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  1. Hey Marcus,
    Things are tight and I am getting ready to transition out of my previous job of 20 years with a decent pension, but wanting to truly experience financial freedom on my own terms. I currently make about $500/month online, but the work is really labor intensive. I am hoping to save up money to eventually buy web hosting and to do your program right. Thanks for checking in.

    1. How do you build a simple site and make a sale by the next day. I have your Simple Sites 2016,2017 course and I just don’t understand how you make it look so simple.. I want to learn more about traffic and I personally prefer Google (slow) or YouTube but I don’t have any videos yet…

  2. Since the Pandemic things have gone very bad for me and Financially it has struck me in a unrecoverable
    manner am struggling and Praying for a turn around to present circumstances.

  3. Hey what’s up, I learned to build landing pages/funnels etc. I main issue is traffic which I have been working on I also read traffic secrets and been really active on may sites. I’m just about to move my hosting from my blog to my Kartra account. Speaking about my blog when I first started I didn’t know what a blog was but now it’s gotten better but not bringing income. I think I might use more Medium and a few other free platforms. I started my Youtube channel I think I might use all these free traffic sites.
    I have no other option but to keep moving forward. Quick question on my landing pages should like get them domain names or leave them as the system provides??

  4. I’m doing Ok. Working a full time job. Studying on how to make money with affiliate marketing. I am one of your YouTube subscribers. Love your videos! Trying to learn Zoom LOL. I have bought some of your payed training but none of your courses yet because money is tight right now. Thank you for your concern. Carlos.

  5. The company I work for is closing. I could use some supplemental income and eventually replace my income with an online business. I’ve learned a lot form you but still struggle to put the pieces together into an executable plan.

  6. not making enough. Thankfully, did not lost my job and just making only 1/4 of salary of pre COVID salary. Have a site, usually taking help of your free content, made the site, but lack few things. Trying to share on FB, but have some trouble, latest change to their policy has now more or less made sharing my content bit difficulty

  7. The company I work for is closing. I could use some supplemental income and eventually replace my income with an online business. I’ve learned a lot form you but still struggle to put the pieces together into an executable plan.

  8. Am struggling to find a job so that I can drive my life in a better way but. Their is no any profit am getting, am like a observser seeing others going well. I don’t know why me.

  9. Hi Marcus,
    been following you for a while now cauze i want to get into affiliate marketing the good way.
    The only thing is, i have nothing to invest. (Well only the 12€ for canva)
    For the moment the time goes into my full time job and i run a pod on redbubble 200+ designs but 2 sells in 3 months,i did do an upgrade on the designs this week.Anywho…bought 3 domains for 3€ aswell for affiliate marketing did the research and found some niches.Im trying to set those up on google sites because of the low funds.
    My goal is to make 500€ a month,but you know what is troubling me,it’s the fact you cant get accepted to big affiliate programs sites if you can’t prove you got the traffic!!!I know i know traffic is king!
    So that’s my problem for the moment.

    Well sorry for the ranting ;D

  10. Lost my job over the covid disaster. Looking at loosing my home. Trying the Affiliate thing. Failing miserablely. finding there are many Scam’s. There are many shiny object’s.

  11. I’m getting put out of my residence me and my wife I need to come up with $5,600 I just have to pray for a Miracle……

  12. 2020 has been a test for us, but not nearly as much as for others. We have a reliable retirement income. However, it could certainly be better. We planted “my retirement” several years ago since my health doesn’t allow me to work from home, that hasn’t worked out so well, few are buying. Weather this year destroyed the Aronia Berry crop which probably was a blessing in disguise because my husband’s health deteriorated significantly this spring and I was doing everything. Taking care of him, watching three granddaughters and doing remote homeschooling with two of them, keeping up with the 3 year old, doing all the mowing (7 acres) and trying to write and create an income online. I appreciate your insight and teaching and know I can create an income which I will need should his health fail and income be cut. My time is limited, but I am not afraid to do the work.

