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Hey. Are you ready to learn. 32 killer free traffic methods to get tons of free traffic to your Web site. Well stay tuned because we’re gonna be showing you exactly how to do that how to use them and how to start making money online fast with free traffic. What could be better than free traffic. And I’m Marcus I’ve been getting free traffic for the last 20 years getting over one hundred million views to my Web sites my blogs my videos and all kinds of things like that and I’m gonna show you exactly how I do it because if you get 100 million views to anything you should be making some good money right. So well let’s get started. Let’s dive in. We’re starting right now. So.


Welcome I think. Let’s see if our little ticker is working. Is our ticker working.


There it is. That should. There we go. All right. So welcome to this special training. Today we got a lot of stuff to cover we’re gonna go over 32 different free traffic methods. Tons of good free traffic methods methods that you could use to. You guessed it. Get free traffic right. There you go. Now I want you to remember while looking at this freeway mess here it looks like Los Angeles. I grew up learning to drive in Los Angeles. There’s lots of traffic. It’s there all the time. It’s pretty crazy. Now we’re gonna show you how this works but I wouldn’t want you to remember. That free traffic is everywhere. Right now. While you’re watching this while you’re reading e-mail while you’re doing whatever it is you’re doing. There are hundreds of millions possibly billions of people on the internet looking at various different things. So we got to keep that in mind right. Traffic is literally everywhere.


Traffic is not the hard part. Let me repeat that again. Traffic is not. The hard part.


So you’ve got to really really look at that and you’ve got to really focus because traffic is not the hard part. Everyone thinks traffic is the hard part. It’s not. If you could go out there and buy as much traffic as you want right now which you can then you’d be able to get traffic right. So plain and simple. The problem is that the traffic the problem is the conversion and knowing what to do. So I want you to repeat that. I want you to write that down.


I want you to ingrain that in your brain because traffic is not. The hard part. So let’s talk about this and let’s go through what is it that makes free traffic methods work. I want to give you a basis of why this works. Before we show you how to do it and the different. Traffic tactics that you can get for free so that you can go through and look at him and be like. Now I know exactly how to do it because if you don’t know why they work then you’re gonna be dead in the water it’s not going to matter how much traffic you get. All right. So if you like this kind of stuff and your new here make sure you subscribe and click the bell. Very important because we got new videos coming out all the time. We got live streams here every Wednesday where we teach you all about how to make money online how to get traffic how to do affiliate marketing and how to live the life of your dreams which is cool because I actually started living the life of my dreams and sometimes I wake up and I’m like Is this real. I don’t have to go to work and I have to do anything. That’s pretty cool. And I’ve been doing that for about 20 years which is pretty cool. So let’s take a look at this and let’s talk about what makes free traffic methods work. First of all we got to look at visitor intent. OK. They work because of visitor intent. We got to know why the person is on the page that we want to get the free traffic from. If we’re on YouTube what is it they’re searching. What other videos are they watching. What’s the nature of the traffic. If someone’s out there watching a bunch of videos about how to fix their toilet then you know they’re probably got a broken toilet. That’s the visitor intent. If someone’s looking for what to do after a car wreck they’re probably looking for like what to do after a car wreck. If someone’s looking for how to make money online they’re probably looking for ways to make money online. So it’s not rocket science but a lot of people miss this point and they try to go to broad or they try to go not based on the intent if someone’s intent is to get X. You don’t want to give them Y or a or l You want to give them X you want to give them exactly what they want based on the nature based on why they’re searching or what site they’re on so that you get them into what you want in the way you want. So they buy stuff. Number two. A visitor intent is what is the viewer ultimately want what what. What’s the ultimate want. Right. So like if someone’s looking for what to do after a car wreck they could have two different ultimate ones. One could be like Just get me through this day. This sucks. I hope everyone’s OK. And two could be like I’m going to sue the ass off of that guy. I want to make a bunch of money. Right there’s two separate kind of intense there and we got to look at that or someone looking to lose weight you might have someone who’s intent on losing weight for a wedding or intent on losing weight for a date or some other event or just wants to lose weight because they feel unhealthy. So we’ve got to look at that. We got to say what is the nature of the traffic. What is the viewer ultimately want and how can you provide value to sell. Very important. We are providing value to sell. If you want to get free traffic on the internet you need to provide value. That’s that’s a given right. If I go out there and I’m just like hey buy my shit. That might work. If I get enough traffic. But you know getting free traffic to buy my shit is not going to be that good. So how can I provide value to sell. Now I listed this last because we got to look at these in order. What’s the nature of the traffic. If it’s watching video we need to keep that in mind. What is the viewer ultimately want. OK. That’s the second thing we got to look at. And then thirdly how do we provide value to sell. That’s a guy looking to lose weight or looking to fix a radio or whatever it is if people even fix radios anymore. We’ve got to look at that and say How do I provide value to sell maybe I could give him the tips on how to fix his radio and link to affiliate offers with the various products that help fix the radio. Right. Pretty cool. Or in the in case of the guy who just got in a car wreck or whatever. We can look at that and we could be like well maybe he needs to change his insurance or whatnot. Maybe he needs to do this or this or this. And we always have to focus on providing value with the purpose of selling. We we have to provide it with the purpose of selling or getting people to our site or getting them to opt in. We have to have our own intent to have to focus on the user’s intent. And then what do we want. How do we merge them together. How do we make it work. So the first pillar of getting any free traffic online is visitor intent. What’s the nature of the traffic. What is a viewer ultimately want. How can we provide value to sell. The second thing which is why you’re all here. You don’t just want free traffic so that you can get traffic and you’re wonderful. You want free traffic so that you can convert it into money. Right. You want to make money if that’s you type free traffic equals make money. OK. If that’s you which it should be because I don’t know why else you’d want free traffic but. You also have to have the right offer. Case of first we’ve got to look at the viewer intent. What is the intent of the person searching. Second we’ve got to have the right offer if you pair these together it’s a match made in heaven and you could go out there get as much free traffic as you want and make as much money as you want. It’s really really cool. It’s really really easy. I’ve been getting traffic for 20 years now. Started with the first site that I ever got traffic to was a cigar Web site that I did a web site build for and then I got him a bunch of traffic charge him a bunch of money and kind of reverse engineered what I did and learned all about this stuff. So the second thing you need is the right offer in case of that guy he had like the free cigar thing and then the right offer was We’ll get these free cigars pay for shipping and then you know you’re in our mailing list and all that stuff. So we got to have the right. We have to have the visitor intent and then we have to have the right offer. And we’ve got to ask ourselves these questions. Number one is it a natural jump. Is it a natural jump. If someone is looking for Turkey recipes is it a natural jump to go to dieting. Right. I want you guys to answer it. So yes diet or no diet in the box and I see where you guys are right. Is it a natural jump if I have a recipe website to take people from recipes into a dieting offer. OK. Let me know your answers in the box. Let’s see if you guys have been paying attention. OK a lot of people say no you are paying attention. What would be a natural jump. Well a natural jump might be something like a recipe to a bar or a recipe e-book or a free recipe download or a recipe video something related to videos. So it has to be a natural jump. It’s got to be something naturally that they’re going to think about anyway. If I get someone looking for what to do after a car wreck. Yeah. Insurance and lawyers is kind of a natural thing. If I get someone looking for how to build a Web site yes hosting is a natural thing. They’re going to need that. So we’ve got to look at it and we’ve got to see if it’s a natural jump. We’re going to talk more about this in a little bit. But I want you to focus because if you do if you don’t have the natural jump you’re not going to be able to make the money get the people in there you’re just going to provide free info for free which is good. Pat yourself on the back for helping out people looking for info but you know what. We’re here to make money so we got to use that. So we’ve got to look at if it’s a national dump. The next step to finding the right offer is something the user would do anyway. Right what is it that they’re doing anyway or they would do anyway. If you’re looking for people looking for hardship letters then we want to go in and be like hey you know what. We want these people to go into a mortgage or go into a. Refinance or something like that. And then lastly finding the right offer we’ve got to be helpful and insightful and we’re going to get to those 32 free traffic methods in just a minute but first I want to preface it preface it with this stuff because if you don’t give this stuff if you don’t understand this stuff doesn’t matter how many free traffic sources you use it’s not going to work the way you want I guarantee it. I see people do it wrong all the time. If on the other hand you want lots of traffic and you want to make sales pay close attention because this is going to correct the door open and show you how all this works. So the last thing is helpful insightful Is it something that’s helpful for them. Right. I’ve got a picture here referencing Grant Cardone interview with Jordan Belfort right kind of waffled it and he’s like well my right offer is like hey man I got fish I got fish as like that ain’t really an offer. You know might want to learn sales skills but at any rate right. We go out there and what is our offer going to do. We don’t want to just put our offer in front of everyone. Not everyone wants our offer that’s a waste of time a waste of space a waste of advertising dollars a waste of your effort so you don’t just want everyone. You want the right person. I would rather have 100 right people than a million wrong people because a million wrong people aren’t going to pay your bills. One hundred right people they might. So very important.


And we’ve got to look at if it’s helpful and insightful. Now I teach you all about intent offers and everything like that in my course at simple sites bonus dot com if you want to learn about how to select the offer how to do the natural stuff how to find your market everything like that. I would highly recommend checking out simple sites bonus dot com. Pick up a copy of the software. Join us on our live calls. We’ll help you with this stuff. This is the only course out there that offers personal support where you could get on a training with me every Tuesday and your fellow other students and ask whatever you want. Like literally dude. MARCUS This isn’t working how do I help it. And we’ll show you or Marcus. I’m not getting traffic. What do I do. And we’ll actually show you for your specific example. That’s over at simple sites bonus dot com pickup that course. Now let’s talk about this let’s show you some examples and then we’ll get into the 32 freeways to get traffic and we’ll talk fast.


Because we’ve got a lot of cover today. So. Let’s take a look at an example. Right here. We have keywords for the word make their car windows stuck. Okay. Car windows stuck. What the hell does this have to do with anything Marcus. Why does it have to do like what’s the car window thing. What are you talking about bro. Car windows stuck. Well here’s the results from Google Google says car windows stuck gets three hundred and twenty searches a month low competition. We like low. Car windows stuck down. Four hundred and eighty searches a month. Again low competition. Honda Accord windows stuck down. And on and on we go. So there’s like thousands of people every month searching for car windows stuck. So this would be an example of our visitor intent. What does he want to do. He wants to like fix his car window. Right. Very easy. OK. That’s not rocket science. All right. Then we go through and we’re like well how are we gonna make money on this guy. Well we could offer him things like this car survival tool and we can offer him like car insurance like Triple A to help him with his car or maybe like a auto loan to help him get a new car or whatever. OK. So those are the things we can make money on. This is the traffic. OK everyone got that. And what we could do is we could take them from there we could use the 32 free traffic methods that I’m about to show you. We could get that free traffic and we could lead them to some kind of tool showing them how to you know fix their car window or whatever it is and then boom we can get that traffic off from the lighter thing from the.


