The One Thing You Must Know To Profit Online – Real Money Motivation

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  1. Hey Marcus, I watched this once already but needed to hear it again.. Brutal! I think that’s what I need the most. A kick in the A$$ to just try something and not fear what “might not happen”. If you don’t do “Anything”, then guaranteed nothing will happen. PAY attention, priceless and so true.
    Your humor helps out a lot, and your honesty as well.(Rocket Sciencetists) I do, however, think you secretly like Rush L., haha.
    Oh, you might try one of those cigar punches that cut a hole in the business end and I believe makes it draw better at least. (Draw punch?) Firkin-311 Bullet Cigar Cutter with Plunger×350.jpg

    1. Marcus,
      I am finally writing to you out of frustration but also to let you know that I have been hearing you loud and clear. I imagine it sometimes for you it feels like you are screaming a serious message into a hollow tunnel and maybe not sure if people are getting the message or not based on a certain percentage of them not getting into action on your excellent advice of how to make money online. I am somebody who has followed the wrong people for years and I’m finally very pleased about the message that you are putting out where it feels like you are letting people behind the curtain to see what you really need to do in order to really see some positive results. I am a person who believes that it’s all about the results and the results are all that matters. I’ve had some Financial challenges and I am also a person who believes in no excuses so I’m not making any. I’m 59 years old I live in and I live in the Phoenix area. I am temporarily financially challenged and I’m also working very hard to get just enough to get started with you and one of your program so that I can start to see there is the results that you speak of. I thank you for being one of the people that’s willing to really tell people how it is and I am looking forward to being as an example of one of the people that does exactly what you say step by step word for word. I know that I don’t know at the current time what to do but I also know that you really do know how this whole thing works and so I am looking forward to just following your word and just do it and not try to reinvent the wheel. As soon as I’m able I will be signing up for whatever it is that you’re selling and when I start to see it to work I will be duplicating it as many times as I possibly can so that I can ensure that money is something that I won’t have to worry about because for the longest time I’ve been just trying to find ways to get the money thing handled once and for all so I can move on with life and take care of the other things I need to do. Also Marcus, I smoke cigars and I also have been blessed with over 30 years of sobriety so on that note I feel we have a kindred spirit. The internet like sobriety is one day at a time so that is my goal to one day at a time learn more as I go and gain the knowledge and use it to my advantage.
      Thank you Marcus for doing what you do and please don’t stop and I’m praying for you to stay healthy for a long time because I’m one of those people that I think we’ll need a lot of help in this area, however I am so hungry for what you have to share. Thank you sir.

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