  13. Good Day, Marcus,

    Thank You for allowing me to speak with you via email!

    I had actually found a good paying nine to five job again and my life was getting back to normal… But now that I no longer spend all of my time commuting an hour each way to design land development projects to enrich somebody else, I am more determined than ever to make your system work for me.

    One major obstacle I face repeatedly is locating offers to promote. When I purchased a High Ticket Niche in 2018, I imagined you would have actually linked specific offers to my content and headline, but the content was not useful and in place of a single specific offer, I was told a general category.

    Therefore, since I had no idea how to use what I had received, it resulted in no action.

    Yesterday’s video recommended to match keywords to offers, but I’m at the same place.

    Please talk a LOT more about the link between keyword research and offer selection.


  14. I am good, only dissapointed because I am not yet selling after learning affiliate marketing agnost 8 months. I haven’t se en nu Children this year. Haven’t se en tegen 4 years now the be in childcare in germany. I live in Belgiym.
    I am desperately dissapointed about being hacked 10 timers in these month after i wanted to piblish my research online. Here i lost Amy of my accouunts and documents i made. Also was 8000$ taken from my PayPal.
    Now i am looking for a sponsor or investor to Launch my ideas/project for zure so i can easier reclaim and move the Children home

    1. It’s too dangerous , Timmy . Never link or share yr personal details with anyone . My fb account have been hacked by the hackers and I fr Singapore . Always look out okay ?

  15. Hello. I have listened to you for nearly 2 years (March 2018). I used to listen to you after work every night until I had to force myself to go to bed. This year. Covid stressed out my job on the las Vegas strip. But I still paid off all my debts from student loans to 10 credit cards. That was my goal and I then said I would finally purchase a website from you. Unsure for taking that step because of past losses with other platforms and people that would be call Gurus. I stayed fateful to your website. I bought a blog first and said that I would buy a full website after getting the blog making money. I am not happy with it. If I know I would have to put the whole thing together after paying $500 for something that looks like it was made by a $5 fiverr gig. The value of the domain is lower than one of my 30plus domains. I have already. ( Value: $969 I have on similar called “” Estimated Value: $1,005

    I came to your website to learn but I was always limited in time. Now with my job not working me I am allowed to get enough unemployment to stay at home and recharge my account and software I purchased from you. But now I am bothers. I get 2 copies of every message you send to me. Most of which I asking for me to buy more things when I can’t get the things I bought from you to work. It was my dream to have a website that makes money. The only one that is making money is you.

    I will study more and “Focus” on how to use your products correctly. Trying to grow my travel business, it was not my dream to study web design more then the travel webinar material. I say that as I get ready to go to a free 6 Day Cancun Trip. Covid Scares me but asking you how to fix your website product makes me both made and sick.

    Loyal watcher and listener.

    Kyle Thrower of and

  16. Well,thank you for your patience,but it’s just that,I’m a computer dummy,it takes me time to figure out something on my laptop,and also,I take a lot of time offline looking for something to eat.You know,back here in Kenya, earning a dollar is a days job for some of us.That’s why I needed something that is simple to set and can work on autopilot.Even if I’ll be needed to make some subscription every month,that is ok if the system can generate for me that amount for me to subscribe and remain with some profit.
    I can’t thank you enough for being understanding,because,I’ve bought these products numerous of them,since January last year but I have never so made a dime with any.Only because the process is always long and so technical with no proper assistance,the only thing they tell you is to UPGRADE.The upgrades are always so expensive to me,so I end up loosing money.

