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Quick Tips:

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty details, let’s kick things off with some quick tips to get you started on your journey to app development and monetization:

  1. Start with a Clear App Idea: Define a simple, practical app concept that addresses a specific need or problem.
  2. Understand Your Target Audience: Identify potential users and tailor your app to meet their preferences and requirements.
  3. Leverage Google Bard for UI Design: Utilize Google Bard’s intuitive interface design capabilities to create a user-friendly app layout.
  4. Harness ChatGPT for Coding Assistance: Take advantage of ChatGPT’s coding assistance to streamline your app development process.
  5. Thoroughly Test Your App: Ensure your app functions flawlessly by conducting rigorous testing and gathering user feedback.
  6. Explore Monetization Options: Investigate various monetization avenues such as in-app ads, premium features, or subscription models.
  7. Stay Committed to Improvement: Continuously update and enhance your app to keep users engaged and attract new ones.

8 Chrome Extensions with Impressive Revenue (by Indie Developers)

#1 Gmass – $130k per month

  1. Gmass Description:
    • Gmass is a browser extension designed for sending email campaigns directly from within Gmail.
    • The extension offers various plans for both individuals and teams.
  2. Pricing:
    • The pricing for Gmass plans ranges from $8 to $20 per month.
  3. Developer’s Interview on IndieHackers:
    • The developer discussed the creation and growth of Gmass in an interview on IndieHackers.
  4. Subscriber Count:
    • As of the interview, Gmass had almost 10,000 subscribers, indicating a notable user base.
  5. Revenue:
    • The developer reported a monthly revenue of $130,000 as of 2019, showcasing the financial success of Gmass.
  6. Impressive Growth:
    • The information suggests that the growth of Gmass has been impressive, both in terms of subscribers and revenue.
  7. Business Model:
    • Gmass appears to follow a subscription-based business model, where users pay a monthly fee for access to the service.
  8. Platform Integration:
    • Gmass integrates directly with Gmail, making it convenient for users who are already familiar with the Gmail interface.
  9. Success Story:
    • The reported figures and growth indicate that Gmass has been a successful venture for the developer.
  10. Year of Information:
    • The revenue and subscriber count data is specific to the year 2019.

#2 Closet Tools – $42k per month

  1. Type of Tool: Closet Tools is an extension designed to assist users in automating the process of posting items on the fashion re-selling marketplace, Poshmark.
  2. Pricing: As of the provided information, Closet Tools charges users a subscription fee of $30 per month for access to its services.
  3. Monthly Revenue: The creator has shared their monthly revenue on IndieHackers, and it’s verified to be around $42,000 per month. This indicates a significant level of success and user adoption.
  4. Business Growth: The creator has documented their journey and growth of Closet Tools in a podcast. This resource could provide valuable insights into how the business evolved from its initial stages to becoming a full-time income source for the creator’s family.
  5. Platform: Closet Tools is specifically designed for Poshmark, suggesting that it caters to users engaged in buying and selling fashion items on this particular marketplace.
  6. IndieHackers Listing: The fact that the creator has listed Closet Tools on IndieHackers indicates a level of transparency and willingness to share their entrepreneurial journey with the community.
  7. Podcast Resource: The podcast mentioned offers an opportunity to gain more in-depth insights into the strategies and tactics employed by the creator to grow Closet Tools. Listening to the podcast could provide valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs.
  8. Successful Monetization: The $42,000 monthly revenue figure suggests successful monetization of the tool, and users find enough value in Closet Tools to justify the monthly subscription cost.
  9. Family Income: The mention of Closet Tools providing a full-time income for the creator’s family implies that the tool has not only been successful as a business venture but has also had a significant impact on the creator’s personal life.
  10. Market Niche: Closet Tools operates in the niche of fashion re-selling, focusing on the specific needs of users on the Poshmark platform.

