teachable course

Earn $2.00 EVERY 60 Seconds! (FREE Paypal Money Trick 2020!)

1. Univox – Signup for ap Take surveys
2. Give them lots of info on application for more surveys
3. Surveys are NOT worth it.
Lie about your country???
Signup over and over ??? fake emails… what this is scammy.

$5,000 for 5 mins work on Redbubble – Passive Income

Use google trends, make logos for tshirts.
$5,000 in a few years.

Watch Me Make $1600 on Clickbank In 12 Minutes

He most likely has his own product.
$1,750,000 last year with clickbank
Click marketplace
Click search organize by top offers
Flat belly fix is his top offer
Food sex and money most popular niches
Use the premade affiliate tools they have
Target the right people for your offer
Facebook ads are big for this
$10K days with battery reconditioning offer
No real strategy but some good tips.

Make $3 to $5 Per Hour Easy – Automatic PayPal Payments! (NO HANDS!)

Two very important websites
1. Instagc pay to do surveys and test sites ect
click videos… watch videos but leave them running. Disable ad blocker
2. Earnably watch ads
3. Legendary marketer pitch

Earn $25.32 JUST Clicking ONE Button! (SUPER EASY!)

1. Peopleperhour.com
click search offers | background removal | charge more
2. Removebg remove backgrounds
3. Photo editing forums – post link to your job
You gotta build up and get reviews to make this work.

How This Website Makes $150,000/MONTH! PASSIVELY

Dollarsprout.com example
Swagbucks affiliate link is one of many affiliate links
Surveyjunkie affiliate
Vindale research affiliate links
Tons of affiliate programs around their niche
Then they make articles about the topics
Didn’t make money for a long time… it takes a while to build.
High Commission affiliate marketing
Cons hard to convert
Pros make more per sale
Low commission affiliate marketing
Easy to convert
Low payout
Clickbank to promote offers
Visitors = 1.2 million pageviews for $150,000 per month
Average of 10 cents per pageview
Also have mailing list to sell other products thru email marketing.
They rank and get traffic thru seo
1. Title and tagging
2. Give good relevant info
3. Backlinks to your site get others linking in
Keywordseverywhere tool
Get lots of rankings… takes a lot of time.
Sells hosting thru site setup tutorial.

Work From Home Jobs Without Experience (2020)

Allegis.com transcription services
Gengo.com translation $417 avg monthly earnings
Crisp social media monitor jobs
Modsquad.com social media moderator
Isoftstone.com jobs for transcribers

How I replaced my Full Time Income from Home | How to start for FREE!

Forex trading
Sales pitch for her forex courses

The 7 BEST Side Hustles That Pay $20 – $200 Per Hour

1. Buying and selling used stuff take your grandparents stuff and sell it… wtf
2. Copywriting – persuasive writing on social media, websites, ect… freelance copywriting
3. Tutoring –private lessons on craigslist
4. Sales closing – commission based join his HTC class
5. Sitting pet house ect…
6. Renting out spaces with Airbnb
7. Social media management

sales pitch for closing class

Earn $500 In 60 Min AUTOMATIC! (Easy Way To Make Money From Home)

Get a paypal account and download the app
Upload your photos and videos on the app to get paid.
You are selling or licensing your images
Foap.com creators – sell content
Download the app… upload photos.

12 Legit Data Entry Work From Home Job Sites

1. Symbria
2. Accutranglobal.com transcription
3. Axiondata.com
4. Mturk.com
5. Sigtrack.net
6. Scribie.com
7. Clickworker.com
8. Picoworkers (small jobs… like, post, ect)
9. Dataplus
10. Diondadasolutions
11. Idictate
12. Workingsolutions

How To Make 300 Dollars A Day! With Nothing But Pen And Paper

High income skill – offer a service
You need a copywriting skill… buy my course.
BEST Work From Home 🏠Jobs in 2019
1. Transcriptionist
2. Teaching from home
3. Virtual assistant
4. Freelance writer

What is Affiliate Marketing | How to Make $100 per day

Refer people to other people for money
Its gonna take some work
1. You need to get lots of traffic
organic free traffic vs paid traffic
2. Content
yotube vids and blog posts are best
3. Offer or recommendation
Get to $100 a day = choose the right offer.
Go buy LM
Clickfunnels, bluehost, ect

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