  17. So many words such little space to write in. I am super thankful I am able to learn the skills being taught by you Marcus. I just listened to a video you had made in 2013 about procrastination. Funny how LISTENING to your story had your name in it but was almost identical to my story. Different person,gender and different upheavel storyline but exact beginning and destination as yours Marcus. Thank you for telling your story. You inspire me

  18. Hello Mr Marcus
    Have been landing on your page over and over and have always been unable to sign in for your courses. Firstly because I don’t have enough money, secondly I am from Nigeria and outside the country payment could be an impossible one for poor citizen like me. And am pleading to you not to ignore my message because I see you as the one Hope I have to be able to make money and invest in businesses. I really have big dreams to help people like you do but you know the blind can not lead his fellow blind mate.
    Thanks for your time sir.

  19. I am grateful and thankful that large sums of money flow to me easily and effortlessly. I am so grateful now that money comes to me in exceeding quantities, through multiple sources on a continuous basis. After seeing these other messages I am sitting in gratitude for grace and mercy with great favor in abundance. It’s not where it was but I am working on method to increase and elevate daily.

    I lost and gained then lost again and now it’s time for the gain to kick in. It’s the most wonderful time of the years. This is entrepreneurship and the virtual life. I have been in the virtual economy space for over a decade now. This has been harder because others are not producing and we are all being hit because of it. I just think everyone should go back to work. The virus is one thing but what will happen to our global economy is way worse. The devastation will have a much farther reaching impact on the future.

  20. I also hope for all of you here that were brave enough to make you statements, that you receive a financial boost from anywhere that will help you get back on your feet.

  21. Things have been very tight, I bought 2 cars and a bus to cash in on the transport sector. the 2 cars were stolen at the garage and the driver crashed the bus. This leaves me paying almost all my wages in loans and debts and nothing coming back to the coffers.

  22. Hi, happy holidays!

    It’s been terrible for me last 8 years. Nothing to do with the pandemic or what have you’s. Even when I got it myselft, from March 10 to April 25 it was brutal for me. Fortunately, Ive recouped, obviously…

    The truth of the matter is that I’m sick, suffering from swollen ankles and aking feet. I cannot longer do those odd warehouse jobs, as used to do after I lost my job. I cannot even walk for more than 800 feet, because my left heel starts aking baddly if I try, OK?

    However, I’ve just completed a page where I am promoting a Social app. I won’t say much because first I have to use it myself to evaluate the performance

    I am planning on sending (you’ve guessed it) free traffic to it. But before I start that stage, I would appreciate your honest critique to my page (or funnel). Yes, it’s a mini-funnel I’ve created myself.

    NOTE: Only because you’ve asked me to share my status, I’m doing so, as I don’t talk to no one since I realized I’m with the NFL (No Friends Left).

    Hey!… You and your audience don’t have to purchase the app if you don’t want to. Only go as far as you can into the funnel and tell me what I can improve. And also share some tips to get free traffic without spamming fb groups… Thanks.

  23. Thank You for the opportunity and asking me,

    I feel like I have learned a lot, feeling like there is a lot more to learn. I have been using Social Media (FaceBook Groups only). I have sent out 215 Emails via Aweber. I am still not quite sure how to make my “Drop Ship” concept to work? I’m Happy to do whatever it takes. Not really sure my direction(s) at this moment, but I am 100 % open to any suggestions and/or help?

    Happy Holidays to All – if anyone needs my help or can help me, please call me 630-200-5112 (I live 10 miles West of the City boundary for Chicago).

    Thank You Marcus for asking me (and or us) where we are at on our journey.

  24. Same here Marcus, lost my job in March Covid shut everything down here in So Cal.
    I’ve never been in a situation when work,money and friends are scarce.
    Its just awful. I wish it was better.

  25. I’m down to living on debt, which will only go so far. I didn’t lose my job, but my income is cut in half. I’m scared to death my wife is going to leave me. I don’t know what to do. I’ve been scammed by many so called gurus and have nothing left to invest.

