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Good morning and welcome to this special ask me anything you want about how to make money online with affiliate marketing, blogging, Youtubing, whatever it is you want to make money.

This is the place to be. Now you could sit around and say, “Well, I thought there was cartoons on and go watch cartoons and mess around and stuff like that.” Or you could be serious about your business and ask real-world questions.

Just a minute ago we got a question where it’s like, “Hey, you got the chance to ask anything you want. I’m an affiliate marketer to help you make money online.”

And some guy said, “Why do you still use a chalkboard?” Really? That’s what you want to ask?

I mean, because I like chalkboards, so there you go. Your question is over, but you know maybe come up with a question that’s actually going to help you make money online.

This is your chance. If you feel info overloaded, if you feel like you’re struggling, if you feel like no one cares and no one helps you, game over. It’s time to get the help you need!

But you got to follow the directions. And as I could see, you guys need some help follow the directions. In the description of this video, there is a link where you can go and post your question on the live blog that we are using today. You can post your question here. It’s going to pop up. We’re going to answer them as we get them in. We’re going to help you out. Guys, anything goes. You can ask your question right then and there. We’ll get it approved. We’ll answer it live on the call. We will get you the help you need.

So if you’re struggling, if you need some help, this is the video to watch. Now I got to tell you, first of all, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart, for all the well wishes for my dad. You guys know I was out of town for a week. My dad’s dealing with some health stuff. So I really appreciate the thoughts, prayers, and wishes and everything like that. Very, very cool stuff. Also, I want you to note that these types of calls are extremely difficult to do. I got screens here with questions. I got 50 million tabs open here. I got the live software over here. I got tablets to write on. I got all this stuff. It’s very difficult to do. So please bear with me. I will try to get to all your questions as I can.

Again, if you follow the instructions here we’ll be able to get to your questions as they come in. If you ask them live, there is a chance they will not be answered because it’s very difficult like this is not something that’s super easy to do. This is something that’s very difficult to do, but I want to do this to give you guys the information that you need. I want to show you beyond a shadow of a doubt that I know what I’m talking about. I’ve been doing this for 21 years. If you want to buy stuff from me, great. If you don’t, great. It really doesn’t matter to me. I’ll be fine either way, but I want to show you that the answers are here.

I want to show you that anyone and everyone can make money online if you really want to, right? If you really want to. It’s not that hard to do. You have to focus. Now with that said, the results are not typical, implied or guaranteed. I pulled up some results for you here where we’re going to talk to you about these results like one domain name I bought a couple of months ago for eight bucks, the guy wants to buy it for 1500. That’s his opening offer. I forgot I even bought the domain name. That’s how important it was. Right?

So we have to go through and look at this. Another one, ClickBank while I was gone out of town making money automatically. This one here, 1100 bucks in the last three days. So guys, this stuff works. Here’s another one, 9,500 bucks almost from something very similar.

Now I actually have some people standing by that are making notes about this training. So we’re going to put it together in a nice PDF. If you want the notes when they’re ready, they’re not ready instantly. They’re not ready right now because the call is not over yet. But when they’re ready, you can just go to right now, put your name and email in. When they’re ready, we will send them out to you.

Also, I want you to know that we have a call like this where we answer all of your questions every Tuesday as part of our Blog Profit Network, which is cool, right? So Blog Profit Network, you can get in there. You can ask questions every single week. Now the difference between this live Q&A and the Blog Profit Network is on Blog Profit Network I can actually look into your site. We can use some of the tools in a public forum. It’s a little bit more difficult to do that because I don’t know what’s on your site and it’s kind of risky pulling things up. I don’t know what we’re going to see.

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So in the Blog Profit Network, that’s better, but let’s go ahead and take a look at what’s going on on the question board. I think we were up to 59, 60. So we’re getting a lot of questions here. We’re going to try to answer these as much as we can. Again, I have my board, I got my keyword tools. We’re going to get rocking and rolling. If you’re ready, smash that like button say, “Marcus, I am ready. Let’s rock and roll.”

This is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. We’re going to answer it. This is about you. You can ask whatever you want. If you say, “Marcus, why is my website not ranking? Marcus, what am I doing?” Try to be as specific as possible. Why is my website not ranking for this keyword? Why am I not making sales with this product? Be very specific and I’ll answer it the best I can just like as if you were one of my paid students. That’s how I’m treating this call as if everyone paid me, but I know y’all didn’t. But we’re going to treat it that way so we can get you the help you need.

And I want you to walk away at the end of the two hours of this training and say, “I’m glad I stuck around. I’m glad I listened” because one of these and one of these answers could be the barrier stopping you from getting where you need to be with making money online.

So let’s get ready to rock and roll.

Neil. Good question, Neil. He says … Here’s actually a couple of questions here.

“Does Amazon still use affiliates?”

Yes they do.

“Is eBay worth doing?”

Yes and no. I mean, if you’re going to do eBay as an affiliate. Yeah, it’s worth it. If you’re going do eBay as selling. Yes, it’s worth it. But you got to pay attention to what you want to do.

I don’t want to sit around and load my garage up with stuff and sell it, so I’d probably find a different way.

Now, another question he says, “Does Amazon have a one-day cookie?”

Yes. Amazon’s one-day cookie is a 24-hour cookie. If they buy stuff within 24 hours, you get paid. If they buy stuff in 25 hours, you don’t get paid. But the good thing is you get paid on everything in their cart. So like right now there’s a whole bunch of crap in my Amazon cart. If I clicked your affiliate link, you get paid on all that stuff. It doesn’t even matter. So it’s pretty cool. Okay. ” Does eBay have an affiliate cookie?” Yes, they do. Any affiliate program is usually going to be run by cookies. That might change in the future. Not too worried about it, but as of right now, they all run on cookies.

All right. So let’s go to Bryce next. Bryce says,

“With your do it for me website service.” And I think he’s talking about the high ticket niches. He says, “You pick the domain and set up the affiliate products and content. How do you select the topic?”

Okay. So when you get a high ticket niche, if you want me to do that, you go to There’s a form that you fill out after you sign up. It’s going to ask you some questions. We go back and forth until I find a niche you want. When you say, “Yes, that’s one,” we build it, which is pretty cool.

So you got to look at that. The cost on that, all you need is web hosting, plus the signup and that’s about it. And all the answers are there as well. Okay, Navies says, “Affiliate is first time for me. What do I do? Do I make my first paid ad free?” Well, if you made paid as free, because I’m … Okay, I’m not sure what that means, but if you’re looking to do this free you could start with like a YouTube. You could start with a Medium. You could start with Blogspot. You could start with any free platform. I don’t recommend it.

My personal view is that if you’re here, if you have internet access, chances are you can afford a $100 a year for web hosting. That’ll get you your domain name, your website. You can have as many websites on one hosting platform as you want for the same $100 a year. It’s actually like 70 a year, but who’s counting? Come on. You know you got to get in there. And if you want to do that, that’s at We got instructions. It’ll walk you through how to get started and set that up.


“I only got 99 impressions on a YouTube video in three weeks since launch. Does that mean the search volume was really low on my keywords?”

No, that means you’re not being shown to the audience. All right, the YouTube algorithm is trying to find your audience. So right now while this video is live, you’ll watch as we go live when I do two hour videos, it usually gets a lot of viewers at one time so it’ll start to climb. And the reason that’s happening is because I chose make money online, affiliate marketing. And what’s happening is YouTube is going out there trying to find the audience.

So as you’re watching this, they’re finding the audience and the more you watch, the more people they’re going to go find because their goal is to get lots of people to watch YouTube a lot. So we got to understand that and we got to go through. Now again, if you’re just hopping on and you want to ask a question, please look at the description of this video. There’s a link where you can ask your question live on the question blog. This makes it easy because if you guys saw my screen right now, it’s absurd. Like watch this. Okay? This is in the last couple of minutes and the questions are just flying in.

So in the last couple of minutes, we went from 66 to 73 like that. So it’s coming in quick. Please put your questions on the blog. It’s very important that you do that, that way it’s easier for me to get your question. I don’t want to miss your question. And I want to give you guys the time of day so that you understand what’s going on. All right. So yeah, I would say, Ian, without seeing the video in Blog Profit Network we could actually look at the video and dissect what’s going on. But just without seeing the video, it’s probably a match of keywords, content and the amount of people watching and how long they watch. And I got to tell you, 99 impressions is not enough data. I’m sorry. When you’re doing videos, you got to have 1,000 impressions or more to even judge it. 99 is not really going to do it.

Okay, Trevor says,

“Hi Marcus, I purchased your high ticket niche. Can’t find any information on what to do.”

Go to If you guys ever buy stuff from me, I’ve owned that site. It was my first domain I ever bought. It’s our support site. It’s always there. They’re always there to help you. Even while I was gone last week, they’re still there to help you. So really good stuff.

Daniel says,

“I hope your dad gets better.” Thank you for that, Daniel. Appreciate that. Let’s see. Nihal says,

“Can we rank with Google doc sites with a maximum of zero to two KD?”

Speaking about the KD on Ahrefs. Okay. “Can we rank with the zero to two KD for a particular keyword when top ranking websites are Amazon and eBay?” Yes. As long as those sites don’t dominate the entire front page. So like if you go to a site and Amazon’s all 10 of the top 10 rankings, your chance of knocking them out is pretty low.

Again, depending on the keyword, but you have to kind of look at it. So what we do is not only look at the KD. So like last week when I went for hotels near Cotton Eyed Joe’s Tennessee. How many of you guys saw the Cotton Eyed Joe video and did you guys like the dance, right? I mean, I worked hard on the Cotton Eyed Joe dance for you. But what we did is we actually looked at the page of Google. So I was like, “Okay, we got some stuff here. We got concert hotels, hotel guides, Yelp.” So these were some big sites, but I knew it wasn’t too bad. And that’s why we rank right here. I think number seven or something like that, very simple.

And my site’s not a hotel site. It’s not about this stuff and we ranked on accident. I actually, I put this up live. You can see there’s no content. I put it up live to show you how it works. There it is. You could go look it up yourself. You could see that this stuff works. And what it is is it’s all about the keyword. 100%. Like if you’re doing SEO stuff, you got to look at the keyword, you got to understand the keyword. If you don’t get that, you’re not going to rank so do that. Look at it and say, “Okay, well, what’s going on on the first page?”

Now, if these hotels took up the whole front page, I probably wouldn’t try to rank for it. Okay, again, if you’re just tuning in, you can go over to the link in the description to ask your question. Let’s see how many we got. We might end up doing … Yeah, we got a lot. We might end up doing like a three-hour livestream today, which is cool. And again, if you guys want notes, I got someone standing by to do notes at Once they’re ready, we’ll get those out for you.

All right. So let’s see here.

” I’m a little for affiliate marketing because I started from my family, have no money. I want to promote this product.”

Okay. So if you’re trying to promote a make money online product, I would advise against it because you’re like really going against like do you want to compete against me? I know what I’m doing. I’ve been doing this for 20 years. The best way to do it would be like a review site. But again, I don’t know how big that that product is. I mean, we can look at Profit Force in here and see if there’s any traffic, 100. Okay.

Yeah, there’s no traffic for it. So I would say in all honesty, I mean, a lot of people will tell you how to promote that, but seriously, pick a different product. Go in an easy thing. Do you want to rank for hotels near Cotton Eyed Joe’s which is easy and you can make money or do you want to rank for like hotels? You’re not going to rank for hotels. You’ll be doing that for 20 years and I’ll be getting traffic with my little stupid keywords making money, and you’ll be wondering why it doesn’t work.

And you have to understand how this works. You need to understand that you can go out there and you can get that low-hanging fruit and make it work. All right.

Assad says,

“What video hosting do you recommend and which plan is best for beginners for a membership site?”

Okay. If you’re doing a membership site, I actually have a setup like my team will set up a membership site. The way that I set them up, we do these things in our sleep. We do them all the time. Get and ask them about that service.

Otherwise, what I like to use is aMember, fantastic program. One time 150 bucks or something like that and really good program. Just fantastic. And then I will use like PayPal or something like that or ClickBank, or you could even use Stripe. aMember has like Stripe thing. I use it all the time on my sobriety website. What video compressor do I use? Camtasia. I compress all my videos in Camtasia. If you use 40%, that’s good for hosting on your own site. 75 or more, that’s good because YouTube likes high resolution. So we’re usually okay with that.

Now, as far as video hosting, I use a custom plugin that we have as part of Blog Profit Network. And we give you guys my plugins as part of that gig. And it’s a video server that works with Amazon S3. So pretty cool. Now for Amazon S3, I get a lot of views like we have people watching videos all the time. Costs me about 300 to $1,000 a month for that video hosting. But again, it’s as needed. So if you only have like two guys watching your video, it’s going to be like four cents. So you just take it with a grain of salt. And obviously if you have $1,000 bill from Amazon for Amazon S3, that means people are watching your videos. And I hope you’re making the money. You should be.

Okay. Ron says,

“My real goal is to promote my sports book. However, doing that on Facebook has been problematic. I decided building a list of sports enthusiasts interested in sports equipment.”

So I’m confused about sports book. I would think sports book was like gaming and then sports equipment. So if you’re doing that, what I would do is I would do very specific things like shoes for soccer or shoes for this, or jerseys for whatever. I’d get real, real specific. Shoes for lifting weight. Different things like that’s going to work really well. And then if you’re doing apparel, I would look at the big box stores. You’re going to look at a Dick’s Sporting Goods. You’re going to look at Sportsmart If they still exist. You’re going to look at all these Amazon. You’re going to look at these and that’ll really help you.

I think those instead of going networks, I think that’s going to help. Now you could go a little bit different for bigger making money opportunities. Maybe you could go for like bodybuilding supplements if you’re doing stuff like that. But that’s a little bit of a stretch. I would first focus on getting the traffic. All right. If you guys are digging this smash that like button. Let me know if you guys are appreciating this. Again, these are very difficult to do so please bear with me. I will try to get to everyone’s questions. But as you guys could see, these are coming in like crazy. They’re just piling up. So we’re going to try to get to them as much as we can.

All right. Ricky says, Hi, Sir Marcus.

” Sir Marcus. There we go. I think I need a new hat. If you call me Sir Marcus or Sir Marcus of the Shire, I’ll be a Hobbit or something. “I hope and pray that your dad is well.” Thank you for that.

