The Warrior Forum – Legit Or The Ultimate 26 Year Grift!

In the ever-evolving landscape of the digital age, the quest to carve out a niche and monetize one’s passions has been a persistent dream for many. But where did it all begin? For countless internet marketers, their journey started, or at the very least intersected, with the Warrior Forum. Founded in 1997 by Allen Says, this platform wasn’t just another forum; it was a beacon, illuminating the pathways of online entrepreneurship.

At its core, the Warrior Forum was more than just discussions and threads. It housed the “War Room,” a sanctum offering exclusive content and tools, often considered the Holy Grail by its members. The forum also introduced the concept of Warrior Special Offers (WSO), a unique marketplace where dreams transformed into tangible digital products and services.
From intricate discussions on SEO strategies and PPC advertising to the nuances of email and content marketing, the Warrior Forum spanned a vast array of online marketing topics. This thriving community, bustling with both novices and experts, fostered an environment of learning, sharing, and growth.

Here is an overview of the forum and how it changed thru the years:

1. History: The Warrior Forum was founded in 1997 by Allen Says. It quickly became one of the most popular forums for internet marketers.

2. War Room: One of the unique features of the Warrior Forum is the “War Room,” a private section where members can access exclusive content, resources, and tools. There’s a fee to join the War Room, but many members believe it’s worth the investment due to the value provided.

3. WSO (Warrior Special Offers): This section of the forum is where members can promote their own products or services at a discounted price. It’s been a launchpad for many digital products and services over the years.

4. Topics Covered: The forum covers a wide range of online marketing topics, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, and more.

5. Community: The Warrior Forum boasts a large and active community of internet marketers ranging from beginners to seasoned professionals. The forum provides an opportunity for members to ask questions, share experiences, and learn from one another.

6. Acquisition: In 2014, the Warrior Forum was acquired by, one of the world’s largest freelancing and crowdsourcing platforms.

7. Reputation: Over the years, the forum has had its ups and downs. While many members have found immense value in the community and resources, others have criticized it for various reasons, such as the quality of some WSOs or the presence of spammers. As with any online community, it’s essential to approach information critically and do your own research.

8. Accessibility: While there are premium sections like the War Room and WSOs, much of the content on the Warrior Forum is accessible for free, making it a valuable resource for those looking to learn about online marketing without a significant upfront investment.

However, like any institution with a storied history, the Warrior Forum saw its moments of change. In 2014, it merged paths with, one of the world’s most expansive freelancing platforms. And while the forum’s legacy is largely celebrated, it hasn’t been without its critics, pointing to occasional lapses in quality or the shadows of spammers.

Yet, amidst the premium sections and the invaluable free content, one thing remained constant: the Warrior Forum’s commitment to democratizing online marketing knowledge. It stood as a testament to the idea that making money online wasn’t just a dream; it was a tangible reality for those willing to learn and adapt.

So, as we delve deeper, let’s explore: Was the Warrior Forum truly the genesis of making money online, or was it a pivotal chapter in a much larger narrative?
NOW lets look at some top marketers who used this forum:

1. Allen Says
The founder of the Warrior Forum itself.
Top Products: Warrior Forum membership, War Room

2. Mike Filsaime
Known for various products and co-creating tools like GrooveFunnels.
Top Products: GrooveFunnels, WebinarJam, Kartra

3. Frank Kern
A major figure in internet marketing known for his Mass Control marketing method.
Top Products: Mass Control, Info Business Blueprint, Convert 2.0

4. Eben Pagan
Started with a dating advice business and then moved into the marketing education space.
Top Products: Altitude, Guru Blueprint, Digital Product Blueprint

5. Anik Singal
Founder of Lurn and known for his products in the email marketing space.
Top Products: Inbox Blueprint, Circle of Profit, Lurn Insider

6. Russell Brunson
Co-founder of ClickFunnels and a significant figure in the sales funnel world.
Top Products: ClickFunnels, DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets

7. John Reese
Known for being the first to have a $1 million launch day with his product Traffic Secrets.
Top Products: Traffic Secrets, Outsource Force,

8. Andy Jenkins
Co-created tools like Kartra and was involved in various significant launches.
Top Products: Kartra, Video Genesis, WebinarJam (co-created with Mike Filsaime)
Was also part of the now defunct Stompernet

9. Brad Callen
Known for his SEO products and tools.
Top Products: Keyword Elite, SEO Elite, Rank Recon

10. Alex Jeffreys
Has a reputation for coaching and product launches.
Top Products: The Super Funnel, The Guru’s Dream, Marketing With Alex Live

11. Sean Donahoe
Involved in several product launches and has created various IM tools.
Top Products: WP Profit Builder, UnHustled 6-Figure Freedom, IMSC Rapid Mailer

12. Mark Ling
Behind Affilorama and other affiliate marketing training programs.
Top Products: Affilorama, AffiloBlueprint, Traffic Travis

13. Jimmy D. Brown
One of the pioneers in the PLR (private label rights) space.
Top Products: PLR Content Packages, Membernaire, List and Traffic

