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You can create as few or as many as you want with AI driven side hustle

One student made as much as $500 in one day off of a simple post

You can make money passively, with a simple side hustle that’s guaranteed to work for those willing to put in the effort

Using AI with this side hustle is super, super simple

Have you unnoticed how people are utterly obsessed with celebrities, like super bowl showing Taylor Swift more than the actual game

This celebrity culture is insanely profitable

There are literally hundreds of press releases created yesterday about Taylor Swift and the Super Bowl

People are turning to celebrities to get all kinds of advice..celebrity doctors chefs, therapist etc

Each and every celeb has its own micro economy that’s making millions and millions of dollars

I’m going to show you how to piggyback on this gigantic celebrity side hustle that can put tons of money in your pocket

It’s super simple – anybody with internet access, and ability to ask AI simple questions, and the ability to use a program like canva, PowerPoint, Microsoft word (or similar)- can start making money as soon as today

Super fast results

Based on data and things I’ve tried

This isn’t hypothetical, but based on data and things I’ve actually tried, and made lots of money with

I’ll show you the ins and outs, step by step, a very simple system,  where you can use AI, Canva, PowerPoint and this simple side hustle to make tons of money

-Example shows aren Based on .30 cents per click bases which mean you’ll average about 30 cents per visitor sent to a custom link

Step 1:

Use an AI tool like ChatGPT, Bing, Co-Pilot or even the new Gemeni Tool by Google

Please list 25 celebrity (then choose niche like chef, personal trainers, workout people, therapists etc)

Chefs for this example

It’ll list celebrity chefs – then use this data to turn a profit

Next – say now please just list them out one by one with nothing extra

It’ll go through and make one big list one after the other so we can copy/paste it

Put list through a keyword tool (like Ahrefs ) to see which one is the most popular or The Hoth

Click on view keyword stats – it’ll tell us the search volume for each and every chef for whatever type of celebrity we chose

-First thing to note is a lot of people are looking up these celebrity chiefs

-Prompt – list 25 celebrities that are therapists – it lists it in a simple way

-Prompt – please find some more and just  list the names only

-You can also type directly into the keyword tool to see exactly what people are searching for

This shows us that people are searching for it, which means it’s popular.

This is part 1 of the equation – which is having a popular niche with lots of celebrities and lots of people searching for it

If you search it on youtube you’ll see lots of videos and views which means it’s a huge demand

Next – Part 2

Figure out how we’re going to make money on this traffic

Think about these celebs and what they’re doing – (celebs are influencers)

-Go to OfferVault – ex cookware for celeb chefs

Or therapy – you’ll see different affiliate offers and make money this way ex. like TalkSpace, Online therapy etc

-We can also go to google and search for Gordon Ramsay cookware and see what’s he’s using ( and Amazon)

The earnings can add up super fast

Next- take the keyword tool and take ex. (celeb 1) and pair it with our money method

Ex. Gordon Ramsay pans – you’ll see the search volume per month of people searching for this

-Go to Google Gemini –

Prompt – what are some of the top kitchen items and pans that Gordon Ramsay uses

-AI will figure out all the different things the celebrity is using to get the result that other people want.

We’ll see the results

Then say – now put together a kitchen checklist for people who like Gordon Ramsay – this will put together a checklist for people who want to use the same thing that Gordon Ramsay uses when he cooks

-All different things we can make money with – and since the traffic is built in, using the celebrity’s name is gonna be a cinch – don’t step on any rules, trademarks etc, but doing the work of figuring out what celeb are using is pretty much public domain (not a lawyer)

-Make sure not to say that people are endorsing things that they aren’t endorsing

Always says, “this is my opinion, this is what I’ve found, these are the things I like” – that way everything is on the up and up

-Figure out each of these and find the exact products and make a full list

Now that I know there’s traffic, there’s enough celebs, and there’s enough products for me to make money (including Amazon, and can be an affiliate of Amazon and I can get paid on Amazon as well).

-Next – go through and create some type of content around this stuff

Use canva and use their video editor, or Microsoft PowerPoint with the Co-Pilot add on

Prompt – now please add some kitchen knives used by Gordon Ramsay

Link to a video in description – showing more about how to use this PowerPoint tool in a simple way to make slides, and turn those into videos to put on TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest – pretty much anyway, and get traffic using the chef names

-Notice how PowerPoint made a slide with a picture of the knife, and put the diffenter knives on the list

To recap – I can make a video about the top tools that Gordon Ramsay uses and point to those tools and get paid

-This can be done without a website, however I highly recommend getting a domain and a website, that way on your slideshow video you can say “to get the full list and discount on these products check out (whatever your site is).

-To do this right, I’m going to use a tool like Spamzilla to find a domain that’s going to be really easy for people to type in and remember

We don’t want anything that they can misspell or have any problems with dashes


Make it easy so you can drive people to that website

Added bonus of having your own website is that you can rank for some of these keywords

You can go through and look at the different pages in Ahrefs, and you can view the value per month worth of traffic for different keywords

When you think of the fact with this example that it’s one chef, with one niche, and one tool (pan, kife etc) you can see this could be a side hustle that can put lots of money in your pocket

This works like crazy

Using Canva and PowerPoint makes it super easy

We can actually use the embedded AI to create a PDF showing all the different things that each celeb in their niche uses (chef, therapist etc) and then point directly to the affiliate programs in that PDF and get paid

To see how simple this is, I created a simple blog post about a popular YouTuber and how much money she makes (as people are searching her earnings). I’m actually ranking on Google with a simple AI created blog post

You’ll notice a lot of these keywords are super non-competitive

Creating a blog post, video, pdf guide with all the things they use a super simple way to make money online

Imagine what would happen if you starting doing this with every chef, or every different celebrity in the niche that you choose, and start pointing them to things that make you money –

This is pretty much what I’ve been doing for the last 25 years to make tons of money online

You can use this side hustle in a super simple way

If you want to learn more, like and check and the videos in the description

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