The insurance and the locksmiths or whatever it is whoever helps them with their car car loans new cars different things like that. Notice how it’s natural notice how it’s an easy progression. And also notice how it’s an easy sell. Let’s take a look at another example. My dog is acting weird. My dog is drooling and acting strange dog dog’s stomach swollen. Acting normal dog heaving and acting normal and on and on we go. So there’s a lot of people searching for like my dogs being kind of weird and acting funny and I’m kind of worried about my dog. OK. And when you guys see the 32 traffic methods you can be like holy shit you just put that together in a way that I never thought before. Thank you. I’m going to buy your stuff right. That’s how you say thank you. All right so we’re going to go here and we look at all these things about the dogs acting weird low competition lots of traffic. Pretty cool. So we look at this and we’re like well what can we offer. Well we could do like pet insurance right. That’s pretty cool. Like a dog’s acting weird you know last time my dog acted weird it cost me 5000 dollars at the vet. I sure wish I had pet insurance. CLICK HERE TO GET PET INSURANCE FOR 20 bucks a month and you get one hundred dollars a sign up. Pretty cool right. This one up here you get 32 dollars every time they buy. A 28 dollar product. Pretty cool right. Here you get a hundred and twenty bucks. Really good. So we can put those together and be like Hey there you go. We can also link them to the online vet. Where they can go ask vets questions and things like that and we can make money that way. Okay. So here’s all the low competition for those of you that are like everything’s too competitive markets Internet Marketing doesn’t work because there are too many damn people on the Internet. That’s not true anymore. Right. There was actually never true but hey look at this. Right. Lots of traffic here. OK. We got offers to run. Notice how it’s a natural progression. If you don’t pair the right traffic with the right offer none of this is going to work. Which is why we’re saving the 32 traffic methods towards the bottom here. We’re gonna show you a couple more examples. Again if you like this stuff subscribe click the bell and join us in all of our other videos if you want to learn how to make money online. Now here’s another example. A lot of you guys were asking me in the comments if we’re worried about hurricane Dorian hurricane Dorian is on its way to Florida. Looks like it’s going to be a Category 2 but it also looks like it’s kind of go into the East. And living in Florida the last three years I’ve learned that the news likes to freak the hell out of people and you know whatever. But do your due diligence listen to the news but take it with a grain of salt. Like when they say Florida is going to disappear off the map. It’s not always true. It hasn’t in the last however bazillion years it’s been around but at any rate. Dorian on Monday was the number one search for term number one thing. There was no other popular term than the word Dorian. Why people are looking up this hurricane pretty cool. Now we can also look at things again. Look at the low competition hurricane hurricane tracker. National Hurricane Center hurricane season hurricane watch and all the various different hurricane names a lot of people looking up lots of things about the old hurricanes. They’re looking up spaghetti models like I looked up this morning the spaghetti models to see if my wife’s flight was going to be canceled. She’s got to go out of town right when the hurricane hit. So might be canceled. Who knows. But we look at that and we’re like OK here’s what we’ve got going on here. Different hurricane things. OK. What could we offer them. Well Mark I don’t. One of mine is selling her game right. Or are we gonna do. Donald Trump’s solution to the hurricane which was pretty dumb. I mean it’s not smart right. It’s like Whatever dude. Yeah. I don’t think that’s the solution but let’s keep going. All right. So we got all this traffic low competition everything’s looking good. Then we go through and we’re like oh what can we offer them. Well we could offer them weather forecaster browser extension right. So check this out. Like I could literally and Nick says maybe offer him solar.


Probably not a good idea generators maybe solar not so much. Let me show you a better way a better way is to look at the offer here which is a free download that actually tracks weather and hurricanes. Right so like hey I want to track the hurricane. I want to see what’s going on with Dorian. And I’m like hey if you download this thing you could track all the hurricanes you want. And it gives me two dollars and eighty cents and it’s free for them. They don’t know to put their email. They just put their zip code download. I get two dollars and eighty cents which is pretty cool. I get one hundred of those a day or like four and a half an hour. I make a hundred dollars a day. Which is pretty cool right. Or 100 a day would actually be 280 dollars a day which is a six figure income given away. Whether to a vase like. Pretty cool right now just to show you an example I’ve made as much as 5000 dollars a day giving away free toolbars. So this could be a little bit lucrative Results not typical implied or guaranteed I don’t know what you’re gonna make the average affiliate marketer makes. Nothing. This is a training call. This is a business. Treat it like a business. Look at it logistically look at it realistic. If you go out there thinking you’re gonna get pie in the sky stuff you’re going to get sucked into free traffic generators and by 10000 clicks for five cents. That’s all a bunch of junk. All they want to do is get you to buy shit they don’t have really good stuff. So we got to look at that and we got to focus right. And Nick says I’d be happy to get to two dollars a day. I’ll show you how to get to to 80 a day very easily because when you pair this with this and the 32 traffic methods that the. 32 traffic sources. It’s almost impossible not to make money. I don’t know how much you’ll make but it’s almost impossible not to. Like if you do the work and you do it the right way. It’s like. There you go. Pretty simple.


Now in addition to the browser extension I can also offer I’m home insurance. Best time to offer home insurance is after something happens to someone else like for us in Florida after the Texas hurricane flooded Texas it was very hard to get flood insurance in Florida because everyone is freaked out and they’re like Hey there’s a 60 day wait. You’ve got to wait 60 days to even get insurance because hey you know what you can’t get it. So what are the things you can do is offer them like flood insurance or something like that. These paid to eight to 28 dollars for a phone call. Pretty simple right. Twenty eight bucks. They call a phone. They talk about you know their house and insurance and boom you get paid twenty eight box which is really cool. Here’s another example locked keys in car lot of low competition. People lock in the keys in their car. We could get them to locksmith calls and different car offers Triple A DIFFERENT THINGS LIKE THAT.


OKAY SO NOW ARE YOU GUYS pretty solid on like okay. I kind of get the idea. You got to have the right offer you’ve got to have the right traffic right. If you get that type traffic plus offer equals money type it in the box I want everyone to participate. Put traffic plus offer equals money.


Stevo says How do you get paid for browser extensions. I actually teach you all about the offers and the best offers that I use in my course. Over at simple sites bonus dot com we have a big training just on browser extensions which is like to me in my opinion that’s worth the whole price of the course. Like just learning that it’s like come on man just go out there do the shit get the traffic make the money it’s not that hard. So many people are over complicating this because they want to rank for the word hurricane you’re not going to rank for the word hurricane it’s not going to happen. It’s not blind not even close but you might rank for like Dorian spaghetti models Florida right. And by the way in the next coming days that’s going to get a shit ton of traffic. Right. Like a ton. So you’ve got to look at that and you’ve got to be really strategic. This is about strategy. It’s not about just putting everything out there and hoping stuff works. We’re not hope marketers we’re strategic marketers. So I teach you all about this keyword selection and competition in my course. All right simple sites bonus Again if you’re new here subscribe and click the bell. Give us a thumbs up because now.


My friends. Drum roll. We are getting into the 32 or 31. I don’t know. I was still editing as I counted so it’s either 32 or 31 might even be 33 free traffic sources. So I just showed you how to make the money right. That’s how you get the money. Now. Let’s show you how to get the people that are going to take the action. Y’all ready for this type 32 traffic sources revealed in the box. And we are going to dive in. We’re going to talk about that. Give us a thumbs up if you want us to go through those. Give us a comment. Give us a subscribe and for the love of everything buy some of my stuff so you can learn how to make money. I think you’re gonna love it right. If you’ll like the training so far. All right. So let’s go right into. The traffic sources. The first traffic search saw Sir. If I say it right. It’s search engines. Now when doing search engines what does that mean. Well that means we go to a search engine like Google and we type something in like Dorian spaghetti models. See how many people look at this. They already know what’s going on. Right. Already kinds of cool stuff. So Dorian spaghetti models we can look at this. There is no advertisers on the top. No advertisers on the bottom. Only 580000. Results competing. If we do it in quotes. We can actually see. There is in fact only six thousand people competing in quotes. We can also see if we do our time out method which I described in yesterday’s video. It actually times out at 90 meaning the competition on this is pretty. Darn. Non-competitive like super frickin non-competitive right. I could go out there I could do some FCO stuff and I could start to rank for all this kind of stuff pretty easily. OK so this would be what’s called and let me get my notepad out. All right. This would be what’s called. There we go. Come on. Stay there. This would be what’s called. S E O or search engine optimization. Okay search engine optimization. All right. This is getting. Getting. Free. Rankings. Getting free rankings so your job would be to get ranked on the search engines. Now how are you gonna do that. Well the best way to do that is two things. Number one it is all 100 percent do not pass go don’t collect 200 dollars. Focus on this one thing about the keyword. 100 percent. I don’t care how good you are at FCO it’s all about the keyword.


If you have the right keyword you’re going to rank. If you don’t have the right keyword you’re not going to rank. Now I teach you a lot of stuff in my courses. We even have the high ticket niches where I get you one that you can go and rank for which is really cool but you want to remember that search engines is all about the keyword. If you find the right keyword you’ll be able to rank from my expertise. Finding something you like Dorian spaghetti models you could probably you could probably rank for that right using the tactics you’re going to learn. You could probably write for that now a lot of the 32 things we’re gonna show you will hinge on each other. So a lot of the stuff that you do with like a press release or something is also going to affect your FCO a lot of the stuff you do on like Quora is also going to affect your SEO very simple. Now right now. On Dorian’s spaghetti models there’s no Quora. Right. Quora. You can actually go and post a thing on Quora saying hey here’s where to find the Dorian spaghetti models and then boom you will probably get ranked like literally within hours glitter. I’m not kidding right. How very very fast especially if you do some of the things I’m gonna teach here. So search engines are very important now. Another thing to remember is not to forget the power of other search engines. A lot of people are like all I want is Google Google Google Google. Google is good but Amazon provides a living to a lot of people. A lot of people rank on Amazon and they don’t rank anywhere else and they make money so there’s plenty of traffic on other search engines where you can make money. So don’t neglect that. I don’t care. About status. I don’t care if everyone sees me on one platform or everyone’s. All I care about is getting the eyes that I want and making the amount of money I want. Now if I can master a search engine and get it in there I’m going to do that right if I know I can rank for something in one search engine and not the other.


I don’t put all my eggs in this one and then you know we’ll do a little bit on the other but don’t underestimate that. A lot of people underestimate because we’re. You know I didn’t write here but remember Amazon Yahoo and the others do get a share of traffic. It’s about 30 percent you know Google gets 70 but still 30 percent of a lot is still a lot. Right. I mean. What are we doing here. And again it’s about the traffic it’s not about what you think. A lot of people have misconceptions about Internet marketing. A lot of videos out there are gonna teach you misconceptions about affiliate marketing and Internet marketing. Guys I’ve been doing this 20 years. I know what’s going on. I know what a lot of people fail at. And this is what it’s about. So don’t forget the power of other search engines and also don’t forget that you can borrow. Search engine rankings yes my friends you can borrow. Search. Rankings. What does that mean. That means you can go to the sites that are already ranked and you can borrow it by commenting by putting an ad by joining the conversation by doing whatever and boob you’ll be up there instantly. Which is really really really cool. OK so the first of the 32 is search engines. Now I teach Search Engine Marketing in great deal. I teach you everything I’ve learned in the last 20 years about search engine marketing. In my course over at sample sites bonus dot com. If you don’t have that yet and you want to make money online. What are you doing. Like. Do you like to make things hard on yourself. I mean you know. What. Maybe you do. I don’t know. All right. Next thing you can do is what’s known as a guest blogging. A lot of people overlook this. A lot of people are trying to put posts on their blog their own blog and get ranked. Okay now here’s the deal. If you have a new blog and your Web site’s new and Google doesn’t know about you yet and you don’t have any back links and you put a post up. You’re probably not going to get ranked. How many guys have figured this out. Type not ranked in the box. OK. How many guys have tried that you like Marcus. I wrote a blog post up And the thing did not rank I didn’t get traffic. Everything sucks right. Well here’s the deal. What if you could put a post on a blog or a site like Forbes. Do you think the same post would rank a lot higher on Forbes. How many guys are like Yeah if I wrote to make money post on my brand new blog and I put the same exact post on Forbes I think Forbes would kind of. Kick. The crap.


