landing page optimization tools (watch this)

someone searches on “laptop computers” and clicks an ad. which landing page would be most relevant?




ps: if you came here to see if you were right… the correct answer was C. a page showing laptops… however when it comes to landing pages this advice and this question only scratches the surface of what you need to know to make this stuff convert.

One Response to landing page optimization tools (watch this)

  • Jenni Dudley says:

    Marcus, this one was so good as well. You’re getting better! When I get back from my moms next week I’m going to try to actually finish something. I think I’m past the parts where I kept getting stuck, and your critiques of late on the calls have helped tremendously. I really like this landing page stuff and it makes sense to me, and it’s not so boring and daunting as the traditional way of trying to build a blog that very possibly might never ever make any money is. I’m not doing this for fun I’m doing this to leave a legacy for my kids and get some kind of money into a retirement account. I have nothing and I’m 58. Plus I actually enjoy it though. I’m very grateful for your teaching and your time and your experience. And I say “and” way too much don’t I? lol – don’t answer that!!! 😆🤣