The Truth About Blog Income Reports

How Much Blogs REALLY Earn (this will shock you!)

It seems like just about every day someone comes to me and says, Marcus, how much can I actually earn on the Internet with a blog?

And today we are going to answer that big question and dove into some really cool things that you need to know to make the most amount profitable possible on your blog.

So let me ask you a question.

Is it worth sticking around for an hour on this video, maybe a little bit over an hour to learn exactly how to make more money with your blog traffic?

That’s right. The same exact traffic could make you twice as much, three times as much or even ten times as much income.

And today we are going to reveal the truth.

And I got to tell you, for the last 20 years, I have dug deep into blog stats, into websites debt, into earnings reports to find out exactly what you can expect. And I got to tell you, the results are not typical, implied or guaranteed. There is no one size fits all answer in the average person trying to make money online makes nothing. But let’s go ahead and dove in and talk to you about today’s lineup. So today, part number one, we’re going to go through the blog income reports.

Part number one, We’re going to show you what people are making, how much you can expect, what it takes to actually make this work.

Part number two, we’re going to talk to you about what actually pays the bills. Where is the money coming from?

Part number three, we’re going to go through traffic and income. Part number four, we’re going to crunch some numbers. Part five, I’m going to show you some killer tips for making more per impression.

This is the key. Pay attention.

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Now, I’ve got to tell you, there’s going to be some stop signs on this training. Now, these stop signs are going to be your mind’s way of getting an aha moment. All right. Next time you see these stop signs, be ready for an aha moment. If you’re ready for it, type in the box. But first, I want to tell you a little story. Several years ago, I was running ads for a Web site that I had. This was back before I got into blogging and I was running ads on the Google Ad Sense Network through AdWords. I was showing up on lots of other people’s websites and a lot of these Web sites had what we call junk traffic. And this junk traffic was worth like maybe a penny a click on a good day. Right. And this was junk traffic, I’m telling you. And what I found out is that one of the places that I was buying traffic from through that platform, it actually gave me a report, was getting me the most traffic.

And I was able to take an ad where I was paying thirty thousand dollars a month for that ad, and I was able to go directly to the site owner and pay like six hundred a month for that same ad. Now, I want you to log this in. This is a very important thing and it does have to do with smiley faces.

But I got to 
tell you that KIPP…. listen,

and if you know what movie that’s from, comment the movie in the box below and in the chat box again, keep an eye out for the next time you see the stop sign because you are going to have a big aha moment.

And I want you to get it. You got to stay for this whole training. There’s going to be a lot of things you need to know that are going to make this work for you. So let’s go ahead and dove right in right here. I have a screenshot from one of the ads that I purchase. Right. I buy ads all the time. This is an ad that I purchased for a couple hundred bucks a month. And you can see that we all purchased the same ad. We all get the same spot. We all get about the same impressions. But I’m getting three times as many clicks. All right. Log that away in your brain. That’s going to make sense later. Now, if you want notes from this video, we are preparing notes. It’s live. So it will take a while to get the notes out, but you can get them at download my notes, Dotcom. Now, let’s get into part number one, what people are earning now. These are some numbers from some blogs that I found saying what they’re earning. There was one blog that said they were making about two hundred nineteen thousand dollars a month, another one four thousand one hundred and twenty seven thousand twenty nine thousand fourteen hundred thousand eleven thousand and one that made like 70 bucks. So we got to say, hey, these numbers are all over the place. What are we going to expect?

Well, a lot of people say, hey, it all has to do with the traffic you’re getting. Right. If you if you know how much traffic you’re getting, that’s where you can add up and figure out what you’re making.

However, if we look at this guy, he’s getting one hundred and thirty nine thousand page views a month and he’s only making sixteen grand, this guy gets less traffic and he’s actually making ten times as much money.

So whatgives? Are they in different niches? Are they running different ad platforms? Do they have different affiliate offers? What is going on here? Here’s another guy that’s getting sixty thousand page views a month, making about twenty eight grand per month. Another one,

one point four million page views a

month, and he’s only making twenty seven thousand. So we got to look at these numbers and we’ve got to understand it. If you look

at this and you’re like markets, to be

honest, I really don’t understand it. I don’t know what’s going on. Please explain it, type it in the box, say no clue. And we’re going to dove right in to how this works because you need to understand exactly what’s going on so that you can start to make money. Net part number two, we’re going to go through how these guys are making money.

So you see these guys, they’re making money. You see it, obviously.

Are you going to make two hundred nineteen thousand dollars a month? Well, the average person makes nothing. Say you do the math, but we have to take a look at this and say objectively,

what are we going to do to make this work? Again, we’re done with pie in the sky. We’re going to look at

practical things that actually work and maximizing the amount you make on every visitor who comes to your websites and blogs. This is important.

Now, let’s talk

about the ways people are making money. How are they doing this? Right. What are they doing? And they just put some ad blocks. Do they run some affiliate offers? Are they doing click bank? How are these people making money? Well, there’s lots of ways people are making money.

One way popular is ad sense.

