Is Dropshipping DEAD! – Why You Aren’t Getting Sales…

We had some hecklers on our call talking about our seo practices and why some think they are not as straight forward as i portray… so i provided a link here to show you the test we started back in December and the results we got… notice the low KD on the words we rank for (check that report out here)

Today, we’re gonna talk about how to get that drop shipping money.

Your one hour strategy call will be with marcus personally on zoom, we will go over your sites, niches, ideas, and give you a plan to profit… you will get a recording of the call and downloads of the keyword reports and tools i run on the call for you.  the price is set LOW for the first 30 orders… then the price will raise every 30 orders till we get back to the normal $497 price…. this is a steal… do not delay.

We’re going to talk to you about my dirty little dropped shipping secret, how you can start making money with it pretty fast without having all the fancy stuff.

Now, a lot of you guys have heard about drop shipping. You’ve heard all the claims. You’ve seen every 20 year old who hops on here and talks about how they’re making millions of dollars a minute with drop shipping. But is the drop shipping rate dream real?

Is it something that you can get into and actually start making money with?

Today, we’re going to talk about that and we’re going to talk about it in a way that no one else is talking about.

Everyone else out there is talking about some fancy software that is the be all end all. And you need to have the software to be able to make this work. Now, I got to tell you, I started drop shipping down in the trenches back in 2003 when we had to set up our sites with front page Express. Yeah, that was that free program that came with Windows 95.

So we were setting it up with that with a little PayPal button with no fanciness, nothing at all. And I was able to rake in about sixteen thousand dollars a month before I sold that business because I didn’t really want to answer phones and deal with returns and everything like that. But we’re going to talk to you about how that works. But first, let’s talk about the drop shipping dream. How it works and what it means for you. And if you’ll like this kind of stuff in your new here, give us a thumbs up. Subscribe collect that bell.

Because we’ve got lots of money videos for you here on this channel. Now let’s dove right in to the drop shipping dream. We’ve all dreamed of drop shipping. We’ve seen the guys here on the YouTubes and everywhere else that say, hey, you’re gonna make money with dropship. And all you gotta do is give me a bunch of money and you’ll get rich somehow. The key is always give someone else money and then we get rich. You know, usually that’s like the recipe for being poor. But, you know, to each his own we’ve got to take a look at this and we’ve got to focus on what we want to learn and then invest in what we want to learn. The drop shipping dream goes something like this. Look at my big fat wallet. I make five million dollars a second. Drop shipping. And then he tells you how it works. He’s like, hey, check this out. It’s really easy. You get this fancy software.


The customer pays you on your Web site. You pay the drop shipper and then the customer gets the product. You don’t have to touch any product. You don’t have to do anything. You’re just gonna make money overnight as a dropship are super easy. Just sign right up and we’ll make it work. You believe that dream? You say, man, that sounds rew real good. All I got to do is get the software as soon as I get the software, whatever it’s called. We’re gonna be rich. That’s it. Right. So you buy into the dream and you’re like, yeah, man, let’s go. Let’s make this work. I’m going to do me some dropship and I’m going to make money. I heard about how Marcus made money would drop shipping. I heard about how this guy made money, would drop shipping. I heard about a guy who sold some weird looking cup and made a bunch of money overnight.

So this has got to be easy. And you sign up and you’re like, OK, let’s get into it and get into it. And he said, OK, step one. Right. You got your book. You got your notes. You’re ready to go. You’re ready to make money. How many big guys have been here? They’ve been here, done that. And you’re like, okay, let’s dive in.