14. Chris Farrell
Known for his membership site and beginner-friendly training.
Top Products: Chris Farrell Membership, 10 Minutes to Success, Create Your First Website by 3:45 This Afternoon

15. Ryan Deiss
Co-founder of DigitalMarketer.
Top Products: DigitalMarketer Lab, Traffic & Conversion Summit, Customer Value Optimization

16. Matt Bacak
Email marketing expert with several products to his name.
Top Products: Secret Email System, The Ultimate Lead Generation Plan, Internet Marketing Dirt

17. Michael Cheney
Known for his affiliate marketing products.
Top Products: Commission Machine, 7-Figure Franchise, Commission Cartel

18. Willie Crawford
A longstanding member and has been involved in various joint ventures.
Top Products: Joint Venture Broker Bootcamp, The Internet Marketing Inner Circle

19. Paul Myers
Publisher of the “TalkBiz News” newsletter.
Top Products: TalkBiz News, The Amazing List Machine, Need to Know

20. Tiffany Lambert (formerly Tiffany Dow)
Known for her PLR products and transparent blogging.
Top Products: PLR Mini Mart, Ghostwriting Cash, Guide to Cashing in on Shiny New Object Syndrome

21. James Jones
Recognized for creating tools and software for internet marketers.
Top Products: The Net Results products, Micro Niche Finder, Instant Sales Army

22. Jason Fladlien
Known for rapid product creation methods.
Top Products: One Time Offer Blueprint, 48 Hour Report, WP Fan Pro

23. Wilson Mattos
Collaborates with Jason Fladlien as part of Rapid Crush.
Top Products: Due to his collaborative nature with Jason, many products overlap with Jason Fladlien’s list, such as WP Fan Pro.

24. Bill Guthrie
Engaged in multiple WSO launches.
Top Products: Audience Explosion, WP Local Plus, 3D Cover Creator

25. Maria Gudelis
Active in various WSOs.
Top Products: Ultimate Income Booster, Mobile Blog Money, 5K in 30 Days

26. PotPieGirl (Jennifer Ledbetter)
Active WSO community member.
Top Products: One Week Marketing, Pinterest Success Strategies, What Works Now

27. George Montagu Brown (George Brown)
Creator of the “Google Sniper” course.
Top Products: Google Sniper, Traffic Ultimatum, Predator

28. Welly Mulia
Renowned for products concerning email marketing.
Top Products: Sendloop, Get Profits Fast, Profits Theme

29. Bryan Zimmerman
Co-founder of JVZoo.
Top Products: As a platform creator, his main product would be JVZoo itself.

30. Mike Lantz
Founder of WarriorPlus.
Top Products: As a platform creator, his main product would be WarriorPlus itself.

WSOs (Warrior Special Offers)

Introduced not long after the foundation of the Warrior Forum in 1997, WSOs became an integral part of the forum’s ecosystem.

How WSOs Worked:

Posting: For a fee, members could list their unique product or service in the WSO section, often drawing significant attention.
Exclusive Discounts: Products/services in the WSO had to be offered at a lower rate than anywhere else, making them exclusive deals for forum members.
Community Engagement: These threads turned into interactive spaces, with questions, feedback, and discussions.


Trust Factor: With a rapidly growing user base, offers from established forum members quickly gained traction.

Success Stories:

By the mid-2000s, several digital marketers claimed to make anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars with single WSO launches.

WarriorPlus Emergence:

Founded by Mike Lantz in the late 2000s, WarriorPlus aimed to capitalize on the booming WSO ecosystem.

Role of WarriorPlus:

Management Tools: Allowed vendors to efficiently manage offers, track sales, and process payments.

Affiliate Networking: Introduced an affiliate system, enticing members to promote WSOs in exchange for commissions.

Earnings Boost: With the adaptive payments and affiliate system, some vendors reported five to six-figure earnings from successful WSO launches by the early 2010s.

JVZoo’s Ascent:

While WarriorPlus was making waves, JVZoo entered the scene in 2011, founded by Bryan Zimmerman, E. Brian Rose, and Chad Casselman.

Differences and Competition:

Expanding Horizons: Unlike WarriorPlus, which had close ties to the Warrior Forum, JVZoo targeted a broader market.

Advanced Features: JVZoo introduced innovative tools, enhancing the sales funnel process with upsells, downsells, and more.

Growth Metrics: By 2016, JVZoo had reportedly processed over $250 million in sales, and it boasted over 500,000 active users.

They also secured a spot in the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in 2016 and 2017.

2014: They launched JVZooHost, a managed hosting service.
2016: JVZoo celebrated processing their 30 millionth sale.

Here are some ways you can still make money with the warrior forum and WSO’s

While the digital marketing landscape has evolved over the years, the Warrior Forum and its WSO section still offer opportunities for those looking to make money online. Here are some strategies and methods one can employ:

1. Launch a Product through WSO:

If you have a unique digital product, tool, or course, consider launching it through the WSO section. Given the targeted audience, it can be an excellent platform to gain initial traction.

