31 press release web sites + seo tips


1. Free-press-release.com DEFUNCT

Price: has four different plans costing between $0 to $399

Traffic:889K visits per month

Top Keywords: free press release, free press release, and Gardasil commercial actor

The free press release site is one of the first and most popular sites that assures the users of greater performance. It offers a wide range of plans with more features to enhance your off-page SEO. The website accepts various press releases from different industries and businesses.

2. Businesswire.com ****

Price: free version

Traffic: 112k visits per month

Top keywords: yahoo mail, tractor supply, business wire, deep freezer Applebees, great clips, public storage, oculus

Businesswire.com is one of the leading press releases offering the best results when having a regional target. You can also use it to get SEO and IR services.

3. Onlineprnews.com

Price: has various plans, with the basic being and the premium goes for $349

Traffic: 236k visitors each month

Top keywords: online pr, online pr news, online pr media, Michael Lofthouse now, press release syndication.

It’s one of the most cost-effective press releases with plans to suit your business needs. You can choose the appropriate plan to distribute the different media properly.

4. Marketwire.com

Price: offer a free version

Traffic: 100k viewers per month

Top Keywords: snell grove lake, Jim beam global innovation center, juvent vibration plate, and USD/DMT.

Marketwire is one of the global websites providing press release distribution and other services like analytics and social media monitoring.

5. Pr.com

Price: Different plans ranging from $0 to $349

Traffic: 112k users per month

Top Keywords: pr, choice home warranty awards, chad price maco medical, and m partners hamilton

It’s the website you can consider to reach your target viewers online or through traditional media. The different plants will help you get the appropriate one to boost your venture and gain market exposure.

6. 1888pressrelease.com

Price: offers six different plans ranging from $0 to $249

Traffic: 100k visitors per month

Top Keywords: jurllyshe, small laude, Gretchen barre, junobaby, Mulholland Harley Davidson, and rtpos bdi

The sites provide services that cover a huge network of options, including RSS feeds and blogs. It has a flexible plan allowing you to choose from the six available options to enhance your SEO.

7. 24-7pressrelease.com

Price: four different pricing plans from $49 to $389

Traffic: 457k visitors per month

Top keywords: Trails Carolina horror stories, scrapp Deleon, press release, and Mary Lemanski

It’s one of the top sites offering press release services on various networks, including blogs and search engines. You choose your preferred pricing plan to enjoy services like media visibility.

8. I-newswire.com

Price: three different plans ranging from $47 to $197 monthly

Traffic:112k visitors per month

Top keywords: press release, i-newswire.com

Experts recommend this option as the best choice for increasing traffic and visibility to your site. The sites with numerous organizations help them achieve the off-page SEO needs.

9. Expresspressrelease.com

Price: Free version

Traffic: 1 million visitors per month

Top keywords: you strip, express press release, pay pal, smart broker pro, and foremost furniture.

The express press release is a top site allowing submission of releases in various categories, including financial, chemical, management, accounting, etc. Since its launch in 2014, the website has had a record 1 million visitors monthly.

10. Freepressindex.com

Price: Offer the simple plan at $15 and the diamond plan at $100.

Traffic: 1.7K visitors per month

Top keywords: how to act high over text and free press index

It’s one of the top and unique sites allowing users to choose the plans to submit the presses to their target populations. You choose the plan that suits your needs and SEO growth.

11. Pressreleasepoint.com

Price: free variations

Traffic: 100k visitors monthly

Top keywords: mto news, dcf Kansas, Taylor warren named 2023, article websites, and free article website

The press release point offers various features allowing you to release approximately 50 website releases and 100 online publications.

12. Prurgent.com

Price: free

Traffic: approximately 100k per month

Top keywords: prurgenent, orcas rant and rave, jersey show twin, erica Taltos and Brittany Taltos

Besides being free, this site provides various sample releases, writing tips, and how to create and post the tips. This site also partners with two search engines to produce the best SEO results.

13. openpr.com

Price: free

Traffic: 100k members

Top keywords: press release and open pr

Open RR offers free resources or options when looking for the best alternative to enhance your online visibility. Since its launch in 2004, the site claims to have attracted approximately 100000 members or users.

14. Prinside.com

Price: free

Traffic: 112k users per month

Top keywords: check freezer black Friday, gaming chair black Friday, evolve ids, motif maximoff, chakra machine, and black Friday deep freezer, how much melatonin in almonds.