  26. I am working in the airline industry which is hit by this pandemic. I am asked to find another job or termination. But at this hard time finding a new job is very difficult also I need to take care of my mother ( treating ovarian cancer ) and my only daughter ( autistic ). After wasting lots of money trying to earn little money on the internet still struggling to make anything. I made a website with the help of one program but there is no traffic. The whole purpose was to earn money from Adsense. Since there is no traffic I am not earning anything. Can You please check my site and advise me.

  27. I currently work full time and overtime. I am making a different plan with Simple Sites. I am setting up Word Press on my Hubsite. I’m watching your videos and have a question about Themes. How do I come up with a theme if I don’t have one saved as a file? My goal is to get through your program, but this is where I am stuck. Thank You for your great videos and humor too!

  28. Hey Marcus, I’m fine. Just wanted to say I think you are set apart from the other gurus just because of this right here. You definitely give more info than most sell. Obviously, traffic is everyone’s biggest issue. Good luck with all this info. God bless you and yours. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  29. This is not an excuse just an update . I live in Lake Charles. La we have the  Pandemic,HadTropical Storm Marco, Hurricane Laura 150 mile winds, Hurricane DELTA 100 miles wind 17 inches of water. My house the roof was destroyed still water mold inside still not fixed. I lost 17 trees on my property, All of my personal property. Was on generator power for 4 weeks 1st hurricane over $3000 for generator gas. 2nd hurricane 1 week on  generator. We just got Internet back last week stays on 30 min off rest of day, Phone is still out had to use hot spot on Mobile you don’t  want to know the price of that. Still have over 8000 people with no homes to go too. I say that to say this. I may be a little late or a little slow with the info. But I made up my mind that nothing will stop me from taking that “Boot Camp” with Marcus I can always watch the replays. By the way I am 73 years old a disable veteran. I am here for awareness and for Marcus to mentor me so I can setup my MSI’s (multiple  sources of income) I treat winning and loosing the same. 1.Everything is just is  2. Harvest the good  3. Forgive the rest.

    G. Captain

  30. When I read some of these stories of how others are doing – I realize that I am really blessed. After a little more than 3 years we finally Sold our home of 51 years and 3 months. Lots of praying and searching – we found a home that fit our vision of downsizing, just for us, in the nick of time. That was the end of June. I have been busy since then, getting our belongings moved, getting rid of what we will not need at our new home and locating what we will need. Then the customizing, retrofitting, and changing plans to make it work. Many “interruptions” i.e. wedding, new birth great grandkids, Co-vid, etc., etc,. etc…Now I am finally read to start building my Affiliate ‘small business’, and the Holidays will Not stop me, maybe slow me down a bit, but not for long. I am looking to make major moves – producing major income and grow my new business.

  31. I lost my job in June. I just got two jobs I will be working simultaneously. I really need to make this affiliate marketing work for me.

  32. Am an student my family is telling me to go out and have some kind of job Marcus tell me what should I do??I blindly trust you ….

  33. Hey Marcus…just checking in …things are tight but I am aiming for one of your classes at some point…love your style👍

  34. Marcus thanks Im on online english teacher I have students from all over my teaching skills are i demand my students look for me I want to sell online english courses and have my own landing page and start selling my digital products online need hlp creating nading pages simple 1 page web sites to sell what ever products online about learning english

  35. I am setting aside at least an hour day some days more to go through tour training. I am familiar with affiliate marketing so this makes it easier for me to understand what you do and how to do it.
    Watched some great videos of yours with some real gems of ideas and implimentation.
    Really excited about working your recommendations and so far have learned lot on how to do proper research for niches and the trigger keywords are wonderful.
    Live recordings are difficult for me to attend as they are 3 in the morning for me and I work most of the day.
    Thank you Marcus.

  36. I Appreciate you Marcus for giving me this opportunity to know more about me.

    This year 2020 have been so tuff for me to the extend my mom even kicked the basket. She left 6 children on my step dad but fortunately, i was the only person working in the family, supporting my dad to take care of my younger and the oldest brothers and sister.

    I start a YouTube Channel if I may got the chance in monetizing it so that the hustle can resolve but nothing happened no traffic.

