Shiny Object Syndrome – Make Money Online

Shiny Object Syndrome – How To Make Money Online In 2020

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The main problem when people try to make money online is that they are neither deliberate nor consistent.

We have all heard the story of the tortoise and the hare.

Where the tortoise starts out to win the race deliberate, steady, and consistent.

He may not be the best fastest racer out there… and clearly the hare can beat him if he really tried.

But he keeps on going anyway… because he knows he will get to the finish line.

The hare on the other hand gets distracted easily.

He suffers from what we call in marketing… the shiny object syndrome.

So he starts out to run the race not really focusing on a proper direction.

He is just kinda flying by the seat of his pants not really committed to any one thing.

His confidence is super high and he says – oh well that ole tortoise can never win… look how slow he is… look how tired he looks.

And the hare starts off running… but quickly gets distracted by anything in his way… an interesting new path, something to eat, something on the ground that captures his eye.

The tortoise has his goal… and his goal is to reach the finish line.  He does not waver… he does not get distracted.  He is super laser focused on where he wants to be at the end of the race.

And maybe when it comes to making money online you are a little bit more like the hare than you would care to admit.

Everything seems new and shiny and right… and it feels like eventually you will find the one thing you have been missing… the one thing that will take you where you want to go.

But you have no real focus, you have no real direction, and because of this you have no consistency.

You struggle and fight and get frustrated and feel like giving up.

You look at things like facebook ads, or amazon, or dropshipping, and oh yea theres clickfunnels, and clickbank, and youtube, and blogging, and whatever new thing comes in your email box for that day.

And all these things look and sound really really good… and you might signup for a few things.

You might even set a few things up.

But if you are really honest with yourself… you have no deliberate direction.

You see the funny thing about this online marketing stuff is that everything works!

You could do dropshipping… ive done that and it works.

You could start a blog… those work too… thousands of people are making money with those.

You can even do clickbank, or clickfunnels, or whatever other click is out there.

And those all work and you can make money with all of them.

But you are distracted… you are unfocused.

And you have no direction… so you are hung up on ideas, concepts, opportunities… and you never really pick a solid direction… a solid starting point and a solid goal.

Oh sure you may say, marcus I have a goal… I want to make $100,000 a year.

But do you really have a goal… or a pipe dream.

Meanwhile the tortoise is still going… he has a goal, he knows what the track looks like, he knows that if he sets out to do just one or two things each day to get to his goal… hes gonna reach it.

And its very important to realize that the tortoise knew his starting point and end point.

Some “hares” of internet marketing think they have a start point.

They think starting points are with a course or a tactic or an opportunity.

These are not starting points… these are ideas… and no matter how many ideas you have… ideas are not a business and ideas are a dime a dozen.

You see everyone has an idea.  Like your uncle who has crazy ideas every year and says we should make this or we should make that… and you go… ohhh good idea… that’s a million dollar idea.

But you don’t realize that there are no million dollar ideas because ideas do not make anything.

Implementation makes money… deliberate focus, deliberate action everyday makes money

These are the things the hare focuses on… and he jumps and hops and gets excited about the new idea and the latest greatest tool or course or tactic.

But he never sticks with one long enough to make any headway.

And he wonders why “nothing is working”

And he wonders why “everyone else is getting results”

And he gets discouraged.

But the tortoise sets out and says… hey maybe those tactics will be good… but only when I get to where I need them… maybe those ideas are cool… but how do they fit in with my current plan.

The tortoise has a current plan.

He knows… if I have this plan and I do something every day I can get where I want to go.

He knows that if he has a solid niche market… he can make a blog post or a video or an article every day… and at the end of the year he can have 365 of those working for him.

And he knows that if each of the 365 things he did get just 10 visitors a day or 10 views or whatever it is… he will now be getting 3,650 people a day to view his content.

And he knows even if he sucks at selling and didn’t go thru the great 10x guru course or the high ticket closer course… he can still probably get 1% of his visitors to buy something.

And if 1% of his visitors but something and he gets 3650 visitors a day… well then he can get 36.5 sales per day… and if each sale only makes him $10… he can make $365.00 a day.

And now he is at $10,000 a month or $100,000 a year with a pretty simple deliberate plan.

He also knows that once he gets those visitors which is not hard to do.

He can always improve… if one piece gets a more traffic he can tweak it a little and make it better and maybe get 2 or 3 percent to buy… and that little increase can be the difference between making $365 a day and maybe $1,000 a day.

Ive been doing this 20 years and I see this happen all the time.

But it never happens to the hare… because he never focuses, he never sits down and says this is the direction I am taking.

He says… oh im going seo, or dropshipping, or youtube…

But he never says… THIS IS MY NICHE.

Because if he is gonna do dropshipping… what is he gonna drop ship?

If hes doing seo? What keywords and market is he going for?

If hes doing paid traffic… what are the niches he’s going to dominate?

And at the end of the year he looks at all the started projects he did, and all the courses he bought, and he wonders why lame ole tortoise who isn’t as fast as him is getting results.

What the hell!

But he fails to see that the tortoise understands something very simple and life changing.

The tortoise know that little gains over time add up to BIG gains!

He knows if he wants to lose weight… the key is not to try every diet under the sun… because more often than not… they all pretty much work.

He knows… hey if I workout 10 minutes 20 minutes or 30 minutes a day… and cut out a few things from my diet… I can lose weight and not be a fat turtle.

And he celebrates the small wins… like his first lost pound or his first 10 pounds or whatever it is.

Not because 1 pound or 10 pounds is a big deal… but because he knows if he can lose 1 he can lose 50 and if he can make $1 he can make $100,000.

Its all a simple math problem.

But we don’t like math and we don’t like small results.

We are like the hare and we want it now… we want money fast and quick and we want to be skinny and we want to be happy right now.

And we neglect the actual “STUFF” it takes to get there.

And we don’t realize that the tortoise isn’t doing anything mind boggling, hes not moving mountains and trying to reach the moon.

He’s just doing one deliberate thing each day to reach his goal.

The same goal he set out to do in the beginning.

So as this new year approaches… you have to ask yourself… where would I be right now if I started out jan 1, 2019 with a goal to focus on a few things each day to make money.

Well I can tell you from what I have seen you would be way ahead of where you are now.

Like someone I am listening to recently… adam… he started out with nothing in 2019 and now has a site producing 30K a month or more with free traffic.

Or lots of youtube friends I met that are now making a killing with little videos… they just started and grew and started and grew and revised and revamped.

And you look at them and say why cant I have that.

You can… but you have to be willing to put your feelings aside.

What if I fail… failure is not an option for the tortoise.

What if it doesn’t work perfect and my first content flops… you learn and grow and tweak.

What if what if what if…

But what If it does? What if you have a plan so solid… that if you follow it – IT WILL WORK.

Sure… there may be some rocks in the road… and the tortoise will go around them.

The hare will run into them and bump his foot and cry and say… oh no this running stuff doesn’t work.

and that is what 2020 is about… FOCUS… DELIBERATE ACTION.

Putting aside the quick fix and the shiny objects and focusing on what really works.

And if you want to join me on a special Affiliate Marketing 2020 Action Plan Training… check out and signup for our special action plan call… it is going to be a special get you focused training so you can be like the tortoise and focus on deliberate action.

At the end of the call you will know what you need to do to get where you want to go.

Its not hard, its not crazy technical, its actually very simple and straight forward.

The question is… are you going to be the tortoise… or the hare?

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