Most Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niches

How To Find A Profitable Untapped Niche Market

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For those who don’t know me yet my name is marcus Campbell and I started affiliate marketing back in early 2000, yep that’s right, ive been at this 20 years and don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon, so you are stuck with me and if you stick with me I think I can help you make some money.

In 2006 after a friend of mine asked if I could tell his students about how I have made over a million that year with cpa marketing and other offers.  I had never done this kinda stuff before but he was a friend and his trainer for the night just bailed on him.  So I shared what you were about to share with me… and at the end they all wanted more. So I came up with my first big training product Simple Sites Big Profits. Now I addition to running my sites… I also enjoy helping others profit as well.  You will see some of the success stories on my sites.

So here we are in 2019 and I have generated over $9,000,000 online so far.  Which isn’t bad for a 40 year old working from home most the time…

So sit back… relax… follow along… and prepare to change your mind about niche marketing.

They Told Me… “You Can’t Make Money With Non Buyer Keywords” I Silently Chuckled As I Raked In Over $70,000 In Less Than A Year With Words About Happy Faces.

The only reason I was able to enter these markets without paying a ton was because of a little seo trick we learned that got us ranked overnight.

A friend of mine and me would stay up all night and rank these sites using expired domains that had killer page rank in google.  So naturally google would pick up our new content very fast and give it priority. Its like buying a domain name that someone did not renew that has a bazillion backlinks.

So there I was in june of 2003 and I stumbled across this niche about smiley faces using my trigger word method. Other marketers were like “whatcha gonna sell… a happy face sticker” I said… uh no… I’m gonna give them some smiley faces.

You see I had found this cpa affiliate offer that paid me $0.70 everytime someone downloaded one of these happy face toolbars.  The toolbar was free for the user and basically paid me to get them to download it.  No optin, no junk, just a cool tool so they can use different faces in their emails and instant messages and even use them on their sites.

They looked like this…

These Little Happy Dudes Made Me $70K That Year And Led Me To Find One Of My Most Successful Markets Ever Where I Made Over $1,000,000

affiliate download niche

Now… the way that I found this keyword and niche is much different than

other marketers… Let me show you…

Before we go any further let me point out the difference between a paid

search result and a free search result…

A Paid Search Result Is an advertisement where a company pays google, yahoo, msn, ect to show up on a search result…

I went ahead and highlighted the area of the search engine where people are “BIDING” or paying for the rankings… these are known as sponsored results… the company only pays “per click” if their ad is clicked on.

There are also what is known as “FREE RANKINGS” where the site owner blog owner trys to make their site show up “FREE” so that they get all the traffic and do not have to pay for it…

free search engine rankings

You can see the free results in this shot where I highlighted.

Now it may seem like the holy grail of marketing is to show up in the free results, collect commissions, and rest on your laurels.  But its not that


Wherever there is obvious money… there is usually a lot of competition…

Easy To Rank Keywords

You can see the competition by the number of results the search engine displays as relevant to your search… in the example of “refinance” we have over 130,000,000 relevant sites… and just look at your competition.

non competetive seo

The odds of you beating out these huge companies like bank of america, zillow, wikipedia and others are very very slim… they have been up a while and aren’t gonna let some new player take their free traffic.

So most new marketers would try the “paid search” results on this example….

But as you saw before… this too is competitive and very costly.  And this is what makes “internet marketing” or search marketing really difficult.

It usually goes like this… a marketer gets the idea that he wants to make money in a market that he sees other people making money in…

He is totally blind to the fact that there are people who have been doing this for years and have their rankings and numbers down to a science…

but nevertheless our poor marketer is told something like this…

  1. He Try’s To Find A Good Offer In A Solid Buyer Market He Can Promote…

He Goes To The Clickbank… To Find Something To Sell Like This Weight Loss Offer / good offer – big money niche…

Clickbank Niches

This one is actually a pretty good product and converts really really well… but let me show you why our new marketer is going to have a hard time turning a profit….

  1. He goes to their adwords tool to get some keywords for his niche of weight loss…

Because he is already looking into the weight loss niche he types in “weight loss” to see what comes up and if there are any non competetive sub words he can use…

Now as you can see here these words are super competitive (HIGH). Even after doing this 15 years I still wouldn’t want to put the time, effort, and money into ranking these sites, because its hard and discouraging, and you may not even rank.  I want words I can rank for in a day or two and see results fast.

He could even get fancy and check out the “FREE COMPETITION” by looking up one of the terms in google surrounded by quotes… this isolates the phrase to show the actual real competition… and even on the term that gets the lowest amount of monthly searches…

He is still dealing with 427,000 competing results.

Unfortunately at this point the marketer (or would be marketer) gets discouraged… if he pays googles insane price of $2.81 per click… that means he has to get one in about 16 people who visit his site to buy… or he LOOSES MONEY!

If our new marketer is really hard headed he may even test it out…

  1. The marketer tries to run it at these ridiculous prices that make no sense. They get a 100 clicks or so for $300 and make 1 sale and get like $43 if you are lucky.

now at this point you could try to ramp up your conversions with opt ins, fancy pop ups, and all that other stuff the marketers are selling you… and some of it does work…

But most people just end up losing money because the keyword is to broad, to expensive, doesn’t tell a whole lot about your market, and you would need a $1000 commission to make it work.

And if he knows better than going for free traffic… he is aware that trying to beat 427,000 results overnight is not gonna be easy…

He would be lucky to get that ranking after 3 months of hard hard work… and even then there is no guarantee of profits, rankings, or sustainable income.

Then comes the info overload, frustration, and many give up and say “this internet marketing thing is way to hard for a new person to get in… it’s to competetive…”

Now lets see what happens when our friend uses my trigger word method for finding and profiting from “non buyer” ie non obvious markets… you see most marketers are lazy and don’t know how to profit from non buyer words… but its actually pretty easy.