#3 CSS Scan – $100k+

  1. Product Description and Functionality:
    • CSS Scan is a browser extension designed for developers.
    • It facilitates the easy viewing and modification of CSS rules on webpages.
  2. Pricing:
    • The extension is offered at a one-time sale price of $69.
  3. Revenue and Business Metrics:
    • The creator has listed the extension on IndieHackers, claiming $100k in revenue as of August 2020.
    • This revenue figure provides insight into the financial success of the product.
  4. Product Hunt Performance:
    • CSS Scan had two launches on Product Hunt.
    • In its first launch, it garnered 754 votes.
    • In its second launch, the extension received 1917 votes.
    • These figures suggest a positive reception and growing popularity within the developer community.

#4 GoFullPage – $10k per month

  1. Functionality:
    • It is a browser extension available for Google Chrome.
    • Allows users to capture screenshots of entire web pages, addressing the limitation of traditional screenshot tools.
  2. Pricing Model:
    • The extension is free to use with basic features available at no cost.
    • Premium features are offered as a subscription service, priced at $1 per month.
  3. Organic Growth:
    • The extension started as a solution to the creators’ own problem, indicating a user-centric development approach.
    • Achieved significant organic growth with 4 million users and garnered 53,000 reviews on the Chrome Web Store.
  4. Monetization Strategy:
    • Monetization was introduced after achieving substantial user adoption.
    • Premium features were added as a way to generate revenue from the user base.
  5. Revenue:
    • As of the last available data in 2021, the extension generates $10,000 per month in revenue.
    • The revenue figure highlights a successful monetization strategy.
  6. User Reviews:
    • The extension has received positive feedback from users, as evidenced by the high number of reviews.
    • User reviews can provide insights into the extension’s functionality, user satisfaction, and potential areas for improvement.
  7. Creators’ Background:
    • Information about the creators’ background and motivation for developing the extension could provide context for its development and success.
  8. Chrome Web Store Presence:
    • The extension is available on the Chrome Web Store, indicating compatibility with the Chrome browser.
    • Presence on the Chrome Web Store suggests a level of credibility and adherence to Chrome’s extension policies.
  9. Continuous Development:
    • Ongoing updates and improvements to the extension might contribute to its popularity and user retention.
  10. Competitive Landscape:
    • Understanding how “Go Full Page” compares to other similar extensions in terms of features, pricing, and user experience could provide insights into its competitive position.


#5 Spider – $10k in two months

  1. Product Information:
    • Name: Spider
    • Type: Visual point-and-click web scraper
    • Price: $38
  2. Creator Information:
    • Creator: Amie Chen
  3. Revenue and Performance:
    • Revenue on IndieHackers: $10,000
    • Timeframe for Revenue: Two months
  4. Recognition and Achievements:
    • Product Hunt Performance:
      • Votes: 1345
      • Ranking: #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt

#6 Night Eye – $3.1k per month

Night Eye is a browser extension that automatically creates dark-mode versions of websites to reduce eyestrain. Night Eye is free with several yearly and lifetime subscription options for premium features. The creators of Night Eye list their revenue at $3.1k per month and also give detailed notes about all the steps they took to get there.

#7 BlackMagic- $3k per month is a suite of tools for Twitter, including a browser extension that acts as a personal CRM. Memberships start at $8 / month.

Developer Tony Dinh shares his revenue with a screenshot first at $2.1k / month then at $3k / month just two weeks later.

Dinh shares how he did it in this Indie Hackers post.

#8 Weather Extension – $2.5k per month

Weather Extension is an extension for showing the weather in your browser. It’s free with premium features at $9.99.

The creator, Tim Leland, lists his revenue at $2.5k per month in this interview with IndieHackers. Today, the extension has over 200,000 users. Check out the interview for more information about how the developer grew his extension!

Adblock – $3.7 million per month

Adblock is a Chrome extension that blocks ads by Michael Gundlach. We don’t know Adblock’s exact revenue, but with a short analysis on the podcast My First Million we see that its top competitor (confusingly named Adblock Plus) made $44 million in revenue in 2017. Adblock itself has more users and more reviews so it seems safe to say that its revenue was around the same as its competitor if not higher.

Analyzing Top-Performing Mobile Apps on Android and iOS Platforms

In the ever-evolving landscape of mobile applications, certain gems stand out for their popularity and impressive financial performances. We look closer at various apps that have captured users’ attention and carved a niche for themselves in the competitive digital market. From entertainment to education, these apps showcase the diverse user needs and the potential for financial success in app development.

