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How To Become An SEO Content Machine For Fast Rankings

There’s a lot of misconceptions when it comes to how long it takes to rank a brand new website in Google.

I’ve heard that most people say it takes between six and nine months for you to even start to show up and get meaningful rankings.

But I don’t think that’s the truth. Today we are going to break down how the ranking works on Google and other search engines.

We’re going to show you how it works with a new domain.

And we’re also going to show you some booster’s that you can use right now to get ranked literally within a few hours or less.

Now you’re going to see that most people out there are saying that there’s a six to nine month waiting period before you even see rankings.

However, I’ve seen some of my sites get picked up in a couple of hours and we’re going to show you how that works as well. Now, the thing to remember is that when you have a new domain or new Web site, Google doesn’t know exist. So you have your Web site out here and Google has no idea you exist right here to Google here will put a big G. There’s our G. Pardon the chalkboard sound.

Now, when we have our site here, we have to get Google to know that it exists naturally by the nature of the way, Web hosting and blogging and everything works. Your new site is probably going to get indexed in Google in about 30 days or less, even if you do nothing.

Yes. This is not like the old days when we had to submit our sites and wait six months. This is the new time where they’re going to pick you up automatically. Google has an automatic crawler that’s out there looking for new Web sites all the time. So what we have to do is get in front of them. Now, again, if you do absolutely nothing, your site will get indexed in Google within like 30 days or less. Now, we’ve got to differentiate the difference between indexing and ranking. Indexing simply means that Google knows your website exists.

This doesn’t get it any rankings. It doesn’t show up for any keywords. It simply knows it exists and that’s it. Ranking, on the other hand, is when Google starts to rank you for various keyword terms, like you can see here on this screenshot that we rank for various terms in Google and we get traffic every day from those terms. That’s a ranking. If you had an index or you would have to do to see if your site shows up is go to Google, type in site colon, put in your domain name without use or https or anything, just like this hit search and you’ll see if your site shows up. You can see mine here shows up and has hundreds of different results in Google.

If I was to search for a brand new domain name that I just purchased, you could see here this one doesn’t have any results in Google. So it has not been indexed yet. And of course, when it starts to rank, you’ll be able to type in your keyword and see it show up at the top of Google or somewhere in Google. You can also use keyword tools like a graphs or the Uber suggest tool to find out exactly where you rank for what and how it’s looking.

Now, I know that’s a lot of information. So if you want a cheat sheet on how to do this, go to downloadmynote.com, you’ll get a cheat sheet of how all this works, including the boosters that we’re going to go over in just a minute. Now, it’s important to notice that when you’re ranking or trying to get a new site ranked in Google, your keyword is everything. If you have a keyword with very little competition, you can rank a new site fairly quickly for these types of keywords just simply by having content related to the keyword.

Make your title the keyword and it’ll start to show up. Now again, remember, this isn’t a guarantee, but it is going to give you a good shot by having a lower competition keyword and ninety nine percent of the times when I see people trying to rank their site, they’re going for the wrong keyword, which means they’re never going to show up. Make sure you subscribe and check out my other videos on keyword research. We talk about this all the time. Now, what we need to do is we need to take a look at this and see if there’s ways to jump start our ranking.

So the first most important thing you need to do is find those keywords that people are looking up for your niche instead of going for something like radiator reviews. Why not go for the actual product? No, that’s a lot less competitive. Instead of going for something like affiliate marketing, maybe you could go for something like how to post ads on the free ad forum, or you could go for something like how to build a mailing list or what CPA offers are the best.

And you can find keywords that are not that competitive and you can get just as valuable traffic with a new site instead of trying to get everything all at once and getting frustrated when you don’t rank. So now we know that Google is going to pick us up automatically within 30 days, usually, sometimes a little bit longer, sometimes quite a bit shorter. But how are the ways that we can get picked up and actually improve our rankings without having to wait six to nine months? This is where the boosters come into play. Search engine boosters are where you could go and you can post a link to your site and get picked up instantly. This is a tactic I learned back in twenty three by accident when I actually saved up some money and put an ad on the click bank login page.