Out of my own blog. Right now my guys are like Yeah I think so.


I think maybe if I had it on the Forbes I think I might in a little bit more traffic and I think I think I learn to talk. I think the search engines will also pick me up a lot faster. You can do that. It’s called guest blogging. You can actually go to Google. And you can find guest blogging opportunities guest blogging opportunities where you could go and you could blog on all different places. You can go and you could do all kinds of guest blogs right. You go and your blog and you put your content on there and boom there you go. Cathy says How do you go about putting a post on Forbes you sign up for their guest blogging program and you put it up there and you hope it gets accepted. Pretty simple. And a lot of them do get accepted. A lot of places are looking for content. They want content writers. There’s lots of places you could go and do guest blogging. And here’s the deal. A lot of people get this wrong and they’re trying to just help out which is OK right we do want to be helpful. Obviously this webinars is helpful. But I also want you guys to buy stuff right that’s like the whole point. I wouldn’t do this webinar if you didn’t buy stuff unless you just paid me to do a webinar. But that’s a whole nother story for another day. But the idea here is to provide value that gets people into other stuff. I know that if you like this stuff you’re going to love my product because it teaches you this stuff in detail like we go in and we talk about guest blogging in detail so we go in there and we’re like okay. Guest blogging how do we do it. We look for different sites and we focus on the keyword we want. It’s the same thing as MCO you’re just doing it on another site. Think about that like you’re doing it with back links and stuff already in play you’re doing it with domain authority already in play. That’s the point of guest blogging is to rank and literally you can rank and you can get in there and your stuff will show up and you’ll get traffic. And the key is to siphon as much traffic as you can to go to your site. Hence. The helpful part. So guest blogging is a very very good free traffic method. You could start using right now. Literally right now to get traffic literally right now sometimes the same day sometimes the same hour sometimes within minutes like literally it is that fast. All right. Number three is press releases. Let me show you how cool this is. You think for a minute that if you went for Dorian spaghetti models and you did a press release about Dorian spaghetti models you think you’d show up here. Yeah. I think you probably would. Right. Because it’s all about new stuff. And boom there you go it’s all new sites and you can go in there and make your specifically about Dorian spaghetti models because there is news but this is not showing models doesn’t say models doesn’t say models doesn’t say models. So when we go through there we go. There’s one that does storm’s path spaghetti models so it’s a little bit similar there. So we can go in and look at this and we’re like boom. Here we go. I could go in. I could do spaghetti models make a nice little post about spaghetti models you know get them to our site to look at it and boom there we go. That would be an example of a press release when you do a press release you can go to places like PR web you could go to any other press release place you could put a press release out. Sometimes you can do these free sometimes a cost of all money but since this is about free traffic do a free one. Right. Should get some traction and it will get picked up and I’ll start to get put around the web and you’ll start to get traffic which is really cool. Another thing you can do is social media. Right social media is literally incredible for free traffic but people don’t use it the right way because here’s the thing. People come across. As. Ass. Hats. All right there’s ass hats on social media and they go out there and this is what they do. Get money now. Buy my stuff. Invest 1000 get.


One zillion or whatever it is. Right. That’s the kind of thing they put on social media. They don’t put value. I want you to ask yourself why do you go to social media. Why do you go to Facebook. Well I go to Facebook to check on my businesses. If anyone in my talks over group is asking a question about sobriety I do helpful things. And as an owner of different social media groups and Facebook groups I value people who provide value. I like them if they go through and they put a quote There’s a lady in our hour talk sober group who puts a sober quote up every day she takes a picture of her book and puts a quote up and everyone likes it.


Right. And she could go in and if she was like well you know maybe I want to link people to my site and say if you like these check out all of my previous posts over at my sobriety tips dot com or whatever. Right I wouldn’t mind that why. Cause she’s helping out but if she said hey if you need to get sober go to this website and buy some. I’d kick her out in like a hot minute. See you guys see the difference between adding value versus like just being an asset. If you add value like you win. Why. Because I want content I don’t want to go post every single day in every single group on every single blog on every single thing I want to go out there and I want content that is going to provide value for my people so they stay very important. So social media is good. You could build up a YouTube channel your arms are you could build up a Facebook group a Facebook channel you could grow an Instagram. You can grow all kinds of things very easy. All you have to do is stick to your niche provide some good value but provide value based on the keywords you want because here’s the deal. These things rank like if you do sobriety. Facebook group.


Boom. Check it out. Sobriety Facebook groups. If you do something like blogging. Facebook. Group.


Boom. Check it out. Blogging Facebook groups. And we go through and we’re like hey are you kidding me like I could literally join the conversation right now get traffic right now by providing value. Yeah. You can. I’ve actually done it which is cool. That’s how I built up one of my groups is by going to another group and providing value. But again don’t be you know an ass hat and be like hey if you like this go to my group. No. Provide value first and then people will come start to check you out. Another thing you can do I think this is number one two three four five I probably should a number of these is YouTube. YouTube is an incredible source for free traffic. It is the second most popular search engine in the world probably out of the world do. I don’t know maybe people on Mars are looking at YouTube. I have no idea but at any rate right. There’s a lot of traffic on YouTube. You could use YouTube to get traffic in any niche on my sobriety channel if you do YouTube dot com slash talk sober. There’s a brand new channel that I built from the ground up using these methods and it was actually pretty easy to build up it’s not as big as I’d like it. But check this out I want to show you the value of free traffic right. So on this channel we have actually gotten. A million thirty two thousand views. Okay. Pretty cool and I just started doing this in 2016. Okay so a million two thousand or a million thirty two thousand views for sobriety. So now if I use the google keyword planner and I did something like sobriety. Watch how much this traffic is valued at. Sixteen dollars a collect dollar thirty click dollar thirty. That’s a chip. So we do sobriety anywhere from four to sixteen dollars a click. Right. So what was that free traffic worth. Well conservatively probably over a million dollars conservatively right now if you go and you look at other stuff like rehab. Watch how much this goes for. OK. So I’m getting the traffic. I didn’t pay a dime. For this traffic. I just got it using the free stuff that I teach you in my court about growing on YouTube. Now check this out. Rehab. Forty two dollars a click. Twenty dollars a click. Seventy seven dollars a click. Twenty dollars a click. And on and on we go insane. Free traffic YouTube is a ridiculous free traffic source no matter what niche you’re in. It works. Now one of the benefits of YouTube is also getting ranked on Google. But I got to tell you again this is all about having. The right keyword. If you are not. Targeting. The right keyword you will not get traffic. There is a strategy behind it and you have to go for keywords that you know you can get. If you don’t. You’re going to be stuck forever trying to grow. If you do it’s going to work. Like I strategically went through and I picked keywords using my keyword training that I teach you in my simple sights course where we went through and look at the keywords that I targeted.


Yeah a cigar break while we wait.


They’re going to keywords like targeted anxiety hangover 10 things that happen when I correct drinking alcohol and anxiety. Guys these are not by accident. I knew these would do well. I knew they would drive the views. It was not a question. It was not a guess. I was like that is going to work because of this. And the reason it works is because there’s a lot of other stuff as well that I’m tackling right. So we look at it and it’s like anxiety hangover. Anxiety hangover we show up. Number two. Right. I did this on purpose. I think we even show up in Google I believe.


Let’s see anxiety hangover. I believe one of our videos shows up here somewhere. There’s two videos.


Which is really cool because we’re like hey check it out. Anxiety hangover that produced almost 100000 views in the last two years which is pretty cool right. Fifty thousand views a year in the alcohol addiction. Hell yeah I’ll take it. Right. Really cool. Oh is my spelling wrong. I might’ve spelled it wrong but we’re looking at it and it’s like OK. Anxiety hangover. Anxiety hangover. It’s got traffic right so it’s very very specific. The reason we went for the different keywords we went for this is not by accident. This is all based on this all based on knowing what we’re doing. If you don’t know what you’re doing this isn’t going to work in the way you learn what you’re doing as you learn about keyword research whether you learn it the right way in the simple sights course or any of our other courses or whether you learn it somewhere else. Probably going to be the wrong way but the way that I teach you is going to work in a really really cool way and you’ll be able to find keywords that you never would have thought would have worked like Jelinek curve right. I mean crazy.


So you look at that and it’s like wow this is why it works so YouTube is an insane ridiculous awesome free traffic method when used correctly. Another traffic method when used correctly although I will give this a disclaimer This one’s very strict about not being spammy and not being over sales. Is read it right. Read It’s crazy you can actually go into there and be like read it. Make money. And you can see different pages. That are like teaching you about passive income. You could do about beginner Glatt guide to making money and there’s lots of different things about Reddit and making money or you could do like Reddit quit. Drinking. And you can go and you can join the conversation or you can start your own and read it gets a shit ton of traffic. And guess what. It also shows up. In Google. All right. Let’s see if it shows up for giving up alcohol might.


Let’s see. Giving up alcohol.


Probably gonna show up somewhere here.


Actually that’s a pretty good keyword too. So you could go in and you could see that these actually do start to rank and they do get a lot of traffic. Here’s one. YouTube is showing up in the search results right.


And this is the key is realizing that hey this stuff shows up everywhere. So I might as well utilize it instead of writing a bazillion blog posts on my own blog. What if I started doing stuff on Reddit on guest blogs on different things like that and Reddit can be extremely powerful.


Let me see what their Alexa ranking is. If we go to Alexa dot com rank sites by popularity and we could see that. Read it read it.


So we get to read it ranks number 15. Does anyone know what that means. That means only 14 sites get more traffic than them. Like literally only 14. Google you could probably name the 14. Right. So we look at that and it’s like Holy crap. You mean they’re the 15th most popular Web site on the frickin internet. Yeah I think I get free traffic from them. Really cool. You can actually go through and you could see what people are looking up on read it like you just go to Google and you’re like top Reddit. Searches. OK. Tracking the top 500 sub credits. Here you go. Here’s a list. Congratulations. Go tackle something you think you can get on right. And then boom. There you go. Super super easy to do and all you have to do is provide value which is awesome. Right. How many guys are digging this training. Give us a thumbs up. Give us a heart. Give us some comments. Buy some stuff. Laugh Out Loud at it now. Do whatever you gotta do. Right So Reddit is a really really good place to get free traffic. Again the key is not to be overly salesman but you can post a partial post and then say for the rest of it or for the list go here. Really really cool. Buzz Sumo is another one buzz Sumo is a place that you can put your articles right so we can go here and we could post our articles and we can check out like the top the top stuff so if I go here and I’m like you know stop drinking or something like that.


