Google Seo Update And Expired Domains

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Biggest Google Core Update ever ? Death of Expired Domains ? | BlackHatWorld



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1. No Single Valuation Standard:

There are no industry-wide, universally accepted standards for domain valuation. Different registrars and appraisal services use their own algorithms and data points, leading to varying results.
Each registrar might emphasize different factors while calculating the estimated value.

2. Factors Influencing Valuation:

Here are some key factors that likely contribute to the discrepancies:

Length and Memorability: “[invalid URL removed]” is a short, memorable, and easy-to-spell domain, making it desirable.
Keywords: It contains the high-value keyword “photobooth,” which is relevant to a growing market (photo booth rentals, photo booth experiences).
Commercial Potential: The domain name has the potential for various business uses – from photo booth rental companies to photography-related websites and services.
Domain Extension: The “.com” extension is the most popular and trusted TLD (Top-Level Domain), adding to its value.
Market Trends: The popularity of photo booths at events and the rise of selfie culture could increase demand for this domain.

3. The Subjectivity of Value:

Perceived Branding Value: Some companies might be willing to pay a premium for a domain that aligns perfectly with their brand. This subjective desire can inflate the perceived value significantly.
Speculation: Domain investors might purchase and hold valuable domains, hoping to sell them later at a much higher price. This can create volatility in the market.
What to Consider:

Your Purpose: If you’re looking to buy the domain, consider your budget and the intended use. Does the potential value justify the cost for your specific needs?
Other Options: Could similar domains, such as “[invalid URL removed]” or “[invalid URL removed],” serve your purpose without a significantly higher price tag?
Negotiation: Often, listed domain prices are starting points for negotiation, especially on aftermarket platforms.
In Conclusion:

Domain name appraisals are part science, part art, and part market speculation. While automated tools offer some insights, getting a realistic sense of a domain’s true value may involve market research, understanding the domain industry, and potentially engaging the help of a domain broker.

Starting with auction and expired domains can offer some unique benefits if you’re interested in making money online. Here’s a breakdown of these advantages:

Benefits of Auction Domains

Potentially High-Value Domains: Auctions can feature domains with established history, existing backlinks, or desirable keywords. These can give you a head start with some built-in authority.
Find Bargains: Sometimes you can secure a valuable domain at a lower price than its estimated value, especially if the auction isn’t highly competitive.
Investment Opportunities: If you’re skilled at spotting undervalued domains, auctions can be a source for buying low and reselling high.
Benefits of Expired Domains

Established History: Expired domains might have pre-existing backlinks and some previous search engine authority, giving you a boost in SEO efforts.
Niche-Specific: Using specific tools, you can find expired domains that were previously used in your desired niche, potentially giving you relevant content or an existing audience.
Affordability: Many expired domains can be purchased for their standard registration fees, offering a low-cost entry point for new ventures.
Additional Considerations

Research is Key: Success with this strategy relies heavily on careful research. Investigate a domain’s history, traffic potential, backlink profile, and any potential issues you’ll need to address before reaping the benefits.
Competition: Popular auctions and desirable expired domains can attract a lot of bidders, driving prices up.
Patience: Finding the right opportunity at the right price might take time and effort, scouring through multiple auctions and listings.
Risk: There’s always a risk that a previously popular domain could still have negative associations or issues that might affect your online presence.
When It Can Be a Good Strategy

This approach is best suited if you:

Have some experience with domain research and understand SEO factors.
Are comfortable with the risk of investing in domains that may or may not pay off.
Are looking for ways to potentially get pre-established domains with some built-in authority.
Let me know if you’d like more information on finding auction and expired domains, or tips for researching them effectively!

Here’s how auction and expired domains can shortcut processes and help you find untapped niches:

Shortcutting the Process

Established Backlink Profile: A domain with a healthy backlink profile means other websites are already linking to it, This provides a head start in search engine rankings. Building a new website’s backlink profile from scratch takes considerable time and effort.
Pre-existing Traffic: If a domain previously had a website with an audience, you might inherit some of that residual traffic. This immediate customer base can be incredibly valuable for launching a new project.
Brand Recognition: Some domains have names that are already somewhat recognizable or associated with a particular niche. This pre-existing ‘brand’ gives you a leg up in building your own brand.
Finding Untapped Niches

Inspiration from Expired Domains: Looking through expired domains can show you websites that once existed but are no longer active. This can spark ideas for niches that may be underserved, or where the previous domain failed to capitalize on its full potential.
Niche Validation: If a previously successful website existed on a domain you acquired, it validates that there’s a potential market in the niche. You now have a starting point to understand the audience and how to serve them better.
Keyword-Rich Domains: Auctions and expired domain lists often include niche-specific domains with valuable keywords. Such domains can inspire you to expand on an existing niche with a fresh angle, or even define a micro-niche altogether.
The “Built-in” Structure Advantage

Some domains come with additional benefits beyond the name itself:

Pre-existing Content: Rarely, expired domains might have content from the previous website. While you shouldn’t directly copy it, it can provide a framework for your content strategy or even be repurposed if licensing allows.
Email Lists: In extremely rare cases, a domain might be sold along with an email subscriber list from the previous venture. This gives you an instant, engaged audience—but be sure to check privacy regulations if you plan to leverage this.
Important Reminders:

Thorough Due Diligence: Always conduct thorough research on any domain before purchasing, check for spammy history or other issues that might hinder your success.
Tools and Resources: Utilize tools for expired domain research like and for domain auctions like GoDaddy Auctions and NameJet.
Let me know if you want a deeper dive into specific resources or strategies for leveraging auction and expired domains to your advantage!

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  1. Hi Marcus
    Love watching your Affiliate marketing youtube channel and many of the more recent episodes. Even got my wife to watch one of them, and that’s way harder than you might think. I am trying to put what you preach into practice. At the moment I am still overcomplicating the process but getting better at keeping it simple. Keep up the good/great work.



  2. This forum makes me think that sites that follow good practices for creating content will not be affected.
    I wonder if the “million” bad backlinks and positions sites will be ignored for ranking purposes of a site?

  3. Good stream yesterday. Watched it replay today to better take notes and also go on the hunt for expired domains that have a decent history which I can build out.
    Thanks for explainnig the current Google-Update in such an optimistic way.
    All the best. Samy

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