“Is this a free session you’ll be conducting?”

Yes, it is. This is free. I don’t ask you to pay for this. You just watch it on the YouTube. You give me a like if you like it and subscribe. And if you want the notes, those are free too. I actually got someone standing by. I’m paying them like 1, 000 bucks to make notes on this. It’s going to be cool. We’re going to give those to you free.

Okay. Let’s see here. Assad.

“What happens to the Simple Sites 2021?”

I don’t know if we’re going to have a 2021. We might have a 2022. As of right now, it’s 2020, but it is updated. I always put new stuff in there, so it’s always there. All right. Doug says, “When you create your content and make a few article posts, do you put links in them on your landing page or hide them?” I put links. Absolutely. I’m going to put links and I’m going to put banners. I would recommend checking the video I did a couple of weeks ago about the magic thing. It’s called like the magic things I put on my blog or something like that. It’s about three-weeks-old that talks to you about how I do that.

So again, subscribe to this channel, click the bell. There is a wealth of knowledge here. You don’t even have to buy my courses. You could buy them if you want personal help. If you want me to come on with you every week like this, then yeah, by all means, buy my courses. But there’s plenty of stuff here. If you’re one of those people that’s like, “I don’t want to buy anything. I want everything free.” Guys, there’s a ton of stuff. There’s a ton of stuff. And you just got to go through it. You’ve got to look at it and make it work. Okay?

“How to make money if the niche got traffic, but no offer to promote?”

Great question, Assad. Actually most of my money has been made in niches that don’t have a direct offer. And what I mean by that, I’m going to get comfortable because we’re going to be here a while. What I mean by that is I had offers and niches for like smiley faces and downloads and cursors where there was no direct offer like there wasn’t something direct. So what I did is I got creative.

If you could get creative, you can make a crap ton of money online because you’ll start to understand the market in a different way. Case in point, the word AdSense was my biggest producer ever for my make money online courses. Now you would think, “Oh, well the keyword he uses is make money online. That makes sense.” But it’s not and the reason it’s not is because make money online is competitive. And AdSense was people that were specifically looking to make money with their blog.

So I cleaned house even though AdSense didn’t have a direct offer for mel that worked really well.

All right, Francis. I get this question all the time.

” I’m Nigerian and I really want to make money online. What do I do?”

You do the same thing people in America and Germany and Greece and Australia do. You go out there and you hustle. That’s what you do. Now a lot of people, “Oh, Marcus, I can’t get a ClickBank account in Nigeria.” Well, work away around it.

When I first started, there was a lot of hurdles. I didn’t have money. I got denied for certain things, bank accounts and stuff like that. It was just a hassle when I was young and I didn’t have a lot of money. They were like, “You can’t get a business bank account. You can’t do this.” Now I could have gone in and crawled under my bed and cried, but instead I was like, “I’m going to find a way around it.” And I’ll never forget one time I was talking to someone when I wanted to buy my third house. And this person was like, “Oh, it’s not going to work. That house is too expensive. You’re not going to get approved.”

And I told her, I said, “Look, there’s always a third option.” And she’s like, “What do you mean?” I’m like, “In life, there’s always a third option.” You look at one and two. I want the blue car or the green car. Am I going to move here or here? Am I going to marry him or him? Am I going to marry her or her? Am I going to do this or that? There’s always a third option. So many people get locked into this idea of “Well, ClickBank denied me. Therefore, I can’t make money.” BS. You can make money. There’s people right now that are making money in all corners of the world.

Now again, focus on legit stuff, but there’s ways to do it. There’s lots of ways to do it. You could sell products. You could do resell rights. You could do affiliate networks. A lot of those will take you. You got to get out there and you got to be willing to do what it takes. The number one reason people don’t make money online is because they’re not really willing to do it. They’re not. They come and they say, “I just want a website that automatically gives me money without doing anything.” And I’m like, “Okay, well it’s not exactly hard.” What I’m doing is not hard. There’s a lot of screens going on, but this isn’t difficult.

I turn on the camera, I talk into this thing and I answer some questions on something I’ve done forever. Whatever you’ve done for 20 years, I’m sure you know a lot about it and you can answer questions. And you got to understand that value is about answering the question. It can be simple. Where’s the Cotton Eyed Joe Hotel? How many calories are in the beef McMuffin or whatever the hell it’s called? And we got to understand that.

That sounded weird. I will not say that again. That just took a different direction there. I don’t know what kind of McMuffin we’re talking about here, but yeah. All right.

Assad says,

“Do you have a software course available?”

We do. It is a private course that I sold years ago. If you want it, ask Tina on support, She’ll get you a price and everything for it and get you squared away.

“Do you have or will you make an PPC course?”

In the Simple Sites course, there’s a full on pay-per-click training.

All right, let’s see here. Everyone who’s asking questions right now, please check the link in the description. We are getting you to ask the questions on this blog. We’ll link in the description. We’ll get you here. Ask your question. That way I can keep track because that comment section is a lighting up like a Christmas tree or whatever it is. So you got to look at that. Okay. Let’s take a look at what else we got here.

Dave, “Prayers for your family.” Thank you for that.

“Have been turning into your programs for a couple of weeks and find what you’re saying to be rock solid.” No surprise to you.

“My question is, do I need to purchase your program for the devils detail?”

Well, I will tell you here on YouTube, I share everything. I don’t hide anything from you. It’s all here. If you ask me something that I can answer for you, I’m not going to hide it. I’m not going to make you pay to get that. What you’re paying for with my courses is my personal help. So you go on the Tuesday calls, you get the help, you go here, you get the help. If you want me to like look at your sites and help you, buy the courses. Also, what you’re paying for in my courses is structure. Because like we got 1,000 videos here on YouTube or 900 or whatever. It’s difficult to navigate like you don’t know what order to go in. The course organizes that for you.

All right. “What are my thoughts on Hotmart?”

Don’t know anything about Hotmart.

Kimberly. “Sorry about your dad.” Thank you for that. Let’s see. All right, well thank you. “Just well-wishes.” I appreciate that, Kimberly.


“Marcus, can you give me a niche and keyword? I did my own and you said it has too low of traffic, and affiliate sites rejected me.”

Yes. What you want to do is you want to watch my video on trigger words. If you watch the video on trigger words, you will see, you could do something like spreadsheet and you can find out what kind of spreadsheets people want. And you’ll be able to find stuff that has low competition.

I mean, you go in here like this and you’re like, “Hey, I can find all these spreadsheets.” Clone Hero spreadsheet. I don’t know what that is, but maybe we can make a spreadsheet about that or a blank spreadsheet or mortgage spreadsheet or whatever. Use trigger words. You’ll find a niche time and time again. Really cool.

Again, if you’re just tuning in and you want the notes from this training, it’s going to take my team like a couple of days, maybe a week, but go to, put your name and email. When the notes are done, we’ll email them to you and it’s free. And I know some people like. They write me terrible emails and say mean things. And I’m like, “We try to do this stuff free. I mean, you go and you get it free. They didn’t pay anything. What are you mad about? We’re helping you out here.” But you know to each his own.

All right, Keith says,

“Marcus, I created a blog prior to learning your methods. Should I leverage this site to apply your strategies?”

Well, Keith, what I would say is does your site get traffic? If it gets traffic, keep it, work on it. If it doesn’t get traffic nine times out of 10, actually more like 99 out of 100, you’re going to need to start over. Again, go to, go on the Tuesday call, show me your site, I’ll look at it. I’ll help you with it.

Edwin. Okay, I answered him because it was just about … Well, we could answer Edwin’s. He says,

“Every time I get a notification, there’s a fee.” And I’m like, “Hey, you didn’t pay for anything. You’re not getting any fees from me,” but you know I don’t know what he bought. All right. There is no fee for this webinar. It’s go on and listen. So there you go. And if you like that, smash the like button.

Richard says,

“Hi Marcus. I’ve been watching your videos, tried to do everything myself.” Okay. Let’s skip ahead to the question. “Anyways, I did an all-in-one SEO thing, but my site only got a score of 68.”

Here we go. Ready for an aha moment? Forget about the SEO score. It doesn’t matter. Most of the time people that are looking at the SEO score have the wrong keyword. SEO, say it with me, is all about the right keyword. The reason I ranked for Cotton Eyed Joe Hotel, it’s the right keyword. That’s it. We look at it. It’s in the tool. It says, “Hey, this is not competitive.” Bada bing, bada boom. That’s how I knew I could get it. Same thing when we go for Newegg affiliate program, I knew I would get this ranking and it wasn’t a question. And guess what? I don’t even have an SEO plugin. There’s not one on here. I don’t have one on here.

Newegg affiliate program. It’s all about the keyword. Look at that, number three. It’s all about the keyword. If you understand that the game’s about to change. Focus, focus, focus. It’s all about the right keyword. Forget about what the SEO plugin says. That’s not going to rank you. What’s going to rank you is the right keyword and good content. That’s it. I know people want tools. They want magic buttons. They don’t exist. Why did this work? Because I wrote an article. That’s good about the Newegg affiliate program. That’s what I did. I gave them the content they wanted. If you focus on that, it will work time and time again.

Again, get low competition keywords. Get yourself a good keyword tool.

All right, Barbara,

“Do we activate updated info in WordPress dashboard like Jetpack WP plugin? Sorry for your dad.”

Thank you for that. No, I don’t use Jetpack or any other plugins. The plugins that I use are my custom plugins. If you want my custom plugins, we give them to you free. There’s like a bunch of them. You can use all my plugins free. You can actually go in there. You can get all the plugins.

You can attend six or no, actually eight calls. So you could go to You can sign up today, get all my plugins, download them all. Go on eight calls every week. At the end of eight calls you could be like, “Marcus, I think you sound like a horse and I want my money back.” You get it back. That’s the only program we have that’s like that because I really don’t care. That program is to weed out the people who are serious. The people who aren’t serious, they’re going to worry about refunds and stupid stuff that people who are serious are going to be like, “Hell yeah, it’s worth a dollar a day.”

So you get the plugins, you get everything really cool stuff. Okay.

All right, Richard,

“I got these from a bloke, your side of the world.”

Okay. He had some links. I didn’t like the link. So Richard, get a new bloke or whatever it is and follow my stuff. A lot of you guys whether you’re watching the free videos or going through my courses, follow it to the T. I teach this in a really solid way. And if you understand, it’s all about the right traffic and the right offer, done.

Let me ask you this. If you’re in the middle of the Sahara Desert and there’s a caravan coming and the caravan is hot and all 100 people on the caravan ran out of water. And even the camel’s humps are like sloping over because they need water and you have water to sell. Do you need a fancy website? Do you need ClickFunnels? Do you need ClickBank? No. Those people are going to throw money at you because you have what they need. All you got to do is sell what the people need.

Get creative. Start to understand what they want. That’s how it’s going to work.

“Show us different ways to find keywords for an affiliate product.”

Well, there’s several ways. I teach them on the channel. One is the glossary method. Okay? So if you’re going for mortgages, you would go to Google like this. You’d type in mortgage or let’s do refinance-

… and mortgage or let’s do refinance glossary. Refinance glossary, you’re going to get a list of all the terms, put those terms in your keyword tool. Okay? Also, think about what else the product does, who else would want the product? There’s some good trainings on how to find niches. I got tons of them here.

Subscribe, smash the bell, click the like button, whatever, all that fancy stuff. And that’ll show you how to do it. It’s specific to what you’re selling, but I think if you watch those videos, it’ll really help you. Okay. All right. Again, questions, check out the link in the description. Ask the questions on the blog.


“Thank you, Marcus. I had no website. I have a website now and I have a business thanks to your free videos.”

Sherry made websites. She didn’t even buy my product yet. Product, product, thing. “I’ll be purchasing your program when I can. I wanted to say thank you and God bless. Couldn’t have done it without you.” And we got lots of people that come to me, they make money with the free stuff. Don’t really care. Just got to go out there and do it. And then when you make money, you can buy my stuff or he could never buy my stuff, whatever you want.

It doesn’t matter to me. I don’t care. I just want you guys to get results, and I’m tired of seeing so much bad information about how to make money online. I’m tired of seeing people who they’ve done affiliate marketing for five minutes and all of a sudden they’re an expert. I mean, you got to get some skin in the game. I’ve been doing this since I was 19 years old and I’m now… God, I’m going to be 42 this year. I feel old. I got gray hairs, but I’ve been doing this awhile.

And you got to look at what works. You got to understand how this works. Is that to say you can’t learn something from someone who’s new? Absolutely not. You can learn. Absolutely. Go learn from them, but only once you get the solid foundation. And once you understand that foundation, everything will start to work in your favor. And that’s why it looks like I have the Midas touch, because it’s like, “Hey, check this out.” I’m going out there and I’m making it work.

“How to make a one-page affiliate site or blog?”

Same way you make a 10-page one. Go to,, and bada bing, bada bang. You can set it up. It’ll literally take you 15 minutes. Let me write that on the board. We’ll be like the old school people, if I could find my pen. There it is. The old school people here, we’ll write our names on the board. Literally 15 minutes, you’ll have a domain, you’ll have a site. There you go.

All right. It is my affiliate program. So there are affiliate links. I think I make a couple of bucks when you sign up or you could just watch it and sign up somewhere else. I don’t care. If you’re like, “I don’t want Marcus to make any money. I’m going to outsmart the system here.” I like looking at myself make faces, so that’s free.

All right, Patty,

“What is the fastest way to get all my YouTube videos to show in Google Search, specifically in the video carousel?”

Find the right keyword. It’s all about the right keyword. If you’re not understanding the right keyword thing, you’re doing it wrong. If you got the wrong keyword, you won’t show up. You’ve got the right one, you will. Also with that said, make a damn good video. A lot of people are like, “Well, I got this video with a robot voice and some crappy clip art and I’m expecting it to rank.” That ain’t going to rank.

It’s got to be a good video people want to watch. YouTube and the search engines are watching how long people watch your video. They’re watching when they click, when they click off, what they’re doing, what they like, what they don’t like, how they interact. If they’re not doing that and you expect them to get the views, that ain’t going to work.

