PERSONAL: finding peace in times of economic uncertainty…

Dear Friend,

this message is kinda personal because i used to get
all flipped out when things did not go the way
i wanted them too…

i would watch the news all day… go crazy about the
possible scenarios that COULD happen…

replaying my decisions and mistakes over and over
as if that would help anything…

ending up with me being a drunken mess by the
end of the day (almost 6 years sober now) wondering
what would happen next… it took a toll on me bigtime.

i would worry about money day and night, i would worry
about everything and i lived in a constant state of “impending
doom” where i thought the worst would happen at any moment.

it was truly HELL in the mind… i would not wish anyone the
fate of the worried alcoholic brain i had on anyone (if you struggle with this
check out talksober on youtube – that’s my recovery channel)

it felt like the “BAD” would never end… and as long as i kept
the same mindset… it never would… because 99% of it was all
in my head… made up by me…

sure… the economy was bad at times…
sure… my life skills sucked…
sure… i had many struggles…

But My Worst Enemy Was My Mind

as i got sober i learned to focus on the things i can control
and do what i can each day to improve to the best of
the ability i could for that day…

NOTE: i said the best for that day… not hustle till your eyes
fall out and stress yourself silly… just do what you can.

because we all have the same 24 hours in the same day
and its up to us to choose what to do with those hours

you could sit and worry and get distracted with all the
people on the news, and facebook, and watch countless
videos about what could happen…

OR You Could Create Something To Change Your Situation

right now… i could be isolated, i could worry, and i can waste the
time i have living in fear…

Instead We Are Focusing On Helping You (and people on the sober channel)

which is why tomorrow at 10am eastern time we are having a special
live training about the stuff you can do right now to start making a change
in your life financially… starting now…

Fast Profit Methods + Work At Home Tutorial (register here)

because once i learned that i could control some things and others i couldn’t
i began to switch my focus from trying to solve problems i couldn’t to focusing
on those that i could…

And While All This Uncertainty Is Going Around – You Can Learn This Stuff

and if you learn a skill that will help you be able to make your own
money and not rely on what going on “out there” you can actually
use these times to benefit… and also help others.

so focus on what you can control… focus on the good… and even
when things are bad… count the blessings you DO have.

see ya tomorrow at 10am,


ps: make sure you register so i know how many to expect on the
live training so i can do my best to help each and every one of you…

pps: one of the best ways to get out of your headspace is to help others
with what you can… one of my gifts is being able to cook good food
so i get out of my rut by cooking for family and friends during this time.

another guy i saw was livestreaming reading books to kids, and some others
are having helpful talks with people… you have more value than you think…
you have just been trained that value = money… and money is not everything.


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  1. For us older folks right now staying healthy is number one , some of us has been through tough times so for us tight times will not be the a shock to our systems unlike the younger folks who have never been without all things they are so used to having,some will have to learn to cook as eating out might become a luxury, and they might have to get used to antenna tv as cable tv might have to go be the wayside,an some might have to learn to ask for a little help something that they may never had to do before. lord only knows where this is heading but as long as you have the people you love and a will to make the best of what ever comes ,and be willing to help one another when we can we should all be ok..
    and Marcus I think your heart is in the right place

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