legendary marketer review – why I never promote these programs

Every few years or so I hear about a marketing program like “legendary marketer” or “empower network” or “mobe” and even one of the first ones I heard about “adcashdaily.”

I remember it like it was yesterday… I had my search engine ranking business and ppc business and was making a good $50-$100K per month when a friend / student of mine who had already made hundreds of thousands with my methods came to me very enthusiastically about this new program I just HAD to invest in.

He was already about $60K invested and showed me his reports where he had over $150K in his “account” and it was growing daily.

The objective was simple enough…

Get people to buy “ad packs” for $1,000 – $10,000 each or more.

Then they advertise some stuff and you get paid daily.

Oh yea… and if I get people to buy those ad packs I get a nice commission of 25-50%!

So if someone buys at $10K that is a $2.5K or $5K commission.  Not bad right.

But something seemed off… and my main question was…


This is the question you need to ask yourself when you think about joining a program like legendary marketer or mobe or whatever it is you are looking at.

And my friend would not let up… I had no intention of investing in something where no one knew where the money was going to come from… but being a friend I said yea ill hear you out.

I asked him… where is the money coming from… no answer.

He persisted and got the “big wigs” in the company on a call with me.

I asked them… where is the money gonna come from… still no answer or vauge ones at best.

And it turns out… all the money was going to come from OTHER PEOPLE JOINING!

This is the biggest red flag and why I will never promote legendary marketer.

Because the whole concept is that you PAY to join… to get others to PAY to join.

Its what we call a pyramid scheme.

My Friend Didn’t Listen And Lost Over $60,000!

Now… some will argue and say but marcus… ive read all the legendary marketer reviews and this program seems legit… I mean they have actual training and tools and everything.

On the surface legendary marketer may seem that way.  And i’m sure the products are decent (maybe a little over priced but decent)

But how are the majority of the people in legendary marketer actually making their money?


So on their website they have products from $30 to $30,000 YES… $30,000… and some complain that they have spent more than $100,000 on these types of programs.

This reminds me a lot of the matt Lloyd scam where he basically got people signed up at very high prices to go get other people signed up at very high prices.  And then later got popped by the FTC for running a pyramid scheme.

Legendary marketer in my opinion is no different.

Whenever a company’s main focus is to get money by recruiting other people… that is as close to the pyramid scheme definition as you can get.

The differentiating factor is the use of the product and how it helps other people.

If you have a network marketing or mlm company and the main purpose and income comes from the actual product (be it vitamins or weight loss stuff or essential oils) as long as the products themselves outside of the business opportunity are good and focused on and producing more income than the business opportunity itself… usually that is an indicator that it’s a decent company.

On the other hand… when you have something like legendary marketer where the sole purpose of buying the product is to learn how to sell the same product you just got… well then that is an issue and I would be careful of that.

Which brings us back to the main question… where is the money coming from.

In these types of schemes… the money is coming from new people joining the business to get new people to join the business.

Do they have some decent marketing trainings… probably.

Are they teaching stuff that can be used in other industries… most likely.

But is the whole premise and overinflated price FOCUSED around getting new people to Sign Up.

YES… and that is where the problem lies.

There was actually a regulation put years ago on the mlm network marketing industry where the companies could no longer do what was known as frontloading.

Frontloading is where a company FORCES you to signup at a high price to be able to get better commissions or be in the “elite earners” club or whatever.

Legendary marketer offers the same kinda thing.

This was the same thing that led the founder of legendary marketer David Sharpe into bankruptcy and hot water his last go around with “empower network.”

Empower network was focused on getting people to signup for overpriced webhosting so that they can later “GO ALL IN” and buy super expensive training… so they can get others to “Go All In” so they can get commissions.

The owners of the company made a shit ton of money and the people at the bottom ended up footing the bill.

This will happen with legendary marketer just like it happened with the empower network, mobe, and even adcashdaily that I mentioned earlier.

WHY… because of where the money is going to come from.

Now with my marketing teaching business I have a lot of people who rely on my teachings and trust my authority in the business… heck ive been at it 20 years.

BUT you will never catch me promoting something like MOBE, Empower Network, Or Even Legendary Marketer… WHICH I know for a FACT would bring me in an extra 7 figures per year or more.

WHY… because these business’ run a high profit margin because NOTHING is being sold.

So they have phone centers and emails and all kinds of things to get people to go all in and spend a ton of money so they can get some half ass training to be told to get others to join so they can get some money so others can get half ass training so they can get… you get the idea.

I have many people I know in the industry who have made MILLIONS promoting these types of offers and NEVER ONCE have any got in trouble for promoting the offers when the business goes down.

They just keep the money they made and for some reason they sleep well at night.

But I could never sleep well at night knowing I promoted something like legendary marketer or mobe because I know at the end of the day it is not in the best interest of my visitors and students.

AND its not sustainable.

Only a small handful of people that join these types of programs make big money.

If everyone in the program promoted the program to other people… the market would get saturated… this is not a business model… it’s a scheme.

Because at the end of the day if you are selling “business education” it should be useful for all people in many niche markets.

Not just a signup to signup others kinda deal.

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