2. Affiliate Marketing:

Promote other people’s WSOs and earn commissions. Focus on high-quality offers that resonate with your audience and expertise.

3. Offer Services:

If you have skills in areas like content writing, SEO, web design, or social media marketing, offer your services to forum members. The “Warriors for Hire” section can be a great place to start.

4. Coaching and Consulting:

Use the platform to offer coaching services or consulting sessions, especially if you have a proven track record or expertise in a specific niche.

5. PLR Products:

Create and sell Private Label Rights (PLR) products. These can be articles, e-books, or even courses that buyers can rebrand and resell.

6. Joint Ventures:

Partner with other marketers on the forum to co-create products or collaborate on projects. It’s an excellent way to combine expertise and resources.

7. Become a Respected Contributor:

Engage in discussions, share valuable insights, and help others. As you build your reputation, opportunities for collaborations, partnerships, and business will naturally arise.

8. Traffic Generation:

Use the forum to drive traffic to your own website, blog, or landing pages. Make sure to provide value and not just spam with links.

9. Stay Updated:

The “Internet Marketing Product Reviews & Ratings” section can be a goldmine to stay updated with the latest products, tools, and courses. It helps in identifying trends and potential gaps in the market.

10. Host Webinars and Workshops:

Website Description
Digital Point A comprehensive forum covering topics from search engine optimization to marketing and design.
BlackHatWorld (BHW) A forum primarily focused on black hat SEO techniques, but also covers other areas of digital marketing.
Affilorama A community centered around affiliate marketing, offering training, tools, and a forum for discussions.
WickedFire A forum for affiliate marketers, with discussions on traffic methods, SEO, and other marketing techniques.
Stack That Money (STM) A premium forum focused on affiliate marketing, offering guides, case studies, and expert advice.
SitePoint While more developer-focused, SitePoint also has discussions on marketing, design, and online business.
Warrior Plus Forum Directly associated with Warrior Forum, this platform is more centered around the WarriorPlus marketplace and its products.
JVZoo Academy Associated with the JVZoo marketplace, this platform offers training and a space for vendors and affiliates to connect.
GrowthHackers A community centered around growth hacking, offering articles, discussions, and growth studies.
Indie Hackers A community for independent entrepreneurs to share their business journeys and learn from each other.

The Warrior Forum, JVZoo, and WarriorPlus, given their prominence in the internet marketing community, have naturally been the subject of various controversies and criticisms over the years. Here are some of the more commonly discussed issues:

Warrior Forum:

  1. Quality of WSOs: There have been concerns about the quality of some Warrior Special Offers (WSOs). While many are genuine and valuable, others have been criticized as rehashed, outdated, or outright scams.
  2. Moderation Issues: Some users have complained about inconsistent moderation, where legitimate posts get deleted while spammy or low-quality posts remain.
  3. Upsells: There have been complaints about products having too many upsells, which can frustrate buyers who thought they were getting a complete product in the initial purchase.


  1. Product Quality: Similar to the Warrior Forum’s WSO section, there have been concerns about the quality of some products on WarriorPlus.
  2. Refund Issues: There have been instances where buyers faced difficulties getting refunds for products that didn’t meet their expectations.
  3. Vendor Verification: Some critics believe that the platform could do more to vet and verify its vendors to ensure that only high-quality products are promoted.


  1. Product Quality: Like the other platforms, JVZoo has faced criticism for hosting low-quality or misleading products.
  2. Delayed Payments: Unlike WarriorPlus which became known for instant payments, JVZoo sometimes employs a delayed payment system, especially for newer affiliates. This has been a point of contention for some users.
  3. Refund Disputes: There have been cases where customers found it hard to get refunds, especially when dealing with unresponsive vendors.
  4. Account Suspensions: Some vendors and affiliates have reported sudden account suspensions or terminations without clear reasons.

It’s worth noting that while these platforms have faced criticism, they’ve also facilitated many successful product launches and have been valuable resources for countless internet marketers. As with any platform or community, the experiences can be mixed, and it’s always advisable for users to do their due diligence and research before making purchases or business decisions.

As the internet matured, platforms like WarriorPlus and JVZoo emerged, further simplifying the process of launching and selling digital products. While they brought innovation, they weren’t without their own set of challenges and controversies. The issues ranged from product quality concerns to payment delays, highlighting the teething problems of a rapidly evolving industry.

Presently, the digital marketplace is more diverse than ever. While forums and dedicated platforms remain relevant, there’s been a surge in other avenues like affiliate marketing, dropshipping, content creation, and more. Platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Medium exemplify the broader shift towards content-driven monetization.

Looking ahead, the future of making money online seems poised for even greater diversification. The rise of decentralized platforms, blockchain technology, and NFTs hint at a future where digital assets and experiences become increasingly valuable. However, one constant remains: the importance of community. Whether it’s forums of the past or social media groups of today, the collective knowledge and support of a community remain invaluable for anyone venturing into the digital realm.

In essence, the journey from the early days of the Warrior Forum to the multifaceted digital economy of today underscores the adaptability, challenges, and boundless potential of the online world.

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