MUST WATCH: Mobe FTC Shut Down + How To Avoid Make Money Online Scams, Pyramid Schemes ect…

How To Spot A Make Money Online Internet Scam In Reference To Mobe Ftc Shutdown

So there I was, 21 years old, about to have a baby, no money, broke and trying to figure out what to do to make something on myself. And I found myself in the middle of a crowded boardroom, up on stage.  There are balloons, banners, cars with company logos on it, money flying around everywhere and people talking about millions of Dollars.

Someone has brought me to that meeting as an independent distributor of a network marketing company. They had these little CDs. It was difficult not to get caught up in the hype. But I sat there ( in my normal apprehensive self) calculating what was going on because the guy on the stage was talking about how he has made $12 million and boasting about how they had 30,000 people signed up to be distributors in the company.

Instantly in my head, I noticed on the page (where you sign up) that it was $420 to sign up for the company. Coincidence? I don’t think so. For those of you who know what 420 stands for, you probably don’t want to get involved in a company that uses the number 420 if you get what I mean.

But there I was sitting there and I calculated 30,000multiplied by $420 which equals about 12 million dollars. That means that this company’s sole revenue was getting new people into the company. This means that no product was sold, no goods were sold of real value and it was in fact, A Pyramid Scheme.

And today we’re talking about pyramid schemes, multi high-level scams, internet marketing fraud and what you can do to protect yourself. This is a public service announcement designed to educate you on what’s really going on in align with the tools you need to not get taken for a ride. Because recently, we’ve seen a lot of activity with the mobe FTC and various companies that are using deceptive and ridiculous tactics to get people into their companies and provide no real goods, services and you, the consumer are left footing the bill.

This is a public service announcement to anyone looking to make money online. My goal here is to educate you on what’s going on, how to get past the info-overload, how to understand what really at the end of the day is going to pay you from internet marketing world.

Now a lot of people are misconceived about this which means a lot of people get taken for a ride. But what I’m going to do is show you exactly how to figure out if a “business opportunity” is right for you, if it’s a scam and if it’s going to be the vehicle to take you where you want to go.

This is because there is a lot of shady stuff out there. There are a lot of people looking to get your hard earned money and I don’t want to see that happen. So what we’re going to do is give you the tools and enlighten on what has been going on recently in the news with the various companies being shut down.

I’ve been doing affiliate marketing and internet marketing for over 18 years now and in that time I’ve seen a lot of things come and go. Starting with the very first company I told you about at the beginning that got shut down by the FTC in about 2004.

Another company (a friend of mine who I had taught affiliate marketing too) he was making great money using the methods that I was teaching and they were legitimate ways to earn online. And he calls me up and says, “Hey Marcus, I’ve got this really cool ad cash company and all you’ve got to do is invest in this ad packs and you’re going to get money. Check it out I invested $60,000 and I’m making money every single day”. And I said that’s great but where are you making the money from?

It turns out he was only getting paid from new people joining the business and buying ad packs which didn’t really exists. Fast forward to few years later, my friend thought he had $100,000 sitting in his ad cash account ready to be taken out. And boom! They get popped with a lawsuit.   This is a company that had fancy website, great order forms, everything looked and sounds legit. But in the back of my mind, I knew something didn’t look right. My friend kept begging me to put money into this company. He even got the founder’s son and its representative all on a call with me trying to get me in. I ask those founders and I said, “hey, where is the money coming from?” No one could answer the question of where the money is going to come from.

And if you ever want to spot a scam pyramid scheme or something that just doesn’t smell right, what you’ve got to do is follow the money trail. If the money trail isn’t coming from actual goods and products coming from the marketplace, then it’s usually not good. It’s usually a scam. And you’ve got to look at that because if you have companies that are making millions of dollars but they are not providing products and services that are good for everyone or a small niche or whoever for someone, then it’s going to be a scam.

All those companies out there (like the ones we’ve seen), that says, “hey sign up, we’re going to teach you how to do internet marketing’, Great, now that you’ve signed up, go get other people to sign up and we’ll teach them” they are not for real.

