Profit 2018 Welcome

thank you for your interest in marcus profit 2018 class.

we are still deciding on several issues… how many people will be accepted, price points and total length of course ect.

if you are super serious about joining… locate the “live chat” link at the bottom of this page and talk to us live or put in a ticket at

thanks and here is to a profitable 2018 🙂


28 thoughts on “Profit 2018 Welcome”

  1. I guess my question is how comprehensive are your courses? I have looked at the simple site plan, and the top niche and i’m teetering between them. I see this 2018 and came in at the end of the live stream I’m wondering what the offer is here.

  2. Marcus, I am admired by your lectures which are filled with logical money making ideas.But by this time I lost lot of money in trying to make money via internet marketing.At last I have a last hope that your mentoring would help me…..Most of all how much will it cost….Will you have a payment plan and if yes will I be able to pay you while I earn… Thank you very much. Cheers!

  3. I am ready I have hub site on Blue Host and site running off it.

    I have been using content and Organic traffic and some Facebook ads.


  4. Marcus, I have watched several of your YouTube presentations and I can see that you obviously have a lot of knowledge when it comes to internet marketing. I am ready to take my knowledge further and I am ready to make this work! Pick me.

  5. There are super affiliates like Marcus and super newbies .. like me ..! This void can only be filled by knowledge and I am ready to learn!

  6. I was on the webinar this morning. Ungodly time, 7am for me. But it was important enough to set my alarm to get up early. I have “High Ticket Niches” but still not getting where I need to go. I believe this is the way to go but I need more help. I am 70 yrs old and need more money to properly enjoy me retirement. Please can you help?


  8. Live chat is offline. Yes I’m interested. I have to have more time with my family. I am not averse to work, as I spend 12-14 hrs daily as a sales mgr at a Nissan dealership. I just want to be home with my family.

  9. Hey Marcus, I’m very serious about joining this class. I’m an expat living in Germany and don’t speak enough German to get a good paying job hear. In addition, I’m 57 years old, so my choices are very limited. I’m putting my money on this to be my retirement fund.

  10. Marcus,

    I am interested in Profit2018. I am a Simple Sites member and I want to make the jump to the next level. I have been a Pharmaceutical Rep for a Big Pharma company for the lat 18 years and I am ready to leave Corporate America and become a Internet Marketer.

  11. Marcus ,ive been doing my research on affliliate marketing for the last year, even spent money i
    didnt have only to gett rippped off, it can get so overwhelminng if you dont have the support of a good instructor to teach and guide you along the way i have a passion for this and i see it in you everyday this is why your so good at what you do, marcus, i want a better life for me and my daughter in 2018

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