Right. It’s gonna show me the top stuff for stop drinking intellectually.


Show me what’s getting shared and I can kind of patterned after that or I can go in and I can comment on it or I can even post my stuff to buzz sumo and things like that super super cool. Next is Buzz Feed. Very similar to buzz Sumo. Where do we go. BuzzFeed is a place where you can go out there and kind of rank your content and things like that. Really cool. Again you can use the trending you can go out there you can use all kinds of stuff and start to get lots of free traffic which is really cool. Again if you like this stuff subscribe and hit the bell because I like free traffic too. And if you subscribe and hit the bell you’ll be able to watch all my videos which will give me traffic and give you tons of knowledge to get traffic and make money. So it’s a pretty fair thing. But you got to click the bell otherwise you won’t be notified like you want to be notified. What’s the point of subscribing if you don’t get notified. The next thing we can look at is Quora. Core is a really good one you’ll see Cora coming in and all kinds of search stuff like if we do stop. Stop drinking Cora. Right. You could see like there’s all kinds of things about stop drinking. How to stop drinking. It’s a question and answer site so we can go there and be like you know make money blogging. Quora and we could take a look at the core post and we can go through and we can see what people posts like this guy has a post on Quora about how to make money blogging.


And at a locally slow. And he goes through. And he shows you all his content. And then usually what they’ll do is they’ll link you to stuff so you can see he’s got like an income in traffic report here that he’s linking to. So he’s like hey read all my content if you like this and want to learn more. Click this thing and boom there you go.


Which is really really cool. Here’s another guy linking and this guy’s a commenter. It looks like right so we go here and we’re like dude. Are you kidding me. I could literally put stuff up here and Quora again. Gets a crap ton of traffic if we do Alexa. And we do Cora.


Dot com it’s like the old Yahoo Answers kind of deal just better. We could see that there’s only one hundred and forty one sites that get more traffic than Quora. Pretty cool right. Really awesome. Like Carl says I’ll have to use these starting out broke. Yeah. You could use these right away and you could start getting driving. You don’t even need a Web site if you don’t want. Now I would highly highly highly highly stress underline highly highly get at least a blog and you can learn how to do that at go hub site AECOM. You can have your own blog set up very fast. The reason you want to do this is because all of these things you’re doing are going to provide back links and if they provide back links just to your affiliate offer the affiliate offer could change and you could not get paid. But if you have your own blog. Now the back links go to you. You own it own yo shit right. You got to own your stuff. If you don’t own your stuff you’re just wasting time. But seriously you got to own your stuff. Very very very important. OK so Quora is an excellent excellent place to get free traffic. You would just go and make a post. Again focus on your keywords. That’s why I talked to the keyword stuff in the beginning. That’s why I’m the bulk of my training is about keywords and understanding what people do.


Another place you can post your content is mix a dot com over a mix dot com let’s check out what their traffic ranking is.


Sixteen thousand. Okay not too bad. Little lower than the others but usually when the traffic’s lower the competition is also lower. Okay. So. It might be easier. To get traffic. Using. This one versus a different one. Okay so we’ve got to look at that again with mixed dot com when you take a look at that. You could go there.


And you could post your content on mixed dot com and you could see like what they have here and everything like that. Again they’re going to link to your site but they’ll put a little snippet on there.


It’s kind of like Pinterest but like with more content based stuff it’s like a content organizer kind of deal. So you can do that and and really focus on that right. Really really cool. Okay. Again focus on your keywords because your job is to rank these. Another one is hub pages formerly known as squid to the artist formerly known as squid. All right. Hub pages is really cool hub pages is where you actually post your article. Make sure that you don’t do duplicate content. Don’t post the same thing on these sites and the same thing on your blog or don’t paste the same thing on several sites make it different for each thing target a different keyword for each one but stay in the same niche and you could do really good and you could see hub pages is really cool.


You could see the various articles that are trending and everything like that. You could see the people they actually pay you I believe which is cool but I mean you can make more doing what I do with this stuff as well. So you could see really cool like.


Fashion and how to lower your blood sugar. Right. So here’s how to lower your blood sugar. This guy’s had quite a bit of traffic here. I think it said his traffic stats and he just does this little post here. Right. And it’s like hey check it out now go to my Web site or whatever and you can even comment here. And I mean it’s really cool. Like it’s not that hard to do at all. Here’s a comment and they actually allow you to put a link in the comment which is like literally all you have to do is do a comment and you might get some traffic. Right pretty cool. And if you do it right on the right ones for the right keyword it’ll actually start to show. And for this guy let’s see if his comments on his comment.


Is that his links. So this dude’s comment here.


Is for Reggie’s review or something like that. So like we could actually see.


If his site got picked up by Google which it probably did by his comment and yeah it did. So it’s actually getting picked up which is pretty darn cool right.


And that page is the one that ranks at the top which means that Google is saying hey it’s popular because he’s doing different posts and things like that. Right. Really really cool really easy tactic a lot of people they just put things up and hope that they get ranked. We don’t want to do that. We want to deliberately make our stuff get ranked. If you don’t do that you gonna be hoping for a long time. Okay. Another thing you can look at is forums forums are very very cool very easy to get traffic now. I want you to look at this statistic 17 percent of Internet users visit a message board daily. What does that mean. That means that if there’s a thousand people using the Internet in a minute which there’s more than that but hey lets you know whatever that means that one hundred and seventy are visiting a forum. Daily. Right 17 percent of Internet visitors. Visit forums daily. Really cool so we could actually go in there and we could go to Google and we could do lower blood sugar. Forum. Lower blood sugar forum. We can go in and we can see like diabetes patients like me now when doing health stuff always disclaimer the shit out of it and don’t give any advice that you don’t know about.


And even if you do know about it. Disclaimer it and tell him you’re not a doctor and don’t do health stuff. That would be my disclaimer. But at any rate you can look at this and it’s like OK this kind of stuff. You can also do like there’s a popular Jeep forum. For people doing stuff to their jeep and let’s say you wanted to promote a jeep retractable top as an affiliate Jeep. Automatic.


Right. You can look at like premiums off top versus one touch automatic. These guys go through and it’s like there you go. There’s forums you can go in the forum and you can start to post obviously do it right. Do it good. Don’t spam. Don’t be an asset. Go in and do it the right way. Give some cool tips like here’s the top five soft top Jeep things that I found or whatever. Right. You go in there and link them back to your site to see the five things and then boom there you go. But the list the five on the actual thing forums are an incredible way to get traffic. I have top people for a marketing for years. If you do it the right way this has the potential to make money like literally right now like literally right now. People will see your stuff like if you go to different forums like let’s say you’re and make money online you can go to various different forums I mean see if there’s one. Let’s see here.


To show you how it’s going to work. I don’t know if it shows it anymore.


But it used to show like the amount of traffic each post got. So like a lot of forums like you do. Anxiety. Forum sometimes they’ll go in and they’ll actually show you how many people are reading each one right now. Yeah.


So like this there’s 12 people viewing this there’s 57 people right here in the general discussion right now. Medication five right now. Right so there’s people literally looking at this stuff right frickin now. So like you want to get traffic you put your stuff in front of them which is really cool. Edward says did you say not to post the same article on different sites. Yes you don’t want to do duplicate content now forums are really good. Again the key is to provide value to the forum. Provide value to the people that are searching. If you don’t you’re just going to come across salesmen and you’ll probably get kicked off the forum. So make sure you do good stuff. This is actually one of the methods I use to build up my talks over Channel was getting people on forums and learning about them and here’s the deal.


If you’re actually active on a forum you’re going to learn so much crap about your market. You’re gonna be unstoppable as a salesperson. LIKE LITERALLY UNSTOPPABLE your market will literally tell you what they struggle with what they want what they want to buy you want market research go to a damn forum get some free traffic do some market research help some people out make some freakin money. It’s not that hard to do. Right. Go. Forums are a great way to do that. Another thing to look at is files. How can you convert your content into a file. Well you can make like a zip file. You know hey here’s a you know maybe maybe you go in and you’re like.


WordPress. Affiliate. Theme. Forum. UK.


We could go here and we could be like Hey check this out. So here’s a theme forest forum or something. And they’re talking about like WordPress themes. I could literally make a zip file which is what a theme is. Which I have a theme and I get a lot of traffic from my theme every single day. And I put that theme together and I give it away. And people look it up. Right. Like a simple. Blog theme.


Write simple blog theme. We have simple blog themed dot com which gives away a theme. It actually gets free traffic every single day. Just because I’m giving that theme away and it might have dropped in rankings because we changed hosts but it’ll pop up again and it’s really cool.


Simple blog theme affiliate write all kinds of different things you can look up where these people are getting and you could post your themes on these theme sites as a giveaway and you can get all kinds of WordPress users that want a theme for a specific topic and all you gotta do is make a simple zip file.


Took me about a day and a half to make that theme take you about an hour if you have it done you can hire a guy to make you 100 themes for you know 5 on bucks box or top 10 or five themes for 100 bucks or whatever it is and they’ll make you one. Another thing you could do is an Excel file right. Like if you go out there and you look at Google. And you’re like. A mortgage. Calculator or. Spreadsheet.


Boom. What’s gonna happen is you’re going to notice the excel file actually gets ranked. That’s pretty damn cool. So like I can have an excel file I can link to it from a bunch of different places and I could start to get ranked. I could put it on forums I could put it on pages I could put on Quora I could be like hey Quora mortgage calculator mortgage savings. Quora. I could literally make a post on Quora about mortgage stuff right. And boom. There you go. I could be like hey by the way you want to download my free excel file. Go here and you linked to the Excel now core is Lincoln to you. Now you get in ranked with Korra and boom there you go. Here’s an example of a Forbes guest blogger right. You guys could see this stuff works works right now. PowerPoint right. You can go through and you could do like investing. Power point. Slides. Right. And people look this stuff up and they’re going out there and they’re getting PowerPoint investment guides and whatever it is. And there you go. Or even you won’t take it a step further. You could do like Power Point. Sales. Template. PowerPoint sales template for people looking for PowerPoint sales template right sales PowerPoint templates sales funnel tower. Template PowerPoint. Right. Sales funnel PowerPoint. You can do. Power Point webinar people looking for PowerPoint webinar files right on and on we go or you could do just PowerPoint. PBT. Right. What kind of PBT files are people looking for you can make these and you can put them out there really really cool. How to convert a PDA to a powerpoint. That’s pretty cool. You have to PowerPoint. That’s actually pretty popular. You can teach them how to do that. You can provide the file. Have them do it and you can put this content everywhere and it’s all about syndicating your content getting it out there everywhere which is really really really cool. Power Points good XY files are good if it’s like a a software or a download or whatever right. If you had a free software you get lots of traffic. Very simple like. I get tons of traffic with my free affiliate marketing toolbar which are actually updating next month. The free affiliate marketing toolbar is really cool I get people who use this every single month. They just click here they download the free toolbar. Took my programmer a day to make it. So it wasn’t that hard to make. We got like 7000 people actively using this every single month driving traffic back to me and check it out like if we go and we’re like. I don’t know if we show up here. Let’s see affiliate. Chrome toolbar. Let’s see if we show up for that.


