What is Affiliate Marketing and HOW Does it Work For Beginners EASY Guide


What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Works For Beginners

In order to make money online, you need to be paying attention. Are you paying attention? Because clearly, not a lot of people are paying attention. If you’re paying attention, you’ll know that these Insta-pot that I bought, I had told you about it several months ago on my YouTube channel how it’s a great niche.

And you’ll also know that on Amazon prime day, this Insta-pot sold 300,000 units in one or two days.  So imagine if you’re paying attention to affiliate marketing, you’ll actually be able to make money with this stuff. For example, you can get a commission of 10% per unit which is a $100 each.

I also got a grill from the internet. It costs about $300 and there was a commission paid to an affiliate that sells that. Also is a little stove that I use. That one is also online which sells and gets a lot of commission. Imagine how many of this is being sold online? All of these are online and you can make a commission selling them. Not just that, you can get paid on all the things people are doing all the time on the internet. It’s really crazy to me how people don’t pay attention to affiliate marketing. People are just not paying attention. They are not focusing on where the money is.

I’m going to show you how affiliate marketing works so that you can start paying attention. So let’s get started.

Here is an article we made that talk about how much we made in sales.

A lot of things were sold. Imagine if you made a fraction of the amount of money that was made with this sale.

So let’s take a lot at some other things. Are you paying attention to the fact that Amazon pays a commission of a lot of the product that they sell? This means if you link a product to Amazon and people buy them, you get a commission. And guys, people are buying a lot of stuff every single day. I’m even going to show you how to get paid even If people are not buying stuff from your website.

Imagine if you just set up a little cooking website and you talked about the insta-pot, grill, and all other things. And you were just raking in money. So we’ve got to focus on that.

Now, I’ve got to tell you: I’ve been doing these stuffs for 18 years. I’ve made millions of dollars online and I don’t expect your result to be typical. I don’t know what you’re going to make. The average person makes nothing, but if you follow what I tell you, I think you’ll get result.

I also want you to realize that when I show you these things and say you should be paying attention, you haven’t had the 18 years experience; somebody is trying to give you a shortcut. So when you use the internet, you’ll see what’s going on behind the scene and you’ll see how people get paid.

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So here is the table of commission.

I don’t really make a lot with Amazon; I don’t do a lot with them. I do CPA marketing and sell to other stuffs because I find the offer much better commission than other places. And sometimes you can get a discount and things for your customers.  Let’s go over to the Amazon homepage.

This is where millions of people every day start their internet journey. You can see the top selling items on prime day so let’s take a look.

First of all, the thing that I notice in this industry for 18 years is the fact that it says, “New content available, c

Click here to refresh”. Let’s click on it and see what they say.

They say, “Get to MSN faster; add the MSN new tab for chrome”. That tells me that Amazon has a toolbar for chrome and they want you to use it so much that they are willing to put it on their homepage which means they are probably willing to pay affiliates like you and me to get people to download me.

Much like the stuffs I did with recipe toolbars, bible toolbars and all that. All I did was give away a toolbar and I get paid a lot of money, 7 figures in some market (which is really crazy). All just to get people to download things, just like Amazon is doing right there.

Now, let’s take a look at the other things: here we have sponsored ads.

These sponsored ads are paying to be there, which means whether they are insane or they are making money.

“Pay 0 interests until 2019”. They are showing you just various different credit cards. Why in the world will they do that? They are doing that because the credit card companies are paying for you to apply for credit cards. I know because I have done this on one of my websites.

We got tons of applications for credit cards. I was one of their biggest affiliates and we’re making thousands of dollars a month just referring people that were looking for gas prices to credit cards that save money on gas. So, it’s the same kind of thing here. If you’re paying attention, this stuff is going to make sense to you.

Let’s see another one. There are tons of them on this page and you can check out whatever you want. We can see here, “trending now”. So they are actually showing you the things that are getting a lot of searches right now. If I went to create an ad on Amazon and I went for one of these searches, I’d probably get traffic now.

We can also see what’s really popular. Here is also another one with, “the highest paid affiliates”.

These have different things you can do, like “Continue’.  Look at this: this is from the “highest paid affiliate marketers”.

They are making money with these banners up there. You can also see the related topics on every one of these pages. Why would this be there? So, let’s click on them: I’m going to show you what actually happens.

Now, look at this: what they are doing is they are taking you to more search results. These people/offers here are paying for traffic. So all he does is to make an article that is interesting, link to some stuff and he’s got the search engine and he’s getting paid when people click it. He’s not even selling anything. All he did was lure you in with some kind of article like, “top 25 highest paid affiliates”.

Let’s take a look at more here: “Tips for cleaning your grills”

He has an article. And then check it out, he’s got some listings. When you click them, you’ll go to a page that again shows top search results for the top grills. So they are getting paid when people click on these stuffs. So you’ve got to be paying attention, otherwise, you’ll not be able to make money online. And if you pay attention to what I’m telling you (like the example of the insta-pot I told you), you’re going to make money.

Let’s see other examples. This is something about the credit card offers.

And again, this is a credit card offer and the affiliate network pays a ton for these. They pay $100 or more per applicant. And I don’t even need they need to be approved; they only need to be an applicant.

You can do this with mortgages, toolbars. Imagine if you took those sports people looking at the athlete a sports toolbar. You can now see that a lot of this stuff works and they are happening right now, but a lot of people are not paying attention which is why they are not making money.

You’re going to get paid as an affiliate marketer if you pay attention. You’ve got to be tuning in to what’s going on. You’ve got to see how people are making money.

In addition to places like Amazon, Google Adsense and other places paying you, you can also check out affiliate networks. One of my favorites is going to offervault. Offervault is a search engine for affiliate offers.

So I can go to the search for “credit card”. Then I can see what they pay for various credit cards.

We’re going to scroll past the sponsored stuffs. Most times, they are credit card offers where you sign up for a credit card. I know one of them which is credit.com. Here you can sign up as an affiliate and you can get paid when people sign up for various different credit cards. They even give you tools for your site so that you can use them. It works extremely well and they pay a crazy amount. The internet is a big place. People are buying things. People are doing things and you can get paid.

For example, let’s say we go over to offervault and we want to promote a toolbar. Let’s say we want to promote a flight search toolbar. We have $2:30 cents, 2:43cents and lots more when they download this toolbar. This is for people looking for a way to save money on travel.

We can also do for video download converter. This is a great one and I have made a lot of money from this. You’ll get people to download a video download converter (which they actually want to download) and you can make money on that.

Again, results are not typical. Most people don’t make anything. I don’t know what you’re going to make.

If we go over to the Google Adword tool and we look up to something like, “download video and we hit search. Watch how many people are searching for this stuff.  It’s literarily mind bugling. Now, 7 million people are searching and I get paid $0.75 every time they download. If I get traffic for $0.03 a click: that would be 25. That means if I convert 1 out of every 25, I’m breaking even. And with more than that, I’m making money.

Now there are a lot of other stuffs you can promote. The key is you’ve got to be paying attention. So if you like this training, subscribe to my channel, click the bell and start paying attention and stay around for my live streams where I teach new stuffs every Wednesday 10 am on how to make money with Affiliate marketing. If you’re interested in doing this stuff and like the way that I teach, hop over to simplesitebonus.com and pick up a copy of the simplesite big profit course and I’ll teach you how to make money, give you support and help you make this work. Thank you for reading, I’m Marcus.

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