Hurricane Irma Update

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  1. I really pray & hope all will. be well & Irma will pass over without a lot of damage. Yes, it is sad with a lot of people loosing all they had & having to start over. A lot not having any jobs to go back to, or even a home, etc. I have a fb friend there that lives in Kissammi FL that’s in a shelter. She came from Puerto Rico into a place of not knowing anyone with two young boys. They are in a shelter. There’s so many people in need of prayer…. my communication with Yah are going up for all of you. Yah is short for God’s name.

  2. Well Marcus, I’ve been through one hurricane Bolixi Mississippi in August of 1969 – Camille with winds of 190 to 200 mph. The Air Force Base I was stationed at was safe, but the town was leveled as well as many other towns. I will take an Earth Quake any day over a hurricane.

    Stay safe – your California buddy – Jim

  3. Marcus,
    Thank you for connecting with your students and fans! I wondered if you and your family were okay. I have relatives in Tampa. If your lights are out, I will wait til all this drama passes. Please create another webinar, they get hilarious when you get tired of repeating yourself and start cracking jokes. Fun to watch.Hope your backyard bear is doing fine!

  4. Stay safe. Hope your office isn’t affected! Keep your sense of humour. Like your videos and you always make me laugh now and again! Thanks

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