Live Affiliate Hangout 9.4.21

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  1. Marcus, I keep trying to send a message to you from this platform but for some reason I can’t get a response. I want to join the boot camp but need a little more info. On which days of the week and times will the classes be on and if a day is missed how can someone get caught back up. Plz reply asap cause I know the class starts soon. And give any other info I need to be successful in this program. Like what supplies or hardware etc will give me an advantage that I recommend.

    1. Bill, i just finished his Spring/Summer Boot Camp…they are on Wednesdays at 4:00pm eastern time. They are recorded…but only 5 or 6 were posted from the last camp. You need a basic computer for the class nothing fancy, and the ability to get on Zoom.
      Hope this helps from Rocky

  2. Mr Mark I want more than anything to join your course. I SPEND HOURS UPON HOURS studying every word in your videos and i di the same with nrs Nancy Badillos coaching videos. Her instructions on how to ootimize my etsy shop for the algorythm works. Which introduced me to the term keywors research and long tail and back end sooo much. Thats why when i watched one of your videos for the first yime i was able to follow what you were saying! Im pouring myself into this but i cant afford your class right now. I cant even afford the 7 bucks that im short to pay for my square website .Paying for bankruptcy and my 3 dogs and trying to find a camper to love in before winter so i can get out of this almost condemned 100+ year old house of my grandmother’s. It willget better. I will gleen every detail from the videos you share because i am learning so much and i appreciate you because this could save my life hopefully soon. I have 2 refrigerators with norhing but a jug of milk a jug of sweet sun-tea and daylight. So these other guys playing around. Thats not me. I geek out on this stuff and i get excited when i see a strategy work. Im hungry in nore ways than one. Im hungry for a change in my life and the husband that abandoned me, and anyone else that i love in my family: it,,’s not their job ti make my dreams come true. They arent even responsible for my happiness. I want this , SUCCESS more than a fat kid wants cake. Quitting is not an option. I may throw a tantrum at times from sheer frustrstion, they are healthy tantrums) but i wont quit. Ill get this little by little. I dont care how much money you make from what you do. There is nothing more valuable than time that you lose with family so i appreciate you putting in the time and thought and the outlines and chapters and breaking it all down so people can understand it. That is wau more work than a lot of people dont wrap their monds around abd thats why i feel like the market for afgiliates wont get saturated…by GOOD affiliates at least! Long atory short: i lobe you for what you are doing thank you. I qill kindly pass on that off er for the class for now.
    Ill be praying for your dad that he continues to get better

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