And then they say, step one, get a good product. So you search endlessly trying to find a product. Dropship. You’re what am I gonna sell pens when I sell lighters? Cups. What am I going to sell? There’s not much else on Marcus’s desk, so I don’t know. And finally, after painstaking research, you find out, hey, wait a minute, people are searching for dashcams. Like a lot of people. I had no idea. Last night, I was looking up this notes, looking up this niche, doing these notes for you. And I was blown away. And towards the end of this webinar, you’re going to be blown away. You’re gonna say, holy crap, Marcus, is that makes total sense. I get it. I see where I’ve been failing with dropship. But you go out there, you’re like the normal people. You get the course and you’re like, okay, I got my course and we’ll figure out how to dropship. And you got your product, your dash cam product. You’re like, okay, cool. I could buy this dash cam product for one hundred and twenty five bucks, maybe one hundred and fifty bucks. I can retail the product for one seventy nine to one ninety nine. My profit margins going to be twenty five to 50 bucks. That’s pretty cool. Right. OK. So if I sell ten of these a day, I make between 250 and 500 bucks a day.

That’s pretty good. Now that’s my profit margin before advertising. Now when I go and get advertising and do all this stuff, well, then, you know, my profit margin shrinks and shrinks and shrinks and shrinks. And a lot of you guys might found this out. And then a company like Amazon comes around and they’re like, hey, we’re gonna sell this sucker for one fifty one. And you’re like, well I can’t sell for one fifty one. I guess I’m out. Ouch. What do I do. But nevertheless you’re still a little excited and you’re like we’re gonna do this. I got step 1, I got my product. This looks good. Amazon hasn’t made it adult. One hundred and fifty one dollars yet. Step two, I set up my shop site.

I spend days and weeks into this new software that promises to be the king Kahuna of drop shipping. And when I set this up. People are just going to fly magically to my shop store and I’m going to start making money and start making money because this is so great. Everyone is going to want this product. They’re going to want it. It’s going to be great. It’s magic. And you set it up.

And then step three, you’re ready. You click your heels up, you sit and you wait for the sales to roll in. And you look like this guy and you’re like, shit, man, I’ll see any sales. I just don’t I mean, I thought I was going to set this up and I was gonna get sales. But now I log in every day and I haven’t made a sale. I mean, nineteen people came my site. It should have made a sale. I got all 19 people. You might even try to buy some traffic. You’re like, wait a minute, man, I get this profit margin of 50 bucks on the high end. You know, let’s buy some traffic and go out there and figure out the traffic’s like 80 cents a click to a dollar 20 a click. And you can’t convert one out of every twenty or one out of every 50 people. And you’re like, well, I spent one hundred bucks on ads and I didn’t make any sales. It’s too expensive and no one buys. And then you’re dropped shipping dream cloud gets popped. What the hell am I going to do? This guy said all I got to do is spend 50 zillion dollars on a course about drop shipping. Set it up on the shop site and then money comes rolling in. And I did it, but the money ain’t rolling in.

What’s wrong? Well, what’s wrong is you didn’t listen to your old buddy Marcus here. Everybody, Marcus. I’ll speak in the third person for effect. So gas powered scooters as a drop shipper. I didn’t have a fancy shop store. I didn’t have fancy software. Facebook hadn’t come out yet. Instagram wasn’t even thought of yet. We barely had MySpace back then.

And I’m like, I think I could do this. I found a guy out of Las Vegas and he’s like, I’ll ship you this scooter. This one here, that’s 5:37. I’ll ship it to the customer for 350. Mike. Hot damn. I can make myself whatever that is. Right. 200 bucks or something like that. Hundred and seventy. I get pay, pal. The customer pay pyles me. I pay pal him 350. The customer gets the product. What could be easier than that? And it actually was really easy. I set it up within days. I started getting sales, put a phone number on the site, answered the phone, said, yeah, you want a blue one, click here. You want a green one click here. Yes. This one comes with tires answered basic questions. Rack that site up to about sixteen thousand dollars a month.

I was like, wait a minute. That’s pretty cool. So 16 grand a month. You know, my profit margin was pretty decent. I was like, what’s at 60 percent cost, 30 percent, 40 percent profit. So I got to keep a lot of that. As a 23 year old kid, I was like, that’s pretty cool. In addition to my other business, you know, I work a couple hours a day. I sell a bunch of scooters. I put money in my account. I like that. But here’s the deal. This is what I realized back then that people don’t realize, because here’s a thing you hear about Facebook marketing. Instagram dropped shipping, all this other stuff. Click funnels.