A lot of people in these companies are making videos and putting them everywhere that are actually feeling bad for the company owner.  Now I’ve been in internet marketing in a long time and it’s been tempting to promote somebody’s product because I know that I can come home with a nice fat 7 figure paycheck just to send a couple of emails. But the fact of the matter is that I care about my users and I care about giving real-world values to people out there who are trying to make things work.

I see that at the end of the day, all they are doing is hawking expensive packages to get more people to learn things so that they can sell more people into the company and get those people to buy expensive packages and nothing of real value is being handed down. It’s a pyramid scheme and the guy at the bottom is left footing the bill-Sometimes $10,000, $5,000, $30,000 or more.

It’s too sad to see because some of these people are under retirement income,  some people have spent their kid’s college funds.  Some people are down and out from not getting real value.  So you always in internet marketing or whatever you do have to follow the money trail.

Just like in the beginning, 420 multiplied by 30,000 people and boom! There is the money.  You look at this other company, $125 million, great!  How many people do they sign up, what are they really selling? You looked at the one that I talked about with my friend (that ad cash thing). More people buying ads and this people don’t even have anything they’re advertising.

They are business for the sole purpose of making the owners of the company rich until the armour stops and they get fired with the big fat lawsuit and even jail terms.

What To Look Out For When Joining A Company Or Investing In Anything

So here are some of the things you want to look out for when joining a company or investing in anything be it bitcoin, multi-level marketing or any of my product. Whatever it is, these are the things that you want to look out for

  1. Where Is The Money Coming From?

First and foremost, where is the money coming from?  Where are you going to get paid? You notice in my stuff I always talk about like “hey you’re going to get paid by Affiliate Company like BestBuy, Amazon or even a CPA network or Adsense or something like that.”

Something that pays based on things that are bought and sold or whatever they are.  Anything ranging from a book on Amazon to a T. V set on BestBuy or maybe a legal fill out form for a different type of thing or maybe a mortgage form on a CPA network.  Either way, you’re getting paid by someone, either a merchant, advertiser or a company like Google.



  1. Is It Something That A Lot Of People Can Do?

You see when this pyramid things come out, what happens is that you’ve got to look at the numbers. Can 100,000 people make money with one method? Well let’s look at it.  Can a 100,000 promote a business opportunity online and all make the income that they claimed?

Probably not, but the fact of the matter is that they are signing up millions of people. So we’ve got to look at that and say “well, at the end of the day, someone is left footing the bill”. And I hope it’s not you.

Can 100,000 people do affiliate marketing? Sure.  I have only taught like 10,000 people but that’s still enough people to be able to do this business. And we have to look at it in the real world way and say, “At the end of the day, who is signing my paycheck, where is that money coming from?”

Because if you are promoting something shady or you are part of something shady, that’s your money on the line, that’s your reputation on the line. In fact, that’s your legal status on the line.

As a disclaimer, I’m not a lawyer, I’m not an expert in any of these but I do know what I’ve seen and I do know how you can protect yourself mentally and financially by not getting involved in things that are not secure.

That’s what we want to look at because a lot of people are like, “it’s the companies fault”. It’s not the companies fault; they know what they are doing when they cash your paycheck when they charge your credit card. They know exactly what’s going on and they know what they want to do. I really want you to pay attention because this stuff is everywhere.

  1. How Are Things Promoted?

The third thing I want you to watch out for is the way things are promoted. If you spend some time on Facebook, you’ll notice that it is littered with tons of scams. People out there will promise that you’ll make $100,000 in 90 days. Anyone promising you’re going to make something is full of shit. They don’t know what you’re going to make. They have no idea of what their stuff is going to do for you. They don’t have any idea of what you’re going to do with it. What they have to do is to provide what the average users get.

This is why on my webinar, I always say, “Hey, my average user doesn’t do anything therefore they don’t really make anything and even some that do the stuff don’t make anything”. There are different variables in the market. We don’t know what you’re going to get.

Anytime you hand over money to someone and they say, “Hey if you invest a thousand dollars in this thing, you’re going to get X amount”, they’re absolutely freaking full of shit because they don’t know what you’re going to get.  If they knew, they’ll invest it themselves and keep the money for themselves. The fact of the matter is they’re doing this because they’re getting a piece of the pie.