You could sign up for ad sense. You get a little code, you put it on your site, you get paid. When people click on your ads, there’s another company called Zoek that does the same thing. You put a code on your site, it put some ads, you get paid. Another one is called Media Vine Media. Vine is much like the same ones. They got codes, they put them on your site and they make money. Now, the problem with these things is that they are auto generated. So we’ll get our trusty pen here. And what happens is you have your blog here like this, OK? And you’re going to put the code. So they’re going to give you a code. You’re going to put that code on your website. That code is going to show ads based on what you’re based on, what your website is about. So it’s going to go through and it’s going to do like a reverse SEO, right. It’s going to say, well, what is this website about? And if you’re Web sites about funny hats, they are going to show ads for funny hats. And what happens is there is an AI artificial intelligence algorithm algo for short that is going through and trying to find the best ads for your site. And they’ll go through and be like,

hey, you know what?

This type of ad makes the most money and gets the most clicks. Lets run these types of ads and they’ll try to make you as much money possible on your traffic.

But the problem is they don’t

really know that much about your visitor.

I mean, they know a little bit,

but they don’t know everything.

So these are going to tend

to be the lowest income earners most of the time. There are some times we’ll get into those in a minute where those will be the highest the next way. Lots of people are making money with their blogs is through Amazon affiliate offers. Now, with Amazon affiliate offers, they don’t pay much at all. Right. You would think the richest guy in the world would throw his affiliates a bone, but he doesn’t want to. Apparently, he needs another five hundred million dollar yacht and more tax breaks. But at any rate, I think he built a pretty good company. Right. So we have to look at that and say, OK, well, that is a valid way to make money. I mean, if I have a site about, you know, vacuum cleaners, that might be the only place I can get vacuum cleaner ads. So therefore, I’m going to run that. Another thing people do is they run click bank affiliate offers. Now, Click Bank is good, but there’s not an offer for everyone. If I have a vacuum site, there’s probably not an offer on Klick bank. So I’m probably going to be stuck with Amazon or AdCenter or one of those other things. The next thing we have is CPA affiliate offers. CPA affiliate offers are one of my favorite ways to make money because I can get paid not only when I sell something,

but also I could get paid on

clicks, downloads. When people fill out forms, I can get paid for leads, I can get paid when people call phone numbers, all kinds of things that I can do to make money with my traffic. And this tends to be. One of the highest income earners I have found, the next thing people do is they have private label products, so they get like the rights to a plug in or a book and they get the rights to it. They sell it themselves and keep the money. Another way people make money is through drop shipping. Now, you might be like, dude,

Marcus, what are you talking about when we’re

talking about making money with a blog? Is it dropped shipping completely different?

No, it’s not dropped.

Shipping is just a way to make money like anything else. If I can drop ship vacuum cleaners for my vacuum cleaner website and make more than Amazon pays me, then I can make more profit. It’s just a profit center. A lot of people get all freaked out when it comes to like drop shipping and all this other stuff, but it’s all the same. I’ve been doing this twenty one years. It’s all the same. Traffic as traffic offers are offers. Products are products. That’s the end of it now. Another thing, these are when we get into the big moneymakers, the big money makers also have like a mailing list. Right. So they might have their site and they’re like, hey, guys, check it out. Here’s my website. Put your name in email to get my report on the best vacuum cleaners or the best ways to make money or the best blogging software or whatever it is. All right. Make sure you stay

to the end. All of this is going to come together. And next time you see that stop sign,

you’re going to have an aha moment like you ain’t never had before because you’re old buddy Marcus has got you covered here. Smash that like button now. Mailing list is a great way to make money. Now it’s not a direct profit center. It’s not like you’re just going to get paid to build your mailing list.

You can but that’s not

how it works. Right. What that’s going to do is it’s going to get people back to your site. All right. The whole idea of the mailing list is to take one click and turn it into a hundred or five or ten or whatever. And then, of course, we have the people that are making lots of money actually create their own products. Right. So if you’re out there and you’re teaching people how to paint and you had your own painting course, obviously that’s going to be a big earner. So you look at this and we have, what, about eight ways to make money online? These are the top eight. They’re pretty easy. Most people are just going to do this because it’s easy and it’s a code and you make some money,

but there is

a better way. So let’s go ahead and dove in to number three. Number three is about crunching the numbers. This is the important part. When I go and get traffic,

how am I going to make the most money

possible off that traffic? Because I’m going to tell you something. And I got to tell you right now, the majority of people with blogs and websites are not making a fraction of what they could be making.

Most people out there. I look at their sites and I’m like, dude, you

can make way more money and get ready. If you watched us to the end, there’s going to be an aha moment and you’re going to go, holy crap,

now I get it. Now I get it.

