Top 50 Side Hustles – Ranked

Online Side Hustles – Ranked



A – Very Profitable: (These can be duplicated)


Content Creator ($10,000 a month)

  • Sample video: Website Paying $100 per hour for watching TikTok
  • It takes a lot of work as a content creator and only 1% make it to the top.
  • It’s pure hard work and no shortcuts to the videos, but at the end of the day, it can be passive and can make a lot more than 10K a month.
  • You need to learn more about the strategy.


Get paid $30 per email

  • Affiliate marketing through email. You need a mailing list, but do not spam.
  • Have a really cultivated email list of people who are interested in high-end ticket products then this could work.
  • Email is the next step after you have made a good product video or content out there. If the viewers become interested, they will send an email to you.
  • Focus on helping people.
  • You can do webinars and 1-on-1 sessions for let’s say $97


Start a Blog and Make Money ($120,000 a month)

  • Easiest and fastest way to make money when done correctly.
  • Build a blog and upsell it. Example: The college industry is huge so that is what’s their current project.


Make Basic Affiliate Marketing Videos ($509 a day)

  • Make videos for Pinterest and TikTok and you got to figure it out on your own.
  • Not all traffic is created equal so you need the right kind of traffic.
  • We need to make data-driven decisions and be direct with the SEO keywords.
  • Think about if it;s something sustainable for you? Is it something that will actually work? To check, you can search for “resume side hustle income report” in chrome or go to to search for the same keywords.
  • Traffic is the key


Ways To Make Money With ChatGPT ($12,000 per month)

  • You need to understand what you need to do with ChatGPT – good at coding, writing, organizing, etc.
  • There is a demand for content writing where ChatGPT can help.
  • Know how the internet works to make a profit out of it.
  • When you go out there, focus only on one stuff first and make it work.





B – Profitable:




C – Maybe Profitable:


Easy AMAZON Side Hustle ($500 a day)

  • Amazon side hustles can work, but we need to figure out the data and know exactly what’s going on. It needs data-driven decisions so we can follow along and actually turn a profit.
  • Amazon side hustle categories: (1) sell stuff on Amazon as a merchant exporting things from Aliexpress or Alibaba to Amazon. With this, you have to have a bunch of money to deal with inventory. You’re going to have shipping and even the fulfillment by Amazon. At the end of the day, you need to understand to find things that actually work. Use JungleScout if the products are able to work. (2) Amazon affiliate marketing which is probably the easiest way to get started on the side hustles but again, you have to find a niche, understand the market and get traffic.
  • If you don’t understand it, you’re going to struggle.


Posting Faceless Videos on Youtube(Make $736 a day)

  • AI videos can’t be monetize.
  • You need traffic to make it work.
  • We want to understand that data matters.


How To Sell Digital Products ($154,606)

  • You need to understand what type of product you;re going to make. What can you do to make this work?
  • They have a following that’s important.
  • Answer the question: What will help the general public? So you can get results without worrying all the other things.
  • Try Redbubble to sell things


Making Money in Graphic Design ($2500 a month)

  • In order to sell yourself as a graphic designer, what’s gonna happen with AI is that a lot of designs start to look the same. People will realize that it’s time to go back to old school and hire a graphic designer.
  • The skill level you need weighs the amount you can make very fast.


Make $15,000 in 60 days with Videos

  • You need to understand the basic of niche marketing and how it works before you can make a profit on doing videos.
  • It’s not only making videos, you need to do research on monetization strategies and doing backend work. Understanding your niche is also a good way to start as your strategy.
  • Persistency is not only the key, but a good marketing strategy as they are crucial.


Make $360/day posting on TikTok

  • We need to look at the difference between making traffic online and making money.


Print On Demand ($5,758 per month)

  • It’s a money source.
  • A lot of people leading with the offer, but focus on the traffic first.
  • You can make a faceless video of the products then build the traffic.