1.    App Spotlight: Voice Changer – Fast Tuner


  • Platform: Android
  • Rating: 4.4 from 72.6K Google Play reviews
  • Installation Base: 15,000,000+
  • Net Revenue (Past Year): $170,000
  • Monthly Profit: $14,988
  • Profit Margin: 61%

Financial Overview of Voice Changer – Fast Tuner

Metric Value
Net Revenue $170,000
Monthly Profit $14,988
Profit Margin 61%
Installations 15,000,000+

Analysis: Voice Changer – Fast Tuner, a prominent Android entertainment app market player, has gathered a vast user base and demonstrated its financial prowess with a robust profit margin of 61%. The app’s unique voice-changing capabilities contribute to its popularity, solidifying its position as a lucrative venture.

2.    TOR Browser Evil Onion: A Privacy-Centric iOS Browser


  • Platform: iOS
  • Rating: 4.1 from 2.54K App Store reviews
  • History: Five years
  • Monthly Profit: $8,569
  • Profit Margin: 94%
  • Downloads (Monthly Average): 15,000

Financial Overview of TOR Browser Evil Onion

Metric Value
Monthly Profit $8,569
Profit Margin 94%
Downloads (Avg.) 15,000
Revenue Multiple 2.3x

Analysis: Despite being a free privacy-centric browser, TOR Browser Evil Onion has achieved remarkable financial success with a monthly profit of $8,569 and an impressive profit margin of 94%. Its focus on safeguarding user anonymity has propelled it into a valuable position within the privacy-focused mobile browser niche.

3.    Overdrop – Weather & Widgets: Where Functionality Meets Design


  • Platform: Android & iOS
  • Rating: 4.3 from 17K Google Play reviews
  • Lifespan: Five years
  • Monthly Profit: €7,999
  • Profit Margin: 92%
  • Installations: 1,000,000+

Financial Overview of Overdrop – Weather & Widgets

Metric Value
Monthly Profit €7,999
Profit Margin 92%
Installations 1,000,000+
Revenue Multiple 3.3x

Analysis: Overdrop – Weather & Widgets stands as a testament to the success of a well-designed weather app. With a substantial user base and a profit margin of 92%, the app’s financial metrics underscore its strength in the competitive weather app market.

4.    Cellular Network Signal Finder: A Niche Success Story


  • Platform: iOS
  • Rating: 2.4 from 173 App Store reviews
  • Tenure: 12 years
  • Monthly Profit: $5,941
  • Profit Margin: 100%
  • Downloads (Monthly Average): 15,000

Financial Overview of Cellular Network Signal Finder

Metric Value
Monthly Profit $5,941
Profit Margin 100%
Downloads (Avg.) 15,000
Profit Multiple 3.5x

Analysis: Despite a modest rating, Cellular Network Signal Finder has sustained success for over a decade, providing a valuable service with a monthly profit of $5,941 and a remarkable profit margin of 100%. Its longevity speaks to its enduring popularity within the iOS hobbies and games segment.

5.    Lori – AI Chat Client: Melding AI with User Engagement


  • Platform: iOS
  • Rating: 4.9 from 6.7K reviews
  • Existence: Nine months
  • Monthly Profit: $13,050
  • Profit Margin: 47%
  • Downloads (Monthly Average): 22,000

Financial Overview of Lori – AI Chat Client

Metric Value
Monthly Profit $13,050
Profit Margin 47%
Downloads (Avg.) 22,000
Profit Multiple 2.7x

Analysis: with AI-driven features and personalized avatars, Lori- AI Chat Client, has swiftly gained acclaim in education. Despite being free, its monthly profit of $13,050 and a profit margin of 47% showcase its success in the iOS education app market.