Now I can go and do it. So what we’re going to look at when we crunch the numbers is we’re going to look at the R.P.M. or the revenue per ML, why they call it ML but it’s actually a thousand. I don’t know. That’s how much you’re making per thousand visitors. The EP. See, that’s the earnings per click. Now, we’re also going to talk about what I call the effective EPC. All right. There’s an ABC that you’ll get from like Click Bank and CPA networks and there’s an effective ABC ad sense even has its own ABC, but there’s also an effective EPK. So it’s very important. We’re also going to look at the CPC, which is a cost per click and the cost per thousand. All right. Again, write this down. R.P.M. equals revenue per ML or revenue per 1000 visitors or page views. Earnings per click is how much I make. When someone clicks, something costs per click is how much I pay when someone click something and cost per ml is how much someone else pays or how much I pay on a thousand. Now the effective CPC looks something like this. This is very important. If you don’t get this, you’re going to struggle. And I have my pen somewhere. There it is. Right. The effective EBC is very, very important. All right. You got your website here and you got your traffic coming from Google, Pinterest, wherever your traffic is coming from, they’re coming to your site. Now, what

happens is you might have 1000

people visit your website. All right. Now, out of those thousand people, maybe you got a little link up here and maybe fifty people click this link. All right. Out of that. Fifty people, let’s say you get one sale and it makes fifty bucks. It will make the math easy here. Right. So that would be on this link. One dollar

per click.

Pretty cool, right? And you look at that and you’re like, cool, man. I could make a thousand bucks on my thousand visitors. Well, no, you can’t, because only 50 of them clicked. Right? So now you’re effective. IPSI would be one thousand. In CLECs, divided by 50 bucks or 50 bucks, divided by 1000 clicks. All right, that’s your effective EPK. Now, you might have other offers, maybe have an ad sense block here. And that makes you, you know, maybe 10 people click on that and you get three bucks, OK? And what you’re going to do is you’re going to take all the offers on your site. You’re going to find out how much you make and you’re going to divide that by a thousand. Pretty simple.

Right now, we’re going to get into the big

stuff in just a minute. Hold on to your hats, ladies and gentlemen. But I want you to understand how the


EPC actually works. Very important. The effective EPC is a number you want to pay attention to. That is the Holy Grail. When you see people and they’re like, hey, we’re making this much on this. We’re making that much on that. We got to understand the overall effecive EPC. Now, a lot of people are going to look at R.P.M. from other sources like, you know, he’s awake or media vion or ads or whatever it is. Now, I went through last night, I stayed up late and I got up at like 5:00 in the morning to prepare these notes, some kind of out of it. I’m tired. I got a bucket of coffee here and we’re going to do this anyway. Right now, we got to look at this because the numbers that I found here, here’s what I found from top bloggers. There was a blog in the Make Money online niche, you would think make money online. I mean, those gurus got to be

raking it in. They’re raking in the money. They got rakes, but he’s actually only making about twenty

eight dollars per thousand page views.

Doesn’t seem like a lot, does it? That means he’s

got to get a thousand people to his site to make twenty eight bucks. That sucks to me. Right? It’s to me. There’s also recipe sites that we’re getting like a two dollar r.p.m. There are some generic sites I found that got like an eight dollar RPM and then there was some other sites as well. Now let’s look at the R.P.M.

versus the APC

again. The RPM is how much I’m making thousand visitors. The APC is how much I’m making per click. Now, it’s very simple to find your effective APC first. What you do is you take your RPM and then it’s like math class, right? You remember in math class when they’re like they draw these little things and they’re like, what you got to do is move the decimal point.

All right? So all you’re going to

do is move the decimal point two spaces. Right? Pretty simple. Or three spaces or something like that. Right. So we’re going to move it. Three spaces and we’re going to get an episode of two point eight cents a click. So this guy in the make money market is getting two point eight cents per click for make money, online traffic.

Anyone seeing a problem here? Right. Like I got to go to

Google and buy this traffic for three bucks a click, but I’m only making two cents on average. I type two cents. And the word problem, if you’re like, yeah,

there’s a problem. I don’t want to go work my butt off to

get a bunch of traffic to make two cents. I don’t want to do that. That’s not what I’m in the business of. I would go broke really fast. That would mean that off of my website. Let’s get a calculator here. Right. That would mean that off of my website last month we had one hundred and eighty one thousand page views. OK, that would mean if I got times zero point zero

to eight per click, that would mean I’d

only make five thousand dollars. All right. That wouldn’t even cover my bills on that website. All right. Luckily, I know what I’m doing, so I make quite a bit more than that.

But we need to understand this, because when you get this,

it’s going to make sense for you. So you’ve got to get this. All right. Smashed like button. Tell me you’re getting it if you’re starting to get it now. The effect of it now. Let’s take a look at some crazy stuff.

All right. So the average episode is two cents, but let’s take a look at one of

my affiliate offers.

This affiliate offer

here. I’ve ran since 2005 since two thousand five. I got twenty six thousand clicks to the offer. I made two hundred and one thousand dollars for an

R.P.M. of seventy six hundred

and thirty five dollars. How many of you guys are like, wait, what are

you freaking kidding me. There’s people out there

that are getting twenty bucks and they’re happy you’re getting seven grand

market. What do you do when buddy. Like can you let me in on some of that secret stuff there.

