Money Getting Secrets From “The Loudest Voice”

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Important Money Making Business Lessons From “The Loudest Voice”

1. Everyone Has Reasons Why Something Won’t Work.

2. Cater To An Underserved Unheard Group And Dominate It

3. Focus On Getting Shit Done Fast

4. Focus On The Right Stuff

5. Execute… remember nothing is perfect the first time you put it out… its a growth process.

Negative Lessons:

1. Don’t Be A Jerk And Don’t Misuse Money Or Power

2. Don’t Put Profits Over Lifestyle

4 thoughts on “Money Getting Secrets From “The Loudest Voice””

  1. Good Vid?
    I was thinking during that vid, I do not actually like you, but respect the knowledge you impart,and impressed with your personal values shared.
    I think the dislike is because you portray the results in life that I have consistently failed to achieve, despite having a similar outlook view,and methods,along with persistent efforts towards these goals.

    I think it must be a subconcious jealousy being supressed in my subconcious,my bad as americans appear to say

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