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Wedding Checklist:

  • Affiliate programs: Wedding loans, bridal gown retailers, venue bookings, wedding planners.
  • High-paying AdSense keywords: “Luxury wedding venues”, “Designer bridal gowns”, “Exclusive wedding planners”.

Camping Checklist:

  • Affiliate programs: Outdoor equipment retailers, camping gear subscriptions.
  • High-paying AdSense keywords: “Premium camping gear”, “Guided wilderness tours”, “Eco-friendly camping equipment”.

Hospital Bag Checklist:

  • Affiliate programs: Maternity wear, newborn essentials.
  • High-paying AdSense keywords: “High-end maternity wear”, “Organic baby products”, “Newborn care essentials”.

Moving Checklist:

  • Affiliate programs: Moving services, home organization products.
  • High-paying AdSense keywords: “Long distance moving companies”, “Professional organizers”, “Premium moving services”.

Backpacking Checklist:

  • Affiliate programs: Trail guides, backpacking gear retailers.
  • High-paying AdSense keywords: “Lightweight backpacking tents”, “Trail navigation systems”, “Backpacking insurance”.

Checklist Template:

  • Affiliate programs: Productivity app subscriptions, office supply stores.
  • High-paying AdSense keywords: “Custom checklist apps”, “Business organization tools”, “Efficiency software”.

Baby Registry Checklist:

  • Affiliate programs: Baby product retailers, infant clothing stores.
  • High-paying AdSense keywords: “Designer baby clothes”, “Smart baby monitors”, “Organic infant formula”.

Travel Checklist:

  • Affiliate programs: Luggage manufacturers, travel agencies.
  • High-paying AdSense keywords: “Luxury travel accessories”, “International travel insurance”, “Exclusive tour packages”.

College Dorm Checklist:

  • Affiliate programs: College textbook retailers, dorm room furniture suppliers.
  • High-paying AdSense keywords: “Dorm room space savers”, “Discount college textbooks”, “Student loan refinancing”.

First Apartment Checklist:

  • Affiliate programs: Furniture retailers, home essentials subscriptions.
  • High-paying AdSense keywords: “Modern furniture deals”, “First-time homeowner discounts”, “Apartment security systems”.

Spring Cleaning Checklist:

  • Affiliate programs: Cleaning supply companies, professional cleaning services.
  • High-paying AdSense keywords: “Eco-friendly cleaning products”, “Professional home organizers”, “Allergy-free cleaning supplies”.

Real ID Checklist:

  • Affiliate programs: Document preparation services, identity theft protection services.
  • High-paying AdSense keywords: “Document security services”, “ID theft protection”, “Legal document assistance”.

SEO Checklist:

  • Affiliate programs: SEO tool subscriptions, web hosting services.
  • High-paying AdSense keywords: “Advanced SEO strategies”, “Web traffic analytics”, “Search engine optimization consultants”.

Cleaning Checklist:

  • Affiliate programs: Eco-friendly cleaning products, home cleaning service companies.
  • High-paying AdSense keywords: “Green cleaning services”, “Home disinfection services”, “Cleaning efficiency tools”.

Elden Ring Checklist:

  • Affiliate programs: Gaming equipment retailers, strategy guide publishers.
  • High-paying AdSense keywords: “Next-gen gaming consoles”, “Exclusive game content”, “Professional gaming gear”.

2023 Topps Series 1 Checklist:

  • Affiliate programs: Sports memorabilia retailers, card protective supplies.
  • High-paying AdSense keywords: “Rare collectible cards”, “Sports memorabilia insurance”, “Collectible card grading”.

New Puppy Checklist:

  • Affiliate programs: Pet food subscriptions, pet insurance.
  • High-paying AdSense keywords: “Premium puppy food”, “Comprehensive pet insurance”, “Puppy training classes”.

International Travel Checklist:

  • Affiliate programs: Passport services, international SIM cards.
  • High-paying AdSense keywords: “Global travel plans”, “Emergency travel services”, “Luxury travel concierge”.

Home Inspection Checklist:

  • Affiliate programs: Home inspection services, real estate agent services.
  • High-paying AdSense keywords: “Certified home inspectors”, “Real estate investment analysis”, “Home appraisal services”.

Onboarding Checklist:

  • Affiliate programs: Corporate training programs, employee management software.
  • High-paying AdSense keywords: “Employee onboarding software”, “Professional development workshops”, “Corporate training solutions”.

Kindergarten Readiness Checklist:

  • Affiliate programs: Early learning toys, educational apps.
  • High-paying AdSense keywords: “Child educational programs”, “Early childhood development tools”, “Private kindergarten admissions”.

Vacation Checklist:

  • Affiliate programs: Travel insurance, gear for various climates and activities.
  • High-paying AdSense keywords: “Exclusive vacation resorts”, “Private tour guides”, “Luxury vacation packages”.

4 thoughts on “Simple Ai Side Hustle – $300 A Day”

  1. Such sweet, little nuggets of knowledge. Structure is amazing! Soaking it in, brother. Soaking it in.

  2. I paid for the masterclass last October 2023 and wrote several times beg beg beg
    to get the notes & if possible, the replay.

    And I got no notes & not one single reply… ever!
    That means that there is not one person on support duty.

    I always amaze that very successful & $M dollar enterprises that do not have very good responsive
    customer service coverage; at least from Monday to Friday.

    I.m out for that coming webinar.

    1. well im not sure who you contacted but there are no support tickets open or live chats you have started where you beg beg beged… so you might have been using the wrong support site. were you unable to see the “live chat” link on all of our websites and did you not see the support link on your order?

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