Well, first of all, we have to look at the effective EBC because

it took me more

than twenty six thousand clicks to get twenty six thousand people to click on this. That’s just the way it is,

but the RPM’s pretty good. Here’s another one now. This one is actually pretty decent. This was based on one point, almost one point six

million visitors on one point six million visitors in junk traffic. Again, remember the stop sign in junk traffic? I was able to get about 20 cents a click

or two hundred and

eleven dollars R.P.M. on junk traffic. So why am I getting money? Two hundred and eleven bucks on junk traffic, which I’m going to say 90 percent of the people clicked on the link.

All right. So the R.P.M. maybe it’s like one

ninety if we do the effective R.P.M.. OK, so we’re going to look at this.

Why is this guy with make money online

traffic getting two cents a visitor or three if we round up? And why is Marcus


happy face traffic like make money happy face? Obviously happy faces are not as

valuable as make money. So why am I getting a way out crazy.

Ten times r.p.m. on my traffic. All right. How many guys are starting to get a little brain tweak type brain tweak in the box?

Because if you get this, it’s going to be amazing.

You’re going to you’re going to get it. It’s just going to go crazy. Right. Smash it like button if you’re excited.

Now, what do we have here? I think,

ladies and gentlemen, we got an aha moment coming up. All right. Stay with me here. You’re going to get an aha moment like crazy

if someone is willing to pay for your traffic. All right. All this stuff up here,

all this ad sense is zoek media, Vine, Amazon, Click Bank, CPA, Plah drop shipping mailing list your own products.

These people are

paying for your traffic. That’s what it is. Affiliate marketing is a company paying for your traffic. They say I can make more money than I pay you

and that’s what they’re doing.

Ad sense. Same thing. I can make more money.

So here’s the aha moment and you let me know when you get it. I want you to light

up the chat box. I want you to smash the like button, and I want you to put a bunch of comments in the comment box. If you’re watching the replay,

here’s the aha moment. If someone is willing to pay for your traffic, that means it’s worth more to them than it is to you. Wait a minute.

What what do you. Way, way back up. Mark. It’s OK. The phone. What are you talking about buddy. Well, remember that story I told you in the beginning where I was paying thirty thousand dollars for an ad. I was able to go direct and pay six hundred dollars a month for the same ad. I did buy two of them, so it’s thirty two hundred a month. But still it was ten percent of the cost I was paying

and that guy was happy to sell his traffic.

He was like, dude, you’re going to give me six hundred bucks for each ad on my site. Yes. Here’s the button. Please send me the money. My ad was up within the day.

He was happy. Why was he happy? Because, ladies and gentlemen, he did not understand the value

of his traffic.

I’m going to say that again. He did not

understand the value of his traffic because that traffic I was paying thirty two hundred dollars a month for, I was making 30 to fifty thousand dollars on. Now, later on, the guy kind of figured out what I was doing and copied me and stuff like that and then stopped letting me buy ads from him. But I rode that wave and made a lot of money because I understood this.

And this is why

I’m able to get crazy, because I had to understand it. If I’m paying for traffic, I need to convert that traffic net. When you’re getting free traffic,

you know, it seems like everything’s cool, bro. Dude, we got free traffic and I made 90 bucks yesterday. Pretty cool, man. I got my 90 bucks. I’m so happy. But a guy like me comes in and says, man, you only make 90 bucks on that. Should be making like

nine hundred or three hundred or something better than 90 bucks, because if someone is willing to pay for your traffic, it’s worth more to them than it is

to you.

Very important.

Let’s get in to number four. Let’s crunch the numbers. What does it really take to profit?

And we’re going to get into some things that are going to expand your mind. You’re going to start to understand exactly how this works.

Now, what does it take

to actually profit now? Let’s take a look at some of the top per click, Neches. OK, so we’ll go through. And we’re like, okay, what are the niches that pay a lot if you were to go look at Google, people right now on Google are paying six hundred

and fifty seven dollars a click

for mesothelioma. Attorney One click, one click. That would be six fifty seven. Let’s get our calculator. We’ll do this professional. That would be

six fifty seven times 1000,

which would give us the

CPM, right. That would be six hundred fifty seven thousand dollars

CPM or R.P.M.. Like what. Are you kidding me now. Are you going to get that. No you’re not, you’re not going to get it.

But can you get some of it. Yeah, you could get a little bit,

you might be able to make a decent amount. Right, because you know, that’s a valuable niche. Is it going to be six fifty seven. Probably not. Results, not typical, implied or guaranteed. You probably won’t even make one penny. Average person make zero. Let’s take a look at another donate car.

A hundred and fifty nine dollars a click. Now what do this, what does this tell me. Well, it

doesn’t tell me that I’m going to make six fifty seven and it’s not going to happen. I’ve never made six hundred fifty seven dollars on one click consistently. I’ve never done that. No one’s probably ever done that.

OK, but what it tells me is these guys got some deep pockets. That’s what it tells me.

I like that. I like deep pockets. Another one donate car. One hundred and fifty nine dollars a click.

Best VA lenders

hundred dollars a click human resources software. Sixty three dollars a click.