This site allows you to distribute various press release articles across the internet or search engines for free. You can also use the site’s entertainment blogs to release news covering different aspects of life.

15. Webwire.com

Price: basic ata $ 29.95 while the media package at $95

Traffic: 115k views per month

Top Keywords: trade publications, trade magazines, web wire, industrial application, and painting in heaven is for real.

It’s one of the best sites that can allow you to distribute your press releases to the media or readers. The site offers packages at different costs, with the basic one at $24.95 and the media package at $95.

16. theopenpress.com

Price: different pricing plan

Traffic: 400k visitors per month

Top keywords:sae driver pro, 100 free American native sites, wholesgame, carlax, and Miami mirror maze

It’s a free press release website having varying pricing plans for the different categories. The common categories include news stories, special services, and opinion editorials.

17. Clickpress.com

Price: Free and paid versions

Traffic:1.7k viewers weekly

Top keywords: click press, omnimd login, and live mail sign

Click press website offers a wide distribution of different press release articles to reach journalists and reviewers. In addition, the company provides a paid alternative to allow you to handle unlimited press release articles.

18. Free-press-release-center.info

Price: Free

Traffic: 400k viewers per month

Top keywords: muncheye, erica myanarich, and the mason jar boutique, fresh dental medina

The site claims to enhance news distribution and press releases for small organizations. It mainly consists of SEO,press release articles, and keyword directory. You can easily choose from the flexible pricing plan.

19. E-commercewire.com

Price: a basic free version

Traffic: 60k viewers per month

Top keyword: e-commerce wire

The e-commerce wire is a popular website that primarily focuses on the commercial sector. You’ll find a detailed section or explanation on this website when using its services for publishing a release article. You can also use it to search for different events on the website.

20. Erelease.com

Price: Free

Traffic: 30k individuals per month

Top keywords: press release example, e-release, what does pr stand for, and e-releases

Experts refer to this site as the best one to publish your press release article and get a contract to write the article. Since its launch, the site claims to have reached more than 30000 journalists in the United States.

21. Emailwire.com

Price: costs between $99 to $299 per release

Traffic: 85k journalists

Top keywords: golden tee pedestal, ctn animation expo 2021, truly norlen flagstaff.

Experts claim that Email wire provides a wide range of distribution services. The services can allow your article to reach numerous RSS feeds and 85000 journalists. Email wire allows you to choose different plans ranging from $99 to $299 per release.

22. prleap.com

Price: single plan for $9

Traffic: 30k customers

Top keywords: elephant painting, painting elephants, hydrowholesale, elephants that paints

Since 2003, this website has been offering reputable press release article services. The website is the best choice for beginners as it offers a $79 single plan. Besides the single plan, you also have the prepaid or monthly plan.

23. Prfire.com

Price: Free

Traffic: 100k per month

Top keywords: lookdle, mistress names, pictured, draw names, and press release distribution UK.

It’s one of the top UK press release agencies offering a wide range of services, such as distributing the press release and submitting the press release. You can also consider it as a place to run a quick service.

24. Prbuzz.com

Price: Offers premium services at $299 per year

Traffic: 60k users per month

Top keywords: buzz pr, press release article

The pr buzz is a top site that offers premium plans for you to enjoy unlimited press release publication and distribution. Besides the unlimited press publication, you can also enjoy various SEO advantages.

25. Transworldnews.com

Price: $49.45

Traffic: 100k views per month

Top keywords: Fairfax DUI, paul Gerard chef, nutracaps, and builder crain Leigh

Besides marketing and distributing press release articles, this website can also help in analyzing blogs, newspapers, and audio interviews. It’s the cheapest option you can consider to cover major topics like health, finance, etc.

26. Issuewire.com

Price: $58.50 for the basic standard

Traffic: 122k per month

Top keywords: Indian beauty blog, Indian blog, second life fashion, and dad blogger

It’s one of the top sites you can choose to distribute and publish your press release in the public relations and marketing needs.

27. Prunderground.com

Price: $45.95 for the basic plan

Traffic: 80k viewers per month

Top keywords: nadula hair, john Urbana, pr underground, prunderground, and shikiri Hightower.

It’s an easy to access press release publication and distribution service. The website allows you to publish news or articles on more than 300 regional televisions and social media.

