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9 thoughts on “Simple Sites Big Profits 2023 Is Here”

  1. Marcus, I have been wanting to take this on but only if I finished what I started. I would get bogged down with content, trying to build content with offers, write text, optimize pages with the right keywords. I sat in on your amazing webinars showing how you build simple sites that produce revenue but I have never been able to duplicate your efforts. This time I will pay for your coaching. I would like to promote affiliate offers that come with the content for services or products such as personal improvement books or fitness products.

  2. Hello coach, I want to sign up for your mentoring, the last time I checked I saw $77 for the month, hope is still available. Love your simple way of doing things without those outlandish display of wealth..
    Hope I can still be your student.

  3. I would in fact like to do this.

    I am afraid of paying and getting left behind. This would have to be a “For Sure” relationship.

    Not sure if you guys can or could guarantee that?

    We could Chat more?

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