Marcus’ Killer Productivity Formula

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10 thoughts on “Marcus’ Killer Productivity Formula”

  1. Hi Marcus,

    Thanks for sharing all your knowledge. I have been struggling with affiliate marketing as a second job for about 7 years now, so sometimes I don’t have as much time as I would like to invest in my sites and although I have made some money off it I’d really think I still need something or a “game-changer” to make it work and make a living out of it.

  2. Marcus congratulations on 7 yrs sober, Im 7 mos.

    Sober Yeah! Sure have more time to do other

    Things – Drinking is like a full time life-stealer.

  3. Hi Marcus I love watching and listening to your videos and have learned a lot that I didn’t know.
    I have created a campaign in google AdWords PPC it is at 19p per click so far after 2 days I have had 38 clicks but no sales yet. Here is my blog for the campaign. This is my first campaign. let me know what you think.

  4. I love your sense of humour Marus……in my culture it’s called a pisstake. That, plus your giving attitude, makes you unique 😉😀

  5. Hi, Marcus, thank you for that advice that is exactly what I need. I am floudering touching here and there and being, as you rightly said busy but not productive

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