How Youtubers And Bloggers Are Making Bank Off The Johnny Depp Trial

$5,000 in a week from the Johnny Depp trial…

1.4 million live viewers, 158,000, 2.3 million.

This is crazy. 13 million views, 9 million, 10 million.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last couple of months, you’ve probably seen something about the Johnny Depp trial.

In fact, if you’re anything like me, your news feeds are looking like Johnny Depp every single day. It’s like you can’t get away from this. People are literally obsessed. And the news is full of story, after story, after story about the Johnny Depp trial. Some of those news stories are just showing you where to watch it live.

But what you may not have noticed was all the stories of the people making bank on the Johnny Depp trial.

Here’s someone doing some merch about the trial, which I don’t know about the ethics on that, but that’s interesting.

A YouTuber who got famous overnight simply by doing live commentary on the Johnny Depp trial.

Here’s a story from VICE that says, “Inevitable Johnny Depp Gold Rush Continues Downstream. Big media companies, true crime TikTokers, and now little known YouTubers converge into the Heard/Depp trial to grow their audiences.”

And some of these people are making bank.

So in today’s video, I’m going to show you exactly what they’re doing, how they’re doing it and how you can make money online using this strategy. There’s some people making as much as $720 a day or more without being on camera, without showing their face. It’s pretty much as simple as copying and pasting a link.

But first of all, the big fat disclaimer.

Disclaimer number one, you need to make sure that you have the rights to whatever you are posting online. Whether it’s a picture, a video, a livestream, an audio or anything, you need to make sure that you have the commercial rights if you plan on making money with that said item, because if you don’t have the rights, you can get shut down, banned or worse, sued. And these people have some deep pockets. In this video, we’re going to focus on the strategy rather than what to use.

And the second disclaimer, is that while we will be talking about big earners, some people making 720 a day, some people making 10 times that, I want you to realize that the average person trying to make money online makes nothing. That means if you’re out there and you think you’re going to get rich, the chances are pretty much next to nothing. But this is a business and there are some strategies that can get you the results you want. And in this video, I’m going to talk to you about those strategies.

The first strategy we’re going to look at here is commentary and news. Now what’s going to happen is this and it’s very important. When you have something like a high profile trial or some kind of newsworthy event that’s going on, what you can do is you can utilize that traffic. Now again, make sure you’re doing ethical stuff. Make sure you’re doing things that are above board. So what happens is these news reports and these items are going to garner a bunch of traffic. What happens is let’s say Trump runs for election. Everyone goes to Google to find out what Trump’s about and they start searching for stuff. And for four or six years, we had a lot of people searching for tons of things about Trump.

Or let’s say there’s some government action on the stock market. There’s a lot of people talking about that, a lot of news reports. And what that’s going to do, is it’s going to drive fast, instant, important non-competitive traffic. And as internet marketers, we know that traffic equals money when done correctly. So the first strategy we can use is commentary and news on static websites or blogs. This would entail piggybacking on the traffic that’s already out there.

Let’s say for example, there’s a recall. Just the other day we had to take all our peanut butter back to the store because apparently it was making people sick. That could be something where you could talk about different recalls. You could make a website about recalls. You can put news articles about the recalls and then you could sell vitamins, or supplements, or grocery store coupons, or credit cards, or whatever it is that’s related to that item. Or if you’re completely lazy, you could just put some paid ads on your site and get paid when people click on ads. It really is that simple. And you could see here, lots of videos getting lots of views about the peanut butter recall. In fact, every single day people are searching online for various different peanut butter recalls.

And if you look at this KD column here that tells you how competitive the keyword is. So right here, Jif peanut butter recall, which is actually the recall going on right now has zero competition. I can make a blog post, a press release, a video, or a TikTok or any kind of content online about this recall and I can get traffic overnight. And while this says, there’s only 350 people searching for this term every month, we know that when these get popular in the news, that number skyrockets to the millions or in the Johnny Depp case, billions. However, if you look at Johnny Depp case in the Ahrefs keyword tool, competition’s low but it only says there’s a thousand people a month searching for it. However, looking at Google trends, you could see there’s a lot of people searching for this and it’s actually trending right now.

Hey, wait a minute. Isn’t that guy that was livestreaming the case? More about that in just a minute. So the first method is pretty simple. You’re going to go out there and you’re going to find topics that are trending. You’re going to make content about them since they’re low competition and they have lots of traffic right now, and you’re going to use those to build your audience. Perhaps if you’re doing the Jif peanut butter thing, you could put a little thing that says, “Put your name and email and I’ll update you on all the recalls,” or something like that. It’s very, very simple. And you can build an audience very fast. In fact, this is how many YouTubers gained millions of subscribers just by talking about the Johnny Depp case or even streaming it live. And if you want to learn more about how to do the commentary method, check out the videos in the description, but now let’s get into method number two.