Think about this. The search engines are about the searchers. If the searchers are not happy, if the searchers are not getting what they want, search engines aren’t doing their job. Therefore, people will stop searching on said search engines. So they’re doing their job. You need to make the good content. Bada Bing, bada bang. There it is. And that’s the thing. My content about Cotton-Eyed Joe’s is better than the others, because I’m actually providing something other than just a hotel. Okay? Very cool.

“What forum is best for newbies?”

Blog Profit Network. is a forum-driven site. It is a site that we lock it because we have… It’s our membership site and we have questions and things like that, but that’s fantastic. I think that’s the best. I’m a little bit biased because it’s mine, but I think there’s something to be said for going through something systematically.

Mirza, I saw your question. If you guys want your questions answered, follow the link in the description. This is your first test. Okay? I get people all the time and they’re like, “Marcus, I can’t get support. Marcus, this doesn’t work. Marcus, I can’t…” Follow the directions. The directions in the description of the video tell you how to get your question answered. Can you do it? That’s your first test.

If you can’t do it, if that’s too difficult, then you probably shouldn’t try to make money online. Just saying. There you go. So we got to look at that. “What’s the fastest way?” We already answered that. Shirley,

“Google shut down the YouTube for not following the guidelines.”

Yeah, follow the guidelines and do something else in the meantime. I’m not sure how to answer that because I don’t really know. And I don’t know what you did. So, you got to look at it and work with them.

You got to follow the directions. People try to buck the system. You don’t have to. All those gurus out there that just sell like crazy and hammer things down, yeah, if I wanted to, I could make up some BS. I could get everyone to pay me a bunch of money and I could skip town. I could do that, but I’m probably going to make the same amount or end up living places I don’t want to live because that stuff’s shady. But if I understand this, and I do it, I could get the same results.

I found out that by telling you not to buy my stuff, by saying, “I don’t care if you buy it or not,” it actually works the same. And it works the same. You guys still buy stuff, because I’m being honest with you and I’m showing you what’s going on. Okay, so follow all the rules. That’s my long story short.

“I heard you say that you can make so much money with so much search volume. I would like to know how you arrive at those numbers.”

Good question. It has to do with the traffic. If I get 100 visitors with the word happy face, that’s not going to make much. If I get 100 visitors with the word mortgage, that’s going to make a lot. So it has to do with what the value of the word is. Now again, there’s a trade-off. I can get a million visitors for happy face easy. A million visitors and mortgage, that’s going to be difficult, but maybe I’ll make the same amount with 1,000 visitors in mortgage and a million in happy face.

So we got to focus on the keywords and how we’re going to make money with it. So what I like to do is take my affiliate offer and divide it by the conversion rate. If it’s a lead offer, I’ll say, “Hey, this will convert one out of 10 or one out of 50,” or whatever. If it’s a sales offer, “This will convert one out of 100.” All right, that’ll give you your per click, and then you say, “Ah, per click times search volume, estimated earning less whatever traffic I don’t get.”

Does that make sense? I think it did. If not, go to We’ll have notes so you can read it and maybe it’ll make more sense.

Robert, “Can you please show me or tell me where I can find a simple HTML code for creating zip code submit box?”

Just go to Google, HTML search box, or it could go on my blog. I think if you do Affiliate Marketing Dude money code, I think it’s on here. Yeah, magic money code. There you go. Boom, there it is. Here’s the code. Congratulations. I paid my programmer probably a bit more than I should have, but there’s the code there.

So you Google it, affiliated, just Google Marcus magic money code. It’ll come up. Free, there you go. All right. Let’s see here. “Hope all is well with your dad.” Thanks, Steve. It’s hit or miss right now, but we’re hoping for a recovery.

“I’m trying to run an offer on my thrifting niche post and website. Problem is, I got five clicks after 24 hours.”

Okay. Well, where are you getting traffic? That would be the number one question, because I don’t know.

Are you buying traffic? Are you getting free? What are you doing? Got to look at that. Sean, go to In my Simple Sites course, there’s an entire pay-per-click training. Just watch that, you’ll love it. Okay. Yeah, Vlad, I need to know how you’re getting traffic because I don’t know.


” Hey, Marcus. Awesome channel and content.” Thank you for that. If you like my content, smash the like button, subscribe, click the bell. “I’ve gone to DownloadMyNotes to get the trigger word list.” Go to Affiliate Dude trigger words. We put all the notes on the list or on the site, so there you go.

Affiliate Dude trigger words. Boom. There they are. This is a report about them and then I think there’s… Yeah, this one will have the big list. Oh, there it is. Pretty cool, right? So, you’ll get all that stuff. Okay. Next question, “Please do more high-competition niches easy keyword case studies with AHrefs.” We do that every week in Blog Profit Network. Every week, really cool. Okay. Again, if you’re asking questions, if you want your question answered, look at the description of this video.

There is a link in the description. You can ask your question. It’ll show up on the blog. We’ll answer it live. We’ll get you the notes, everything like that. If you want to know how much the course costs, go to I think it’s like 127 bucks and then 37 a month. So it’s less than a dollar a day for support or a little bit more than a dollar a day, like $1.10, something like that.

All right, Tom, “Hope your dad’s doing well.” Me too. I know he’s going to get some treatment today. It’s rocky, but we’re hoping for the best and thank you for that.

“Would it be possible to run a public case study?”

I do them all the time. I do public case studies all the time. If you don’t see them, click the subscribe button and make sure you click the little notification, because you’ll get that from me. Okay, examples. Okay, yeah. I mean we do those all the time, so just keep an eye out.

Chris, “First of all, hope dad…” Thank you for that.

“How do you do content marketing if you’re in a boring industry? Auto parts.”

Well, here’s what you do, is making money boring? Is your job boring? A lot of people have boring jobs, but they go anyway, because it pays the bills.

Do it anyway, it pays the bills. I’m going to do what pays the bills. That’s the thing. Sometimes on these trainings, I’m like, “I’m teaching the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.” But I do it because, hey, it’s a great extra income.

And someone asked me the other day. They’re like, ” Hey, if you make all this money, why do you do videos on YouTube?” Well, because I make more money. I make a lot of money doing videos. I make a lot of money with my other stuff, put a lot of money and a lot of money and you got some good money. So might as well do all of it. It’s like saying, “Why do you have two bank accounts?” Well, because I got a lot of money. “Why do you have two things that make you money?” Because it makes me more. So there you go.

And I enjoy it. I like being me and helping people out.

“First off, hope your dad’s doing good.” Thanks for that.

“When you’re running pay-per-click campaigns, how exactly do you track which keyword your sales are coming from?”

You’re going to use what’s called a sub ID when you go to your affiliate network. Let me see if I can show you an example here. Let me see here. So if you’re using ClickBank or something, when you do ClickBank, let me just get in here real quick.

You’re going to go to the products like this. Okay? So you’ll just put in let’s say blog… If you’re going to promote Blog Profit Network, which by the way, you can promote Blog Profit Network. Let’s do Blog Profit, and you can get paid to promote Blog Profit Network. There it is there. When you click promote, okay, it’s going to pop up with this box and you’re just going to put a tracking ID.

So I would say Google Ads 1. That would be the ad group for whatever keywords and then generate the HopLink. Now, all you need to do is just when it has sub ID, put Subman, and then all you need to do is generate this. That way, I copy this, and all I got to do is change Subman, I don’t need to log in and get a new link. I just know I can change that. So it makes it very, very simple, very easy.

So you’re going to do that with sub IDs and different landing pages, plain and simple. Let’s see here. Yeah, you could use ClickMagick. It’s okay. We have a tracker that you can use in Blog Profit Network as well. It’s not as robust as ClickMagick, like ClickMagick will show you, “Hey, this guy clicked here and he was eating a sandwich while he clicked.” Mine might not tell you he’s got a sandwich. That was a joke, calm down, but it will track the stuff. Okay.

“Best wishes for your father.” Thank you for that.

“Like your stuff, no fluff. You come from the trenches. I would like to ask you, can you show us a trick about Google Ads? How can we lower our cost with the right keywords?”

The right keywords, the right ad, because what they’re going to look at is click-through rate. If you’re getting a higher click-through rate, you’re going to get lower cost ads. If your site gets a good response, you’re going to get cheaper ads. Also look at your keyword. When I went for make money online, it was 3.50 a click. When I went for the word AdSense, it was 60 cents a click. AdSense was cheaper and converted better.

It’s all about the keyword. 100%. Pass go, get money. It’s all about that. Once that gets in your head, you’re good to go. “Would you recommend to run paid traffic direct to an offer before I build the opt-in and thank you page?” No, if you know it’s going to work and the numbers fit, set it up the right way first because you could run into trouble with that. So, I would set something up simple. Now, you could set it up on a test site if you don’t want to buy a new domain or whatever. You’ve got to look at that.

[Mezona], if you’re asking questions, again, everyone, please look at the link in the description of this video. There’s a link in the description. Your question will show up here if you ask it. And I’m answering questions here because if you guys saw the live chat, it’s going nuts, it would be physically impossible unless I had a really fast brain, which I don’t, to answer them there. So try to do them here if you can.

Let’s see. Okay. Thanks for the well-wishes, Dan. Yeah, I like that one. I’m going to read this, even though it’s not a question, because I liked what he said. He said,

“I compliment you on doing what is needed to take care of your family and not feeling the need to work all the time.”

Yes. The only thing I did while I was gone is I ran my talk show, Sober Show, for sobriety people. I have a channel that talks about how to get sober.

Talking about my stuff. I’m seven years sober, but I missed one week before. And I was like, “Okay, if I don’t do this week, they’re going to think I went back to drinking, so I better do this.” But yeah, that’s the only work I did the entire time, which is good. Family is why we do this. We do this so we can spend time with family. We do this so we can have the lifestyle we want. Again, remember, it’s not about the Lambos and the houses. Who gives a rip? If I get a Lambo, I could still only go about 75 on the highway. That’s it.

And then I’m sitting practically on the ground, and I wouldn’t know how to drive one of those things anyway. Perfectly happy with my stuff. It’s about the life you want. Don’t get hyped up into playing the prove game. It’s about the life you want. If you can get the life you want on five grand a month, do it. If you can get the life you want on 10, 15, whatever it is, do it. It’s about the lifestyle.

My dad taught me that. We’re actually going to have a video about the things my dad taught me about money, because I learned a lot from him, which is great. So we’ll have that coming up shortly.

Let’s see.

“Why ClickBank not accepting new registrations for affiliate programs?”

Probably because of your geographic location. ClickBank has some spots that they just don’t do, so you got to look at that.

[Vimlaw], thanks for the well-wishes.

“I’m new to affiliate marketing. Love to learn how to promote my affiliate link.”

It depends on what you’re doing. You could put a hyperlink on your blog.

You could put it in a PDF. You could put it in a description of a video. You could do whatever you want. Number two, “Can I use a sales video as my promotion?” That depends on the offer. If they allow you to use it, then yes. If they don’t, then no. Make your own, make a sales video. If I make a sales video, right now, I’m doing this live training. It’s going to take about two hours. Once I’m done, it’s out there forever.

This thing could rack up thousands and thousands of views and it’s going to sell stuff. When I was gone, I flew out at the drop of a hat. It took one day and my dad was like, “Get here.” I’m like, “I’ll be there.” I got there and my stuff was still generating money while I was gone, which is cool. That’s what I like. I don’t want to worry about family and worry about money. I just want it to be taken care of.

And this is something you guys can do, but it starts not with Law of Attraction mindset and wish it and want it. No, it starts with understanding I can set something up today that will make me money tomorrow and the next day and the next day. If you get that concept, it’s over. Why do people who get rental properties make a lot of money? Because they buy the property and then it makes money every month, every month, every month, every month. Whether they’re sleeping, whether they’re awake, whether they’re in Tahiti, whether they’re in Japan, whatever. Maybe they’re watching the Olympics in Japan, wherever they’re at, it makes money. And if you understand the concept, guys, you’ve been going about it wrong.

Everybody wants to make a million bucks tomorrow. They all do. Now, have I ever made a million dollars in a day? No. My record, I think was 70, maybe 90,000 in a day, but that wasn’t even… It was cool, but that’s not what it’s about. If you can figure out how to automatically get 10, 50, 20, a million or whatever, you can do it.

Kwame, “Can I become a billionaire through affiliate marketing?”

The guy who started the Honey app did. The Honey app, it got sold for four billion, billion, billion dollars online. And it was a guy. It’s affiliate marketing. People don’t get it because they don’t see it. What I’m trying to teach you here is how to see it. You’ve got to look at the web not as a consumer, not as a searcher. You need to look at it as a business person and a marketer.

Once you do, everything changes. I look at the internet completely different than you do. I guarantee it. I guarantee it. I’m always looking at stuff like that. All right. “How do I create an email list from those who click the link? Make an opt-in page. Again,, there’s a free theme. There’s free tools. Guys, you can watch this training and you can go and you can get all the free tools and you could do it all free. There you go, or you can buy courses from me, because mine are pretty good, but you could do whatever you want.

“What method do you use to promote through Facebook?”

I like the Facebook Groups method or paid traffic method. But again, it’s going to depend on what your traffic is. If you’re going for people looking to lose weight, that’s different than people looking for mortgages.

Kevin, “Is it possible to change a domain name safely without losing its rankings?”

If you’re changing the domain, the rankings go with it. If you go from to, the rankings do not pass over.

That’s why my expired domain named method kicks ass. I just bought a domain a couple of months ago for eight bucks. Here’s the offer. This guy offered me 1,500 bucks. That’s his opening offer. There’s another one I had. Guy offered me 7,500 for it. I paid $8 for it. Results not typical, implied, or guaranteed. I also bought 1,000 domains, so if you just count those two sales, I broke even, but I have a lot of other sales. So I made a lot of money, but you’ve got to understand, it’s not a guarantee. Anyone who says, “Guaranteed money,” run far away from him.

Run away, run, run, run, run, run far away.


“I’m just getting into domaining. Do you only buy at auction?”

I buy expired, almost exclusively expired. I probably buy 500 expired domains to five auction ones. I love expired domains, and if you want to learn about that in Blog Profit Network, there is a training. It’s a two-hour training I did on how I buy domains. Phenomenal, phenomenal. It’s worth the whole price of the course, in my opinion. You’re going to love it. We had great questions and everything.

