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  1. Honestly I find this website/blog very confusing. There seems to be multiple offers/trainings going on and I can’t make heads or tails of which item I am clicking on and how it is related to the blog post. Example: Business strategy template click here for tomorrow training (Wednesday) Then on the same blog post page: click here to join Marcus’ AI video training tomorrow (Wednesday). Is this the same training? Why call it two different things if it is? Then at the bottom of the page: click here for done for you niche flash sale. Is this different or the same as the other two “click here’s”. I have been following Marcus’ YouTube channel off and on for years, but the website/blog always throws me for a loop and stops me from joining anything, because I cannot figure out what is going on.

    1. 100% agree with you Sherry! It’s a total cluster &*&*. It’s great feedback for Marcus though, as he needs to hear these things. He’s great on camera and how he presents information on YT, but the website def needs a complete makeover as I’m sure he’s losing a lot of $ from others who are also just as confused.

    2. Sherry, I agree. I too am a follower of Marcus and I think he has really good stuff. I have spent lots of $$$ with him. However, understanding just what you’re supposed to do after clicking on some of his links can be a real head-scratcher!

  2. As I understand, Marcus has links to his other products so that you get to see what other offerings he has. It can be confusing at times, BUT it does have its purpose e.g. multiple chances of finding other products that can assist you get the most in building an online business….

  3. I am suffering from “information overload”, I need some basic steps to follow.. 1. Do this 2. Do this etc.. on one video you did give some steps but I didn’t get them all written down..

    Not sure which video..but the steps I have are

    Get Niche – Do This First
    Research Keywords
    Revamp Content
    Add Affiliate Links

    I think I missed in between these and some after…

    please elaborate

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