Here is how it works… and back to our smileys 😉

Instead of going after an obvious money market or highly competitive keyword… what I do is use a list of “trigger words.”

A trigger word is a word like “calories” or “download” or something WITHOUT a market attatched to it.  For example… the word download doesn’t tell us what kind of market the word is in… it just simply tells us how many people search for terms that are related to the word download… ie… they wanna download something.

This is where the idea of search intent comes in… if you can figure out the search intent using these trigger words you can make a lil fortune like I have.

For example… lets take the word calorie and put it in our adwords tool:

adwords keyword planner

Take a look at all the (LOW) competition words… much better than the other weight loss ones where everyone is clawing and fighting to get the scraps of people wanting to lose weight… and just think of the search intnet of someone looking for lose weight… they are sitting there arms folded, judging your site, they are sizing you up and looking at every result before they buy.

Fighting over these buyer words to me is absurd.

Why fight for them when I can go after something like “how many calories in a banana” educate the visitor and backend them into some kind of offer that pays me.

Here are the results for the “free traffic”

free traffic

You can see here that for this term the actual competition is only 65,000 results… much better than the above 427,000 and check out what happens when you use my Time Out Method to get the real results… (more on this later)

Now lets see if anyone is bidding on the Paid Results:

Here is the SERP (search engine results page) for the word how many calories in a banana… and as you can see there are no paid ads… paid ads would show up above and to the right as in the highlighted examples above… is this starting to make sense

So basically with a little work we can rank on the free side… and for about 5 cents per click we can get paid traffic almost instantly.  And since we know the intent of this person is so count calories… we can pretty much guess they want to lose weight and or be healthy.  Which is the same exact intent the other guys are fighting over and paying thru the nose to get.

Now all our marketer has to do is make a little blog with some content about this here bannana and the calories there in… put some related ads, tools, and links that the person can use related to counting calories and losing weight… and bada bing… hes in business!

Now our marketer can skate in to this totally non competitive market, grab a ton of free and or cheap traffic… and make some money.

At this point you may be asking how you can get paid to give things away in this market… and I will go over that a little bit…

First to recap Here is what I like to do when finding niches…

  1. First throw the idea of buyer keywords and products out the window and start with your market (keywords) first. Because all I care about is what are people searching for and how can I use it to make money. Which is why I use my trigger words… here is a small example:

Calculate Calculator Change Changing Cheap Codes Consultation Conversation Convert Cost

This list of words will give you insight into many markets and easy ways to profit online with simple non competitive search traffic…

  1. Use the rest of my trigger words at the end of this report to locate niches and don’t try to go into what you can sell just yet… just pop a trigger word in your keyword tool like… convert, learn, find, fastest ways, times, ect… watch the magic happen 😉

As you can see from this trigger word convert… we now have some pretty decent keywords about converting files… the one I like is convert to mp3… that’s got some decent traffic… and low competition…

So our next step is to use the google BS detector and see if this word really cost $0.43 per click… we do this buy searching the word in google by itself and seeing if any paid ads show up… often times this number is over inflated to keep the non relevant sites out.

If there are no ads… meaning non on top, bottom, or right hand side… then we have a niche we can probably get in for 5-10 cents per click.  Which is pretty good if the intent leads to an offer that can make you more… lets have a look…

So since we have no ads in this market we can get this traffic DIIIIIRT CHEAP.

But… What To Sell Marcus… This isn’t a buyer market… I don’t get it.

  1. First… plan on selling nothing… see if you can help your market first… and see if there are any affiliate offers that pay you for helping them…

You can go  to Offervault and use your word…  search for convert toolbar, or converter download, or mp3 converter, ect and see if there is any converters that I can use…

offervault affiliate offers

Offervault is a search engine that lists availible CPA affiliate offers… the amount paid, what action they want (sale, download, lead, click, ect) and which affiliate network has the offer for you to run… so you can search all in one place.

Check this one out… we have the “all in one convert” toolbar and it looks like a free toolbar that we can giveaway on our site… and get this…

Its free for our visitor… helps them get what they want… and pays us $2.25 per download!!!

download toolbar affiliate programs

So now if we can get one out of every 10-15 visitors to our site to download this free tool so they can convert their files… then we can make a nice profit.

Keep in mind this trigger word method works for free traffic as well… I have used this to get millions and millions of free visitors to my sites and blogs.

So on with our simple steps…

  1. Lets find a good traffic method… for this one I am gonna go paid traffic and get a generic domain so I can do the same things with the other convert words…
  2. Now its time to get some content and get some cash

All this has happened using our trigger words to find low competition and focusing on what the searcher wants in the first place… in fact before I started this report I was trying to fix an old pdf report and had to search for PDF to WORD converter so I can edit it… so I am a prime example of how this works… and I got a pdf program too 😉 so someone got paid…

Now I realize that this is a short cut guide and I did not focus on the exact how to of building the sites, getting the traffic, ect… because I want you to get this concept first.

And I gotta ask you… after reading these 21 pages is this starting to make more sense.

Are you starting to see how you can get paid for helping people find what they want rather than doing like the other marketers and CRAMMING your message down their throats.

You see with this method you don’t need a fancy website or blog, you don’t need a huge competetive market, and most importantly… you don’t even have to be good at selling…

WHY because the trigger words do the work for you… and when you use them with my methods I reveal in this video you will be seeing results in no time.

This works with list building, creating your own products, and more…

Keep an eye out for my “flip the market videos” ill be sending you soon.

For now… if you can see this and like the simplicity… get the simple sites course and work with me for the next 90 days so I can help you profit online… guaranteed.

Till next time… I’m Marcus Campbell… and I look forward to being your profit coach  click the button to get started….


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