Sandeep, I knew a Sandeep in high school. I always liked that name. I forgot what it meant though. Yeah, I’ll have to look it up, but it had a cool meaning, I remember.

“I had been running pay-per-click campaigns on Google and that too only on review keywords, still not getting any sales.”

If you’re using review keyword, here’s a trick, when you look at this volume, if I did a paid ad on Newegg Affiliate Program, I’m not going to get much traffic. Why? Because I have to get a percentage of the 100.

So it’s not going to work well. So you’re going to need to go more broad. Go broad. Very important, okay? Second part of the question,

“I had more than 130 clicks, out of which only one converted to a sale.”

That’s about normal if you don’t know what you’re doing, if you just set it up, that’s about normal. Here’s his link. Okay, I can’t look at the links here because I don’t know what’s on your site.

If you want a custom personal site review, go to Come on our Tuesday call. I will go into your site. We’ll go into your ads. You can send me all the info. I’ll nail it out for you and we’ll look at it and we’ll help you make it convert. So I wish I could here, but again, there’s a lot of risk. I don’t know what’s on your site, so I got to be careful with that.

Okay, let’s see here. “Hello, Marcus, hope your dad’s doing good.” Thank you for that. I wish he was. It’s hit or miss right now, but we’re hoping for the best.

“In order to earn $1,000 by the end of the year, what strategy would you choose?”

YouTube, blogging, or both?” All right. So if you want to make 1,000 bucks, I think we have what? Let’s say 150 days left in the year. Someone want to look it up? What you want to do is you want to break it down. Let’s say we have 100 days left in the year. That means you need to make $10 a day.

You could do that with ClickBank, absolutely. You could do that with whatever you want. You can do it with YouTube and blogging. What you need to do is you need to pick a niche and you need to focus and you need to look at the data. Data doesn’t lie. Data does not lie. When I show up and I say, “Hey, I’m ranking here, here we are, we’re ranking for this stuff.” Whatever it is, data doesn’t lie.

Now, all I got to do is get sales. So you’ve got to focus on that. If you want to do 1,000 a day, what I would do is I would try to find something that pays me $100 or more as an affiliate, maybe web hosting. Then all I got to do is get 10 sales. That’s it. 10 sales by the end of the year. Can I do that? Yeah, I think we all could do that if we really want to. If you really want to. You got to focus, and again, instead of going for the word hosting… All right, you’re going to see hosting. This is going to be super competitive, look at that. Super competitive. $30 a click. You’re going to lose your butt. Instead, go for something like start travel blog. This guy looking to start a travel blog, he wants web hosting and this isn’t that competitive. I could do that, that I can do. I can make a cool YouTube video about how to start a travel blog to make money. Nail that video. 800 people a month. Let’s say I get five sales a month. I could probably do better, but let’s say we get five.

If I could get five out of that, that’s 500 bucks a month. Yes, you’d make $1,000 by the end of the year. Again, results not typical, implied, or guaranteed. The average person trying to make money makes nothing. The chances are, you will make nothing, but as you see, it’s cut and dry.

If I go sell stuff, it’ll sell and I’ll get money. If I go do this stuff, it’ll make money. And you got to understand exactly what’s going on. Got to make money. Let’s take a look. Derek, “Hi, Marcus. I’ve struggled for a long time to make money online.” Haven’t we all? Or a lot of people who follow my stuff.

“I’ve been watching your videos, struggling paycheck to paycheck. Could you clarify, do you recommend doing the keyword research, pick the low competition keyword, build a simple one-page blog article leading to affiliate links and then moving on to the next keyword with a new domain?”

No, if you have one niche, it can all be done on one thing. All be done on one thing. Very, very, very important. Derek, if you’ve got a question, look at the description of this video. There’s a link. Use the link, your question will pop up right here on the screen. I’ll answer it. If you answer in the chat, there’s a big chance that it won’t get answered because there’s a lot of stuff going on right now. If you answer here, link in description, I’ll answer it live.

There you go. They’re coming in, and we’re going to be on this call for a while. So there we go. Hopefully, I don’t know. Actually, Louise, can you let Tina know to push back my 1:00? Because this is going to go over. So, please let her know that. I don’t have my Skype right now, but if you can do that, that would be very, very appreciative.

And just put “Noted,” if you got that message.

Okay. Mirza,

“There’s so much competition, man. I’m depressed.”

Yes. There’s competition when you market the way everyone’s teaching you to market. But hey, there we go. You just got to focus. It’s not competitive. If there’s too much competition, go where there’s none. Literally I did a video where we searched keywords, just all the keywords in the database with three or less competition. There was 90 million keywords. 90 million.

Take your pick.

All right, Derek.

“Struggling to make money.” Okay. I got that. “Do you recommend keyword new domain?”

Nope. Same domain’s fine, as long as it’s in the same niche. “Or do you recommend to first find a bunch of keywords in one…” Yes, that. That right there. Find a bunch of keywords in a specific niche, then make a different blog post. Yes, that. Saving up some cash so I can join Blog Profit Network.

Okay. As much as I’d like you to buy Blog Profit Network, start with a site first. Go to and start your site first. Much as I’d like your money, I think you’d probably be better off starting your site first. So do that first, and then get the Blog Profit Network. Okay, Paul. Okay. Derek, Paul answered it for you, which is cool. Yeah.


“Hi, Marcus. This one’s a little different. Hoping you can help. Trying to rank videos on page one of Google. Question is, can you tell by looking at the first page, is it hard or easy?”

Okay. So your keyword is satellite installer Dublin. So first, we’re going to go here and see if people search for it. That’s number one. Okay. Nobody searches for it. Do not do it. Keyword, it doesn’t even matter. I don’t care if you get the whole page, doesn’t matter. You’re not going to get traffic, so don’t bother.

Get a different keyword. Yeah, you have 30 videos for that keyword, but can’t seem to get to page one. Yeah, you need a better keyword. And if you have 30 videos for the same word, chances are they’re probably thinking you’re going to spam. So, make one good video. Nail it, do a good job.

All right. Again, if you want to ask a question, go to the link in the description of this video, ask the question. It’ll show up live. Again, if you like what you’re hearing and you want notes, I got someone standing by that’s going to do notes. When they’re done, they’ll be free. The notes are not available now. So if you go there and you’re like, “Marcus, where’s the notes? You lied.”

No, I didn’t lie. The video is not done yet. We can’t make notes if the video’s not done, I’m not a mind reader. But if they will be there, it’ll probably take a week to get the notes done and then we’ll send them out. Why am I laughing at myself? I think I’m funny. I don’t know. Do you guys think I’m funny? If you do, smash the like button and put “haha” in the box or LOL or whatever the cool kids say these days. Okay.

“Hope your dad’s doing okay.” Thank you for that.

“Brand new to making money online. I found you after I watched a lot of BS videos. Are there some members of Blog Profit Network who are from Switzerland, Germany, or Austria?”

All of the above yes. We have a lot of them. If your English isn’t that great, as long as you can understand English, that’s good. If you can’t understand English, you probably shouldn’t buy my course because it is in English, so there you go.

“Is what you teach adaptable to market in Europe?”

Yeah, absolutely. Martina, “Oh, another one. What would you recommend to a newbie?

“What to start, a blog or YouTube?”

Always start with a blog. Always. Why? Because even if you do YouTube, you’re going to need a blog. This is the secret of ages.

… if you do YouTube, you’re going to need a blog. This is the secret of ages. That’s why you go to, you take 15 minutes, you start your blog and bada bing, bada boom, bada boom. You’re done. There you go. You’re going to need it. That’s the best $100 you’ll spend. If you’re like Marcus, I got $100. Do I buy your Blog Profit Network or do I get hosting? Go get web hosting. Get it through my link so I get a little kickback, but you know? To each his own.

What video compressor do you use?

I use Camtasia.

Mr. Peter, do you think you could still make $5,000 a month flipping websites?

I actually have a student who’s making $9,000 a month. Again, results not typical implied or guaranteed. He makes $9,000, chances are you’ll make nothing. But yes you can. He flips domains. He doesn’t even do websites. Can you flip them? Absolutely.

Hello. I have this website in a country domain, and I want to know if I can rank globally.

Yes. Any website can rank globally. It doesn’t matter where you’re at.


What HTML program do you use for making WordPress pages?

I don’t. I use WordPress, that’s it. I just use WordPress and I think ‘ll get into WordPress if we get questions about that.

Khaja, hope I said that right.

How to earn through YouTube Shorts?

You make a short about a topic that leads to an affiliate program. Then you tell them to go get whatever you’re selling. ” Hey, here’s a YouTube Short about the pen that I use on my webinar.” There you go. So you’re going to direct them to how you make money. Now you can also do list building.

Louise, thank you for that. Yes, because we are definitely going to go over time.


I found a niche with a low KD high search volume for tarot cards. Will Google dislike that I sort of use the same title for each article?

It won’t necessarily dislike it. But in your example, ACE Of Pentacles – Tarot Meaning Upright, whatever If you’re using this phrase in all of them, you’re totally missing the boat because if I can go ACE Of Pentacles, whatever that is, all right. Instead of doing the same repetitive stuff, I want to get words that go along with it. So I’m going to use the word reversed. I’m going to use the word love, maybe feelings, maybe advice. If I put these instead of just repeating this, boom, I’m going to get a lot better results. Does that make sense? Does everyone get that? That was an aha moment. If you get it, you’re going to get a lot more traffic.


Can I set up a one-on-one session for you talking about the best places to find clients?

Yes. As a blog profit network student, we offer you discounted one-on-one calls with me. So go get Say, “I want a call with Marcus.” You’ll get a call. It’s super inexpensive. It’s awesome. You get in there, you make it work. If you can’t afford the one-on-one call, go on the Tuesday call, I’ll answer your question the same way. But some people like private calls.


Finding it hard to find a niche. Very hard. Any chance of glancing at my YouTube?

I can’t look at the YouTube because I don’t know what’s on there and I want to be careful, but the niche is all about understanding a group of people who want something that’s specific enough you could get traffic, but not too broad that it’s too competitive. If you understand that, that’s the key.

How can I stop procrastinating and just do the work?

Stop thinking about how you feel. Procrastination is about anger management, bet no one told you that. I had to pay lots of money to go to rehab to learn that. I also learned how to get sober, which that was good too. But he said, “Procrastination is about anger management. If you’re procrastinating, it’s probably because you think you deserve something without doing the work or that your work should give you the result regardless.” This is going to be a changer for you. Game changer. I write an article. It doesn’t work the way I want. I get angry. I get pissed. I don’t want to work again. I buy a program. It doesn’t do what it says it’s going to do. I don’t get the help that I think I’m going to get. I get angry. I don’t want to work. Don’t think about your feelings. Set a time and say for two hours every day, “I’m going to do this.” Rain, shine, whatever.

In the last six months, I’ve done three videos a week. It’s hard as hell. It’s a lot work, but it’s paid me a lot of money. What do I do? I say, I’m going to do this video. The only time I missed the videos was when I was gone this week. It’s the only time. A lot of people are like, “Marcus, where’d you go?” Anger management. You got to say, “I’m going to sit down and do this.”

One of the resources we have that you guys don’t use enough is There is a section here that’s about productivity. I think it’s under create something. It’ll pull up this little box. This box, you can just put it wherever you want on your screen and say, I’m going to work for two hours. It’s got a little timer. It’s got some music. Sit down and work for two hours and work according to this worksheet. Do it. Guys, do it. And say for the next two hours, is all I’m going to do is focus on this. And you can put this open. I can work and this will be in the background, which is pretty cool. Paid my programmer a lot of money to make this neat stuff for you. Lots of tools, lots of good stuff. And guess what? It’s all free. I don’t charge for it. All I ask is that if you want to be trained by me personally, buy my other courses. If you don’t and you just want free stuff, go there and say, “Marcus, thank you for paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to give me free stuff and make free videos. Pretty cool. Now I make money when you watch these videos too, which is pretty cool. That’s how you stop procrastinate. You just do it. You set a task, you do the task, you make it happen.

Joseph. I’ve created my free PDF. How do I make it easily accessible to my AWEBER subs?

Good question. Here’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to go to your blog. You’re going to go to posts. You’re going to add a new post. All you’re going to do is title this whatever it is, let’s say this is a shaving site. Free shaving guide download. Now, preferably I’ll want to make this a keyword thing. I just drag my PDF right into this box. I don’t know if I have one. Let me see if I can find a PDF here. Let’s see. PDF, where’s a PDF? Okay, here we go.

So I got this PDF, 37 YouTube niches. If I want this on my blog, boop, there we go. I put it here. I upload it. And bada bing, bada boom. It’ll show up right here. Ajib asked the question on the blog. You don’t need to ask it 5 million times, dude. Seriously. You’re going to be in a timeout. We’re going to put him in the corner. There we go. So there you go. You just upload it and you’re good to go. Super simple. Super easy. Done deal.

Okay. Yeah. WordPress is fantastic. We got free tools for WordPress. Guys, we got so much stuff. You just go do it. There you go. All right. So, that’s how you do it. And then you take your AWEBER people, you send them to the download. I do this all the time with the notes for this video, go to, put your name and email. I’m going to send you the link to the PDF, which will be on my blog. All right.

Frank. Good morning, Marcus. Good morning to you, sir.

One, I know you advise that we create an individual site for each niche topic.

Yes I do. I wanted to know your thoughts on creating one site with multiple niches. Well, the only way I would do that is if it was maybe a learn how to, or coupons, or maybe top 10 reviews. But gardening is a big enough niche, it should have its own site. That’s what we do. Yeah. Gardening. I would do it on its own if you really wanted to tackle the garden niche, get it its own domain.

Now the cool thing is, is if you go to, it’s going to cost you about, I think it’s $7 a month for web hosting. It’s $80 or $90 a year for web hosting. All you need to do is buy the domain. So if I buy another domain for, maybe you get it 99 cents or $8 or whatever. The $7 a month is the same, no matter how many sites and domains I have. I can have as many as I want. Pretty cool. All right. Let’s take a look at others. Again, if you’re just coming in, there’s a link in the description of this video where you can ask your question and it’ll show up on this list and I’ll answer it live as time permits and we’ll get you guys rocking and rolling.

