Google Hates Small Bloggers – Update!

There is a lot of noise about google selling out and CRUSHING small bloggers and independant business… but is it true?

Has Google Sold Out To BIG Media And Reddit… Will AI Take Over Google Search… Is There A Place For The Small Blogger, Affiliates, And Business In The “New Google”

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2 thoughts on “Google Hates Small Bloggers – Update!”

  1. Na, I think if anything Google is favoring the smaller folks because they know ginormous antitrust suits could be coming for them if they don’t boost up the little’$ / The underdogs. Isn’t Europe lowering the boom on the Google right now as we speak??

  2. My first start immediately was to make sure you get your content on those big media sites say in the form of good press releases or something of that nature. Coincidentally, this was also why I once asked you on a webinar about Niche Edits which are kind of like guest posts that are put on big media sites. It’s sort of like a mixture of a guest post, press releases, and legit pbn contextual content all in one.

    I am really curious to learn your “loophole” though🤔

    Btw Marcus, you really went there with that thumbnail image at the top 😁

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