Most Searched Things on Google = $$$

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9 thoughts on “Most Searched Things on Google = $$$”

  1. Hi Marcus,

    Keep up the good work very much appreciated!!

    So would you suggest buying expired domains with any kind of traffic and monetize it with sweepstake offers or whatever the content relates to, ie, like an advertising platform? if this is the case then most expired domains would work wouldn’t they? Within reason of course..

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards

  2. Hi Marcus, you’ve MSG me with your WhatsApp number unfortunately right at that time my 79$ Samsung phone with the upscale cracked screen 😏and 16gigs of space didn’t have room to load WhatsApp. I unfortunately didn’t jot your number so now that I’ve got an SD card in it I have put WhatsApp on.

    1. Thank you so much Marcus. You truly are a changer of lives for those of us who are committed to putting in the time and efforts necessary to achieve ” MarcuS LeveL” type results, and that Sir is exactly what I plan on doing, so again,
      Thank You.
      Brenda McMillan

  3. Hi Marcus
    With your kws can I start with google sites
    If so google sites have long url and if we build inner pages the url becomes even bigger What’s the solution
    Secondly how do we optimise images and google sites
    The size of the image and free tool to optimise the image so that the load time of the site is minimised

  4. Thank you so much for your feed back but the problem we all having is that delay in any thing we are doing in life should come fast indeed .. that mean delay in business

    Thank you
    john peterson

  5. Hey Marcus,

    I’ve emailed you twice the past few days and I’m leaving a reply here in order to reach out with you.

    I’m interested in domain flipping and I’m looking for a full “done for you” service where you buy valuable domains and sell them on my behalf.

    I don’t have enough time or experience to do it myself since I’m running another business.

    Please get back to me if you offer such services.

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