Yeah. For you. Cost of hosting, cost of our article outsert. You need to get a site for each niche. Trust me. You’re going to be glad you did.

Jake, big fan of the content. Glad you’re here.

I was wondering when trying to rank for keywords, do the keywords need to be somewhere on the website?

Yes. You want them in the title and you want them in the content. I know it works best when being in the title and the body. But one video you mentioned, you recommended trying to rank for 1000 to 1500 words in the post. I’m just wondering how you rank for so many keywords? You don’t. Yeah. You’re not trying to rank for 1000 in one post. Not going to happen. Maybe five, maybe eight, but not 1000. I think what you’re talking about is 1000 words total. Now in that 1000 to 1500 words, I’ll go for eight different keywords to rank for.


Can I use this theme for my website?

You can use any theme you want. However, get my free theme. It converts. It’s easy. It’s free. A lot of people get hung up on themes. I want a theme that sells. If it doesn’t make me money then what am I doing?

Kevin. Just started with domains. Do you only buy at auction or expired as well?



If you were starting new today with no money, what website builder or tools would you use?

If I had no money, again, watch my video on Really? Do You Have No Money? My guess is you probably have enough money to get hosting. But if I had no money, I would start with a Facebook group, a YouTube channel. I would do direct stuff. Maybe Writeit, Quora, Medium. Got lots of videos here on the channel about that too. You can definitely start with that. It’s not that hard to do.

Again, smash the like button if you’re digging this video, let’s get lots of people to watch this. All right.

Next up. Hello Marcus, I’m from Houston. I got stuck in Dallas, not Houston. So it was pretty cool. But hope all is well with your father, thank you for that.

My question is how far out do you plan your campaign per offer? Do you create a big backend or focus on immediate?

I focus on immediate and gradually build the backend based on the data I get from the front end. That’s the key. That’s how you make it work. You got to start lean mean, get it going. See what people do, focus on getting them good stuff and then watch what they click and do more.


I’d like to know where to start. I watched a lot of your videos. I would like to start building my money making website.

I’m overwhelmed. Where do I start?

Start by finding a niche. If you guys are starting without finding a niche, if you just want to make money online, I don’t know how that works. If anyone knows who did that, type it in the box. You got to start with a niche. You have to start with a niche. If you don’t know your niche, get out of town. You’re not doing it right. You need to know your niche first. And by niche, I don’t mean, “Hey Marcus, I’m in the health niche.” No, you’re not. Health is an industry. Not a niche. Got to get in a niche.


Ahrefs is showing $10 for a search term, which means I get $10 a click?

No, that is not what that means. That means they’re paying $10 a click. I don’t know what you’re going to get. Could get a penny. You could get nothing. You could get $9 or $10. I don’t know. Is there a better chance of getting more? If that number is higher? Yeah, there is. But again, we don’t know directly, automatically, exactly.

Stefano. in your opinion,

what’s the fastest way to make money online, just a few hundred dollars?

Sell a service directly, get a skill building websites, setting up auto responders, making a membership site, making a logo. Get a skill, sell it directly. That’s the fastest way to make money online. Hands down.


I’m part of your course. May I know is it possible to get the book you provide earlier? We do not send out the physical book anymore because shipping is a pain in the butt and a PDF does the same thing. So we have a PDF in the course.


I bought a domaining for digital marketing website, then stucked in build it…

I don’t know what that question means.


When it comes to ad copy in Google Ads, would you put the price into the text?

I do not. I try to get them on something free. Free report, free guide, free comparison. I don’t usually put the price in there because it’s going to diminish the clicks you get, which is going to make your cost per click go up and you know what? My website’s there to sell, not my ad.

Resolutions? Awesome. Chris Farley, you got it.

What type of email sequence do you have in place to make sales on the backend? Does your course give email templates?

Yes. In the simple sites course and blog profit, we have templates and we have a guide for making a followup. What I do, this is a key, is I give value. You guys notice how I make a ton of videos. If you’re on my mailing list, if you go to, all I do is give you stuff. That’s it. I’m like, here’s a free webinar. Here’s a free training. Here’s a free this, here’s a free that. And what that does is it provides goodwill and I sell on the blog. Don’t sell direct in the email. Your blog is designed to do the selling.

Geoff. Not sure how to say that.

I’m building a list, but how do I add value?

Give them good stuff. If it’s a dieting list, hey, here’s a cool chicken soup diet recipe. Here’s this cool smoothie I found that helped me lose weight. Here’s a new workout. Give them good stuff.


I was wondering if buying domains from ranking the domain flipping domain is still a solid business model?

Yes it is. Absolutely. You got to know what you’re doing though because you could lose a lot of money buying domains there. You can buy them expired though. I have a viable business buying expired domains and selling them. It was an accidental business because I was teaching how to do it and I don’t even sell them. These people are coming to me. They’re finding my WHOIS info and writing me.

100,000 searches a month for 4 cents or less. Is that enough?

It can be. 100,000 searches a month. That’s good.

Do you recommend listing domain name auctions with a site as opposed to just the name?

If you build the site, yes. If you’re just selling the domain, then just do the domain.

Does it make more sense to do a seven day auction when flipping domains?

I don’t know. It really depends. So yeah.

How long does it take for my website to become a niche authority website?

It depends on the niche. I can be an authority in the how to take care of a pet lizard niche fairly fast. An authority in the mortgage niche? It’s going to take some work. So you need to understand the difference between the two.

And how many of you guys are digging this training? Type 100 in the box. Smash the like button if you guys are digging this. Again, we’re doing this free. We’re going to have notes. You’re going to get the whole transcript of this training.


What do you give an average for the CTRs in Google Ads, text ads?

This is going to depend on your keyword. The keyword “free coupons” is going to get a lower CTR than “best weight loss product”. So the more specific the higher CTR; if I’m going broad 0.5% to 1%, pretty good, if you have search enabled and site match enabled. If I’m going for something specific, then I’m going to look at 5% to 10%, or 3% to 10%.

how to find and buy high DA expired domains for cheap prices?

Go watch my video on domains. Watch it. There’s a video I have on expired domains. I should charge for that video. It’s a fantastic video. Watch it. If you want more info on that checkout in Blog Profit Network, there is a training just on how I buy domains. I buy domains for $8 each and I sell them and I make a good living.


Used your cotton eyed Joe approach and currently ranked number 18 for a certain area.

There you go. See, it works. There you go. Results. People are making money. People are getting rankings. It works. The average person is going to do it wrong because they get all hyped up. You need to focus.


Let’s say I choose the car accident niche to make a website around and only promote affiliate for the phone number. How would you go about this?

I would not just do the phone, number one. I would also do car insurance. Do I need to buy a domain that I already have some backlinks? It’ll help. Yeah, it’ll help. Anton, I would check out This is where I sell some of the domains I buy to you guys. We do them at a discount for you guys. And if I were you I’d get Look the values of these. $16,000, $3,500. Autoinsurancecomparison. And this one, we actually put it at half price for today. So if you want to get that, that domain would be phenomenal for what you’re trying to do. Or you could get one of your own, it doesn’t matter, but that’s what I would do if it was me. That one has backlinks and it’s good and it is in that market. I would not run paid ads. I would probably try to get free traffic.


I bought the domain,

That’s a good domain. Good job. I’d like to build a website around it and potentially make money. Okay, here’s what you’re going to do. Pay close attention. You’re going to give away themes. Go find themes. Here’s a theme for car people. Here’s the theme for insurance people. Here’s a theme for realtors. You’re going to go for that. Watch this. You go to your Ahrefs keyword tool and you do “WordPress theme for”. And you’re going to get WordPress theme for blogs, for blogging, for realtors, for video, for this, for that.

You’re going to go and you’re going to do the work and you’re going to find it for writers. Then you’re going to find those themes and you are not going to sell themes. You’re going to give them the themes. You’re going to sell web hosting. And you’re going to say, “Sign up here for web hosting.” And you’re going to give away the themes and maybe you can even help them sign up. That’s what you’re going to do. And when you do it and you make money, come back and tell me and I’ll pat you on the back and say, “Good job.”


How would you do if you wanted to build your own list, let them fill in the fields of your signup and then pre-fill the sign-up?

Okay, that is going to be a question for the Magic Code. Just go Marcus Magic Code. It should come up. Yeah, there it is. Right here. Number two, you’re going to go. Marcus is magic money code. Watch this training. And the code is down here. That’ll answer your question.

Anton. Am I supposed to have a different website and domain for each niche?

Yes. You are.

Laura. Well wishes to dad. Thank you for that. I bought the SimpleSites and yes, I know about support ticket, but the WP theme still has errors. So, that would be a question, since you’re in our course, go on live chat. On all my sites there’s a live chat at the bottom, right here. Sometimes it’s an image, sometimes it’s this little link you can go there and you can ask for help. I’m there. Louise is there. We got help for you. They’ll look at your thing because it’s probably a plugin that’s stopping it.


doing affiliate marketing for three months. Tried a lot of things. A lot of methods. Still don’t get any commission. I don’t know why. Help me.

So chances are, you’re probably not getting the right traffic or no traffic. There you go. So again, you need to look at it and understand how it’s working.

Should your disclaimer be displayed in the footer?

That’s where I like to put it. I’m not a lawyer. If you’re worried about that, get a lawyer.

Let’s see. Is your simple blog theme responsive for mobile?

Yes, it is.

I purchased an authority domain, this is Paul, for peanuts.

That’s good. I’m glad they took peanuts. Thought it was only Bitcoin and credit card, but apparently you can buy things with peanuts. That was a joke. Calm down. There’s plenty of content and pics on

Can I put that content back?

It’s risky. You don’t own the content, so it could be a copyright issue. Google would not punish it unless it’s duplicate content. But again, you got to watch out and make sure you have the rights to the content.


When you outsource article writing, why is it better to tell them not to write SEO articles?

Because if they write SEO articles, they’re going to pretend they’re SEO experts and they’re not, otherwise they’d be doing SEO articles. So you want to pay attention to that. We want good content based on the keyword, based on the article. So we’re going to tell them to write that and then I’ll SEO it. So there you go.

I’m going to take Dom’s question.

How much is it for a one-on-one call? I’m only looking to make $50 to $100 a day.

If you think a one-on-one call with me is going to guarantee you $50 to $100 a day and you think you’re only looking for that, think again. You’re basically saying, “I only want $36,000 a year. Will a one hour call with you automatically get me $36,000 a year?” No, it’s not. It’s not. You might make nothing. You might lose money. So a lot of people, “I only want 100…” Really? “I’m not greedy. I don’t want a Lambo. I just want free money from the internet.” Well, do the work. Got to do it.

So Dom, rethink that question before you get a call with me because it might not be what you want. I’m going to tell you to do the work. Can I show you how to make $100 a day? Yeah, I think so. Is it guaranteed? No. Got to do the work. But again, watch how we talk about it, “I only want”. Well, when was the last time you only got $100 a day from something automatically? You got to set it up. All right.


Ubersuggest and Ahrefs show really different results on keyword competition.

Yes. That’s because Ahrefs kicks butt. Ahrefs is the industry standard. It’s [hard] to say, but that’s the best.


A video idea, if not done yet, would be to start with Google Trends because that information will relate to whatever trends.

Google Trends is good, but you might get hung up on competitive stuff. I would start with Ahrefs. That’s what I would start with. And I would start with go to Because if you go to, you click on your create something tab, download this worksheet and this is going to ask you questions. You should not be making anything without answering this. If you can’t answer these questions, don’t make a video. Don’t do anything. You need to be able to answer these first. Very important.

Let’s see here, Laura, we already answered that.


Do you plan on having any more in-person boot camps for people local to Orlando?

Well, you can come from wherever. Last time we had a guy come from Japan, I was like, “You flew all the way from Japan just to listen to me? Hey, more power to ya.” And he wore a sweater. I was like, “Orlando is hot, maybe get a t-shirt.” But at any rate, people come from all over to come to these meetings and I’m grateful for it. They learn a lot. Yes. We try to have three a year. This year, obviously, because of what’s going on, it’s been difficult. But yes, we do plan on having them.


Is the food niche, if focused on specific products for delivery, still viable for paid traffic?

Yes, it is. Any niche is viable for paid traffic if the numbers fit. If I can buy traffic cheaper than I make money, there you go. It’s buying money at a discount. That’s all it is.


Do you teach how to create a one-page affiliate site to rank on Google?

A one-page site is going to be difficult to rank. If you’re trying to get free traffic from Google, you need more than one page. There you go. Let’s see.

Do I teach how to generate leads for businesses and have them pay you with a monthly fee for the leads?

I could show you how to do that. It’s not something that’s my cup of tea. I usually use affiliate offers because why would I mess around with clients and leads and sending and a refund? Just affiliate offers are automatic. Let’s see what else we got here. Can you please mention some reputable affiliate marketing companies that you actually worked with? MaxBounty, ClickBank, GlobalWide, CJ, LinkShare. There you go.


Also, if you go and you do a Google for the big list of CPA networks, I think “big list of CPA networks affiliate dude”, I think we come up here. Affiliate Marketing. So this one and there’ll be a list for the big list of CPA networks. Again, I’ll put some of them in when we have the notes ready for you.

Where and how do you sell your domain names?

I sold one today through Congrats on that. That’s awesome. I know Dan’s a little bit pricier, so I bet you go a good deal. I use GoDaddy. I use Afternic. And I sell them on my own site So, pretty cool stuff. All right.

What’s the difference between Blog Profit Network and SimpleSites?

The SimpleSites course is a lot more robust. So if you want all things Affiliate Marketing, SimpleSites is the way to go. And then we give you, I think, a couple of months of Blog Profit Network with that as well. So pretty cool.

How to get affiliate sales from YouTube Shorts?

We already answered that. Just directly tell them to buy stuff.


Can you take a look at my opt-in page?

Wayne, you’re part of the Blog Profit Network. So ask on that call because I don’t know what’s on site, so I really can’t check I’m here on YouTube. And then if you need a consultation call, check in your Blog Profit Network members area. I think there’s a link or just ask on support and they’ll get you the link for that.


If we put a budget on ads, can we make money from affiliate and can we live doing affiliate marketing?