28. Accesswire.com

Pricing: Free

Traffic: 80k viewers per month

Top keywords: oculus quest 2, the more you know, accesswire, iPhone 13 black Friday deals, and rite aid

Experts recommend it as the website you choose for publishing and distributing free press articles. Besides publishing the site allows you to share the article on regional, national, and global news. You can use it to generate more traffic for your sight and enhance off-shore SEO.

29. Prmac.com

Price: Free

Traffic: 80k viewers per month

Top keywords: how to find my car on iPhone, how to locate my car on iPhone, killer sudoku tips, and twister spinner wheel.

Pramac is one of the free press release publishing and distribution services that enhances visibility on IOS and Mac platforms.


Bottom Line

Press release websites are vital to enhance your online visibility and ensure that your venture succeeds. It’s the best off-show SEO technique you have to adopt in your online journey. Above are the top press release websites with the best plans and services to suit your needs.


If you’re looking for a list of press release websites with prices and similarweb data, you’ve come to the right place. This blog post will give you all the information you need on where to find such a list as well as provide context for how to use it. A press release is a written or recorded communication that announces something newsworthy.

Press releases are typically distributed to media outlets in order to gain publicity for a company, product, service, or event. There are many different press release websites out there, and each one has its own pricing structure. In order to make the best decision for your needs, it’s important to understand what each website offers and how much it will cost you. This blog post will give you a list of press release websites with prices and similarweb data. With this information, you’ll be able to compare and contrast the different options in order to choose the best one for your needs.

List of press release websites

The List of press release websites with prices below is based on data from SimilarWeb. Prices are estimated monthly unique visitors.

Press Release Point: This is a bigger platform with some shockingly big companies that are there and active. As of the time of publication, this website has press releases from IBM, ICANN, UNESCO, and the USPS.
* Monthly traffic: 25.4K visits
* Pricing: submitting a release is totally free
*Annual Revenue: $5.0M – $10.0M

PR Newswire: For a single press release in their most restricted category.
* Monthly traffic: 3.8 million visits
* Pricing:  their starting price is $300
*Annual Revenue: $500.0M – $1.0B

PRWeb: They have a global rank of 4,846 and a US rank of 2,338.
* Monthly traffic: 998.5K visits
* Pricing: Pricing starts at $99/month.  $399 for a standard press release, $499 for a premium press release
*Annual Revenue: $25.0M – $50.0M

eReleases: This site, which combines a press release network with a syndicated content distribution network, offers a solid back end that may make it worthwhile to test out despite its dated appearance. Their mid-tier package allows distribution via PR Newswire as well, same to 24-7 above.
* Monthly traffic: 42.4K visits
* Pricing: start at $300 for a single release with “custom national distribution
top package is $600 and includes direct-to-journalist distribution
*Annual Revenue: $5.0M – $10.0M


PRLog: PRLog is reliable, effective, and easy to use, but one cannot sign up with a Gmail account.
* Monthly traffic: 180.5K visits
* Pricing: free and paid options
*Annual Revenue: $15.0M – $25.0M

24/7 Press Release: This is a more modest but global network for the circulation of press releases. It is “smaller” in that it isn’t a well-known website geared toward big corporations. Since they are established in Canada, they have at least some distribution over all of North America, and their prices are more fair
* Monthly traffic: 135.7K visits
* Pricing: $89 – Associated Press, $389- top plan
*Annual Revenue: $2.0M – $5.0M

NewsWireToday: While NewsWireToday doesn’t guarantee immediate clearance. There may be a significant wait line for their “free basic submission” option as well.
* Monthly traffic: 5.4k visits
* Pricing: their premium press release cost ranges from $199 to $399
*Annual Revenue: $10.0M – $15.0M

Business Wire: Pricing starts at $195/month. They have a global rank of 6,126 and a US rank of 3,090.
* Monthly traffic:  4.8 million visits
* Pricing: $419 for a standard press release, $579 for a premium press release
*Annual Revenue: $200.0M – $500.0M

Marketwired: They have a global rank of 7,081 and a US rank of 3,325.
* Monthly traffic: 3.6m visits
* Pricing: Pricing starts at $200/month
*Annual Revenue: $100.0M – $200.0M

PR Leap: PRLeap offers popular news aggregator inclusion as well as assured delivery to more than 100 platforms. The cost of same-day distribution is available. They have a global rank of 8,542 and a US rank of 4,071.
*Monthly traffic: 2.9 million visits
* Pricing: Pricing starts at $49/month
*Annual Revenue:

PRWirePro: PRWirePro offers distribution to more than 250 news websites, writing services with guaranteed delivery in less than 36 hours, and round-the-clock customer support from within the United States.