    Work doesn’t often come like the previous years that used to come so my end of salary too is not favouring me well cos have to send the small i have to support my brothers and sister.

    This year is really tight for me especially financially.
    Wishing you all a Marry Christmas 🎅 and a Happy New Year in Advance

  37. So sad to see so many stories of struggle. I wish you all breakthroughs in your learning and businesses. Like many I also have struggles, however, also like many I choose to dig in and keep fighting forward. I purchased the Simple Sites Course 12mths ago, but my laptop and internet could not cope – note, not the courses fault. I downloaded when i could get a great internet connection elsewhere and watched the course, but struggled to understand without the ability to put it to action. I have finally found a way upgrade my laptop and begun trying to treat this like a University degree, pretending I’m being given assignments. I MUST figure out how to make it work, if Marcus did it, so can we. If it were easy then it would cease to be an opportunity. Knuckling down and gritting my teeth – this MUST work !!!

  38. Well to start off I’ll just say that 2020 has not been my year. Although the beginning of the year for me was actually going kind of well, up until the beginning of Feb. I just recently turned 23yo at the beginning of Nov. and I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a place I’ve been most of my 23 years. But that had changed for the better last Sep. when I got the opportunity to move and get transferred to Phoenix, Arizona with my then girlfriend for my Marketing/Sales job. We got all everything and ourselves moved out there at the end of Aug. and things were going really well and could only see positive things coming my girlfriends and I way from that point, only if I had known that the whole world was going to change and throw all my plans and goals out the window in just a couple months from then. I was doing pretty well with transitioning to my new job and was getting along well with my new coworkers, but coming up to mid Feb. 2020, right before COVID was confirmed here in the states, I ended up getting super sick (come to find out later on this year that I was super sick because I had COVID) but since no one thought the virus was here in the states I chalked it up to a real bad cold so I kept going to work those 2 weeks cause I really needed the pay. But 2 and a half weeks after being sick Arizona was the first state to be confirmed with the virus. And by that point I had already spread the virus to multiple coworkers of mine and my manager had taken notice of that and without thinking or evaluating the situation decided to lay me off. He had told me that I wasn’t working up to par and that since I had only been there such a short time I’d be able to make the transition to find another job quickly. But I have yet been able to find another job since then. And I had to move back to Albuquerque because my grandfather isn’t doing well at all (not COVID related) and my grandmother needed some assistance to help take care of him. So I had moved back to ABQ around July and was really struggling to pay bills and have barely been able to afford my rent and half the time I make it by because my landloed has been letting me make my payments late, which he isn’t going to be doing anymore. And also while paying bills and rent I’m paying for my girlfriend at the time that I had been with for nearly a year come August, but I came to find out she had been cheating on me ever since we moved back to ABQ. That was a straight kick in the balls while I’m down, absolutely sucked and still trying to move on from it. So long story short I’m still in much need of financial support and also a job, if anyone is reading this and have gotten this far and would be gracious enough to help me out, we could come up with some sort of lending agreement if you’d like and would ensure you’d 100% get paid back, but anything at all honestly would help me out so much and would be more than grateful. You can contact me by or text me @ 505-917-6568. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you soon!