And then, you know, everyone’s like, oh, Marcus, you know, the

gurus are the only ones making

money. It’s all the gurus. Well the gurus aren’t making crap

because this is like five bucks a click. And you know, the guy in the make money niche is only

getting twenty eight per thousand

visitors. So there goes the idea that the gurus are the only ones making money and now the guys making money are the people that don’t talk about it. Right. I talk about it because I’ve been talking about it for years, but I make money and lots of cool niches, as you guys have seen. By the way, if you didn’t see Monday’s video after this watch Monday’s video, it’ll tie this together.

So that guy’s making twenty

eight dollars on his thousand visitors. OK, so let’s look at this now. Why is he making this much money? Well, I actually went in and I did a reverse CEO look up on his site and I found out that his top keywords were all about like how to download YouTube videos and how to download videos. That’s what his traffic was all about. Now, this stuff ain’t worth nothing, right? It’s very cheap. Database software is a good one. So most of his stuff was not that great. And I actually found a recipe site that was making about the same amount of RPM. Right. The recipe site was getting twenty five dollars RPM and they like ranked for stuff like fried spaghetti and

I don’t even know what fried spaghetti is.

How do you fry spaghetti. You know, I don’t know. But at any rate people do love them some fried food. So we got to look at this and say, all right, there we go. So this guy with fried spaghetti is making the same amount as to make money because of his keywords. And we got to look at this and understand it.

Now, what does this all tell us? What this tells us is basically you want to know how

much you’re going to make blogging? Well, if you do what everyone else is doing, you can pretty much expect zero dollars and about two cents a click. All right. There you go. That’s what you can expect. So you get one hundred clicks, you make two bucks, you get a thousand clicks,

you make twenty bucks, you get

a hundred thousand

clicks and you make

two hundred bucks. Is that right now. Twenty bucks or something like that. Right.

And you look at that and you’re like, OK, that’s what I can expect. Now here’s the problem.

How many guys have all gone out there and tried to get traffic and you’re like, dude, getting one hundred thousand visitors.

Yeah, that ain’t easy.

That ain’t easy at all. That sucks. I guess that’s tough to do in any market. I don’t even care what market you’re in.

That’s pretty tough to do. And if I do all this work and I’m only getting two thousand bucks, year old boy Marcus is sad.

He doesn’t want to get those numbers. But what if I showed you a way

that you could get like

five cents a click or twenty cents a click like I did in

the happy face market? Twenty cents a click in Happy Faces. Here’s this guy in the money market making three cents and I make it twenty in the happy face.

You’ve got to understand this stuff. If you don’t get it, you’re going to have some.

Problems, because here’s the deal. What we need to talk about is how to make more money. More money per

impression, and if you get

this, you’re not going to be like the sad guy, you’re going to be the happy guy, right, because here’s how it works. What we need to do when we look at our stuff. Right. So this guy here download videos.

That’s where a lot of his traffic is coming from. He’s getting hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from this traffic. So the question

is, instead of just having my same old blog, which most people do, and they’re like, I got my same old ads, which are generic, what if I found a way to

maximize? That. Post, I mean, after all, you’re getting 100000 visitors and I’ll

guarantee he’s getting

100000 visitors if he’s making three cents a visitor site wide. This post is probably making like point three cents. Right, because if he’s getting that much statewide,

this is what’s dragging him down, this is what’s crushing his numbers. But ladies and gentlemen, it doesn’t have to. What if instead I went out there and I found a CPA offer that gives him a free trial or a free download that paid me two bucks. And guys, I’ve been in this market. I’ve done it. I had a site

in this market, actually sold it years ago. And we were able to make like 15 to 13 cents a click. Right. So they’re making like pennies on the dollar. I’m making dollars on the penny.


Because I know

right now, as of today, I’m smarter than the robots I am. The robots could go out there and try to do stuff, but I can do better

because I know I can go out there and say, hey, these people looking for this, what I’m going to do is I’m going to put an ad that I know they’re going to click on. But, Ned, what’s the ad going to say, let’s put our thinking caps on,

put it in the chat box, put it in the comments, what would you say if you were getting people who want to download videos? How would you get them to

click on a link

and put your thinking cap on, type it in the box,

let me know what you guys think, and then I’ll tell you what I think. All right. And we’ll wait. There’s like a 20 second delay. So we’ll wait for these here. I’ll put the camera there. So I’m centered. There we go. Pretty cool, right? Type it in the box. Let me know. All right.

You got one shot. You could put a little button

on this website. This website gets one hundred thousand visitors a month. You got one button. What are you going to do to get the most people from that page to click the button?

What are you going to do? All right. Got one spot. You let’s say you got

two hundred pixels by nine hundred pixels. Right. So you got like this big banner like this. What are you going to do? All right. Cooper says download course. Someone says a free offer.

All right. Keep them coming free course. OK, do you really think these people

want a free course on how to download videos now? They don’t. They don’t at all.

What if what

if who’s ready for an aha moment. Type it in the box. You’re going to get an aha moment. And ladies and gentlemen, this is free.