6.    PDF Scanner: Document Scan – Bridging Functionality and Simplicity


  • Platform: iOS
  • Rating: 4.8 from 1.69K reviews
  • Existence: One year
  • Monthly Profit: $13,355
  • Profit Margin: 96%
  • Downloads (Monthly Average): 15,000

Financial Overview of PDF Scanner: Document Scan

Metric Value
Monthly Profit $13,355
Profit Margin 96%
Downloads (Avg.) 15,000
Revenue Multiple 1.6x

Analysis: In the iOS document scanning arena, PDF Scanner: Document Scan has established itself with a high rating, a monthly profit of $13,355, and a remarkable profit margin of 96%. Its consistent popularity and financial metrics highlight its success in providing valuable document scanning services.

7.    Weight Tracker – Vekt: A Health App with Financial Wellness


  • Platform: iOS
  • Rating: 4.4 from 265 App Store reviews
  • Existence: Six years
  • Monthly Profit: $289
  • Profit Margin: 100%
  • Downloads (Monthly Average): 480

Financial Overview of Weight Tracker – Vekt

Metric Value
Monthly Profit $289
Profit Margin 100%
Downloads (Avg.) 480
Revenue Multiple 1.7x

Analysis: Weight Tracker – Vekt may have a modest download count. Still, its monthly profit of $289 and 100% profit margin underscore its efficiency in providing a valuable tool for users to track and manage their weight effectively on the iOS platform.

8.    Zetlog Whatsapp için Takip: Monitoring in the Android Lifestyle


  • Platform: Android
  • Rating: 3.7 from 2K reviews
  • Existence: Seven months
  • Monthly Profit: AUD 52,208
  • Profit Margin: 89%
  • Installations: 500,000+

Financial Overview of Zetlog Whatsapp için Takip

Metric Value
Monthly Profit AUD 52,208
Profit Margin 89%
Installations 500,000+
Profit Multiple 0.8x

Analysis: Zetlog Whatsapp için Takip, a tool for tracking online status on WhatsApp, has quickly gained popularity in the Android Lifestyle category. With a monthly profit of AUD 52,208 and a profit margin of 89%, it showcases strong profitability and user engagement.

9.    EduAI: Pioneering Education with AI Assistance


  • Platform: iOS
  • Rating: 4.8 from 234 reviews
  • Existence: Nine months
  • Monthly Profit: $2,043
  • Profit Margin: 97%
  • Downloads (Monthly Average): 2,000

Financial Overview of EduAI

Metric Value
Monthly Profit $2,043
Profit Margin 97%
Downloads (Avg.) 2,000
Revenue Multiple 2.7x

Analysis: EduAI, an AI-based educational tool, has rapidly gained acclaim with a high rating and a monthly profit of $2,043. Its profit margin of 97% emphasizes its effectiveness in providing valuable educational assistance on the iOS platform.

10. CONTEnt Story/Post/Ad Maker IG: Crafting Digital Narratives


  • Platform: iOS
  • Rating: 4.7 from 158 reviews
  • Existence: Five years
  • Monthly Profit: $1,266
  • Profit Margin: 74%
  • Downloads (Monthly Average): 3,500

Financial Overview of CONTEnt Story/Post/Ad Maker IG

Metric Value
Monthly Profit $1,266
Profit Margin 74%
Downloads (Avg.) 3,500
Profit Multiple 2.6x

Analysis: CONTEnt Story/Post/Ad Maker IG, a content creator app, has experienced significant growth with a monthly profit of $1,266 and a profit margin of 74%. Its consistent financial success underscores its value to users in content creation on the iOS platform.

11. Network Manager – Network Tools & Utilities (Pro): Power in Professionalism


  • Platform: Android
  • Rating: 4.7 from 2.68K Google Play reviews
  • Existence: Five years
  • Monthly Profit: $381
  • Profit Margin: 100%
  • Installations: 50,000+

Financial Overview of Network Manager – Network Tools & Utilities (Pro)

Metric Value
Monthly Profit $381
Profit Margin 100%
Installations 50,000+
Revenue Multiple 2.1x

Analysis: Network Manager – Network Tools & Utilities (Pro) has solidified its position as the top choice for network management on Android. With a 4.7 rating and a monthly profit of $381, the app’s professionalism and effectiveness resonate with its user base.