  39. Well Marcus, let’s just say that 2020 could have been better, but at least we’re all okay physically and mentally – it’s just the financial part that is being a real pain in the rear right now. At this time 3/5ths of my family have no actual income – so it could be worse. However, there are some bright notes – I am working on my affiliate marketing, got 2 websites and hosting (but started the one without hosting and that didn’t go well). Hosting was definitely a game changer, as you say. But, things are slow to start. I have made a couple small sales but nothing that would pay a bill yet. I’m working on my keywords and watching numerous videos that you’ve put out, saving my pennies to eventually get your SimpleSites program. I’ve also branched out and joined some other networks – started with just Clickbank and Digi but recently branched out and added CJ and JV. So, it’s getting there. This year has taught many of us that we cannot count on our jobs. We always knew your job could shut down at any time (mind you I was in the healthcare field) but never anticipated the governor controlling whether you could work or not and I live in a state with a tyrannical governor, so that doesn’t help, but it did push another couple of my family members to start their own businesses too, so we’re all working on advancing our skills in life and business, such as pretty sites don’t sell – hahaha. I want to thank you for all of your videos and I really wish I had found you earlier on in my affiliate marketing quest, like a year and a half ago would have been great before I wasted so much time on some of the others, but I’m taking the knowledge I got from them and blending it with what I’ve learned from you – (you’re videos are far better by the way) – and working my way slowly but surely at this time. So again, thank you. Know that you are helping people every day. Please keep teaching and sharing – it is definitely one of your callings. 🙂

  40. Gd Evening , Marcus . Thank for reaching out to me . I have a twin Sister name Call Suling . I grow up in Melrose Home Children’s Aid Society . But that story I put one side first . Jump forward to 2015 I went to a lot different types of events . I get to know Matt Lloyd fr TopTierBusiness / Vick-Strizheus fr FourPercent / Tecademics / Derek Gehl / Robert Kiyosaki / Tony Robbins / R3R Facial (Started fr Singapore now 18 country already) / Vincent Ortega plus his Wife & Parent or upsides down / ClickFunnel after that Russell Brunson / Erin Frost told me bout Online Sales Pro then Nowlifestyle after that Gregory Schmidt / Donalyn both of them r fr NLS / Gary-Vaynerchuk / Aaron-Szczotkewycz / I learned tried but failed so many times . Then I know Internations program and I signed up the Events since 2018 but I joined the event last year April . I have had learned Salsa Bachata Dance last year almost to intermediate level . And I was kicked out of the online Business group . And I tried ClickFunnel again bought Russell Brunson Books but I still stuck . I Around that time I went to Khoo Teck Puet Hospital because my side was painful . And I was hospitalized for 2 whole weeks . When I came out I don’t have … to eat anything . So I almost week didn’t eat anything . But I want to thanks god for blessings TikTok Christian Friends mostly fr USA . To pray for me . But I Let of Financial freedom , Marcus . And also guardians . I also tried ClickFunnel Platinum level but I don’t have money not working I don’t know what to do now . My story is so Long . My purpose in life is 2 most important thing in my life is be financially free so I can help a lot of people and 2ndly I bring people to Christ . Because bible says he coming back to bring his elect the one who is faithful to our lord if not my lord . I want a domain name because I want to be like so many of the mentor I know so far . Please help me I still seeking help fast so they won’t asked me to go back to 9-5 jobs again .

  41. Marcus , Can I put the ClickFunnel Affiliate link in here ? I don’t have domain name . Or only domain name is allowed here ?

  42. Hello Marcus, KaRan here. I am a stay-at-home mom soon to be divorced. One of my children has special needs, so working outside of the house is a no no. I am a breast cancer survivor, even if it did leave me a little worse for where, but I am still here! I have tried and failed with online work for the past 20 years. But after listening to you (through YouTube) for a while now, I finally decided that you were worth the risk. So when I finally got a child support check, I put the entire thing into your programs. Due to my terrible tech skills and not so good memory, I know I am slow on the uptake but I still feel like I am on the right track. Of course I have yet to make any money that being said I am still in the beginning stage. Like everyone else I am trying to put one foot in front of the other so here I am trying hard and praying for a wonderful outcome. I have to say thank you to Tina for her patience with my emails 🙂 and I know you have a lot of us to get to so I am patiently waiting my turn impatiently 🙂 thank you and when I do finally get to the point where I am making at least a decent living I know that my story will be useful to others, and just to mention that I am also on public assistance which I really, Really, REALLY hate! I really can’t wait to get off of public assistance that will be my first brag. So I say thank you for not being a scam artist and for being a pretty darn good teacher. God bless all and we should hang in there because it’s not over until it’s over..