You hear about these magic things, but they don’t seem to work for you. How many of you guys are tried these magic things and you’re like, they don’t work for me. I logged in a click funnel that was confusing and I didn’t really like it. OK. It’s good. There are people making a shit ton of money with click funnels. There are people making a shit ton of money with drop shipping. There are people making a lot of money with Facebook. But why not you? Why is it not working for you? And I’ve been where you’re at. I’ve struggled with things.

I struggled with blogging the first time I got into blogging. But then I figured it out. Now, the reason I figured it out is because when I was about 20 years old, I studied direct response marketing and direct response marketing said there’s two things in the marketing world. There’s traffic and there’s my offer. There are no two ways about it. So people get in and they go drop. Shipping is a magic business opportunity. It’s magical. All I got to do is dropship and we’re ready to go. But they don’t realize all dropped shipping is is an offer. You still need traffic. Because when I learned that back at 20 years old, that traffic and offer equals money if you do it right. Then I learned that that was the secret. And then I was able to put everything into categories.

Well, what is what is click funnels? Well, two platforms. That would be part of my offer. Right. What is dropped shipping? Well, I’m selling something. That would be part of my offer. What is affiliate marketing part of an offer? What’s everything else? Traffic now? Everything. The. Big drop shippers have in common is a know how to drive massive amounts of traffic. Plain and simple. So what’s the big secret? Well, the big secret is traffic. But we’re going to get into the little dirty secret in just a minute that anyone can use to get a crap ton of traffic for free. Literally free overnight. Any niche we’re going to show you with this niche that I found, I just came up with dash cameras. I was like, OK, let’s let’s figure out what’s going on. Found dash cameras. Don’t even know what one is. Don’t own one wouldn’t even know what to do with one if I had one. And I found this and it worked really, really well. So I’m going to show you this.

Really cool. So there I was. I was doing my drop shipping by scooters, made money. I realized that it was the offer. It was all about my offer. Everything dropped. Shipping was the offer. If you get that in your head, drop shipping is only an offer. If I sit out here in my backyard without my cameras on. Right. And I say I’m going to sell some things. And I put them all out on tables and like, here’s this. You could buy you could buy this cup. You could buy this keyboard. You could buy my painting, my wonderful painting that I’m so proud of. You could buy these things. And I set them up on tables out in my backyard. And I sit there and I wait for people to come buy them. It’s not going to happen. However, if I go to the newspaper and I’m like, I want to run a little ad for 30 bucks about my garage sale, then I could get some people and some people might buy some stuff that’s not very targeted. People look in a garage sale. They don’t really you know, it’s not targeted that really know what they’re looking for. So we’ve got to go out there and we’ve got to remember, drop shipping is our offer. We still need traffic. Everything needs traffic. Now, you can do this right now without learning a fancy shop store, without learning how to make fancy graphics, without having a fancy Web site, without even having a real merchant account. Did you know that when I did my scooters, I used what I had? I’m like, I know how to make an h.t.m.l page. I know how to put a PayPal button on it.

To put a little PayPal button. I logged into PayPal and I said, this one is five hundred and thirty seven dollars. Shipping is free. And here’s what here’s a button. And it just gave me a button I put on my site and I made money. So here’s the deal. If you want to do drop shipping, right, you need to start a lean, mean selling machine. Stop messing around with all the fancy stuff. Stop messing around with all the whiz bang products and softwares and everything. All that’s gonna do is distract you from the purpose. What’s the purpose? Get traffic. Put them to offer. What’s my offer? The scooters or the dash cam? How do I get the money to pay, pal? Simple, right? There you go. So here’s what we want to do. We set up a simple WordPress blog. You could set this up in forty five minutes. Right. You’re like, OK. Doesn’t have to be fancy. I’ll use some of Marcos’s tools over it. Go Hub I’ll go over there. I’ll have my site up in forty five minutes. I’ll go to pay, pal, and I’ll get a button or use stripe or I’ll use whatever I want to use. Doesn’t really matter. Right. So we go out there and we’re like, OK, I set up my simple site. I put my button on it so they can order the product. Yeah. Wonderful. Now again, go hub You could start your first blog today. I got people who are like, dude, I’m 80 years old. I don’t know how to make a site. They go there, they set up a site and it’s super easy, cost you about $70 dollars for the year for Web hosting and then you’re ready to go. There you go. All right. Number two, tackle my dirty little secret. What’s the dirty little secret? The dirty secret is OPR.