Affiliate marketing chrome toolbar. Affiliate marketing.


There we are. Affiliate Marketing chrome toolbar affiliate marketing dude 3.0. Right there we are number one. Here’s another one we rank. Here’s another one we rank. Right on and on we go Quora. Is there any chrome extensions to offer affiliate program guys. Like Seriously someone go come in and help these people out and link them to stuff that gets you paid. Which is really really really cool. It’s out there. Anyway. It’s out there anyway. You just got to do it. I hope this is like giving you guys a bazillion aha moments because you want traffic. Here it is. He could do this with all different kinds of files all different kinds of stuff content structured differently can make you rich. I’ve said it before on my webinars. I’m going to say it again because it never changes content structured differently can and will make you rich if you do it right. All right. Another thing you could look at is web directories. There’s several different web directories out there. You could look for list of web directories. If you guys like the content I’m sharing actually putting together notes on this content and we’ll have some directories that you can go through. As well over at Download my notes dot com. Download my notes dot com. You can get the notes from this webinar. It’ll take a while to get the notes to you because obviously the webinar isn’t over yet and we need to wait till it’s over.


To get the notes. My take a little bit to get them to you but definitely go to download my notes dot com. Put your name and email in that way you get the notes from this training so web directories are really good. You can go out there you can look at web directories. And you can see the ones you want to get on. Like you could do Twenty One directories that still have value listed web directories different things like that and you can take a look at them. Now some of them are paid like where do web directories stand like best of the web is paid about us is paid but we’ll have a list of the ones that are free on the notes that you can go through and get listings on. We used to you use the Yahoo directory a lot but it went away since then. So best of the web kind of took over where that left off. But you can always do that. And you can always get traffic that way. Social bookmarking is really good. Social bookmarking is where you go and you put your link on different social sites. And you can just find sites that are already getting the traffic you want and put a little comment or a bookmark and go in there. Now Facebook groups we already kind of talked about Facebook groups a little bit but you can find Facebook groups about any topic and you can even start your own Facebook group. I met a gal who started a Facebook group about dieting. She’s got like 300000 members now. I met another person who had a moneymaking Facebook group 100000 members. Now guys they’re easy to run and easy to get.


If you do them the right way. And as you build them again the key is is that the other users are going to create your content really really cool. Another way to get free traffic. I think we’re on number whatever number we’re on is article marketing article marketing is basically the same as blogging only you’re not blogging on your site you’re blogging on other sites. Why would you do that. Because the other sites have power. Right. If you go to the other sites like there’s a thing in Google that’s called Google Page Rank Google ranks pages based on the amount of back links they get in the popularity. Right. So if you have a new Web site and your new Web site is like you know whatever. It’s not going to have that much page rank but easy in articles dot com. Is actually going to have a six out of 10 which is pretty darn good right. Like the other ones that get like ten out of ten are like Cora. And big sites.


Right. Well if you type it right. I think I typed it wrong but we go in and you could look at it like mine. I think we have like a two or a four.


9 to.


Don’t you just love captcha codes. Yeah. So we have a two at a ten. Now also you want to look up. The W WW version. Because sometimes the W W W and the HDTV will be different but it’ll show you. So like obviously the easy in articles has a six which is bigger than my two. It is about size here ladies and gentlemen but you can go in and you’re like OK. That’ll actually help me right. So you can see that the W W W is different from the other and you could check the page rank and that’s the purpose of using easing articles and stuff like that and you would just go to easing articles you start a membership. I think it’s free let’s do join. And gets free to join and you just start posting your content. Boom. There you go and I’ll link back to your site and now you’ve got a link back to your site.


Again go for keywords you know you can get not a post an article on it affiliate. Don’t do that. Go for the words that you know you can get the words that are easier and you’ll grow a hell of a lot faster. Okay. Very very cool. Another way to get free traffic is interviews. People love to do interviews. So you can interview top people in your niche and get them to check out your stuff.


And also get them to post it like sometimes if you do an interview that interview person will send it to his people as well which is very cool and you do an interview to provide value about a topic and you could utilize the person’s name like I think right now. There is an interview I did with Evan. Carmichael. I spelled it right. There’s an interview I did with Evan Carmichael and I think it’s starting to rank. On Google. I don’t know. I think I checked it was like number 30 which we’re we’re working on getting the ranking higher but it’s really good because I’m able to utilize his his name which is very popular to get traffic. There’s one on tumblr so he’s actually on tumblr so you can also do that. Let’s see what else we got. Let’s see what affiliate dude. Affiliate. So Evan Carmichael for affiliate look at that 25 success tips with Evan Carmichael video and this ranking here which is really cool. And you guys could see the video actually gets quite a bit of traffic which is pretty cool and people watch it. And now I’m you know getting people from an audience I might not have had before. Over to my stuff in a really really really cool way. You can also check out other terms like google doc. Evan Carmichael success. Okay. And we probably come up for like success quotes or something like that. And it’s really cool because you’re just getting traffic in a really really cool way and you utilize that person. So interviews are really good. Here we are here. Interviews are really good and that actually gets traffic daily which is really cool. So interviews are great. Another one is PD F. marketing. Turn your content into a PD F and give it away. People love it. PD FS I don’t know why they’re obsessed with PDX. They love to download BD FS and if I can put my content into a PD f. That’s really cool like I did one last week which was. Direct marketing. Terms PD f I think it was her glossary PD F and we did direct marketing terms and we actually had a PD f of the thing I forgot the exact term. It. Turned out to light my desk on fire here so we could go in and we have all kinds of different PDA apps and it gets a lot of traffic doing it this way. Which is really really really cool.


Does that make sense to everyone. How we doing so far I know we’re covering a lot scale of 1 to 100. How much you dig in this training. I.


Can’t wait for some answers. And then we’ll continue on.


All right. Awesome. So PDA marketing is freaking awesome. You can make a lot of money I make I get people every day that join my mailing list because of PD FS like literally it’s not that hard to do. And guess what they’ll actually rank like if you do affiliate marketing PDA f or something like that affiliate marketing PD f. All right look at this PDX actually rank which is really. Really cool. You can also do. Notes. Traffic. And conversion.


Notes PD f.


Traffic and conversion notes PDX so they actually like take notes and stuff. I know a guy who makes his living taking notes at seminars and making PDX out of them. Like seriously. That’s what they do. He takes a team of people they go to different conferences and they sell the notes. Now you can go and you could actually take notes on like different things you could actually break things up. You could be like I watched the top hundred videos or top 10 videos on how to tie your shoe. And here are the top things I learned.


How hard is it. And then you make a video and you’re like what I learned watching the top 10 videos on this topic. Not that hard to do. Just don’t be like the reply girls. That was not a good method. They exploited the system do it in a good way. You can always do it a good way. It’s like book summaries. Are you going to book reviews book summaries and guys look at it like book reviews are insane. I go here and I’m like. Let’s do subtle.


Art of. Not. Giving. A.


Buck. This was a book I did a review on the subtle art of not giving a fuck. And we actually we rank right here twenty three thousand views. All I did was review the book I read the book anyway.


Right. Twenty three thousand views. Pretty cool.


I also did some other ones. What was the other one. Mel. Robbins book. Review. I forget what her book was called Five second rule five second rule. Here we are here with our review of that one five thousand views. Pretty cool. We did one for our alcohol channel on. What was it called doo doo doo doo doo. Body keeps score. Book. Review. This kind of thing here worked really well. Four thousand views on that one.


I mean really crazy. It’s not that hard to do and if you don’t want to be on video you could just do reviews on. Do a review on a PDA if. You make a PDA review and then you link them to wherever you want them to buy the book or the audio book or sign up for audible or whatever it is you’re trying to sell and boom you get a lot of traffic. Right. That’s not that hard to do and check it out. You know what’s cool.


You actually even rank. So like for stuff like What is it I need to use one that’s out of print to show you this or add a copyright to show you this because you don’t want to do this with copy written stuff but you can actually go in and do. What is it. Think. And Grow. Rich. PD F so you could do Think and Grow Rich PD f review. And you’ll actually start to rank for the PD f term which by the way I think it gets quite a bit of traffic.


They can grow rich PD f get results. Boom. Nineteen hundred people that they’re actually looking for the summary. They can grow rich summary right. I mean seriously how many guys are having like aha moments up the ying yang and i hope ya. And when you get the simple sights course or join us on one of our paid courses like this stuff is all gonna come together and like this is why I say if you do this right you really can’t help. But not make money. Like it. It’s kind of hard to not make money if you do it right. Two under forty six thousand views one point three million views five hundred fifty seven by the way. The book in the video the secret. How many guys have heard of the secret type secret in the box. You guys know that I am not a fan of the secret for reasons I talk about in some of my other videos but if you do know what the secret is. Type it in the box. Right. What was the secret. The secret was a marketer who got really smart and tackled the audience of thinking grow rich like that’s what he did. He built an entire thing millions probably close to billions of dollars worth of industry off of that sucker. Based on thinking Grow Rich Like he literally went in and hijack the market. Right here he is here. I think Procter was one of the guys that was on that. There you go. That’s how they build it. They didn’t have to invent their own audience. They actually targeted targeted audience that’s already there. Right and you look at it you’re like thinking grow rich. Think and Grow.


Rich. Boom. Get results. Right. Napoleon Hill 27000 result searches a month. Thank you Rich. Thirty six hundred on and on we go. Lots and lots of traffic there. Right you could even do a review on the secret. Secret. Review.


Okay or Law of Attraction review.


Right. And again when I say do this you want to go for keywords you can get because are you going to get the law of attraction. Hell no. You can do it. I don’t care how many back links you get. You’re probably not going to rank for Law of Attraction but you know what. I could probably beg.


A thousand views a month from Abraham Hicks laws of attraction. Right. There you go. I could probably do a review on her stuff or make a page with all her stuff or something like that. There’s all kinds of forums in here as well. Or maybe I could do like Law of Attraction affirmations. Law of Attraction affirmations would be pretty cool. I could make. A.


Pinterest about love attraction affirmations. I can make a youtube about love attraction affirmations and I could just get tons of traffic all day long.


Like all day long and I could share my point of view. I don’t like the Law of Attraction.


But anyway right. I could get people into other stuff like people have literally become overnight sensations in these markets by tackling them the right way. Like literally. OK if you go like most marketers are gonna go out there and they’ll be like oh I want to be a life coach.


I’d like to be me a life coach. That’s what I want to do. And they’ll try to get traffic and they’re like Oh let’s see here life coach yay I’m going to be a life coach I want lots of traffic from a life coach business and there’s all these people that are fighting.


For the word life coach. There are one point one 8. Billion. With a B. People. Competing. For the word life coach. You’re not going to get it and they’re fighting for 50000 searches a month. I go out there and I’m like printable. Affirmations. That’s what I want out printable affirmations. All right. And I’m like Shit man I could beg a hundred and forty clicks like today. Printable positive affirmations like you bag this traffic. Right now.