Press Release Distribution

*Monthly traffic: 10.7k visits
* Pricing: From $149.00 /release.
*Annual Revenue: $15.0M – $25.0M

Express-Press-Release: This is a website for submitting DA 44 press releases.
*Monthly traffic: 26.6k visits
* Pricing: free for individual release, $99 per month “Unlimited” posting plan
*Annual Revenue: $5.0M – $10.0M

BrandPush: BrandPush offers money-back assurance and delivery to 200 news websites. Although somewhat pricey, it’s a useful solution for independent contractors and small firms.
*Monthly traffic: 79.6k visiits
* Pricing: $195.00/monthly
*Annual Revenue: N/A

ACCESSWIRE: Provides a variety of packages that are ideal for various business needs, as well as 24/7 customer assistance. Plans feature an infinite number of words and pictures.
*Monthly traffic: 368.9K visits
* Pricing: $175.00/monthly
*Annual Revenue: $10.0M – $15.0M

Pressat: Even though it is based in the UK, Pressat is simple to use and provides a variety of services as well as live support. Direct mail management is not available.
*Monthly traffic: 55.4k visits
* Pricing: $110.00/monthly
*Annual Revenue: $25.0M – $50.0M

NewswireJet: Over 400 media outlets are distributed to by NewswireJet. Although it is accessible and simple to use, it is not intended for big businesses.
*Monthly traffic: 22.1k visits
* Pricing: $59.00/monthly
*Annual Revenue: N/A

SBWire: SBWire has a track record of driving traffic and provides tracking features. However, it doesn’t have any SEO optimization features.
*Monthly traffic: 18.4k visits
* Pricing: $49.00/monthly
*Annual Revenue: $5.0M – $10.0M

Send2Press: Send2Press provides targeted distribution and press release authoring services, but is unable to expand its network of media partners.
*Monthly traffic: 33.6k visits
* Pricing: $99.00/monthly
*Annual Revenue: $100.0M – $200.0M

Linking News: A web-based press release distribution service that enables you to distribute your press release on significant news sources without bearing the name of a third party.


*Monthly traffic: <5k visits
* Pricing: A basic package with ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox distribution costs $159
*Annual Revenue: N/A

SiteTrail: Through a combination of high-metric deliverables, Sitetrail enables your business to grow quickly.
*Monthly traffic: 9.4k visiits
* Pricing:single-site distribution options run around $120, industry-wide plans cost $10,000
*Annual Revenue: $10.0M – $15.0M

EIN Presswire: This network provides reasonably priced domestic and international press release distribution. Although they claim to have thousands of channels for submission, the majority of those channels are subdomain sites that they have created, which explains why the price is lower than usual.
*Monthly traffic: 216.8k visits
* Pricing: $100 for each press release,
*Annual Revenue:  $2.0M – $5.0M






How to use press release websites

If you want to get your news out there, using press release websites is a great way to do it. But how do you use them effectively? Here are some tips:

Before you start submitting your press release to websites, make sure it’s newsworthy. A good press release should be newsworthy, interesting, and relevant to your target audience. If it’s not, chances are good that it will be ignored by the media.

When you’re ready to submit your press release, create a list of potential websites to target. Make sure to include a mix of both major and niche sites that cover your industry. Then, take the time to read each website’s guidelines before submitting your release. This will help ensure that your submission is properly formatted and stands a better chance of being accepted.

Finally, follow up with the website after you submit your press release. Most sites will allow you to track the progress of your submission and see if it’s been accepted or not. If it has been accepted, make sure to promote it through social media and other channels so that people actually see it!

Alternatives to press release websites

If you’re looking for alternatives to press release websites, there are plenty of options out there. Here are just a few:

  • Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook
  • Blogs
  • Online news outlets
  • Traditional news outlets

Each of these platforms has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to choose the one that’s right for you and your message. For example, social media sites are great for reaching a large audience quickly, but they may not be as effective at getting your message in front of journalists or other influencers. Alternatively, online news outlets might have a smaller reach but can be more targeted toward your desired audience.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which platform is best for distributing your press release. However, keep in mind that using multiple platforms will likely increase your chances of success.


We hope this list of press release websites was helpful in finding the right service for your business. We provided a variety of options with prices and data from SimilarWeb so that you can make an informed decision.

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    My question is can I submit the same press release article to several PR sites or does each article I submit have to be unique?

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