  43. I’m Beatrice it started off in January 1, 2020 with
    loosing my vision from detachment in both eyes had surgery. So I’m working now as a contractor needing more surgeries on the left eye. However, went online and started looking at affiliate marketing one night it has difficult with adjusting my vision. But I’m doing a lot better don’t like to complain…I really just want to work and get my credit a little higher any suggestions.

  44. Hi Marcus, thank you for asking about how I am doing:-) I have been following you since 2017 and am aiming to follow your teaching and guidance on some sites that I already have running. Basically my problem is overwhelm and there just arent enough hours in the day to do all the things I have on my to do list. The problem has been exacerbated since the Covid pandemic started, but essentially I need to get my sites monetised and generating income for me, so the pandemic has just focussed my mind on doing just that, whereas up until April, I had a job which was occupying part of my time, so looking on the bright side, I have more time to achieve my objectives:-) cheers Alan

  45. Hi Marcus (and all who read this), this year has been… difficult and eventful.

    I’ve had plenty of good but also some bad. In July, I married my awesome husband and I moved from a small town to a bustling city. My husband takes care of me and is the sweetest man I’ve ever met. We’ve had food to eat, I’ve been able to work from home (I’m a web developer), and I get to see my husband every day. I am truly blessed. But you can’t have all good, all the time though right?

    I spent several weeks sick with bronchitis then after I got better the pandemic started and we were under a lockdown. At my wedding, while setting up, I sprained my ankle and had trouble walking for few weeks. I had a crazy neighbor to deal with for a couple months before I moved. So all that sucked.

    Then a couple of months ago my husband got word from his employer that they overpaid him and they started taking his entire paycheck until the new year. They refuse to give him more hours and would not negotiate – it was only pay it in full or they would take all his paychecks. Then shortly after that happened, my primary client that has been paying me for web development work suddenly lost funding and hasn’t been able to make the payments anymore.

    We suddenly went from being fine to struggling to stay afloat. My husband has savings which we’ve been living off of but it won’t last forever. I’ve been scrambling to come up with a new steady source of income to replace what I’ve lost. It’s been immensely stressful.

    My attempts at affiliate marketing have not gone well so far, despite everything. I think one of the biggest issues I have is not consistently spending enough time on them and trying to do too many things at the same time. I’m working on changing that though..

    I specialize in graphics and web development. I can build themes and plugins for WordPress and I have some that I am working on when I have the time to.

    I produced my first ebook (with a little help from some articles I bought off ebay) about websites and I’ve had some people download it after I made a post on Facebook and left some comments with links to it. To get it, people have to join my mailing list.

    I plan to create more ebooks and other resources, but everything takes time. I found a neat pdf creator the other day, it’s called Designrr. It should help me do it faster.

    I also plan to start doing free training on web development related topics, I’ll probably livestream it on YouTube. I have found some people who are interested in it and want to be notified when I start it. The training will point to affiliate programs as well as my own offers.

    I know how to monetize this, thanks to you, and so I’m pretty confident it will work, but it may take time – something that I don’t really have at the moment – and I have no idea how much or when I would actually get money from it. But thanks to your video from Black Friday, I came up with a strategy that I am actively working on.

    Instead of advertising online to just anybody, I’m targeting specific businesses that are local. I’ve also applied for a business grant being offered by the city I live in. Not only can I help out the local businesses, I can also potentially be given money through a grant to help me do so. By helping local businesses, maybe they can stay open and people can keep their jobs. It’s like a win-win for everyone.

    Oh, I’ve also started exploring print-on-demand services – some things I have equipment to produce myself, but most will be through different companies I’ve created accounts with. I haven’t had any sales and not much interest in it yet – but I haven’t had a chance to really advertise it yet or create enough products to fill up stores or draw enough interest.

