Killer Niche Market Examples – Sinister Keyword Hacks

How To Find The Most Profitable Niche Market Examples – Crazy Method Revealed!

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We’re going to show some methods for finding these free niche markets and these traffic methods that you can use in a really, really cool way.

I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for over 20 years. And the first time I ever got my first search engine ranking, I was happier than a pig in the slop because I found out that getting those search engine rankings would bring me free traffic that I didn’t have to pay for, which would sell things.

I’ll never forget the feeling the first time I sold stuff off of free search engine rankings. I was at a party at my dad’s house for 4th of July and I came home from that party after spending all day just hanging out and having burgers, swimming and everything like that. And I came home and I was like, wow. I made three sales for seven dollars each. I made twenty one dollars while I wasn’t doing anything. Now, some of you might look at that and say, well, twenty one dollars, Marcus, that’s not much at all. How are we going to do this? Well, that twenty one dollars, because I looked at it differently than most people do. Turned into a lot of money. And fast forward, I actually started my own search engine ranking company we worked with, like limousine companies, cigar companies, all kinds of companies that wanted to get search engine rankings. And we got them forum, which was really cool. And so as I was getting them, I noticed that these people were getting a lot of traffic. And then I started trying to get rankings for my own stuff to sell affiliate offers and different projects that I was involved in. And so I met a friend in 2002 and we decided to stay up all night, several nights in a row, not a good idea, and tried to figure out the search engine ranking thing for tons of niche markets.

And it was crazy because I realized that getting a search engine ranking for a term that gets a lot of traffic could be the difference between making nothing and making a thousand dollars two thousand or more per day. And I’ll never forget what it was like to hang out with that guy and be like, Hey, dude, let’s try to get this ranking for this term. And so we got the ranking and we woke up in the morning and we had the ranking and we were like, holy crap. We made like nine hundred dollars off of this ranking like that. And it was really, really cool, really easy to do. And it wasn’t that difficult.

So what we’re gonna do in this training is run to show you how to find the most profitable niches in a crazy method that I’m going to reveal.

So first and foremost, into the sinister stuff, what you want to do. Step 1 is you want to use what I call a keyword jogger. What is a keyword jogger? Well, a keyword jogger is something you put in Google to figure something out.

Like if I put PDF report how to feed my cat, I’m going to get PDF for how to feed my cat. If I put site: and my website name, I only get all the links from my Web site.

If I put something like Click Bank Affiliate Offer weight loss, I’m going to get all the click bank affiliate off for weight loss.

Or maybe maybe you use a keyword jogger like, you know, places to eat near me and then you put your zip code or your city.

That would be a keyword jogger. It’s something added to a search term so that you can figure something out even more detailed when you’re doing research. You can even do like research papers on certain topic.

Now, some of the keyword joggers that you can use to find niche market examples that people are already doing right.  These will help you find tons of niche market examples.

You can go to Google, you can go to Bing, whatever search engine you fancy and you could type these in. Now, these are kind of sinister. So pay close attention.

Step 1: Use A Keyword Niche Jogger

Keyword Niche Joggers

“amazon affiliate disclosure”

“affiliate disclosure”

“affiliate disclosure” + niche

“affiliate links on this website”

“website uses affiliate links”

“” + niche


“may be compensated” affiliate

“Amazon Services LLC Associates Program”

“participant in the Amazon Services”

niche examples

First of all, you can go now again when you put your keyword jogger in. Make sure you put it in quotes. You got to put it in quotes. Otherwise, this won’t work.

So what you’re gonna do is you could go and you could search for Amazon affiliate disclosure in quotes.

What happens here is you’re going to find all the people who have Amazon affiliate disclosures on their Web site.

Why that matters is because those are people who are making money with the Amazon affiliate program that have links and that have a disclosure that are serious about it. And you could actually take that link and you could build a list of all the people that are in your certain niche or in any niche or whatever for that very important. Right. Another keyword jogger you can use is affiliate disclosure.