12. Mega: Screen Mirror Chromecast – Reflecting Success in Entertainment


  • Platform: iOS
  • Rating: 4.7 from 163 reviews
  • Existence: Three years
  • Monthly Profit: $286
  • Profit Margin: 100%
  • Downloads (Monthly Average): 6,000

Financial Overview of Mega: Screen Mirror Chromecast

Metric Value
Monthly Profit $286
Profit Margin 100%
Downloads (Avg.) 6,000
Revenue Multiple 0.1x

Analysis: Mega: Screen Mirror Chromecast, an app facilitating screen mirroring, has a 4.7 rating and a monthly profit of $286. While maintaining a 100% profit margin, the app’s financial metrics suggest potential for optimizing its monetization strategy in the competitive iOS entertainment app market.

13. Zonbot – Find the best product on AMZN using Ai: Leveraging AI in E-Commerce


  • Platform: Android & iOS
  • Rating: 4.7 (no Google Play reviews)
  • Existence: Three years
  • Monthly Profit: $255
  • Profit Margin: 94%
  • Installs: 10+

Financial Overview of Zonbot – Find the best product on AMZN using Ai

Metric Value
Monthly Profit $255
Profit Margin 94%
Installs 10+
Revenue Multiple 1.8x

Analysis: Zonbot’s AI-driven approach to recommending products on Amazon has resulted in a monthly profit of $255 despite a small user base. With a profit margin of 94%, the app showcases notable profitability and potential for growth in the e-commerce landscape.

14. Investor Tycoon: Buy The World – Clicking Towards Profit


  • Platform: Android & iOS
  • Rating: 4.4 from 24 App Store reviews
  • Existence: One year
  • Monthly Profit: $237
  • Profit Margin: 100%
  • Downloads (Monthly Average): 2,000

Financial Overview of Investor Tycoon: Buy The World

Metric Value
Monthly Profit $237
Profit Margin 100%
Downloads (Avg.) 2,000
Revenue Multiple 1.4x

Analysis: Investor Tycoon: Buy The World, an idle clicker game, has achieved a solid 4.4 rating with a monthly profit of $237 and a 100% profit margin. The game’s success in generating revenue without marketing expenses positions it as a player to watch in the mobile gaming market.

15. Make Digital Shop Online in just 30 seconds: AdSky – Streamlining E-Commerce


  • Platform: Android
  • Rating: 4.6 from 228 Google Play reviews
  • Existence: Four years
  • Monthly Profit: $208
  • Profit Margin: 79%
  • Installs: 10,000+

Financial Overview of Make Digital Shop Online in just 30 seconds: AdSky

Metric Value
Monthly Profit $208
Profit Margin 79%
Installs 10,000+
Revenue Multiple 0.8x

Analysis: Make Digital Shop Online in just 30 seconds: AdSky, despite being a free app, has demonstrated its ability to turn a profit with a monthly profit of $208 and a commendable profit margin of 79%. While maintaining steady popularity, there is potential for further monetization and revenue generation optimization.


In the dynamic world of mobile applications, success is measured not only by user ratings but by the financial prowess of an app. The highlighted apps, ranging from entertainment and education to utilities and gaming, showcase the vast opportunities in the digital realm. Each app, with its unique features and value propositions, has garnered user appreciation and translated that into substantial monthly profits.

From the quirky Voice Changer – Fast Tuner to the privacy-centric TOR Browser Evil Onion, the minimalist design of Overdrop – Weather & Widgets, and the enduring success of Cellular Network Signal Finder, these apps illustrate the diversity of user needs and the potential for profitability in various niches.

EduAI’s success in the education sector, CONTEnt Story/Post/Ad Maker IG’s role in content creation, and Network Manager – Network Tools & Utilities (Pro)’s professionalism in network management underscore the breadth of the app market.

While some, like Mega: Screen Mirror Chromecast, may benefit from refining their monetization strategies, others, like Zonbot – Find the best product on AMZN using AI, showcase the power of AI in e-commerce.

In a world where digital innovation is paramount, these apps’ success stories inspire developers and users alike. As we continue to witness the evolution of mobile applications, the interplay between creativity, functionality, and financial success will undoubtedly shape the future of the app landscape.

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