Other product reviews. All right. Now, warning, warning before we diam dove into this. You need to do this ethically. There’s a lot of people out there that do this unethically. If you search room for reviews, online money products or buy products or whatever. There’s people doing this unethically. They never even bought my product.

They’re just like Marcos’s an ass. Buy my stuff. And that’s all they’re doing. That’s unethical. But what if you had a full review site about other products in your industry and you actually sold those other products as an affiliate? So now I’m making affiliate money, I’m getting lots of traffic and I can make money when they sell my drops shipping product. Hell, yeah, but again, do this ethically because there’s a lot of companies out there that are in my niche and they’re using my keywords to sell their stuff by talking shit about. You don’t want to do that. Always be ethical. If the other product is good, tell them it’s good. Tell them to buy it. Get an affiliate commission. Yay. If it’s not as good, tell it to. Hey, you know what thing I didn’t like is this camera wasn’t in HD.

Click here for my HD one that’s half the price or whatever, right? So what if you made a good review site about dash cameras, OK? And you’re focusing on free traffic. OK. Then you make your site my dash camera review site by or whatever. OK.

Then I run affiliate ads. I run AdSense and I drop my ship, my product.

So here’s a deal. I get all this traffic from the reviews. I got a big banner that says my favorite dashcam click here. OK. Everyone’s going to click it because all I want to see your favorite one. You’ve reviewed tons of these. So I want to see your favorite one. You set it up with a simple PayPal button again, lean, mean machine. Get in there. Make it happen. Make it work. Don’t worry about the fancy stuff. You can get sales. It’s not that hard to do. I did it all the time. I took millions of dollars with PayPal. Had a little beef with them at one point. But hey, you know what? To each his own. Still use them. And then you make the money. Very simple. This is what my scooter site look like. These were simple links to the PayPal order button. Charging 537, charging 427. I paid the drop shipper. I kept the rest very simple.

Now, let me show you how this works. How many you guys are ready for the dirty little secret on steroids? This dirty little secret, if you use it, it will work like crazy. Check this out. Look at all the people searching for dashcam reviews. All right. Now, this is from my keyword tool. We have the keyword here. The amount of times it searched for per month. Over here. And then the competition. All right. So this one’s like a fifty six competition. This is from zero to one hundred zero is like, yay, I could get that. One hundred is like way too competitive. Now we’re talking about free traffic. You could literally do this and get tons of free traffic. Someone will probably take me up on this. And if you do go make some money and then come tell me how much you made so I can brag about you. All right. Very cool. So now these are pretty competitive. We get COBRA dash camera view, which isn’t that competitive. We got dash camera views 2016. That’s probably not around anymore. This one dash cam pro reviews is a two. So I could pick up, you know, six hundred visitors a month there.


That’s pretty good. Now, watch what happens. When I went to Amazon and I looked up the top brands of the dash cams on the home page. Rove dash cam competition to one point four thousand searches per month. Yay! Rove or two 4K dash cam. Thirteen hundred searches a month. You think you could make some sales if you had that? Obviously you’ll make sales of the affiliate product, but you’ll also make some drops. Shipping sales to ape man. Dash cam. Five thousand searches a month. Zero on the competition. Two on the competition. One, one, two. Lots of traffic there. There’s like 6000 visitors right there. Boom. And I didn’t even do all of them. Rahab dash cam. Twenty seven hundred a month. Six hundred. Three hundred. Again, look at the competition. They’re all green. Green lights mean go. We can get this stuff. Kober dash cam. Twenty four hundred three fifty to fifty. Two hundred. Two hundred. Two other. On and on we go. Competition. Pretty much nothing. Pretty wide open toe guard zero one point one thousand street guardian to fifty vava five thousand venture twenty eight hundred. And I didn’t even do the entire list. There’s Garmin, right?