Well, can you make a living doing affiliate marketing? Yes you can. Can you do that with paid ads? Yes you can. If you put a budget, here’s the thing, I learned this from my dad, we’re going to talk about this more. Advertising is never an expense. Let me repeat it. Advertising is never an expense. It should always make you money. If you’re spending money on ads and you don’t know if you’re making money, you’re doing it wrong. You need to know right away if it’s making money.


Do Medium articles rank faster than a WordPress blog?

WordPress is pretty quick. I would do Medium and link that Medium to your blog. Double whammy.

Mozona. Thanks for my question.

I have some domain names. I want to know how much the appraisal is.

I don’t appraise domains, but what I would do is I would look at EstiBot and look at the Google domain tool. Also, check it out, you guys should be using daily. You could go here. So let’s say you got a domain, a hydrogen car, or let’s do this one because it’s dot com You go over to You go to the domain tool, right-

… go to the domain tool. You put your domain in. Look at this. This is cool stuff. We got this all set up. I paid my programmer a small fortune. You go to StuffGate. It’ll evaluate the price of your domain. You go to the GoDaddy value. It’ll give you a GoDaddy value. They’re saying it’s worth $1200. StuffGate probably going to say it’s worth 10 bucks if there’s no traffic. There’s all kinds of tools. You could go through and you can do some estimates on there. The Profit Scoop, use it. It’s a free resource. There’s tons of tools. I’m adding to it all the time. You should be using it daily. You should set that as your homepage. That’s what I do. That’s what I use as my homepage, which is cool.

Buddy, if you want to get a one-on-one call, let me see if I can find it. Yeah. It’s a strategy call. What I’ll do is I’ll put it here. If anyone wants a call, let me see where we’re at. Where did we leave off? Okay. Right around Mozana. Everyone remember Mozana, and what I’m going to do is I’m going to put the call link on the link in the description. Okay? What’s going to happen is I’m going to put it… Private call link. Private call link.

See how easy this is? This is why I use WordPress. I mean, look at how easy this is. I go here, private call link, I make it a link. Boom. Make it open in a new tab. Boom. Done. Update WordPress. You don’t need the fancy stuff. What that’s going to do is, when you go to the page where we have the videos, Buddy or anyone else, if you want a private call, click this, sign up for your private call. Boom. There you go. Cool. All right. That’ll make it easy.

Okay. Greg, “Best wishes for your dad.” Thank you. “Back after a long absence.” Okay.

“My question is, in order to be the most efficient with my time developing two blogs, what would you suggest we outsource?”

Outsource the research. If you’re doing a niche about whatever, have them do the research for you, and then you go through and edit it. Big deal. That’ll make a big deal. That’s what I would outsource.

Okay. Diana,

“I’m starting affiliate marketing. So glad I found you. Don’t have a lot of money. What’s the cheapest program you have to enroll in?” Get in there. It’s 127 bucks. If you continue, it’s $37 a month. You can ask questions. You can do all the stuff you want. Software King says… Yeah, Tina’s awesome. She’s cool. She’s our helper for support. We also have Louise and a couple other people too.

All right. Next question. William,

“How do you determine what’s a good keyword to go for based on volume when different keywords have different volumes?”

The volume, I’m going to look at how much I can make. These, 150-200. If it was for smiley faces, I wouldn’t do it, but since I could link to web hosting, yeah, I’m going to use these. Okay. Let’s see what else we got. We’ll try to get to all these. There’s a lot of questions coming in. Yeah. The search volume needs to be based on how much money you can make, not just the search volume.


“At first glance, your Google Maps training was terrific. I have a concern, though, about copyright infringement. Will we draw the Google by screen grabbing Google Maps?”

Probably not, but again, if you’re worried about it, talk to a lawyer. I’m not a lawyer.


“I’m starting today. I’ve been watching your videos. If I’m in Angolia, can I follow your program?”

Yes. Anywhere that affiliate marketing is legal, which is pretty much everywhere, you can do this.


“I purchased a domain name and site. All I need to do is create my list resource and let it rank.”

Yeah. Find the right keyword first. Yeah.

“Should we choose one niche and stick with it until it starts to make money?”

Yes. Make sure you choose the right niche.


“How do you determine what’s a good keyword to go for based on keyword volume when different keywords have different…”

Oh, we already answered that. Bill, “If I get, the Simple Sites course,, after 90 days, I want to keep the Tuesday calls. How does that work?” After 90 days, get Blog Profit Network. There you go. Blog Profit Network is our support, so you’re good to go.


“Hi Marcus. I’ve been following you online for a little bit now. Lost my job.”

No. Don’t spend it on paid traffic. If you only have a little bit of money, get hosting, get blogged, profit network, go for free traffic.

Mirza, “So much competition, man. I’m depressed.”

Well, you’re looking at the wrong niche. Why would you get depressed? It’s just data. There’s no feelings. Money doesn’t care how you feel. Search engine. All I do is go find stuff I can rank for. If you see too much competition, go where there’s no competition.

Okay. “Marcus, I have my Google Ad Sense Bing accounts suspended. Tried to get those accounts back. Is it worth setting up new accounts?”



“Would you use separate formats for entering phrase match and exact match?”

Phrase match and exact match is all going for paid traffic, so no, you don’t need different formats because that’s a paid traffic thing. Yeah. I want to know how to build back links, medium guest blogging, directory sites. Yeah.

Okay. “Hi Marcus. What live chat software do you suggest?”

Go to

“How do I make a hundred dollar per day with zero investments?”

Work your butt off. That’s how you do it. You got to work your butt off. If you’re going to make a hundred a day, you need to work your butt off. Okay. Okay. Let’s see what else?


“Can you talk a little bit about the back office activities of being an affiliate marketer? Do you track each site?”

Yes. I track them all and I usually track them with ClickBank or whatever affiliate network I’m using. I’m going to look at the money first. Then I’m going to look at the traffic. Example, cost of hosting, cost of article outsourcing. Again, it needs to be making money. Start lean and mean, lean and mean. Don’t go out and buy a bunch of crap. A lot of people, they’re like, “I got a thousand dollars a month worth of software.” Why? You’re not making any money. You need to focus. You need to make money first. You need to be lean and solid. You got to go out there and make it happen. Daniel, and again, if you guys are just hopping in and you have a question you want to be answered, there’s a link in the description of this video for answering the question. Got to follow the directions.

Okay. “I know it’s not proper, but will you share how much you earn monthly?”

I earn a good amount. Yeah. Somewhere near the six figure range per month. Sometimes a little less, sometimes more. Just depends on the month.

Okay. “I’m following you from Iraq. Thank you. Nothing is guaranteed in life.” Well said. Jenny, “I hope I’m in the right place. I followed the instructions, but the last question asked here…” Yeah. You’re good. “Your cotton eye Joe video helped me solidify.

What’s the best theme?” All right. This is my free theme.

Get your free theme. There you go. That’s the best to use. That’s the one I use. If you think my stuff works, which it does because you see that it works, then there you go. Okay. Paul, “How many pages… or wait. Another question. You want to do a directory? You could do that. Yeah. Try it out with one first and see if it ranks.

Paul, “How many pages do you need to get approved for Google Ad Sense?”

It’s going to depend on the quality of your site. It just depends, but you could go through and really make it work.

Affiliate marketing says, “Hi, I want to know everything about affiliate marketing. I want you to know that I know everything…”

You don’t know everything about affiliate marketing. I don’t know everything about affiliate marketing. If you come to me and say you watched all my videos and you know everything about affiliate marketing, you’re wrong because you haven’t watched all my videos.

I guarantee it. It would take forever to watch them. You don’t know everything. No one could ever know everything about any topic. First of all, a lot of affiliate marketing is humility. I need to admit, I’ve been doing this 21 years. I don’t know everything. I don’t. I suck at Facebook. I suck at other things. I try to do the best I can. You got to get past this thinking of, I know everything, because you don’t. Plain and simple. A lot of it’s humility. People don’t want to go out there and get a ranking and get 10 visitors and make no sales or maybe make one sale. Nobody wants to start at the beginning. They all want to start where I’m at now. It’s like, that’s not going to happen. Can you do things and get fast results? Hell yeah.

Is it going to happen overnight and is it guaranteed and… No. You got to go through and you got to get it and say, “This is a business.” This is a business. If I start a restaurant, I can’t guarantee people are going to like my food. I don’t know. Apparently here in Florida, people like not good food because you got to go. We’re looking for good restaurants here in Florida. I don’t know why. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s my taste. That’s what people like so if I were opened a restaurant thinking I know better than them, because I make good food. The crowd might not think it. Think about this for a minute.

The most successful restaurant in all of history of the world, the whole history of the world, is McDonald’s. Now, I like good food. In my opinion, McDonald’s is not fine dining, but that is the most successful restaurant in the history.

You got to be willing to say, “Hey, yeah, I’m a five-star chef or whatever you are, but McDonald’s kicks my butt in terms of money.” Humility. If you don’t have humility, if you come to this thinking, you’re the big cheese, you ain’t going to get anywhere. Look at the billionaires. A lot of them are still pretty humble. They’re like, “I don’t know everything, so I hire people. I don’t know everything, so I do this stuff. You got to look at it realistically. Okay. What we got to do is get our head out of the clouds and understand, where’s the money come from? the money comes from affiliate offers. Where’s the traffic come from? Traffic comes from Google. Traffic comes from YouTube. Okay. We go and we do it. Aqua says, “I think 20 years of experience or 21 is pretty good.” Me too, but sometimes some kid will come up, some guy, 19 years old, blows me out of the water. I said, “What did he do?”

I don’t know everything. It’s like, what is it? Beverly Hills Cop. “You’re a damn good cop Foley, but you don’t know every damn thing.” I censored that for the YouTube. You got to understand you don’t know everything. I don’t know everything. What am I willing to do? What are you willing to do? Most people are willing to go to a job eight hours a day. Nothing wrong with that. It’s good. Lots of people have jobs. They’re fantastic. I’m glad people work for me. I’m glad people work for other places. It would suck to go into the grocery store and have no groceries. I have groceries because people have jobs. Jobs are great, but if you want to be self-employed, you need to understand that you need to call the shots and you need to listen to the data and you need to make good decisions and you need to go do it.

All right. That’s my rant.

“Do you park domains for ad revenue prior to selling them?”

No. I build them out. Okay.

Ahmed, “Is it possible to generate phone calls using Google ads for pay-per-call offer?”

Absolutely. “Is Warrior Plus good?”

I don’t use Warrior Plus it’s kind of hit or miss from the offers I’ve found. Some of them are bad. Some are good, as with any platform. I find that Warrior Plus is more directed to the make money online market, which I am going to tell you right now. I advise that everyone on this call does not go into the make money online market. Why would you compete? If I’m going to play basketball, all right guys, I’m five foot one on a good day. If I eat my veggies, I’m five foot one. That’s short. I’m not going to go and play basketball with NBA pros that are seven feet tall.

I probably won’t even get the ball. Right? The ball is going to be hovering around my head because these guys are seven feet tall. What do I want to do? I want to play with people on an even playing field. If you go and you try to do the make money online market, you’re playing with the NBA guys and your little markets at five feet. Right? Go where it’s easy. You have the choice. You got the choice. Nobody is saying, “You need to go into a competitive market.” You got the choice. Go into a market that works. If you go into the Warrior Plus stuff, you’re competing with all the people who’ve been doing this. I’d rather sell garden hoses. There ain’t no traffic … there ain’t no competition in garden hoses. There’s people making six figures with garden hoses. Why do you make this hard on yourself?

The number one thing people struggle with, is they’re making everything hard on themselves for why? Why? Make it easy? Get the low hanging fruit and then all of a sudden you’ll be like, “Wow. Now I’m a big fish in the small pond and I’m getting money, making it work.”

All right. Roberto, “Congrats for the work. Makes me glad to know you’re getting paid well for what you do.” Thanks.

” How can we get notified and join your next bootcamp?”

Go to Sign up as a Blog Profit Network member. You get a discount and we’ll notify you, which is cool. Everyone should be in Blog Profit Network. If you guys want to learn this stuff, I’m there every week.

“What goes into the research that needs to be outsourced?”

Resarch stuff I don’t know. That’s why I hire people to do it.

They do it. Right. I tell them what to do, but they do the research. AB, “I use new Google sites almost exclusively for my websites because it’s free. If I create a blog with this platform, do you think it will rank as well as WordPress sites?” I think WordPress will rank better. I like the idea of owning something. If you use Google sites, you’re bound by their platform. If I use my own site, I can build my own thing. Big deal there. Jenny says, “Thank you.” You’re welcome.

KJ says, “I bet your brisket is good.”

That brisket I made on the video was really good. We had like a four pounder, four and a half pounder. Usually we don’t even touch it. We almost ate the whole thing. That was a good brisket. I’ll pat myself on the back, which by the way, brisket cooking is a niche.

[Dabir], thanks for the well-wishes for my dad.

“I have a new WordPress website for digital marketing domain. I don’t have any idea.”

Find a niche first. Find a niche, niche, niche, niche, niche, niche. We got to sing the niche song because you got to find a niche first. Daniel, “I only wanted to keep commenting so that you keep the stream on. Marcus, I appreciate you more than you know. Thanks for providing the valuable info. You’re awesome.” Awesome guys. Questions. Let’s go to the live questions. If you want to ask a question live on the chat, now’s the time. All right. Let’s see what we got.

“I’m a complete newbie. What’s the first step?”

Go to and start your first site. Get a niche. First step is getting a niche. If you don’t have a niche, you need to get a niche and it needs to be a good niche. You got to know exactly what you’re doing. All right. “How frequently do I create a new niche or site?” Usually every week. Every week I got something going. I usually at any given time, I have 50 to a hundred websites going and they’re all in crazy different niches, all over the place.

“Thanks for being real and to the point.” You’re welcome.

Vibration, “Marcus, why am I not ranking when I’m picking keywords with a difficulty less than five?”

Vibration, give me a couple of keywords. I’ll tell you why. MusicBox, “Which click funnel is best.” I don’t know. I don’t use click funnels. I use WordPress because it’s free and it’s easy and it’s fast.

“Would you help us select the niche?”

Yes. If you want me to pick a niche for you, go to highticketniches. com, I give you a domain. I give you a niche. We get you traffic. I give you a private call. I help you with everything.