Here’s what we do. Here’s what we do. We put a box that looks like a search box. And then we put a button

that says Download

and above the box we put Enter You URL here. Enter your. So they’re going to go and they want to download videos and they’re going to see the box and be like, I want to put my Eurail in the box. I could download the video boom. That right there

will get you like 80 percent click through rate if 80 percent click through rate. If I do it right, 80 percent would be

eighty thousand people

out of a hundred thousand going to my offer. That pays me two dollars a download.

That’s probably going to convert

at five to 10 percent. All right.

How many you guys are getting this. Five to 10

percent means 8000 people downloading

Bota boom bada bing.

I just made myself sixteen thousand dollars off of that traffic.

Sixteen thousand other people are out there

and they’re struggling to get a thousand or 2000 degrees, get it? Did you get the picture?

Did you get it special like button? If you got it, let me know you got it. Let’s see that, like, button light up

like a Christmas tree at Christmas, just like the damn button up. Right. There you go. How many of you guys are like, wait a minute, I get it. I get it. That makes sense because you just

showed me how to make money

with junk traffic. This is junk traffic. If there ever was any junk traffic.

And if you get this, you will get some other stuff. Here’s another little aha moment. And you know what? All I ask

is that you pay me and like buttons.

Right. I got the if you like these pay me and likes. That’s it. Right. That’s all it’ll cost you is one little like what if you had a site

about like spaghetti recipes or whatever

or let’s say you have a site

that is about let’s see, here’s what we’ll do. This a different one to make it. I want to make it make more sense.

OK, let’s say we have a site about

hardship letters,

OK? There’s people on

the Internet that are like, hey,

I need

a hardship letter to send to my mortgage company because I ain’t got no money to pay the mortgage. So what am I going to do?

And everyone else and everyone on the Internet goes, well, Marcus, you know, hardship letter, these people don’t have any money. So it’s a non buyer market, Marcus. It’s a non buyer market. They don’t want to buy anything. So it’s not a good market. They’ve been telling me this for twenty years. They say markets are non buyer markets. You can’t make money on them. Like heck I can’t. You want to watch me? I’m going to do it. So they go there and they put

their ads and they got automated ads, blah, blah, blah, and they get their little two cents per click. And they’re like, Marcus, you know, this Internet or anything doesn’t work because I only got one hundred clicks and I only made two bucks. And, you know, that’s terrible, right?

Here’s what you do instead. What you do is you instantly increase

the value of your click markets. What does that mean? Instantly increase the.

I’m a little lost here. Well, here’s the deal. I’m going to

go to the old Google.

Let’s go to the old Google

right now

on the old Google.

How much am I worth?

I type it in the box. How much am

I worth right now? Just looking at Google here I am looking.

All right, type it in the box. What am I worth? We’ll do a little acting here, have a little fun with it, right? What am I worth typing in the box?

You guys are going to get an aha moment. Stick around for the whole video to get the aha moment. All right.

Right now on Google, I ain’t worth nothing.

Zero zero dollars and zero since that’s what I’m worth right now. But.

But what if I type in mesothelioma lawyer, well, then so here’s this guy worth nothing. He types in.

Somewhere where to go there it is somewhere down here. Well, I had a note here where they go. They’re here somewhere. He types in most though Philomel where I know I had a screenshot of these

things down here.

There it is, right, I type in mesothelioma now, I’m worth six hundred bucks, I type in donate car

now I’m worth one fifty nine. It’s the same, I’m the same guy. I didn’t change. I didn’t, like, get more money or do anything else. I’m just worth more money. Based on what. Based on what. Based on letters. I type on my keyboard. That’s it. Right. All these people looking at Google, some of them type stuff in that’s worth a lot of money, I type in

best VA lenders, more than four bucks a click. I type in H.R. software. I’m worth this.

So now what if we take these hardship people? And instead of just having a blog post and having some ads, what if I go through it? I’m like, hey, you’re old buddy. Marcus has found the five best ways to get out of a hardship. No.

One, refinance your loan.

All right. So now it took from hardship, which is worth pennies. And I said, refinance your loan

and now they’re worth lots of pennies

and say no to might want to check your credit

check and your credit’s a good thing.

Number three, might want to get a credit card. Do you guys get it? Do you see what just happened there? I instantly magically increase the value of the clock by figuring out what people are interested in, getting them to click it and sending them to stuff that

makes me money. How about if you guys get it in the box, feel like one of them? Preachers’, give me an amen if you get it right.

How many of you guys get it? If you get it, you understand something that ninety

nine percent of the people with blog traffic don’t understand.

And if you get it, you can go by traffic from those people for pennies on the dollar,

drive them to things that make you money,

or you can get free traffic and you can make tons of money on your own. If you get this right, like like people out there that are looking for

how many drinks makes me an alcoholic. All right. I looked this up seven, eight years ago. Eight years ago. I looked it up seven years ago. I went to rehab and now I’m sober. Seven years.

But you could have predicted

that I would have gone to

rehab based on what I searched. You could have predicted what would happen. Right. It’s like this. When is the best time to sell

home security systems? If you are going door to door and you want to sell security systems, when’s the best time to sell? Is it like in the summer? The spring? Is it when a new person moves in? Is it when people put new roofs on their house?