I mean, this is insane. How many guys are like, holy crap. You mean I could set up a blog, I could do reviews of these products like, OK, this one has a ten eighty, but it doesn’t have a backup cam. Oh this one you actually have to turn on this one turns on with your car. This one you have to hook up to the battery. This one has an external battery or whatever. Right. And you do the little things and you’re like wait a minute. Like all this traffic, I could get a lot of this traffic for free and I could make money with the affiliate offers with the AdSense and then I can highlight my drop shipping product. Imagine what would happen if you had a site in this niche getting like thirty thousand visitors a month. Right. Think about that. Think about that. Now, Alex says, well, you know, if you call a Wal-Mart an Amazon zero competition, actually, those ones don’t really show up that much. There’s lots of stuff if you search for these. I actually did the research last night. You can actually outrank them and you can actually write pretty good. Right. All you got to do is get out there and do it if you want to do the work. But the problem is, is people don’t want to do the work. They say, I just I want to be like this guy up here and I want to buy a dropped shipping course for two thousand dollars. And I just I just want it to make money. That’s all I want. What are you willing to do?

Well, I I don’t want to sell anything. Well, OK. You shouldn’t be a dropship or if you know what I’m selling. I don’t want to set up a site. OK. Well, you shouldn’t be an Internet marketing if you don’t want to set up a market. I’m not. Greedy. I just want one hundred thousand dollars a year. So you want a hundred grand a year. You don’t want to do anything. You’re not willing to do anything. You complain at everything that seems like a milestone or a road bump and you’re not greedy. So basically you want a hundred grand free because you bought a course and you’re not willing to do what it takes, right? Are you willing to you will wreck, you will get traffic. And a lot of people, even if you don’t outrank Amazon and Wal-Mart.

A lot of people will look at your review site if you do it right. A lot of these guys, I actually did the research. They’re getting traffic. They’re getting traffic right now, some of my rank and number one for lots of these words. All you got to do is get in there and do it. That’s it. Right. You write a review, takes you 30 minutes. Here’s my review on the Garmin whatever dash cam boom. Put it up there. Put your order button up. Make sales, get affiliate commissions, get some AdSense. Boom. That’s how you go, right? That’s how you do it. Now, trending te’s says you definitely don’t understand how a AHREFS works. If you think that traffic is guaranteed, is it guaranteed? No. Like, are you guaranteed to get a number one ranking because it’s zero? No. But I will show you the ones that I did. Look at my sites, not like a big SEO site actually went off of a trip. So we did a video on here. If you haven’t subscribed, click this a subscribe button, click the bell, give us a thumbs up. Go watch my video titled I bought a thousand dollars worth of articles. I bought a thousand dollars worth of articles for my site. I went off of the AHREFS, OK, I went for my stuff. Check this out. Uber affiliate marketing get traffic every day from this or Uber affiliate program. I think it is, right?

Uber affiliate program. Boom. Here we are. We are ranking. Let’s see it. Uber affiliate program or Uber affiliate marketing off to find it. Uber affiliate marketing. Something like that.