    Creating the designs and setting it all up takes time and I can’t afford to outsource these tasks right now. I’m not sure if you have done anything with print-on-demand services like printful, printify, redbubble, or things like that, but I’d like to know what your thoughts are on them. I also have a wholesale printer that I can use as well but I can’t directly integrate it with my site, they only connect with shopify, but their prices are way lower so there’s a much higher profit margin. I paid like $14 for 500 business cards (that’s with shipping) for example – they typically sell for at least $30 plus the cost of shipping. They have shirts, mugs, hoodies, etc. as well that they sell, so I’m looking into that as well.

    Anyway, I would like to thank you Marcus for all the training you do and all your helpful content. It is really awesome and greatly appreciated.

  46. Hello, Marcus and everyone else.
    I’ve been following your content for a few years now.
    I’ve been very fortunate during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    I don’t know anyone that’s gotten sick, my dad didn’t lose his job, and I haven’t lost my insurance or place to live.
    I’ve been having physical problems, though.
    My hip has been bad since last year, and now it hurts again.
    I want to go to the doctor, but I’m scared because of COVID.

    I don’t know if I should tell you my life story or not, but here’s the short version.
    I’m unemployed, and I live with my parents.
    I’ve recently started making money freelancing online.
    I was making a lot more before the pandemic, but after the COVID-19 hit, I lost so much work.
    I’m lucky if I make over $100 in a month.
    Since I’m living with my parents, I don’t have bills to pay.

    I wanted to buy your High Ticket Niche program at some point.
    But I’m new to self-employment, so I don’t understand how taxes work yet.
    I was going to wait until I get my taxes done for next year and then buy the HTN program (unless the price goes up).
    I want to have some extra money to pay for stuff like ads, hosting, and outsourcing stuff.

    Thanks for reading this, everyone who did.
    I hope you all stay safe during the pandemic.
    And if it affected you terribly, I hope it doesn’t get worse and things get better for you.
    I really appreciate everything you do Marcus.

  47. Good morning Marcus:
    This has been a crazy year to say the least. I have been a really crazy person, so much info overload. I don’t do well until I understand the program and am in Simple Sites learning and listening to you. I have spent hours trying to download The Tool Bar to no avail and getting into Google Keywords Planner until Tina explained several days ago that they are not working at the present time. I think I have good l research information on my Niche, but have not been able to search the info that I need from Google searches. I am going to sign up with Ahrefs today and try working that way. Please hang in with me, Going to Bluehost now to enter info there as I can. See you at noon {our time}.

  48. I know my response is late but I have breast cancer and just finished radiation therapy and I wasn’t checking my email promptly.
    It has been a really hard year medically as my husband was in the hospital several times.

    We live only on social security. I have been watching your videos and learning a lot. I understand how affiliate marketing, seo and simple websites could work. Of course, much more to learn.

    I really want to sign up for your simple sites but I can’t afford to until I am able to make some money.
    I have made copious notes on many of your lessons and I will be going thru them now that I am better and implementing some of the methods and hopefully start making some money.

  49. I bought the high ticket niche and simple sites, but I’m so blind , I don’t know how to go on live for my niche. I can’t move on from there, I thought it was easy after having it all done but man, I can’t make it work.
    Hope everyone out there despite our struggles will have a great Christmas! Thank you Marcus.

  50. Hey Marcus, really enjoy your content.
    I’m new to affiliate marketing, yet to make any money but I have a long-term dream
    and that is to free myself from ‘working-for-the-man’. Money is a bit tight at the moment
    so I can’t really afford to purchase courses etc. I have several sites up for various affiliate offers
    They are I don’t have a web host because I tried with and was totally confused as to how to set it up. So at the moment I’m just driving traffic to them, along with blogs, YT content, FB, FB ads and Google Ads. Have today just signed up to Max Bounty and a local CPA affiliate as I want to give CPA a crack. Thanks Marcus

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