When is the best time

to sell a home security system?

OK, if you can answer this question,

my friends, you can make money online. Let’s see if anyone gets it. OK.

Let’s see here, see if anyone gets it. Healthy folks said

after a break in. You’ve been on my calls before, haven’t? Yeah, after

a break

in. If there’s a break in in a neighborhood, everyone goes and gets the security systems. I don’t know why I think the odds are actually less after a break in happens, because now all the eyes are on that neighborhood, but after that, people buy security systems. I remember when I was a kid years ago, our house got robbed and we got a security system. They came home with all these equipment in our house and that’s when they bought it. They should have bought it before, probably would have gotten robbed. But at any rate, that’s when they bought it.

And so if you understand that, you can go out there

and you can find traffic in a really cool way. Watch this. Let’s go to the keyword tool and let me show you something really cool, right? We’re going to go to the keyword explorer and I’m going to type in crime statistics.

All right. Now, most people again, this is junk traffic, right?

So we got crime statistics. Let’s do zip code so we don’t get any weird stuff. Check this out.

Crime statistics by ZIP code,

17 hundred searches. Now there’s a lot more if you type in every city in the United States. I mean, you can get lots of traffic if you guys got that aha moment.

If you’re picking up what I’m laying down, smash like

button and tell me because that right. There was a way to get a lot of traffic. There you go. Right.

So what if we had a site that just showed

crime statistics for local places. Right. People are looking to move and they’re like, hey, I’m going to move to Orlando. What are the crime statistics going to move to this? I’m going to do that. All right. And what

if we flipped

them? Because right now they ain’t worth nothing. But what if I said if you live in this zip code,

the crime statistics are high. Click here to get a

free quote on security systems. I guess I’ll get it. Does that make sense to everyone? This is probably the most valuable video you’ll ever watch about how to make money with blah blah,

blah, blah, blah, blah. Blog traffic. If you understand

it, see what happens when I don’t sleep well. I become a maniac even more than I usually end.

And if you understand this, this is where it’s at because there are people paying for traffic. And if you understand that the only difference between a guy that’s

worth 600 bucks and a guy that’s worth nothing

is just some letters they type in and


intent, then everything changes because

now we can go out there and

we can get the click. And the goal is how are we going to get the click? What am I going to do

to get more than 10 percent of the people to click on my little offer for the crime security system?

What am I going to do to make this work?

How am I going to do that? And if you can answer that question, it’s game over win. Let’s take some questions here. Business Solutions says, how about junk traffic where you don’t have blog posts that are relevant to the ad. You make ads that are relevant to the blog post. You don’t do it the other way around. You go figure out where the traffic is. You say, what do they want? And then you make it relevant. Very important. OK, so very, very important. If you look at that, there’s always, always, always a way to flip the market. Always. You just got to find it. You got to understand it. You’ve got to know what your visitors are interested in. You got to know what they’re doing, what they’re buying. And once you know that it’s game over, you win.

So don’t do it backwards. This is why everything I do online is

all about find the traffic first, find out what they want, and then go get the traffic. Because if I can do that, then

I’m just like, hey, why do I go compete for the competitive traffic? Why not just get traffic? That’s easy. Point them to the stuff because no one knows how to make money. Back when I was doing the smiley site and all that stuff, no one knew how to make money.

I got millions of visitors free, hundreds of millions of visitors for pennies on the dollar. And I was making money. Why? Because I did what no one else wanted to do. It’s the old 80-20 rule, right? Eighty percent of your efforts are going to produce 20 percent of the results. Now, the same thing happens.

Twenty percent of the people out

there are going to be maximizing their traffic, 80 percent are not.

And if you get this, everything will change. And when you ask the question of how much can a blog make,

well, the average is two cents a click. That’s the average, right, two cents, there’s your two pennies, but can we do better by focusing on what people want? Can I do better by learning new ways to make ads and things that people will click on? When I had my Bible website, people looking to download free Bibles weren’t worth anything. I put little pictures of the Bibles and I made it work. And again, if you did not see yesterday’s video, you need to subscribe and go watch it. Or Monday’s video. I put pictures of the Bibles,

97 percent clicked on the Bibles, 97 percent. Most people on this type of site are

getting a 90 percent bounce rate

bounce, meaning people leave without doing anything.

My lottery numbers website put a little dropdown box.

Ninety nine percent, click the dropdown box. If you get this, you don’t have to settle for two cents a click. This is why I’m

not like a free traffic guru. Like I’m OK getting traffic.

I can get some free search engine rankings.

I’ve gotten millions of visitors for free,

but that’s not my specialty.

My specialty is converting traffic that no one knows how to convert.

And if you could do that, the world is your oyster. You can go and get whatever traffic you want. It does not matter. Does it matter? Because if you understand this, you can make anything work.

And when you ask the

question of what can I make? All right, it’s going to take work. It takes work. Getting a thousand visitors a month, 10000 visitors a month, 100000 visitors a month. This is going to take work.