Uber affiliate. Let me see. But I did a lot of these. And you actually see there we are there, Lyft affiliate program. Right. And we’re getting traffic every single day. Lyft affiliate program. Boom. There we are right there. Lots of other stuff. Wix affiliate program. All kinds of stuff, which is really, really cool. Now, trending tease does not want to make money because he’s got lots of excuses. And you can either have excuses or you can make money. People come to me everyday and they tell me why stuff doesn’t work. And you can have a thousand. That doesn’t work because, you know, the search engines don’t work on Wednesdays. If you’re drinking tea outside, like we found that out, it was on an article. So that’s true. But the fact of the matter is, is I’m actually doing it and it doesn’t matter what people click first. All it matters is they click me. I don’t care who they click first. Right. All I know is I log in and I get traffic every day. Every day. I can log on right now. I can see my traffic. There’s people coming from Google, from my words. I did. So you could either make excuses or you could make money. And you can go in and you could look at this and you can say, well, markets, you know, I just. I just don’t do that. You know, it’s not very straightforward. It doesn’t work. You know, I don’t know. Do anything. Don’t go make money. It doesn’t work. I guarantee you. I guarantee you. Challenge me. Take 100 words from eight drafts or whatever keyword tool you like that are one or zero competition. You’ll rank for some. I guarantee it. That’s a guarantee. You will, Rick. You will. You just go do it right. Not that hard to do. So what you have to do is you have to focus on it. Now, this is the big secret. If you want to make money with drop shipping. Now, you could go out there and you could buy a course and you could say, oh, I’m gonna do this. I’m going to do that.

Or you could focus on something simple. That’s what we teach. Now, if you want to download notes from what I went over in this call, this tip is going to seem easy. You’re going to look at it here to say it can’t be that easy. It can’t be that simple. But when you do it, you’ll say, holy shit. It actually was holy shit. It actually actualise actually did it. And you’ve got to look at it and you’ve got to focus, right. You got to look at it. And you’ve got to focus. And you’ve got to say, what am I willing to do to get where I want to go? Now, you can go over, download my notes, dot com. We have a review of this video. I have reports about this niche. I have tips about dropship shipping. You can go to download my notes, dot com, put your name and email in the box and you can get those notes along with other cool stuff and webinars and trainings, all kinds of stuff to teach you how to do this if you’re interested in learning this further. You guys have seen I’ve been doing this for 20 years. Right. And doing this 20 years. I’ve seen things come and go. I was around before dropped. Shipping was popular. I had friends and we made money in the motorcycle niche with drop shipping back in nineteen ninety nine. I had a lot of stuff going out and you got to focus and you got to make it work and you got to make it happen. If you want to learn what I’ve learned over the last 20 years about affiliate marketing, drop shipping, making money online in general, check out simple sites. Bonus dot com. That is my course. That shows you everything you get to hop on Tuesday calls live with me where you can hop on and say, yes, Marcus, I want to learn. Take a look at my site. Why is this not rank? Why is this doing this? This is making some money. How do I make more money and focus on what you want to do and focus on what really works. And you gotta get out there and you got to try it. You can be like some of those people who say, well, Marcus, you know, I read a report that says this ain’t going to work. And I was a guy over there at the search engine, you know. He says that, you know, this doesn’t work, but there’s other people doing it. And here’s a deal. You can reverse engineer everything if you know what to look for. You have to know what to look for. And that’s what we teach in the course. If you don’t know what to look for, you’ll be like, how the hell is that guy making money? I see him on the webinar. He’s making a million dollars drop shipping and he’s selling this stupid little thing. How is he doing it? You got to look behind the scenes because here’s the deal. Can you rank on Google?

Can you rank on m._s._n? Yahoo! Yes. How do I know? Because people are ranking right now. All I gotta do is figure out what they’re doing. All I got to do is figure out how to get in there, find the low competition, find the low hanging fruit. You will be able to build. You will be able to make traffic. It is not that hard to do. You just gotta go do it. Stop focusing on all the dropped shipping, fancy softwares and miracle cures and all this junk and focus on real world people who are looking for real world things that are searching that you can get in front of. And that, my friends, is how you make money with drop shipping. Without a whole lot of outlay, without a whole lot of risk, without a whole lot of work, you could just get in there and you do it. Subscribe, click the belt, give this video a thumbs up, hop over to, get the notes from this video, including the keyword reports that I ran here. And as a bonus, check out, join me in your journey to make money online. Thanks again for watching. We’ll see you next week.


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