Vibration says, “Pentacles.” Okay. Pentacles, that’s a one-word keyword.

I’m going to tell you that’s why you’re not ranking. It’s a one word. You need a two word. Pentacles … yeah. What you want to do, go for the other words/ not pentacles alone. Go for like ace or whatever. Then when you look at this, look at what shows up in Google. We’ll go Google and we’ll look up ace of pentacles. Okay. We can see here what shows up and I think, yeah, you could rank with this if you do Pinterest, Etsy. Yes.

You should be able to rank for this. I don’t think it’s too hard. What you’re going to do is you’re going to look at this number here, 648,000. That’s good. Then we’re going to put it in quotes like this. I’m just going to do it on the other screen just to make sure we get no weird results because I don’t know what a pentacle is. It might be weird. I don’t know. You got to check that. Then see this. See how that goes to 318. Then you’re going to use the timeout method, which means you’re going to go to the bottom here and you’re just going to keep doing this until it times out. Okay. Keep doing this 14. Keep doing this, 18.

Then it’ll time out eventually. Okay. See how, watch. When I hit 20, see how it times out. It says 197. That’s a really good sign that you can rank for it. All right. Again, if you want to ask your question, you can do that on the site. If you want notes from this entire training, which is at two hours now, If you want to be trained by me and get on a call every Tuesday Awesome stuff. Okay. Let’s see what else we got.

“How do you keep track of all the sites and scheduled time for tasks?”

It’s actually not that hard. What I’m going to do is I’m going to let my money decide. I’ll log into ClickBank. I’ll log into Max Bounty. I’ll log into whatever, and I’ll see how much I make. Then I’ll look at what the sites are doing.

Then everything’s pretty set up. It’s not that hard to do.

“How much do you update ad articles to the sites?”

Depends on the site. Some of them I never update or maybe once a year. Some of them, I update all the time. Is the brisket niche a good niche? Well, let’s take a look. Brisket. It’s okay. It’s not an ace in the hole, but it’s okay. Okay.

” A person said he made 300,000 a month on occasion of happy new year from Ad Sense. Can you tell how?”

Yeah. If I saw his site, I could tell you what he was doing. There’s lots of people who make 300,000 a month or more. Some people make millions a month, hundreds of millions a month. It just depends. The average person makes nothing. There you go.

Vibration, “I’ve written articles about each number of pentacles, but maybe it just takes time.”

What’s your site, Vibration?

Derek, “Realistically, how long should you expect your blog to start ranking? I’ve heard 90 days. Some people say 60 days.”

It depends. Sometimes it takes hours. You could use the booster method I talk about.

In the booster method, you could just go through and it’ll boost it, but I don’t like to wait more than a week and that’s on a seasoned blog. If it’s a new blog, yeah, maybe 30 to 60 days. Usually within 30 days it’ll get picked up. [AHRefs]. “Do you recommend paying for this?” Yes, I do. HBHusky. “How big in-depth are your sites? How much content do you typically set up on each site?” Depends on the niche. Yep. Depends on the niche. Okay, Jenny, ” What was the site you have on your dashboard every morning?” MS. “How effective is making money with sponsored content?” Very, very.


“Would you help run Native Ads in your course?”

Of course. Yeah. In my course, I’ll help you with anything that I know about. If I don’t know about it, like if you come to me and you’re like, “I want to do Facebook ads.” I can teach you a little bit, but I’m not an expert so I’m not going to tell you that, but yes, I do know Native Ads so I’ll help you with that. Okay.

Julie says, “Blog ranking, why are some saying sandbox for months?”

Usually they don’t know what they’re talking about. Sandbox is a myth. Google says it’s a myth. I’m going to trust Google because they’re Google. BabiesInArt, “I have a question related to Amazon affiliate account. Mainly, affiliate account

Banya.” I don’t know what that … Okay. Yeah. YouTube. Okay. Yeah, that went from English to some other language so I don’t know what you’re saying.

SpiritualBreak. “How to make money affiliate marketing without investment. No website, no followers, if possible.”

You want to make money with nothing. You just want to wake up and get money. Well, you need to go to work and you need to get followers or get people to view your content. That’s what you need to do. Okay?

You have a YouTube channel. Use that. Spiritual break music, That’s probably a good … you’re on the track.

“Would you help with Max Bounty offers?”

Of course. Yeah. I love Max Bounty. They’re great.

“Do you have WordPress video tutorials?”

Tons of them. They’re here on the channel free. They’re in They’re there. All right, guys. Let’s take a look if any other questions are coming in on the old blog. There are.

“Can you explain your simple sites course and blog profits, the difference?”

If you have the money, get simple sites. If you only have 127, get Blog Profit Network. Yeah. You will find a lot of value in the Simple Sites course if you can afford it. We’re going to give you three months access to a Blog Profits as well.

Nick. ” Is the supplement niche to be avoided?”

It’s up to you. That’s a health niche so you’re going to deal with all the health stuff, which could be a legal issue.


“I’ve created Amazon affiliate account five days ago. I attached my YouTube channel, but I still didn’t receive any confirmation message.”

I don’t think you need a confirmation for that. What are you doing? Just putting your links in the description? You should set up a blog. I’ll tell you right now, set up a blog, get a domain name, go to and do that.

Vibration. “I’m probably trying to sell the wrong program.”

Vibration, get in Blog Profit Network. Go in there, ask a question. I’ll help you do it. “How much does it cost for Simple Sites?” Go to It’s 297, one time.

All right guys. Any other questions? We’re running on two hours now.

“Can a longer article on a new site outrank a 30 domain authority?”

No. It’s going to depend on what you do. I don’t know who will outrank. It depends on who answers the question best.

“Any opinion on Zombie Apocalypse niche?”

I don’t know anything about it. I would get in Blog Profit Network and ask on there.

“How do you get approved for affiliate programs without any traffic on a new site?”

Call them. Give them a phone call. Dennard, “How do I contact you to get help with Max Bounty offers?” Go to, sign up, put a support ticket in.

Okay. Swag, “Hi.” Hi back at ya. Vibration,

” Marcus, appreciate you more than you know. Thanks for being you.” Vibration, get in Blog Profit Network. You will love it. Trust me. It’s basically like you get access to me every week.

Roger. “I found a keyword with very low competition, still not ranking with a brand new blog. What should I do?”

Well, Roger, you should tell me the keyword so I could look at it and see what’s going on. “Should I buy an expired domain to try ranking it or keep making money with sponsored posts?” Do both. Why not?

” What do you think about YouTube shorts to lead to a blog post?”

I think it’s a great idea.

Adure, “If a keyword has a hundred thousand searches per month and a KD zero, can I rank?”

It’s possible? Depends on the keyword. SummitDAS, start with Blog Profit Network. Either one is fine. If you start with Blog Profit Network and you want to upgrade to Simple Sites, you just pay the difference. I think it’s actually, there’s a discount link in there.

Does your stuff work in Spanish speaking community?

Yes, but make sure you speak English because I don’t speak Spanish so I’m not going to be able to help you in your language and it might not be worth it.

Can, “If you do the one-on-one call, how quickly are you able to have it?”

Usually two to three weeks out. It depends. I don’t know. We might get a bunch of people to order, which would push the time back. It’s usually two to three weeks.

” When I spy on Google Ads, I don’t see any ClickBank offer, but I see campaign on Facebook. Do you think ClickBank is a good network?”

Those questions are fragments of questions. Can you refine them? I’m not sure what you’re asking.

Okay. All right guys, we’ll go another 30 minutes. I think another 30 minutes is good. Oh, okay. Cool.

The keyword is Rent To Own Homes in Connecticut.

Okay. Let’s take a look. Okay. Zillow, renttoownlabs, Homefinder. Yeah. With a new blog, you are not going to rank for this. Not going to happen. Wrong keyword. Get the right keyword, you’ll rank. Okay.

Oneesha, “Did you say we get access to Blog Profit Network when we buy the Simple Sites?”

Yes. If you go to, you get 90 days access to Blog Profit Network. Only if the order on this call. If you order it today, we’ll give you the 90 days. Otherwise, it’s 30 days.

All right, guys. Smash that like button if you’re digging this.

“What press release service do you use?”

PR Web and AP Newswire. All right, 25 minutes left.

“Is there a first-time payment on Blog Profit Network other than the monthly?”

Yes. 127. You’ll go to Right like this. There’s a fancy little video showing what you’re going to get. There’s a link down here. It is 127 and then 37 a month. You can cancel whenever you want. Pretty simple. You’ll get instant access. You get everything. “Best conversion tips for blog posts?” I can’t really tell you without knowing what the blog post is. Draven, that would be a good question to bring your blog posts to, and I’ll look at it on Blog Profit Network calls and I’ll revamp it. Sometimes, we even make…

Look at it on Blog Profit Network calls and I’ll revamp it. Sometimes we even make banners and stuff for people.

Bamboo, for the credit repair niche, what’s the best keyword to use?

Here’s a secret. Go credit score, search it, do your KD up to a three, use all these keywords that are low competition. Boom. You’re welcome.

All right. Any other questions? Again, if you want notes from this video, If you want weekly training, like this call was two hours, we answer your questions and everything, we do this every week on Blog Profit Network. And we look at your sites, we look at your YouTubes, we look at your ads, we look at everything.

Organic traffic, which is the best path to take? Depends on your keyword. This is why you need Blog Profit Network or a mentor. I don’t care if it’s me. I don’t care who it is. Because I can look at your keyword. Like I just told that credit guy what to do, this is worth money to him. That’s worth it. Going to your blog and saying, “Structure it this way.” Looking at your keywords, saying, “Do this, this, or this.” That’s the key. If you understand it, that’s where it’s at. And that’s why for 37 bucks a month, yeah, Blog Profit Network is probably going to be the best thing you ever buy.

Software king, oh, we already answered that. All right guys, any other questions? If you’re digging this, smash the like button. Let’s get the likes over 200. It should be over 200. I don’t know. I like this, right?

How accurate is Ahref’s keyword search volume? It’s pretty accurate.

So if you have a question about that, just put it in Google. So if I do 710 credit score, let’s put that in the Google AdWords keyword tool. See what Google says. Yeah. It’s about the same. We’re good to go.

BT Ray, I sell probiotics and I’m having a hard time finding keywords. Any suggestions?

Use the glossary method, the trigger word method, and Bray, get in Blog Profit Network. Here’s my guarantee to you… Go to, sign up, come to the Tuesday call. On the Tuesday call, you ask me and you show me your product. I’ll give you a plan. If you don’t like that plan say, “Hey, I don’t like that plan.” Sign out a Blog Profit Network, get your money back, go your own way. But if you do like the plan, which I think you will, make it work. I’ll give you a full on plan. I mean, there you go. You can’t beat it. It’s personal advice.

Because here’s the deal. My advice to this guy about probiotics is going to be different to a guy in the weight loss market. It’s going to be different. You got to understand that it’s not one size fits all. Everyone’s like, Marcus, what three buttons do I push to get rich? Well, I’m still trying to figure that out. And in the meantime, here’s the real way to make money. Okay.

Will you be doing a video on SpamZilla?

Kevin in Blog Profit Network, this is what it looks like. I’ll show you what it looks like. It’s a nice little forum. All right. Blog Profit Network, right? Like this. This is what the forum looks like. You go in there. All the Tuesday calls are here. You can ask questions, everything. Now, if you go to important, there is a domain call. This domain call here, I think it’s right here. Yeah, right here. All right. It’s a two hour call just on domains and SpamZilla. But we got all kinds of stuff. We got themes. We got plugins. We got training videos. We got reports. There’s so much stuff in here. It’s ridiculous. It should be like a $2,000 course, but it’s not. So there you go.

Aresalon, how do you verify the offer is legit?

Test it out. Do Google research.

Do I ever buy back links from Fiverr or other platforms?

I do not. I might buy them direct, but not from like farms. Viral marketing. Is the program good for someone like me who’s totally green and knows nothing about keywords? Yes. It’s wonderful because I don’t have to reteach you bad habits. So I think you’re going to love Blog Profit Network.

Jim, Boom Beach. Lots of reasons for a 5058… Yeah. It could be a plugin. Thanks, Marcus. Or should I call you… I have no idea what that means, but okay.

Any advice for newbies?

Find your niche first. Smack Dab. I need to find motivated sellers of real estate. Keyword content suggestion? Yeah. Price of house. Find people looking for how much their house is worth.

BrewDog. What’s your thought process for finding niches?

Low competition. Good offers. If it has low competition and good offers, I’ll go for it. How do you get your first client from social media or forums? Help people out. You think I’m going to make sales today? I think so, too. How am I making it? I’m helping people out. And we’re getting sales right now. I’m reloading the page, we’re getting sales. Why? Because I’m helping you out. No strings attached. I don’t care. I don’t care if you buy my stuff or not. I want to help you. I want you to watch this training and I want you to say, “Marcus is the guy I want to follow. These are the videos I want to watch. I spent two hours watching this and I learned something.” And if you learn something smash the like button, let me know. Really, really cool.

You got to get in there. You got to say, “Hey, this is what I’m going to do.” Follow this lead. Everyone out there on social media is hocking their stuff, trying to sell their stuff. What do I do? I say, “Hey, I just want to help you out.” My dad taught me this. He said, “You know what? When you go try to sell a house, all the other realtors, they’re like dogs, pouncing people. Buy this, buy this, buy this. They don’t care about the customer. If you care about the customer, it doesn’t matter what house you buy, I’m going to get commission.” If I focus on helping you, it doesn’t matter what you buy, I’m going to get commission. Focus on helping people. No strings attached, help them out. And then point to the stuff that makes money.

If you do that, you’re going to make money. It’s not if, it’s when. And if you do that, it’s going to make it work. And if you focus, you’ll get results. Guys, that’s where the rubber meets the road. And if you guys get it, I practice what I preach. That’s what I do. Everything. When I was in the MySpace niche, making millions, I said here’s some free tools. When I do The Profit Scoop, here’s thousands of dollars worth of free tools. Here they are. You go to, you get free tools. Here’s some links to buy stuff. There you go.

How to comment on other blog posts to get traffic? Add value. Join the conversation.