There we go. Go on Pinterest. Put some images. There you go. Pinterest is there any way. Is anyone else getting this. You’re like Really. I can make an instagram with printable. Positive. Affirmations like you go there you’re like Instagram. Positive.


F for missions. Like check it out. Instagram positive affirmations. 4000 followers. All right. He’s doing OK. Let’s see what else we got. Affirmations hashtag we’ll use the hashtag. All right. Look at these. Posts and you can go into seven thousand likes two thousand likes 2017. Forty four or forty four hundred.


Thirty six. That’s a lot of free traffic if they’re liking this stuff.


Except for this guy he’s only got one but that’s very recent. So here’s some recent ones you can look at right and you can go in and you can target this the right way and you can even do it like I did on one of mine which is like I think we did. Alan Watts.


Quotes mine might not be that popular 272. Maybe I will be Alan Watts quotes I actually love Alan Watts he’s a great guy helped me a lot with my sobriety stuff even though he doesn’t speak on sobriety. He’s actually a pretty cool dude and I went through and I put a quote up I actually did as a test because my daughter wanted to know how I made Instagram posts I made it and put it on my channel and we actually got quite a bit of traffic. Let’s see where it’s at. I think these are by time and it was quite a while ago.


Let’s see. Alan Watts. Affiliate marketing.


Well it’s on there anyway. And we actually got quite a bit of people to look at it and it was really simple only took me a minute to put up there. You can even do whatever you want like a law of attraction.


Yep. R says do you guarantee people will be held accountable when signing up.


No I don’t hold you accountable because I’m not a motivation guy but I give you the info. So like if you want to do it you could you can talk to other people about being accountable. A lot of our our simple site’s members help each other out. So yeah you could do it that way but I don’t personally keep people accountable. That’s not my job. My job is to provide you the info. Your job is to do it. And if you want the results do it like literally you guys see that this works. The results are there. You just do it. So PDA marketing is a good one. We went on a tangent there about PDA. Marketing is really good. You can even do like. Let’s do four nations PDA f. Get results. I got this information PDL list of positive affirmations BATF. Positive affirmations for students PD f positive and animation affirmation coloring pages PD f. There you go make some damn coloring pages. There you go. Positive affirmation coloring pages BDA. There you go. Lots of stuff that you can get people into and the competition is literally not that much. Next is Pinterest and images when you’re looking at Google and you look at like Pinterest images you’ll see that like positive affirmations you’re going to see that that Pinterest comes up quite a bit. And you can actually get traffic with Pinterest. Using this this method. Right. So really cool really easy. You can see I think they usually tell you how many people actually view them. Which is really cool. And you can see like that one actually clicks and takes you to the site which is pretty cool so four hundred and seventy five pins. And on and on we go. But you guys will see that this stuff will start to build as you go. And again the key is tackling the right keyword. You don’t want to just puts up on Pinterest about make money you want to put something specific something very targeted something you know you can get right. Because if I can do that if I could spend an hour and get like 30 visitors a day and then do the same thing next day I got 60 visitors a day. Same thing next day. Now I’ve got 100 visitors a day and on and on we go and we build and build and build. And over time it will build your channels and it’ll build your site which is really cool. You guys look at the Alexa ranking for my site. Affiliate marketing dude. We actually started this method about 90 days ago. We started doing this full force and look at what happened to our traffic over the last 90 days. Look at that. Here are. A couple of days to implement the boom. Now it started skyrocketing right and now we’re getting tons and tons and tons of traffic from these methods and it’s all U.S. traffic which is really really good. Which is what we like. So you guys can see that this stuff works. You just have to do it infographics are really great. People actually search for infographics which is really cool also like you could do info graphic. And see what kind of infographics people are searching for. Info graphic design. Timeline info graphic all kinds of different things you could find infographics on literally everything. Another one is slide chair. There’s different places where people share their slides which is really cool. Kathy says What did you do to get that traffic. I did what I’m teaching you right now. Exactly what I’m teaching. Slide chair is a place that you can put your PowerPoint slides. And get traffic so people can go and search for PowerPoint slides of all kinds of things. LinkedIn is a great place to get traffic as well. You could post things like LinkedIn as a content site. So now you can do like linked. In how to. And you could see different things that people are looking for on Linked In and you can see that their content actually starts to rank.


So you could do like Linked In. Let’s do site.


Site. Colon linked in how to. Write. Ups linked in is it. I think it’s linked in Linked In linked to linked income or linked in. Linked in dot com. So if you do like how to you could see like how to apply how to grow your brand’s organic following. This is like a LinkedIn page here. It’s just a content. This is just a normal dude posting content. That said it’s not even that many words. Here’s another one. Had a disconnect your LinkedIn CEO for your company’s LinkedIn page. How to Use LinkedIn for marketing attracting followers. You could even do how to like Cook’s if there’s anyone doing how to cook on LinkedIn. I’m sure there probably is LinkedIn how to properly cook a steak. Right. So you could do like how to properly cook a steak. And let’s see if it actually shows up in Google. It may or may not. Let’s see here. How to properly cook a steak. Probably going to show later down the thing because a lot of these food ones which by the way you can go on the food sites and do the same thing. YouTube is a good one and that’s another tip is like go in there and look at what’s already on Google look what’s already ranking. Twitter is a good one you can actually start getting involved in conversations that are talking about various things and link them to your content. You could do blog commenting where you go to blogs and comment. Go to blogs Internet start commenting add value. And boom there you go. Next you can do classified ad Web sites where you can go and go to classified ad Web sites like craigslist or whatever. Make sure they’re good sites. Actually did a video on this last week which again is why you want to subscribe and click the bell so you can learn all this stuff. So classified ad websites are really good. Again be very careful because Craigslist is really easy to get like kicked off of if you’re not following the terms and conditions no matter what you’re doing. Always follow the terms and conditions. Podcasting is a good one you can set up your own podcast or whatever. Very easy. Like just interview people put it on a podcast. You’ll start to get known you’ll start to grow. Boom. There you go. E-mail list is another free way to get free traffic. You can build a mailing list doing all the stuff we taught and you could email them to come back to your site which is really cool. Another way is making shareable content make content that people can share. Whether it’s a. PDA or whatever. Like. If I have a good PDA if I could share it in Facebook groups. Really cool. If I have a good PDA if I could share it on my YouTube channel. If I have a good PDA. If I could share it wherever I want. Really. I could list it in google. I could put it on Quora. I could do whatever I want with it. You could also do integration marketing integration marketing is good. If you have your own product you can actually integrate with another company and start getting featured on their thank you pages and their opt in pages and you just do a rev share which is really cool. The last thing is to create lists. Lists are incredible. Like what kind of list list do people want list. So we can look at like less things we can do. Looks like a lot of Python lists. We could do grocery list H.M. dropdown list. You could do let’s do WordPress list. So if I went like WordPress list. I could do like. WordPress plugins list. Cool I could make a list of the top 50 plugins business directory plug in WordPress WordPress list view. All kinds of stuff like that. You could do. Shopping list right you want diet people shopping list for keto diet shopping list for whatever. Here’s a keto shopping list. Like literally it take you five seconds to make a keto shopping list literally. Probably not five seconds maybe an hour. Right. Once you have it you can make it a PDA. You could make an Excel you can make it whatever you want and you can start to get traffic with it like a grocery list keto diet shopping list. You can even go even lower down the thing and do like.


Keto. Let’s just include keto. Tattoo. Or Quito. Someone corrected me I think it’s Quito.


But at any rate I don’t know nothing about no Kido as you could tell. I don’t partake in the diets. It’s why. I got two chins. Kendo shopping lists and a grocery list so we can go here. Keto diet shopping list for beginners you want seven hundred and twenty people a month you go keto diet shopping list for beginners. There you go. Look at that. You could actually go there and you could make a shopping list. You could put it on the old Cora. Because there ain’t really one there.


Like if you put it on Quora it would probably rank tomorrow. I don’t know if it’ll be tomorrow but it might be tomorrow might be faster. Right so there you go and it’s like there. Now I’m getting a bunch of keto diet people and I’m Rincon and I get free traffic. I can even make images with the new list I made. Pretty cool. Right. Super easy so you can create lists about literally everything. And that. Is the 32 free traffic methods I hope you enjoyed it took us about 90 minutes to get through a lot of good stuff. Pay close attention. We are going to have a downloadable version of this webinar and the notes over it download my notes dot com.


I would highly recommend that you go through and download those to go to download my notes dot com and you can get the full notes from this webinar when they’re out. They’ll probably be out late next week.


So you can get those now if you want to learn all this in detail and be like the markets I want you to teach me how to do this. Go to simple sites bonus dot com get my course. It teaches you everything like when you open up the simple sites course. You’re gonna go in here like this and then you go into your log in. Like this. You gonna go into the course. And you’re actually going to learn all the traffic methods. This is gonna teach you in detail how to use them on search traffic. Boom. Look at this. We actually have a entire lesson on how to get ranked in the search engines. All this stuff I just taught you in detail like how you do it which is really really really cool. Search traffic overview social traffic. We teach you all the social traffic stuff video traffic banner ads all the traffic methods press releases we teach you all this stuff in detail and it even as tools you could use as you go along which is absolutely insane. This course is only two hundred ninety seven dollars right now. We are going to raise the price. I don’t know when I’ve been lazy about rebranding it but once the rebrand is done we’re going to raise the price. So go to simple sites bonus dot com. Get this course now before you dive into the traffic stuff. Go to niche finding. Also if you already have a niche that you want to get traffic to join our Tuesday calls. If you’re at simple sites bonus member you get our Tuesday calls. I think we give you 90 days or something like that as a as a bonus of Tuesday calls go in there and go on the Tuesday call and say Marcus do a full out traffic report and we’ll give you a full out traffic report. Now if you are new to affiliate marketing you might be wondering which program is right for you. Obviously you just watch 90 minutes of this webinar and you’re like dude Marcus is the real deal. The dude taught me stuff that works like I could go use this right now when I could get results and I could make money like this was probably better than courses you’ve paid for. How many guys agree with that type better than paid if you’re like dude I paid for stuff that was crap here in this free webinar so you guys know I’m the real deal. Now. Here are the different ways to get started with me as your mentor. If you’re like Marcus I know you been doing this a while. I only get mentored by you personally. The best place to get started is a high ticket niche you can get this and I don’t know why I didn’t put the links to this let me see if I can put the links here real quick so that you guys have them. Otherwise we’ll be all confused here. Right. So we’re gonna go into work and talk to you about the best places to get started the best place is hands down the high ticket niche the high ticket niche actually goes through.


I mean just type these in here.


And last June.


There we go. Let’s see if this worked. Doo doo doo doo doo reload. Okay. Come on now reload.