I thought if I could be on the click bank login page, hey, I could probably get some sales. And in order to track the sales coming from that page, I decided to register a brand new domain name. Put it up and see what happened, and without even trying, this new domain was picked up in Google in less than twenty four hours and it even started ranking for keywords in that time as well.

And it’s important that we know how this works. You have Google here and you have some websites that Google already knows exists. So we got like Click Bank, you got CNN, you got medium dotcom and all these other Web sites that Google already knows exists and put some stock in saying, hey, these are pretty powerful sites.

Think about it for a minute. If you had one direct link from the CNN homepage linking to your site and your site was about where to watch the news, the chances of you ranking for high competition keywords is going to go up exponentially because Google already trust CNN and other news websites. So if they point to you, Google is going to say, hey, this guy’s got something to say, let’s put him at the top of the rankings.

And again, remember, it’s not guaranteed. It doesn’t work for every keyword. But if you do this right, by focusing on the right keyword and focusing on the right booster, you can start to get results super fast. And obviously, CNN isn’t just handing out links from their home page. So we got to go out there and find sites that are going to throw us a bone and some of the best ways that I’ve found to boost my site, get it picked up in Google fast and also go through and start to get rankings are medium.com.

You could simply go to medium and post based on the keyword. That’s a little bit more competitive than the one you want. You can start to get links back to your site. You simply put your site in the description of whatever you’re writing on medium and you’re ready to go. And since Google knows that medium already exist, they ranked these super fast. Just take a look at this screenshot here where the medium rankings have just started pouring in in less than a few hours. You can also jump start your site with press releases. A press release is a great way to let Google know you exist and let you know that you’re trying to get ranked and out there.

Now, the press release links aren’t going to be as valuable, but there’s going to be a lot of quantity of them. And if you go for the right keyword, you could start to rank extremely fast. You can also post a YouTube video and simply link to your new blog post or your new website. In the description of that video, you could go to forums.

Forums are a great place where you can talk about your market, talk about your website and actually have a link to your website in the footer. That way, every comment you put on a post on a forum is going to link back to your site. And if that forum is about what your topic that you want to rank for is jackpot, you’re going to do really well. And again, remember, do this with the low hanging fruit, the easy keywords first and then go for the bigger keywords after your site has been around a while.

This will help you get traffic and results pretty fast. That way you don’t have to wait the six to nine months and hope that you get ranking. You’re actually proactively going out there trying to get rankings. Another thing you can do is guess post. A lot of blogs will allow you to guest post, that means you post on behalf of that blog, on their blog, and when you do that, you want that blog to rank for your keyword. So if I was going out there and I was trying to rank a site about like a condition, I would probably go to a medical blog, do a guest post about that foot condition and then link back to my site. And Google is going to say, hey, medical blog is popular. This new site must have something to offer, otherwise they wouldn’t put it on there. And this could start to boost and grow your site extremely fast.

Another little known method you can use is actually doing paid advertising by advertising on the search engines. Google is going to index you a lot faster. Now, this probably won’t have much bearing on your search engine rankings, but it will get you indexed a lot quicker.

You can also do what’s known as back linking. Which I actually hate doing because it’s time consuming and kind of a pain in the butt, but you can go out there and find back links from different blogs and things like that, the best way to do that is to go through and use your booster methods, because let’s face it, if you have an article on medium well, that’s a back link if you have a press release. Well, those are back links. If you have a YouTube video, a forum post, it’s all back links. And if you do this right, you can start to show up really, really quickly.

And again, remember, your keyword is everything. If you focus on the wrong keywords, you are going to get frustrated and think that search engine marketing doesn’t work. I’ve been doing this for over twenty one years and I’ve found that the number one problem people have is going for the wrong keyword. They try to get these keywords that have thousands and thousands of searches a month that other big sites have already dominated on. Let’s face it, you’re not going to compete with the big site, but can you get a bunch of keywords that add up to the same amount of traffic if you do the research? Yes, you can. And if you do the booster method, this is going to be a lot more powerful and get you a lot more bang for your buck or your time, as it were.

So if you want to rank on Google, use this as a guide, check out, downloadmynotes.com for a printout of how to make this work and the boosters and everything like that.

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