  1. 4. Watch Out For How You Promote Things And How Other People Promote Things

I see this all the time, and if you see people doing this or you see people that are going to get caught up in these types of companies and they are begging you to join, send them this video. Do them the biggest favour because if they actually watch it, it’s going to get them in line and show them what to do.

But what happens is all these people go on Facebook and advertise things. They don’t have a disclaimer; they don’t tell you they are an affiliate. They don’t tell you what you have to do. And it’s just a bunch of junk that can get everyone in hot water. So, what you want to do is you want to make sure that you have good disclaimers. You want to make sure that what you promote is good. You want to make sure that every claim you make is backed up by proofs whether it’s your own proof or someone else’s proof.


  1. Be Honest In Upfront

How hard is it to be honest in upfront and say, “hey, you know what? This is what works for me, I don’t know if it’s going to work for you but hey, if you’re willing to give it a shot, then let’s do it”. That’s going to hinder your sales a little bit but not much. In the long run, it’s going to do you a lot better and you’re going to be providing good stuffs to the marketplace.

And that’s what you want to do; you want to watch out for this stuff. So whether you’re elderly and want to supplement your income, or you’re young and trying to make money with Shopify, affiliate marketing or whatever it is, protect yourself by understanding things. And what I’ve done is that over at, I put together a little guide that you can print out; put it on your desk. And in the next time something looks too good to be true, go ahead and follow the steps even If it’s my products. Figure out what’s going on.

Don’t just listen to the countless reviews of people who were paid to review things. Go out there and do the diligent on the company. I don’t pay anyone to review stuffs but a lot of other companies do. And you want to look at that and you want to say to yourself, “Is this something that is in line with my moral value, my ethics and does it make sense? Is it something that’s actually helping people?” If I go out there and I help people by pool equipment to my affiliate link- at the end of the day, they are being helped. If I’m out there teaching people how to fix their lawn, then that’s a good thing.

Make sure that it’s something good and something everyone can do and everyone is benefiting. Not what someone is left with the bill. So, I want you to pay close attention to this.

Here is the deal: the government doesn’t want scams to be out there because a lot of people fall victim to a lot of things. These companies know exactly what they are doing. They are wolves in sheep clothing trying to get your money. They are trying to do things and not providing a real value at the end of the day. So you’ve got to focus and find someone that makes sense. You’ve got to know where the money is coming from. Make sure they have your best interest at heart. Opportunities are everywhere, opportunities are abundant.

Added Tip:  Never Pay To Sell Someone Else Stuffs Unless You Actually Get Something You Know You Can Sell

A lot of companies do this. For example, they say, “Pay $420 and we’ll give you this CD and you’re going to get rich” and your money goes straight into the gas tank of the owner’s Lamborghini. So we’ve got to look at that and say, “Am I paying for opportunity or paying for something of value?”

Everything you do online have something free. On my YouTube channel, we have over 500 videos teaching you how to do stuff for free. You can go there free, set up on a free hosting, get affiliate link free, and you can get traffic free if you want to.

If you want to learn from me and follow through, we have a software set up which we charge for. Now, only buy because you want to learn not because you expect the software to make you money. The software never made anyone money, it teaches them how to make money.

I want you to be smart about this and focus. The next time someone calls you up or sends you an email about the next greatest thing, think about it” where is the money coming from?”. And if you can follow that money trail and figure out it is a legitimate thing, then you’re going to be okay.

I hope you enjoyed this note. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the guide at It’s a guide that’s going to help you fight these things up and understand what to do and how to protect yourself in this internet marketing make money online world because a lot of junk going on and a lot of these looks legit.

So we want to protect you and teach you how to do it. We are never going to tell you to buy anything from this guide. Enjoy the free video, enjoy the free guide, protect yourself and focus on getting the result you want and in ethical, moral, good way where everyone benefits. Thanks again for reading.

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  1. I have been burned many times in the past by various network marketing, MLM and “start your own business” plans. Your Video speaks directly to me. and I have to be honest here that I’m “hyper aware” that you may be telling me exactly what I want to hear so that I’ll join up with you (Same crap different tactic) how do I reaLY KNOW that you are different?

  2. Thank you for sharing. The truth is that evil people will always try to figure out ways to scam honest people out of their hard earned cash. The best way to protect ourselves is to learn and educate ourselves. Again, thank you for taking your valuable time to make this video.

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