There you go. Okay. So the best place to get started is with a high ticket niche high ticket niches if you don’t know what to do you don’t know what offers to run you don’t know what traffic you don’t know what your niches. You go get a high ticket niche and you go through and you’re like Okay Marcus is gonna find my niche he’s gonna find my my offers he’s gonna set up my site he’s gonna buy me a domain name which you guys could see the value of the domain names in the ticker below my face here you can get that I ticket niches dot com we’re also with every high ticket niche person we give you guys a traffic like layout we say here’s how to go get traffic we’ll show you which of the 32 traffic methods are gonna help you best and we’ll be like focus on those which is really really cool eyes if you have trouble with our products go to P.S. moneymaking dot com they’ll give you your log ins and everything. The next place to start. Is the most inexpensive. But it also is really good. It gives you my tools my plugins some videos PDX on my. Trainings. And you can join our Tuesday calls every week and ask questions. That’s Marcus mentor Dot. M E In addition we give you a free affiliate marketing dude T-shirt and a copy of my affiliate dude book which is awesome. Now the third place to get started is simple sites bonus. This is where you should start. If you want like a do it yourself kind of way right. This is going to give you the simple site’s course which walks you through everything now the high ticket niches also gives you a copy of the simple sights course as well so that you can learn if you can afford it. Get started at the high ticket niches. If you’re on a budget. Get the simple sights.


Bonus if you’re totally on a budget and you’re like dude I only got like two dollars a day to put towards this then go to Marcus mentor. M E and get mentored.


Now the high ticket niche is the best place to start. It comes with a direct match domain name which is a 997 value gives you keyword loaded custom content. Custom blog theme from my team killer blog plugins from my private stash. These are blog plugins that I actually made. These are custom we give you offer selection and guidance. Add writing class and banner class simple sites Anniversary Edition. We also give you a traffic plan and walk you through it and we give you 90 days of support and coaching to help you make it work. And if you’re asking Marcus can I make it work in 90 days.


Take a look at my traffic again 90 days ago I was down here. Now I’m up here. I’d like to be up here instead of down here. Which is why you want to follow along. That’s a high ticket niches I highly recommend you do that because I select your niche. I select your traffic methods and I help you make everything. Work. I think we’re done. It’s like a thousand degrees in here and no matter where I point the air conditioner. It doesn’t help that much. It is helping a little bit. But I got to put it up there so I could light my cigar and take your questions. Any questions let me know. Now is the q and a time. Guys. Get yourself a high ticket niche if you’re on the fence and you want to make this work. You guys see we can make it work. Here’s people that have made it work. Mario made it work. He made a lot of money. He was actually doing a thousand dollars a day last time I heard. Which is really cool. Right. Now. It’s probably doing more now. Results not typical implied or guaranteed but hey. Its core business. This guy was on his last ditch attempt to make it work. He actually went through and made money. He said My support is better than like two thousand dollar products. This guy after struggling he said My journey was working at a fast food restaurant. He came across my course but the course it was two hundred fifty dollars back then he got the course and it came with a book. He reads the book. He actually showed me the book. I met him here in Florida a little bit ago like last year. I think it was and he was he was spending like crazy he spent like sixty thousand dollars trying to learn this stuff and then after getting my course he went on and he said Dude Marcus I haven’t had a month under twenty to thirty thousand since June of 2012. So you do the math.


This course was quite literally worth a million dollars to him. Will it be to you. I don’t know. Is the info worth it. I think so. Which is really really really cool. Life in Vegas. Yeah. You have gotten help.


I actually remember talking to you go on the Tuesday calls use our live chat user other stuff. But yeah I’ve talked to you several times so I don’t know why you’re saying you didn’t get help.


Yeah you’re actually on our life life things. So I’m going to.


All right. So let’s take some questions. Best way to get started is high to get niches you can get that high ticket niches dot com. You can see what it comes with. Now when you get the domain name from me these domains are actually valued according to go Daddy which is like the biggest domain appraiser in the world.


So I think they know a thing or two about domains and they value them really good. So like some of them are worth a lot. And if you sell it for a lot you keep it because you own it. You are actually getting something you own. It’s not like another thing. Yeah if you’re looking for specific help. Go on the Tuesday call and ask for what you need specifically. I can’t read your mind so I need to know what you need.


Hey Marcus. When is of next online session for boot camp tomorrow. Tomorrow at 3:00.


All right. So high ticket niches dot com get started there. We’ll help you make money. Guys it is like if you do this stuff. I don’t see how you can not make money like this is what I’ve been doing. There’s nothing hidden. There’s no junk or no fluff it’s there. Like if you get a high ticket niche and you’re like Marcus and ask So after you sign up today go to high ticket niches You’re going to sign up and after you sign up say Marcus I want a a niche that fits the 32 free traffic methods say Find me one and just put 32 all know what you’re saying right and go here sign up you can see the value of the domain. So like a thousand sixty one for that domain. Here’s another one thousand thirty one.


And see what the next one is. That one’s valued at a thousand ten. So these domains are like valued over a thousand dollars. And you can go here and get your high ticket niche. We have a payment plan or plan for. Either way. Does not matter. We treat you the same it’s not like you have to wait or anything. So you go there. You just save some money if you do it in full. You put your name.


Last name best email billing address city state zip all your info and then obviously because this is an actual service and you’re getting our property it is non-refundable. But if your niche doesn’t work because of the niche we’ll give you a new niche within the year. Right. So if it’s like dude MARCUS This isn’t working because of the niche you chose. We’ll give you another one and I’ll tell you I’ve only had to do that twice in the last I think we’ve been offering this product for like 10 years or five years or something. OK so high ticket niches that is by far the best place to start. Get in there make it work make some money and we’ll help you out. And I think Andy’s on live chat talking to you guys as well. And I’ll be on live chat to help you out also. But either way you go. You guys know this is the real deal. And you know we’re here to help you. So. OK. Ken my high tech niche be toolbars. Yes. Just ask for toolbars. So after you sign up at I ticket niches dot com you’re gonna go to P.S. moneymaking dot com and you just put in a ticket for your high ticket niche. OK so you do submit a ticket high ticket niches and then you put your info in here.


Like this. And then it’s going to ask you what you want. You put your niche ideas and you can put hey I want a toolbar nature or whatever and it’ll be really cool. And then we’ll choose for you and we choose these based on you. These are not preselected. You don’t just get a list. We choose one based on what you specifically want and then we walk you through it and we help you and we are like here. Here’s how to get traffic. Here’s how to make it work. And. There you go.


All right. So any other questions will go like a little bit longer for questions.


Jamie we have the Tuesday call recordings in the affiliate dude mentors area. Sometimes we’re a little behind on uploading them but they do get uploaded in there. Do I still have some budget niches available. I do. If you want a budget niche just scroll down to the bottom and click on looking for a starter niche. And you can get your starter niche here. OK. Saves you a little bit of money. Just a less value domain name. Other than that they’re the same. Does a two ninety seven course go in-depth with how to find high ticket niches. Yes it does. It actually teaches you how to find the niches.


It’s a great cause. I think you’re gonna love it. Most people love it. The only people who don’t love it are the people who don’t really want to do this like they want to push a button and money flies out of their air conditioner which I’ve had my air conditioner on right at my face. For.


90 minutes and no money has flown out yet. Is there anything free or I pay you later. You just learned a lot. Free. Like what you just learned. You can take this and go use it to make money. So like if you’re a stickler and you’re like I don’t wanna invest I’d rather buy a pizza. You know. You can do that but you know you get in you get what you put into your business. So like a lot of people they’re like burgers I don’t have any money and it’s like yeah well you spend you know 100 bucks on your cell phone bill. You go out to eat. Yeah buy stupid shit you don’t need. You pay for Netflix. Like really when I first started I bought one burrito and a Coke. That’s what I lived on every day every single day. But a big burrito and a Coke. Luckily we had this really cool Mexican place where I lived and you got a burrito like the size of your head and a Coke the size of your head that I got like five refills on probably wasn’t the most healthy thing but I made sacrifices to do what I want. And when you look at it. Everyone should at least be able to join Marcus mentor. M E like literally you’re talking two dollars and 50 cents a day. Literally. That’s it. There you go. OK. The price will change on the simple sites which is pretty cool. So you can get that Jamie if you need help with your high ticket let’s just go to P.S. moneymaking dot com put a support ticket in or join our Tuesday calls and they’ll help you with that. So yeah get simple sites bonus now because I’m working on rebranding everything very soon. Kids went back to school and I’m working my ass off again which I always do when they go back to school to get in their. High ticket niche is definitely the best place to start. But hey if you can only get. The Marcus mentor me then get that. That’s a good place to start you can ask questions. You go through get advice. Join our Tuesday calls. Everything like that. All right. Any other questions. And.


We’ll go from there. Can we use the Google AdWords planner before buying a domain. Yes you can. It might not show the full results but it will show. All right Stephen says get simple sites you will not regret it spent one hundred and two hundred ninety seven already made one hundred back in less than a month. As a beginner Stephen That’s a great story. Tell us about it on our next Tuesday call. Or make a little video or write us or something we always love to hear your success stories like a guy at the beginning of this webinar said he made his first sale as well which is cool. It’s not that hard to do. Guys like making twelve seventy seven to pay back your right to get an edge is not that hard to do. We actually have a guide showing you how to do it and if you compile it with what I just thought you’d like. You just got a lot of good info and if you use this. Like. You just keep doing it and you will make money. You just got to do it. Now is that guaranteed. No I don’t know. I mean you might go out there and do it. The complete wrong way. But you got to look at that. All.


  1. Any other questions.


Do you keep a record of our students results. A lot of people don’t tell us like that guy. Here. That’s been making like 20 to 30 grand a month since June of 2012. I didn’t know who this guy was until. 2017 I had no idea who he was. He actually because he tagged me on Facebook. That’s the only reason I know who he was but most people don’t tell us. I’ve had some friends of mine who I’ve talked to business too who went on to make a bunch of money. Everything like that. Jay for the high to niche. We have our Tuesday calls. And if you need a private call we could set that up through zoom zoom. All right. Call. But yeah we’ve had thousands of students get results. Which is pretty cool. All right. But if you’re on the fence. Start with Marcus mentor dot Emmy. Like seriously at the end of Marcus mentor dot M.E. you walk away with a book and a T-shirt custom embroidered with affiliate marketing dude which actually cost me more than seventy seven dollars. So your first month I lose money.


That’s how confident I am. You’re gonna stay. Glenn says what I like about these videos is the straight up talk no B.S. This is how you start winning. Exactly. This is it. You either. Have excuses because there you go. Like you Marcus It doesn’t work. OK. What one of these 31 will work for you. I guarantee one of them will probably all 31 but I guarantee at least one will work. You get yourself a high ticket niche you start doing this stuff. You will get results. Just got to do it the right way. Again you’ve got to focus on the right niche which is why high ticket niches is by far the best place to start. Because I’m going to give you your niche. Like I’ll give it to you I’ll be like this is the one that will work with this. Go do it. And you go do it and you’re like Marcus I got lots of traffic. And you know I only got one sale. I do this. Oh cool. Now I’ve got a bunch of sales and we’ll teach you how to do it and we hold your hand every step of the way. We lead you down the paint by numbers system. You just gotta do it. And that’s a thing. Do you want to keep watching videos and pretending you’re a businessman or woman or do you want to actually do it. Are you ready to invest and say I’m in it to win it. How many months do you people usually stay in The Mentor Program. It depends on the person. We have a very low cancellation rate so usually they stay a long time. Here’s the deal. Do you think I can help you make two dollars and fifty cents a day. Like. I hope so. I hope I’ve done my job of of convincing you of that. If you do then you just can you just get in there and you like Marcus help me make two dollars a day and we’ll help you. Johnny says Why can’t you give me your programs once I make money. I’ll pay you double. A lot of people say that but usually those are the people who don’t want to do anything. Like if you want something free. Watch my YouTube videos and go make money. Like there’s enough info on the YouTube videos to make money. It might take you a lot longer. It might not be organized the way you want. You’re not going to get the personal support.