It’s going to take some work, getting 100000 visitors a month. That’s going to take some work. Last month, my biggest site got one hundred and eighty one thousand page views. Took me a lot of frickin work to get that. A lot of work, email list, video, all kinds of stuff that took a lot of work.

Most people would be getting two cents a click.

Right. Let’s see what your old buddy Marcus would have made. We’ll do one eighty one one, two three times zero point zero to the average person would have made about thirty six hundred bucks. Thirty six hundred. Let’s let’s do that again, well, scratch that out, don’t have an eraser 3600 now. Is that

good? Sure, like thirty six hundred.

OK. Who you are, that’ll add to the pile.

What if I told you I made

about eighty five thousand on that traffic last month. Results not typical, implied or guaranteed, you’ll probably make nothing,

but what if I told you, using

the strategies and the methods, I told



what I got. And what if I also told you I built a mailing list? And what if I also told you I repurposed my content? What if I also told

you lots of people clicked on the things I wanted them to click on? This is the name of the game. And when you look at

this, I did the reports.

I did the research last night. I was researching the sites that had income reports and some of the ones that were making like a thousand two thousand a month.

They don’t even exist anymore, which means

in addition to our camera, like not wanting to film me for some reason.

Right. Which means they gave up because they didn’t know what you know, they gave up. They said, I can’t do it. I can’t make it work. I’m making pennies on the dollar. But your buddy Marcus just showed you how to make you work, how to make it work. And if you like it,

smash like button, and you can make this work too, but you got to think outside the

box, you got to do what no one else is doing. You got to look at every blog post that’s getting traffic and you need to treat that like it’s own business. Because here’s the deal. People get blog posts and they’re like, this one got me traffic. This got me traffic. And it’s so cool. I got 100000 visitors last month. I don’t

do that. I don’t I never look at it that way. I say this one got me two thousand visitors.

Where are they coming from and how do I make the most on that?

Right. Why do grocery stores make so much money? Why does Wal-Mart make so much money? Because they know they’re putting this box in this spot on the shelf makes more money than a different box. They treat it like that. They say this spot, this spot right here on our shelf is worth eight thousand dollars a month. And they try to figure out how to make it worth 10000 or 20000 by

changing the things.

And they don’t look at it as well. You know, our grocery store made a million dollars last week.

And then and now

they say that spot made that those grapes made this

this made

that the lawnmower made this that one lawnmower made more than this

one. If you get it

smashed like button that, my friends, is the way the cookie crumbles. And if you get it smashed the like button. Go watch Monday’s video. Right now, it’s going to show you seven

ways to get more people to

click on your stuff so that you can make more money. Thanks for watching. Subscribe smash the like button. Go watch that video binge watch my stuff

because we got lots of stuff. Oh yeah.

I’m supposed to sell stuff too. So you got to subscribe, like, get the notes, you can get the download notes, download my notes, dotcom.

And if you guys want personal help with this

stuff, you can go to blog profit network dotcom. I got a private forum where you can ask questions. We have calls every Tuesday. We got everything to help you out. Blog, profit network, dotcom. You go in there, it’s dirt cheap. You get personal help. And guess what? This is the only product I have that’s refundable. So like you can go to blog profit network dotcom. You can sign up right now.

You can show up for eight calls, right.

You’re like for eight weeks. I’m going to get on the line with Marcus. I’m going to ask him questions. I’m going to download his free plug ins, the plug ins that are part of this course he gives you for free. I’m going to download these and put them on my site. I’m going to do everything Marcus says. I’ll probably make more money with my blog.

And after sixty days,

if you’re like Marcus, I don’t like your hat, I’ll go. Well, I wasn’t wearing a hat, you’ll say. Yeah, exactly. I want a refund.

Get a refund for everything. You don’t even care.

You keep the plug in to keep everything. You go on there. You got the calls. If that ain’t worth it, then you probably shouldn’t be doing this make money online thing. But you can get that over a blog profit network dotcom. Again, it’s a private forum. You can go in there, you can ask your questions. We have calls every Tuesday. We have replays of the call, all kinds of stuff. There’s tons of cool stuff in there. Yeah, go in there. You make it work. Ray says, how do you get ideas like the smiley face idea? You go on blog profit network. You tell me where your traffic is from. I’ll show you how to make more money on it. Right there. Live calls like you go on and you’re like, Marcus,

what do you think of my site? I’ll look at it. I’ll say you need to do this, this or this.

And every week and at the end of eight weeks, you’re like, Marcus, thank you for your help. I want my money back because I just do. And, you know, your help was great, but I don’t like the hat that you aren’t wearing. Get a refund. I don’t care. I don’t need you to buy the stuff. But if you do want it, I think it’ll help you. And I think you’ll stay for a long time, because if you value this kind of information and you want someone to hold your hand and help you every step of the way, that’s the best thing there is since sliced bread. Thanks again for watching, guys. Go to download my notes dotcom to get the notes smashed like button. Check out blog profit network. Go forth and make the most on every visitor. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time.

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