What You Need To Know To Make Money Online

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8 thoughts on “What You Need To Know To Make Money Online”

  1. Marcus,

    A great honest video. The question I have, where are you with personal relationship with the Lord Jesus? You can look around this mad world and how this country rejected the truth. He is knocking on the door. God excilled Israel and Judah for their unbelief, why would He not do the same to this country.

    ex preacher. but kept the faith, as I been born again since 1981. It is not religion.
    in love,


  2. If there is one thing I learnt in life it’s “No man is an Island” we all need to lean (or learn from) on someone in Life, the only people who don’t need others in their life are in the cemetery.

    Quick question – after you made the extra money by changing the words did you buy the guys course?

  3. Thanks for course that is guaranteed to make me rich!

    Did that get your attention? 🙂 I am a retired programmer and I know how to make all kinds of sites, but I’ve made some mistakes in my career. My career ended before I was ready for it to end. Now I’m going into Chapter 13 for 3 years to get out of debt. I can’t convince my wife that you have to spend money to make money. I can’t afford a web host, nor domain names at the moment. I like this video and you have encouraged me to learn the copywriting skills I need. I’d like to get some links to the guy you mentioned, but I forgot his name and I can’t rewind this YouTube. Garry Halbert. (I went to YouTube to watch your video and could then rewind. I found his site. Thanks for the name.) I guess I could learn marketing for free. Is there any other venue I could use for free – Facebook?

    I like your politics. I went to seminary, but never became a preacher. I say the Lord saved me from churches.

  4. Hey Marcus I like your kick ass,you are responsible for yourself comments. thank you for sharing your insight,I`m getting it.Harold.

  5. I listened to the rant. I walk in my shoes and you walk in yours. You said some good things and your right about not getting focused. I have some disabilities that have to be over come . My buddy told me that is what they make 20 $ bills for. Right now I very excited about my two niches and. Trying how to find a way to give away. Some of what they want and monetize the rest. A guy named Marcus teaches that.

  6. Without Fresh content nothing is possible in Making Money Online World. You have to write fresh content or you have to outsource it. But you can’t ignore content part in any online business.

  7. Hey Marcus!

    Love the humor! People make losing weight harder then it is… the same thing with making money. You
    have to take action. Do the work!
    Thanks for the video..Very Good!

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