Method number two is pretty much the same as the commentary news method. Only you’re going to get a lot of traffic, a lot faster. If instead of doing a blog or something like that that takes a while to get picked up, you actually go out there and turn your content into videos. Now it’s very important to note that you don’t need to be on video. You can do a voiceover, you can show clips, you can do whatever you want to do as long as you have the rights and it’s within the legal realm to do that. But videos will get picked up very, very fast. With the right topic, the right video and the right timing, you can go viral. And the reason these go viral is because all these people are watching other videos about this topic. And as they’re watching those videos, YouTube is going to have some suggested videos right over here that are going to get some of that traffic too.

And if you show up there, that’s where the money comes in. In fact, check out this new video three days ago. It’s already got 500 views for some kind of peanut butter thing. So method number two is to do the exact same thing as method one, but with videos. Again, make sure your titles and your topic is on point with the keyword that you want and of course the video needs to be about the topic as well. But I figured that was a given.

And method number three is probably the easiest method, but it’s also the most controversial and one that could potentially get you in hot water. And that method is to livestream. As you can see right here, this person, Law&Crime Network is livestreaming the Johnny Depp case, and they have over 1.2 million people watching right now. Now again, make sure that you get the rights to use this stuff. A lot of it is in fair use, but you have to do your research to figure out if you’re allowed to use it. But this is a way that lots of people are making lots of money. What they are doing is finding topics that are trending and they are livestreaming that topic.

Sometimes you’ll see something livestream like a court case that’s in the public domain or maybe a sports game that’s in the public domain or whatever it is that’s being livestreamed. In fact, years ago when there was a lot of politics stuff going on, there was this little group of people out of Alabama that would livestream every Trump rally. That’s right. They’d go to the Trump rally with cameras, they’d livestream it. And they went from zero to millions of subscribers, literally overnight, not to mention they made lots and lots of money and basically started a broadcasting network from their basement. All they did was livestream the stuff that was available anyway.

Now years ago, this would cost lots of money and you’d have to have tons of cameras and crazy gear to make this work, not to mention a giant antenna on top of your house, the size of Seattle. But today you can actually do this with a free software. In fact, here on my channel we livestream every single week. That’s right, every Wednesday at 12 o’clock Eastern Standard Time, we go live and talk to you about how to make money and all kinds of different methods to make money and cool stuff like that. And as you can see here, this is the software that I use to livestream. It’s called OBS Studio, and it’s actually free. Yep. You go over here, search for OBS Studio. You can download it right here for free and it’s basically like having your own news studio on your computer.

If I wanted to livestream something, let’s say I wanted to do the case. And again, make sure that you have the rights to this. All I would do is take whatever content I want to livestream. Pull that up on the screen. I’m going to put this on a different screen over here so it’s easy to see. Then I could just go over here and I can choose whatever screen I want to show. If I do display capture, let’s say I want to choose display number four, which is my big long monitor like this. I could go here and I can add some filters to make sure that I’m only showing the parts that I want. I’ll crop the bottom like 1,000 or more. Let’s do 1,000. Let’s do even 1,250. There we go.

Now I got that. Or maybe even 1,150. There we go. So now it’s got that. I’ll crop the top a little bit. We’ll go maybe 300 a little bit less than that. Let’s do 250. And now I’m going to have a really simple little box that I can actually display live. And if I want to put that in the little box next to me, if I’m doing live commentary, I can do that right like this.

Or if I wanted to just show that, I can make a new scene, I can add the display capture, existing display, boom, drag and drop, right like this. And now I can livestream this without me being in it. It’s very simple. In order to do that, all you need to do is set this up to go live on whatever YouTube channel or streaming channel you want to use. You could use Facebook, multiple, Twitch, whatever it is, you name it. You can stream right there live. Again, I cannot stress it enough. Make sure you have the rights to whatever you’re using, but you can actually see that people do this all the time and get hugely popular.

Here’s a guy named Kevin who exploded by doing commentary on different livestreams and news and things like that. And that brings us to method number four. Instead of just livestreaming the topics, you can actually do livestreams, recaps, and commentary. There’s actually some YouTubers right now that are providing livestream plus commentary on the Johnny Depp case, streaming it live and making tons of money, getting lots of views. And the way they make money is simple. You can make money with ads. Yeah. You know those little ads that show up when you watch these videos, I get a piece of the action.

You can make money by getting people to go to your website. You can make money by building a following and selling something later. This guy is literally the limit. And this is a very simple way that you can piggyback off of trends. Again, make sure you have the rights, make sure you’re doing ethical stuff and make sure you have lots of fun and make lots of money. And if you like learning this stuff, smash a like button subscribe and check out the videos in the description that are going to show you how to do this in even more detail.

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