Extreme Affiliate Marketing Example Websites

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These Affiliate Sites Will Pay You Insane Amounts


  1. Content Websites/Blogs
    • Example: Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn focuses on entrepreneurship and passive income strategies, incorporating affiliate links within its content.
  2. Coupon and Deal Sites
    • Example: RetailMeNot aggregates discounts and coupon codes across various retailers.
  3. Comparison Shopping Websites
    • Example: Wirecutter, owned by The New York Times, offers product comparisons and recommendations.
  4. Cashback and Loyalty Programs
    • Example: Rakuten (formerly Ebates) provides cashback for purchases made through its platform.
  5. Browser Extensions
    • Example: Honey automatically applies coupon codes at checkout for online shoppers.
  6. Product Review Sites
    • Example: CNET reviews technology products and includes affiliate links to purchase recommended items.
  7. Influencer Platforms
    • Example: Instagram, where influencers across various niches promote products using affiliate links.
  8. Email Marketing
    • Example: Morning Brew, a daily newsletter, occasionally includes affiliate links within its content.
  9. Video Marketing
    • Example: MKBHD (Marques Brownlee) on YouTube, reviewing tech products with affiliate links in the video descriptions.
  10. Social Media Channels
    • Example: Facebook Marketplace can also be used by affiliates to promote products through social media posts.
  11. Educational Content Platforms
    • Example: Coursera, while primarily an online course platform, affiliates can promote courses they offer.
  12. Podcasting
    • Example: The Tim Ferriss Show sometimes includes affiliate promotions within its episodes.
  13. Mobile Apps
    • Example: Shopkick rewards users with points for in-store and online shopping activities through affiliate partnerships.
  14. Niche Subscription Services
    • Example: Cratejoy offers a platform for various niche subscription boxes, some of which include affiliate products.
  15. Digital Product Aggregators
    • Example: ClickBank, a marketplace for digital products, also allows affiliates to promote a wide range of digital goods.
  16. Authority Sites
    • Example: Healthline provides trusted health information and incorporates affiliate links for health-related products.
  17. Marketplaces for Affiliate Products
    • Example: ShareASale, a network that connects affiliates with merchants in various niches.
  18. Membership Sites
    • Example: Scott’s Cheap Flights offers premium membership for exclusive flight deals, incorporating affiliate links for travel bookings.
  19. Virtual Event Hosting
    • Example: Teachable hosts online summits and workshops, where affiliates can promote Teachable subscriptions.
  20. Private Labeling and Dropshipping
    • Example: Shopify store owners may combine dropshipping with affiliate marketing for related products not directly sold in their store.
  21. Affiliate Networks
    • Example: CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction) serves as a major network connecting affiliates with large brands.
  22. Interactive Community Platforms
    • Example: Reddit communities (subreddits) related to specific interests, where users occasionally share affiliate links.
  23. Personal Branding
    • Example: Gary Vaynerchuk uses his personal brand across various platforms to promote books and products he’s affiliated with.
  24. Tech Integration Services
    • Example: Zapier integrates various apps and services, including recommendations for products they partner with.
  25. Affiliate-Powered E-Commerce Stores
    • Example: ThisIsWhyImBroke showcases unique and interesting products from around the internet, including affiliate-linked items.
  26. Content Curation Sites
    • Example: Feedly, while primarily an RSS feed aggregator, can be used by affiliates to curate and share content with embedded affiliate links.
  27. Travel Booking and Recommendation Sites
    • Example: Booking.com Affiliate Program allows travel bloggers to earn commissions on accommodation bookings.
  28. Financial Advisory and Comparison Sites
    • Example: NerdWallet offers comparisons on financial products, earning through affiliate links.
  29. Affiliate Marketing via Podcast Networks
    • Example: Relay FM, a podcast network, includes sponsors and affiliate promotions across its shows.
  30. API-Driven Affiliate Integrations
    • Example: Price comparison websites or apps that use APIs to pull in product data and affiliate links in real-time.

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  1. As mentioned during the training the affiliate marketing world just has a bad reputation with the general public of customers due to it being associated with mlms and network marketing.

    But with the advent of AI tools I believe affiliate marketing is about to get its due respect plus you have shown that major companies who definitely guard their reputation with fierceness are making multiple millions of dollars every year from pure affiliate marketing..

    In the words of Louis Satchmo Armstrong What a Wonderful World 🌎

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