Now, why in the world would someone have the words affiliate disclosure on their site? Well, they’re either teaching you about affiliate disclosures or they’re an affiliate marketer and they put their disclosure on there. Right. Think about this for a minute. These are things you can use to go figure out what’s going on out there, figure out why where people are getting traffic, whether they’re making money and what’s going on. And it’s going to get even more sinister than this

If you want to get even more niche, you can put affiliate disclosure in quotes and then put plus niche.  This will show you tons of affiliate site niche examples you can use to model after.

What I do is I like to go to like

this is important because when you go and you do these keyword joggers, you want to find out if the guy’s actually getting traffic.

So if I go to Alexa, scroll down to the bottom where it says browse top sites and I put something in like my site i get a ranking and it shows me some of the keywords the site is using to get traffic for that specific niche.

The Lower The Alexa Ranking – The Better!  Shoot for under 100,000 for big niches and under 500,000 for smaller ones.

This will help you determine if the niche market example you chose has enough traffic to make a decent amount of money.

Now, what are these going to do?

These are going to show you sites that are popping up. Obviously, the ones that are up on the top are probably going to get more traffic, but you want to go through them and look at all the stuff that’s going on out there, because you’re going to find that there’s tons of niches because a lot of people here like they think, oh, a niches are like, you know, weight loss, credit, make money.

And that’s about that’s about as deep as they think. They don’t think that there are literally people out there making more money than you’ve ever thought you could make with a site about ping pong tables.

I found a site about ping pong tables. We were able to get a keyword report and be like, boom. These are the keywords it goes for. It’s not competitive. You just go down the list. You make the content or outsource the content and you start getting traffic very, very fast. So this is something that can work again. These are the keyword joggers you want to go through. Spend a few hours, go through him, learn exactly what’s going on out there and start to search the web in a different way, because up until now, you’ve been searching the Internet as a consumer.

I never search the Internet as a consumer. I search the Internet as a marketer and as a marketer. I want to know what’s going on. And as a marketer, I know that every time someone searches for a keyword, someone’s making money out there somewhere. Every search engine term that’s typed in, someone out there is making some money.

And we’ve got to realize that.

The reason affiliate marketing and search engine ranking is not working for you is because it has this illusion that it’s too competitive.

It’s a complete and utter illusion. There are terms you can get in any market right now. If you do it right!

Now here’s an example niche market.

Step 2: Look For Interesting Sites

You Will Find Interesting Example Niche Topics With Low Competition

niche market examples

didn’t even know a bamboo pillow existed, like I thought about a bamboo pillow. And I was like, that does not sound comfortable at all. I have bamboo in my backyard and I sure as hell don’t want to go to bed laying on bamboo pillows.

But take a look at this. I didn’t know this existed, but this is a niche bamboo pillow. Twenty six thousand searches a month. Miracle bamboo pillow. Seven point three thousand searches about bamboo memory foam pillow. One point nine thousand searches a month. Essence of bamboo pillow, one point three thousand searches a month. And on and on we go with lots and lots of keyword traffic.

Well, this is important because of this number here. This number is defined as a KD or a keyword difficulty or SEO difficulty, depending on what keyword you’re tool you’re using.

Well, this is important because if I go for something like mortgage, these are gonna be like ninety five to one hundred. (lots of competition in that niche)

The zeros mean it’s really, really easy to rank for!

Using This Method I Even Found Non Competitive Niche Examples For: Pool Cleaning Equipment, Baby Registry, Air Fryers, Ping Pong Tables, Non Alcoholic Beer, Rescue Pets, Pet Supplies, Recipes, Crafts, Car Seat Laws, Strollers, And On And On And On We Go…

This guy was selling like blenders and vitamin things. And it’s like vitamins versus ninja keyword difficulty of two.

They’re gonna buy either the vitamin C or the Ninja. They might as well buy it through my affiliate link if they’re going to buy it because I like to get paid. Right. And we look at it in each of these words. So look at the vitamins versus ninja, ninja versus vitamin. That’s the same one. That’s the same word there. Here’s the same one here. Right. And we look at this and we’re like, holy crap. There’s a ton of stuff going on.

Check out this one. Artificial grass for dogs.

Right. Who would have thought that this niche would have that much traffic in it? These people are actually looking for like artificial grass for their dog.

Here’s another one I found. This is for people looking up water softners. Right. Best water softener. Eight thousand searches come up. Water softener reviews a thousand. Look at some of the less competitive Whirlpool water softener reviews. Martin, water softener. And on and on we go really noncompetitive. And you could see we wouldn’t even know that these niche markets existed.