All right, Karen. Good to have you in the Blog Profit Network. Looking forward to meeting you on the Tuesday call. Those are awesome. We just hang out. We chill. We talk marketing. Okay.

I want you to show me more about passive variables to opt-in pages. Go to Google, type in Marcus Magic Money Code. That’ll walk you through it. Thank you so much. I like your content. Your content has made me more than five figures. Awesome. So there’s a guy. I haven’t verified it, so I don’t know, but he says he’s making more than five figures off of my free videos. Imagine what’s going to happen when he gets my paid stuff. Right? So pretty cool. What’s currently the best platform for submitting guest posts? Facebook. YouTube is good, but be careful with it. Blogs directly. Social media. Yeah.

How do you get your first sale from a forum?

Help people out. Provide something. Hey guys, here’s my short answer. If you want the long answer, it’s on my blog. Go to my blog to get the PDF. Notice how on this training I’m telling you to go to to get my free notes of this video. Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen. I have people standing by making notes of every word I’m saying on this video. You want those notes? Go to Why do I do that? Because I can’t give you a PDF through video. And y’all want the PDF, so go to It builds my mailing list. Same thing with forums. This is exactly what I do.

Can you please make a detailed video on how to make money from Pinterest?

I do have one. Just search affiliate marketing dude Pinterest.

Garrison. If you put a video on a page, do you still need a lot of content to get it ranked?

Yes. Should I ever use banners that the vendors have or make my own? Make your own. Always make your own banners. Is there a video on how to use ad words? There’s an entire pay-per-click training course in It’s like a full-on, it’s like six hours. It’s awesome. Really good stuff.

I already made a video on the Pinterest stuff. Spiritual. My major problem is I write an article. My blog, many of them wrote the same words and it’s the best… Yeah, that’s not the best solution. Spiritual, get in Blog Profit Network, bring your blog, make it happen. Which converts better, Google Ads or other social media or native ads? They all convert great. If you know what you’re doing, you can convert anything.

Guys, You can get yourself signed up. The forum looks like this. Pretty simple. Pretty easy. You just click the button and you’re good to go. All right, let’s see here. Any other questions? Where’d we go? We still got 200 people on here. That’s pretty damn good. All right. More questions coming in. I’ll stay here a little bit longer if we get some more questions, which we are. Got that one.

What are your best conversion tips when it comes to blog posts?

Treat each blog post differently. Look at your traffic, make a banner ad or a link focusing on that traffic. Nathan. Marcus, I was able to get GoDaddy gave it an estimated value of two grand. I got it for 13 bucks. Is it going to be constantly to drive traffic to it? Not necessarily. Recommendations for good total platforms, all in one solutions for affiliate marketing? WordPress and You can get by with those two things.

Kevin. When purchasing a domain name to resell, do you also get domain protection?

Not usually. Treasure Island. I’m thinking to make a blog using your videos and link them to your product from ClickBank. Stupid idea? No, that’s a fantastic idea. I like it. Go to, get a blog like affiliate tricks or affiliate helper guy or whatever. David, when doing article density, keyword density, and you do a three-letter keyword with a single keyword, you’re overthinking it. Get the right keyword. You won’t have to worry about that stuff. Jordan, what are your best conversion tips? We already answered that. Recommendations? Got that.

Andre. I watched your videos and your ideas helped me a lot. Started a page and got more than 60,000 visitors in a month and 800 Euro. More than a thousand Euro in the second.

Awesome. Andre, get Blog Profit Network. Get a private call with me. Just say, go on support. Say Tina, Marcus said to get a free 15 minute call and I’ll give it to you. And let me take a look at what you’re doing. I can make you more money. I know what I’m doing. I’ll look at this. If you’re getting 60,000 visitors, I can help you make a lot more. Just get in there and do that and I’ll hook you up. Yes, dude, you’re on the verge. Get in Blog Profit Network. Tell her you could have a call or a live chat or whatever, or even do it on the Tuesday call, doesn’t matter. But show me what you’re doing. I will help you with it. I’ll show you how to structure it to make way more, because you should be making a lot more with that and that’s why it’s worth it. That’s why it’s worth it.

All right. Laura says, give this a like button. Yeah, give it a like button. Let’s get over 200 likes, guys. I think we got that. Garrison. I’ve been following the gurus for two decades with no results. I bought your simple sites. Great course. Awesome. Get on those Tuesday calls. We all hang out. Guys, I want to help you. I love marketing. I love what I do. Andre is going to come on there. I love figuring out how to make him more money. I love hearing, hey, he’s making a thousand bucks a month or I think that’s 1500 USD, something like that. I love hearing that stuff. And that’s all with free videos. Imagine what happens when he gets in the course.

Onisha. I’m having a hard time automating revenue from the site. Make a lot of money from phones.

Is it… Yeah. I don’t know. Onisha, go on the Tuesday call if you want a specific site review. Hey Marcus, how many blog projects you managing? Usually between 50 and a hundred. Mr. Nobody. Ubersuggest and Ahrefs have different results. Which one is more accurate? Ahrefs. Can you show us a ClickBank offer on Google Ads? I mean, I could probably find one, but I don’t see the point.

Dan, how to rank on Google for a new website?

Go for the right keyword. Macy, if we already have simple sites can we get the three months of Blog Profit Network? Depends on how long ago you ordered. Put in a support ticket. What I would do, Macy, is sign up for the Blog Profit Network and then just ask for a different bonus. We’ll get you another bonus. All right, guys. Any other questions? Let’s go. We got about nine minutes left. Smash that like button, subscribe, click the bell. Guys, there is so much wealth of knowledge in this training. You’re going to want to watch it three or four times. Frank, have you ever bought an expired domain name with good TF and CF? Yes, I have. I usually go for an expired domain name. I’ll look at the Ahrefs. So I’ll go to site explorer, put it in here and see if I can do that. Arslan, no, we don’t do that. Blog Profit Network is already discounted as much as we can. So, I don’t know. If you don’t think it’s worth the 127 bucks, then I don’t really know how to help you.

Software King. GoDaddy says my domain is worth 960 so I’m selling it for 900 on GoDaddy. Could sell it for that or is it just number out of the sky?

Look at EstiBot, look at GoDaddy and look at what has recently sold. Because sometimes like if I do money123, that might not really be worth as much as GoDaddy says. So, yeah. Software King, what’s the domain really?

What products do I have on ClickBank?

Blog Profit Network. That’s the only one I have on ClickBank. And that’s a wealth of knowledge. What your getting in Blog Profit Network is my personal help. That’s what you’re getting. So if you like what I teach, if you think I know what I’m talking about, that’s where it’s at. Two turntables and a microphone, where it’s at. Falcon. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Love to hear your stuff. Okay, cool. Thanks for that, Falcon.

Dan, what is the number one skill you need to master for making money online?

The skill of finding the right keyword. Is hair loss a good niche for AdSense and affiliate marketing? It can be, it can also be a little competitive. But I think it can be a good niche, yeah. But I wouldn’t use it just for AdSense, I’d use it for affiliate marketing because there’s so much more. Onisha. I make a hundred thousand from the site… Well, I saw something there that said that. Yeah, there we go. Build up membership sites, pharmacy tech lessons, decent size email. Onisha, get in Blog Profit Network. You’ll love it.

Andre says a it’s a really simple idea. But you gave me this idea with the three-dimension video. That was fun. When I got all into the Tesseracts and all that. I’m not sure how to answer this because I’m not sure what you’re doing. Get in Blog Profit Network, get that call and I’ll help you with it. Curtis, can you run paid ads on your new blog post to boost organic rankings or will Google only rank it for paid? It will help it get picked up, but it’s not going to help it rank. Mister Nobody. Will first page SEO for e-commerce be possible within a month or two? Yes, it is possible. Get in Blog Profit Network, I’ll show you how to do it.

Is there a good pay per click affiliate program?

You mean like to get paid on clicks? Yes. AdSense, Mediavine, There’s lots of them. All right guys, smash that like button. Let’s get rocking and rolling. If you appreciate this training, smash the like button, subscribe, check out my stuff. If you want notes from this training, You guys can see, this is a domain I bought using the domain thing I teach in affiliate marketing. Dude Blog Profit Network, got an offer already. Sales, stuff works. You just got to get in there and do it.

I love tennis. Is that a decent niche?

The word tennis is not a niche, but I can show you how to make that a niche. You got to find specific stuff. I would use the glossary method for that one. All right. Five minutes left. All right. Awesome,

Onisha, good to have you in there. What resources we need to be?

Go to We’ve got lots of resources there for you. All right, guys. What we need as a newbie? Go to Sign up for that. Don’t look back. I’ll help you get whatever else you need. I’ll show you where to get whatever else you need. Curtis, can you boost organic… We already answered that.

Domain flipping, still worth it in 2021?

Well, this screenshot says yes. I bought this one for eight bucks. Didn’t even do anything. I didn’t even try to sell it. He found me through the who is stuff and there we go. Do you have any software to do a voiceover? Yes, I did a review on that. Just do affiliate marketing dude voiceover or something and you’ll find it. Can we still be able to get started and generate income even a little without purchasing an expensive keyword tool? Yes, you can.

What are a few profitable niches?

Any niche is profitable if you know what you’re doing. I had a bet once with a buddy of mine and he said, “You can’t make money with the word ‘how to tie a tie’.” And I said, “Yes, I can. Yes, I can.” And I did, and he lost the bet. It was only 50 bucks. I wish I bet more. But any niche can be profitable. Say it with me. Any niche can be profitable. Where do I sell my domains? Afternic and GoDaddy auctions.

All right, guys, if you want notes from this, we’re going to have these all typed out with the questions and answered all fancy., if you want personal support and help, someone to hold your hand every week and answer your questions about affiliate marketing. Guys, there’s nothing like this on the market. Certainly not for like $1.10 a day.

Do I turn my domains around immediately or hold on to them?

It depends on the domain. What budget do we need to create? You don’t need any budget. You can do this for free if you want. Smack dab. Any niche can be profitable. Amen, brother. Absolutely. And if you’ve learned that skill, that’s it. It’s game over. Any key word can be profitable. This is inventory. It’s like my inventory. I go to my keyword thing and I’m like, “Hey, what can I do? What are we going to do?” How to stop procrastinating? Do the work and use the tool. So, click on create something, watch these videos and it’ll help you with procrastination.

All right, guys. All right. Make money online simple. I think you’re my Alabama guy. Aren’t you an Alabama or something? My family’s from Alabama so that’s how I always remember that.

. Just saw you were on.

When I see make a thousand a month, how do you have to spend to invest to get there?

You can make a thousand dollars a month without spending a dime. You can. Lots of people do. But when I buy traffic, I like a 50/50.

Thank you for all the wishes for my dad. A very difficult time right now. Yeah, but thank you for that. We appreciate all your well-wishes and good things. Marcus, do I follow the yellow brick road or the wicked witch get me? You follow the niches. Who cares what color the road is? I want the niche. Affiliate marketing is all about the niche. Get the niche wrong, you don’t make money. Get the niche right, you’re rocking and rolling.

All right guys. Thanks for being here. I’m going to go get something to eat. I have a crazy memory. I don’t know why, but I remember weird things, like where people are from what their niches are, what their sites are. That’s probably why I can maintain a hundred sites without some kind of database software because it’s always in my head. If I have a headache, all bets are off there, but I try to do the best I can.

David says I’ve tried paying Instagram influencers, I’ve posted to multiple groups on Facebook, even after running ads, and I’ve still yet to make one commission.

Buddy, David, get search traffic. Get search traffic. Do it. Stop messing around. I mean, influencers can work, but only if you know what you’re doing. Get in Tell me what you’re doing. I will evaluate your stuff. Say, Hey, I bought this influencer out. Here’s what it said. Here’s how many clicks I got? Why did it not work? And I’ll say, “Here’s what you do. There you go. You make it work. You make it happen.”

Every one of my people should be in If you like my training, do it. If you like my training, go to You go there, it’s free. We’re going to have notes from this video. Boom. Put your name and email. If you’re on my mailing list, I don’t sell stuff. I’m on another guy’s mailing list. He sends me 16 emails a day, buy this, buy that warrior plus, buy this, buy that. And I’m like, dude, whatever. I send you valuable stuff. Right? I think I sent a sales email every six months. I send you valuable stuff. My mailing list, this is more valuable than $2,000 courses. You don’t believe me, go sign up. You don’t think it’s worth it, unsubscribe. But I guarantee, how many of you guys are on my list and you’re like, “Oh my God, it’s so worth it. I’ve bought courses that don’t teach me what’s on your list.” If you’ve done that type Marcus’s list is the bomb or is killer or whatever, right? Because it is. You just get in there and you do it and you say, there it is.

All right, couple more questions. Jenny.

I have a travel site. I do have a newsletter and an email list. I have neck problems and it limits me.

Jenny, get in Blog Profit Network. If you have a site I’d like to help you specifically. And I think you’ll like that. Yeah, if you can, do it. I mean, I understand if you can’t. But if you can get in Blog Profit Network, do that. Otherwise, maybe try to get me on live chat. And if you can’t really, truly afford it, I’ll give you some tips on live chat. I do what I can. Everyone comes on live chat and they’re like arguing with me for the 10 minutes of like, “Is this really you or is it a robot?” It ain’t a robot. Ask your question. There ya go. I don’t think I’m a robot. Robots don’t have double chins and I got a double chin, so there you go. But go on there. We’ll try to help you as much as possible.

Earlier you advised the probiotics to use the glossary and the trigger word. What… Okay. I don’t know what B Ray is. That was his name. B Ray was that guy’s name.

What do you think of ezoic?

I’ve heard good things about it. I haven’t personally used it, but I’ve heard good things about it. Being that you recommend expired domain names, does that mean you recommend the expired domain traffic? If it has traffic, hell yeah I’m going to use it.

Everyone is saying my list is worth gold. So go to Join my list. You get my videos. You get custom stuff. You get notes. PDFs. I basically bombard you with free stuff till you’re like, I need to buy Marcus’s stuff. So there you go. All right, guys. Thanks for being here. Get notes from this video. It’ll take about a week to get them finalized. Go to Get the course, hangout every Tuesday. Let’s make money. Thanks for being here. Subscribe, smash the like button, click the bills and I’ll see you next time. Have a good one, guys.


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