Ghost Commerce ($1000 a month)

  • Basically, dropshipping or drop-servicing.
  • It’s profitable if you know how to market it.
  • Example of this is Mr. Beast’s ghost kitchen.
  • Drop-servicing is about charging $20 per piece of content and making it with AI and these people buy the content and sell it to customers for a bigger charge, pocketing the difference.
  • Learn outsourcing and editing.





Make Money with eBay ($5,000 a month)

  • It’s a traffic source game, but once


Earn $95 Every 10 Minutes For Resumes

  • It’s a little elusive on how it actually is going to work.
  • Look at the data in thehoth for seo keyword because the data doesn’t lie.
  • You can run ads on fiverr or do a strategy like making a faceless youtube video on “how to create a resume”


Dropshipping through Shopify ($31,271 a month)

  • Understanding that Shopify has their own traffic source, so it is a money source like Paypal.
  • You’re making money because you’re driving traffic to an offer. How to do voiceover work ($300/day)

  • This makes a lot of difficult because we already have AI voiceovers that you can get for $100 a month.


Calligraphy Business

  • You need to learn how to do calligraphy, but you can also do it with Midjourney.


How to build a travel business

  • It’s a likeable idea but you need to learn more about it.
  • Check




F – Most People Are Not Gonna Be Able to Do It:



AirBNB Business AirBnb Arbitrage ($10,000 per month or $136,000 a year):

  • Good but needs money to start for property, loan, etc.


Copy & Paste This ($14,000 a week)

  • We need to understand that exactly what we are copying and pasting. The example is a YT content creator with basically copying and pasting affiliate links and spam it online like on Facebook and things like that which, at the end of the day, they’re just trying to promote you their program. It’s only a commission for other people, but the owner is the only one who is getting rich and not really you.


Real Estate Side Hustle

  • Quite difficult if you’re simply looking for a side hustle.




  • Having the right strategy and knowing what to do is key.
  • Knowing what content to put out there, knowing what ChatGPT is used for, knowing how to build on fiverr, knowing how to edit videos
  • You should want a business and not only a side hustle
  • What you want is something you can do 100% online that doesn’t take a lot of money, doesn’t take a lot of hardwork and effort.
  • Create an easy conversion method with these side hustles


Build Traffic:

  • Faceless Youtube
  • Regular Youtube
  • TikTok
  • Email marketing
  • Solo ads
  • Blogging
  • PPC marketing
  • ChatGPT
  • Podcast
  • Buy a domain and build the content



  • Find your direction
  • Shopify
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • RedBubble


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  1. Marcus, I have a burning question for you. I have had some affiliate side hustles in past years and they have failed miserably. I’m working on a site and a GPT that has to do with one specific Lottery game. I want to use your help, help, help model, and am able to create helpful content and informative stat cheatsheets they can download and have affiliate links on it, and the GPT will be free and I’ve been working on some algorithms that are pretty cool. What I really want to know is besides obvious things like maybe affiliate links to online poker and gambling, what other things could be sold to people who want to play the lottery. I’ve been taking extensive notes on your methods and I see where I went wrong in the past. I try now to put on my Marcus mindset for the strategy. This Lottery thing is stopping me though I’m not sure how to “flip the market” because a wide variety of people play the lottery. But don’t think with Millions and typical you can win Millions kind of Lottery talk. In this game you can win money as you go and with this algorithm it’s working pretty good. Thank you so much for the videos you do, and I’m one of those that is financially strapped but you are on the top of my list to join your Blog Profit Network as soon as I can but I and benefiting from your material on YouTube greatly. Marcus, i go way back, and I was at some of those expensive internet marketing conferences back in the day (Frank Kern, John Reese) during the days I was pretty I was successful selling and self publishing my own Internet genealogy how to courses back then, but I can never get there before anything to work. Also I only played the lottery on occasion , but this is a different animal and it’s the only reason I’m thinking about doing this niche because I’ve got something to Value to offer this pretty darn cool. My best, Randy.

  2. Great list – thanks to your videos and summaries here life will not be boring.
    In addition to the list you provided for ChatGPT, you could also list image generation and prompt engeneering.
    Looking forward to monday for the next video

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