But take a look at this. I actually found an example niche that was talking about motherboards, right? People were looking for motherboards. For their computer, this guy’s got this traffic here. Thirty five hundred searches a month. Keyword difficulty of two. This is saying the average cost per click is 50 cents. That means that that traffic theoretically would be worth thirty five hundred times 50 cents. That’s 1750 a month. Now, you can do a lot more than that. If you do it right. This is just like the generic run of the mill traffic thing.

OK. You also have like motherboard for a 7770, and these are very, very noncompetitive. So we go there and we’re like, wow, I could just go down this list and I could start plugging away at these keywords, start getting traffic.

Now, using this method, I found noncompetitive words for pool cleaning equipment. Right. You look at pool cleaning equipment. That stuff’s expensive. I know I had to buy like some thing for my pool cleaner thing and I was like a thousand bucks. You sell that. You get a good commission, right?

And that’s pretty cool, right? It’s like, OK, lots of low competition words. Now, here’s the deal. OK. And this is what you’re not seeing because we’re going to talk in a little bit about how this is the tip of the tip of the iceberg. Right. Like you’re seeing this little tip and below the ocean, there’s a lot of ice. And that ice is more keywords, because if I go in there and I do just water it whirlpool water softener. Right. If I rank for that, there’s going to be lots of other keywords like Whirlpool 5 0 8, water softener review, Whirlpool fifty five, all the different models and all the different stuff. So there’s lots and lots of traffic out there. And these people looking for reviews are like actually looking to buy stuff, which is absolutely crazy. Right. So this is like the gold, right?

Because if I could do the work and work my butt off and make a site about all these different blenders and all these things, I could go through and be like, OK, I’m going to kick ass. And maybe I could spend 45 minutes a day writing an article for a keyword. At the end of the year, I’ll have 300 articles if I take sixty five days off. Right. And those 300 articles could be getting me traffic. And if each article gets me 10 visitors a day, that’s 3000 visitors a day. Ninety thousand visitors a month. Ninety thousand visitors. If I get a conversion rate, let’s say ninety thousand times. Point five percent. OK, that’s forty five sales. If we do even better, which I know you can if we do like 1 percent sales, it’s like 90 sales. Right. And that is crazy. Like 90 sales of a vital mix thing every month. That would be life changing income for a lot of people if you do this right. That’s not even including the other stuff that you can make money off the mailing list. The other things that are out there, the ad since the ads, the banners, all this other stuff. Right. There are tons of ways to monetize your traffic.

OK, how hard would it be to get 10 visitors a day from an article? Not that hard, right?

And what I’m doing is I’m just going down the list. Right. I go through, I use my keyword joggers, find interesting sites, run them through the program, look at words I know I can get, do a deep dove on the words I know I can get and start focusing.

Here’s the example niche I talked to you about with air hockey tables and ping pong and all that. Right. Look at that. Air hockey table on and on we go. Lots and lots of stuff. Ping pong, table reviews. Best table paddle. All this other stuff.  This is a great niche market example here.

Step 3: Run Interesting Sites Thru A Rank Checker

ahrefs / semrush / ubbersuggest

Step 4: Build A Master Keyword List Of Easy Rank Niche Market Examples

Notice in this niche market example i took out all the competitive search terms and went for non competitive ones i know i can get.

And so what I did is I took a list and I did my research. It took me, you know, three or four hours to do the research. And I came up with a master list of easy to rank for words. And I was like, well, I go for like Wayfair affiliate, click bank alternatives, all these other keyword keywords related to affiliate. Now, the traffic here, if you’ll notice, the traffic is valued at like anywhere from two bucks a click to like six dollars eight dollars a click. So it’s very, very good traffic. Every click I get is worth it. OK. So if I can go in here and be like, well, you know, let’s see if we can rank for some of these.

And we actually already started ranking for some of these.

Then once I get that list, I go through and I make content and get traffic.

You Can Outsource Your Content OR  If you want to write, literally, you could do it in 45 minutes a day. It’s not that difficult.

Step 5: Make Content And Get Traffic

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