But you can do it. So everyone asked me Margaret or you Marcus I’ll pay you ten million dollars once I start making this or that. My favorite is they’ll come to me and I’ll be like markets you help me make one hundred thousand dollars then I’ll buy your product. So you want me to help you make 100 grand and only after you get one hundred grand you’ll pay me to ninety seven. Like what planet do you live on. If you think that makes sense. Don’t be an affiliate marketer. Don’t be a businessman. Business is about risk. You get in there you say I’m going to take the risk. Years ago I went in it. I was sitting in the mobile home. I had my computer. No one would give me money. I didn’t have any money. And I’m like I’ve got to learn this shit. And I went and I invested in learning. And guess what. It fucking paid off. It paid off. Why did it pay off. Well Marcus you got lucky. You know you got the right course. No no no no.


I made it work. People say What’s your backup plan. I’ve got no fucking backup plan. You’re talking about a backup plan. I’m gonna make it work. Here’s your backup plan.


Here it is. Marcus you know I’m going to do this. What’s my backup plan. Your backup plan is if you don’t get ranked on the search engines you do get some guest blogging and then you do a press release this year about you make it work. And there you go. And you do it. And you’re like I want to make it work. The people who are out there that are like I’ll pay you when I get rich they’re never even going to open the course. I’ve done it. I’ve had people I had a guy a couple months ago he was on live chat. He’s like Marcus retired I was a vet. I was doing this. I can’t. I might do. Here you go. Here’s my course free. He logged in. Twice. I have people I’m argues I am ready to work. 20 years old I’m ready to go buddy. Here you go. Here’s a course for free. Never logged in. Actually wrote a bad review. He wrote a bad review about a free course that he never logged in do. You can make.


Excuses. Or you can make money. What’s it gonna be like excuses are just as hard excuses wear your down excuses made me almost an alcoholic.


Or no I wasn’t alcoholic. They made me an alcoholic because I had excuses. Everything’s against me. Nothing works the way I want. I’m going to drink and that’s that’s what it did. And then I gave up excuses. And I started making a lot more money and I started being a lot happier. No one’s going to do this for you if you’re like Mark I truly have no money. Go out there like the guy that I taught. And he’s like Marcus teach me a way to make money. I need money right now. Am I good. I taught him for a marketing I don’t buy taught. I mean I just told him I might go do this on forums. He comes back to me. He’s like Dude I made 60 bucks in the last hour doing for a marketing. Am I good go do that five more times and buy my course. He did. He put his money where he is like I’m gonna go do it. And he went did it. He bought my course. He’s doing tons of stuff now. Right all because he was willing to do it. The problem is is so many people want to buy money. There’s a market. I’ll give you ten thousand dollars if you make me a million.


Well friggin hell anyone would do that. You’re not special. You can’t buy money.


Money is not available cheaper than like you can’t buy a dollar for 50 cents. You can’t do it. Not going to happen. You’ve got to go and do it. And that’s the thing you got to look at it. Your money doesn’t mean anything to me. I don’t need your money. And I don’t need it. I’m doing all right. But you want to learn stuff. That’s why you come here. You want to learn you want to make it work. Get in there and do it. I don’t care if you buy from me or someone else or whatever. Just commit to doing the stuff. And if you got no money commit to do like that guy to do the Forum stuff I taught you here. And you can go make it work. How many of you guys think. That if you. Went out there. And you actually did. These things. Like how many guys are like Yeah. I think I can make a thousand bucks if I actually did it. Right. That’s a thing. Because if you’re the guy who’s like I only want I only want your stuff if it’s free. Right. That you’re just being picky. You’re like oh well you know Marcus I got this stuff. Oh Marcus I want you. I want everything. You know it’s like dude put your money where your mouth is. Do it. Take a risk. Make it happen. Right. If you want to sit in your cushy chair and have someone literally spoon feed you money. Right. You better be rich to start with because Buddy don’t work that way. And I hope you like this real talk because a lot of people need to hear it. A lot of people don’t think about it the right way. Their mind is up. They think oh well you know what. My money is gonna get me more money. You know what your money is gonna get you 8 percent. Go on the stock market. Standard Investments 8 percent. That’s what you’re gonna get. So like if you invest let’s say a thousand dollars. Right. I give in thousand dollar investment. At the end of the year I’m going to have one thousand eighty dollars Oh look at me go kicking ass and taking names I can buy a dinner not even a good dinner that’s like Outback an outback dude. Like some of the Outback cooks know how to make a steak but. Most of them is like really seriously man. Come on. But at any rate I digress. Right. That’s it. That’s an outback meals at the end of the year. Your thousand bucks is tied up and you get an outback deal. If you were to go and invest twelve hundred and seventy seven dollars. Twelve. Seventy seven in a high ticket niche like Marcus. I’m going to frickin do it. I can look back I’m going to do it. You invest twelve seventy seven. We give you a niche right off the bat.


You could take your niche. You could sell it. They’re usually valued at a thousand dollars for the domain name. But what if you could take it and say let’s say like the weather to a bar example.


Let’s say you suck at this and you do one thing and you forget about it and the one thing gets to downloads a day right that would be two dollars and eighty cents times two is what 560. Yeah five sixty five sixty a day. You only get two downloads a day times 365 days a year. OK so now I teach you to do that. That’s 560. Times.


  1. There’ll be two thousand. Two. Thousand.


Forty four dollars. Right. Like seriously. That’s that’s if you only use point 0 1 percent of what I teach you. K now is that guaranteed. No I don’t know if you’re gonna do anything you might take a high ticket niche like most of the people and never do anything with it. Most people never do anything. Most people come to me and they’re like Marcus I’ve watched all your videos and I’m like Really. Explain the trigger word method. Oh what the hell trigger word Margaret I never heard that I watched I am like dude you didn’t watch all my videos you didn’t learn all this. You’re not really in it to win it. You’re playing. Do you want to play.


Or do you want to really make it work. And that’s the question. And if you really want to make it work I’m here to help you. But again don’t join if you’re just like I’m you know to really want it. To go and make it work. And whether you start with Marcus mentor me or whether you start with simple sites which is a great course. Like get in there you get instant access start learning that shit today. Put it together with what you learned. Hop on a Tuesday call and let’s make it work. Guys. It’s not that hard. You just gotta do it. I digress. There was a lot of ranting today.


I think I had a lot to a lot of rant in me today. Hopefully you guys like it. Jamie if you have questions like that go into P.C. moneymaking ask them specific questions on your niche in their.


Franco’s once I read a statement of a famous businessman that said if you can not make money Without money you can’t make money having money. That’s totally true. Like if you can’t make money free you going to make money with money. Like oh you’re going to do is go broke. Case in point no I won’t bring up Donald Trump. But anyway Donald Trump all he did is like move money around like didn’t really make a lot but he had a shit ton to start with like the dude. If he was a real good business man back then and he inherited what he inherited. He should have been able to do better than he did just saying. Like there’s something to be said about a guy in the trench who is like on his last nickel who needs to go make it work. And if that’s you go make it work. Right again you can do it. I did. I had sixty dollars to not my name or now I’m sorry I had a hundred dollars to my name when I started actually 90 because it cost ten dollars to open the business account. I had one hundred and deduct the 10 and I got 90 out of that 90 I took 67 to invest in of course the course sucked but I made it work anyway. I was like fuck it I need to make it work I need to make this work. I’m going to go do it. And you know what everyone else can go and do what they’re gonna do I’m going to do that. There were Marcus it’s not going to work.


Everything all the Internet is a scam. And I’m like Yeah if you give the Nigerian prince your money. Yeah that’s it’s a scam but if you learn some actual skills that you can take and use like here’s a skill you’re going to learn. How to do blog commenting.


The right way. I teach you how to do it. You go comment you make money. People will come to your site. People will eventually buy stuff if you do it the right way if you built PDA if. You will build a mailing list. Do PDA marketing done deal.


All right you guys have to go through and you have to be willing and ready and you say Marcus I am willing to do this. I’m gonna stop messing around. I’m ready to make money. And if that’s you. You could do it. Not that hard.


All right. What other questions do we have here. Let’s see.


Once again you taught yourself to fish and didn’t ask for a fish Exactly. You can go any anywhere and catch fish. Exactly. It’s like fishing. Biomarkers or what I don’t have the right poll. You get a string and you tie a cheese to a hook. And you go do it. Or you act. You ask someone. Right really cool. Rudy I was on the ropes at the beginning of this month and I’ve made more than three grand to date. Not online. Yeah well online but not. OK. So you did make it online. That’s cool right. And get off the ropes and you do it like Rudy did. Dude’s getting results is bootstrapped the same as affiliate marketing. No. Affiliate marketing is a method of marketing bootstrap is a term of what to do when you have no money. If you don’t have the right poll jump the hell in the water and go.


Fishing. Yeah exactly. Just go grab a fish right. Make it like a spear or something. That’s what the kids do here anyway. They catch fish with spears and bow and arrows and stuff but that’s the deal. Like everyone got confused when money comes into it. Which is what works. David says with all your success why don’t you have a central AC. I actually have my office built in the backyard and it’s not big enough for a central AC so we don’t really need it. Usually it’s OK but I’m smoking so I have my window open. Which is what makes. Just.


Go. That’s President Trump to you. I didn’t vote for him but yeah he is the president. So. I didn’t vote for Hillary either which everyone automatically assumes I did. I did not. So.


Yeah. All right guys. So any last minute questions while you guys are getting signed up and.


We’ll help you guys out. But again high ticket which is the way to go. So really go.


And I think Andy’s there helping everyone on live chat. So if you have any questions and go over to our sites like high ticket niches dot com you can scroll to the bottom and you can talk to me or Andy on live chat by clicking the button. Put this info in and you’ll talk to us and we’ll help you out. Jay says Are there any other expenses that will need after purchasing the high ticket niche. Yes you will need seventy dollars for web hosting. If you do not have web hosting. Other than that you don’t need anything.


I think we’re done. Here are your options again. Well they’re over here somewhere. Here’s your options again to get started. If you’re on a budget super budget go to Markus mentor dot m e get a free T-shirt send us a picture of you in your T-shirt with your book and join our Tuesday calls if you wanna go in and you’re like dude MARCUS I’M IN IT TO WIN IT. I wanna make it work. Get a hike to get Mitch. Trust me on this. I’m going to find your niche. I’m going to get you a good one. I’m gonna walk you through how to make it work. If you’re looking for the DIY simple sites bonus Get yourself signed up. Let’s make some money. Let’s make it work and I’ll see you. In the next. Training and I’ll be online chat for a bit. If you have any questions. Thanks again subscribe. Use these traffic methods. Let’s make some money.


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