how to make money with canva

How To Make Money With Canva (not what you think)

With $164,000/month EXAMPLE Using Canva Templates!

There are three obvious methods that you can make money with Canva.

The first method to make money with Canva is to create graphics and sell them.

There are thousands of templates on Canva. Once you have created your graphic, you would then need to go and market your services. You can go to a “job site”, do a task, and get paid. You could even become a Social Media Manager. This all sounds good, but unfortunately can be a lot of work on your part. Wouldn`t you rather make (create) something just once? Something that you can use over and over again? This is where The Affiliate Marketing Dude Way can help you!

The second way to make money with Canva is to create different templates and sell them on different websites.

An example website would be Etsy. There are a lot of people selling on websites like Etsy. Some people are making good money, others not so much. The problem with this way is that you will be competing with a lot of people. I can show you how to do better!

The third way to make money with Canva is to create logos.

You will then have to face questions like… How many logos can I make in one day? How many logos can I sell in one day on different websites? With this way you are also going to be dealing with a lot of competition and also a lot of work on your part.

You would also need a “stream” of clients. The results are not always guaranteed.

Are you ready to think bigger?

Are you ready to find out how to use The Affiliate Marketing Dude Way?

The first thing that you must remember is that no one wants just a logo….they want an identity for their business. No one wants just a template….they want what a template does.

With online marketing, several people have problems with finding their “nitche,” “traffic,” how they are going to make this work, and what content they are going to use to make it work.

They also struggle with how to build a “mailing list.”

I have solved all of these problems!

You can use Canva to solve all four of these problems!

I will be providing a list from Canva where you can get traffic from, keywords, (bewlow) and what to search for at the end of this article!

So as you already know, you can perform a Google search and you can see lots of different things such as resumes, templates, logos, etc.

What you do not see are paid ads.

What this means is that nobody is advertising on these terms.

Did you know that you can get keywords for just 5 cents a click or less?

If you do not want to pay for traffic, you do not have to. It will just be a little harder on your part.

You can get paid traffic for just around 5 cents, and probably, in return, make about 10 cents! It is just something to think about and would be easier than to have to fight all of the competition out there.

My first step to create on Canva is to find the keyword.

Next, you want to find the easy traffic method, the method that will work for you.

Paid traffic is the easiest (like I explained earlier), but if you want free traffic then all you would have to do is go to Facebook, YouTube, or any other posting sites. The most important thing that you need to remember when doing this is to make sure that what you are creating is YOUR OWN.

Canva does state that you can not re-sell, re-distribute, or take credit for un-altered media. So research the keyword, THINK BIG!

Some examples would be cover letters, templates, resumes, logos, etc. Find the “nitche” and find the traffic. Find “big picture” offers.

Create, think. Find Affiliate offers, and give away!

Produce a gift. An example would be, “Hey guys, I just created a gift for you, free templates.”

Get some traffic, send them to your page. Have them provide their name and email address to get “free templates and cover letters.”

Give away free stuff! Once you have done that, go through and take that traffic and email them related offers.

Use this to build a mailing list and income! You want to go to a site where people are looking for something, easy offers. An example would be people looking for jobs.

Just put in keywords to what people are searching and looking for (your ideas). This is all you need! You can reach a ton of influencers overnight!

Use Canva to make helpful things, promote Canva, and all while doing this you are building your own list!

Create something in Canva that will work over and over. Set up your own website, web hosting.

Promote, promote, promote!

How do you find softwares/tools to help people out in a real world way? Use Canva! Create a Tutorial! An example of this would be…”Hey thanks for watching my tutorial on how to create a resume, please visit my website to get Canva resume, templates for free.”

I would also like to share with you 100 keywords that I have created from the Canva site just for you! Please visit to get this free list!

Create something easy (templates, resumes, etc.) to help people out! Your goal should be to want to help people out. There is a lot of stuff and money to be made out there in the real world.

Remember, you can have anything you want in life if you help other people get what they want!

# Keyword Difficulty Volume
1 cover letter examples 68 405000
2 meme generator 86 370000
3 resume builder 86 237000
4 background remover 85 222000
5 resume templates 81 208000
6 logo maker 93 187000
7 resume template 79 183000
8 wedding invitations 77 167000
9 gif maker 80 149000
10 invoice template 76 122000
11 vision board 64 101000
12 free resume templates 81 59000
13 collage maker 79 59000
14 infographic 90 58000
15 free logo maker 94 56000
16 instagram highlight covers 24 52000
17 free resume builder 89 52000
18 youtube banner template 41 44000
19 invitation maker 65 42000
20 letterhead 54 34000
21 calendar template 67 33000
22 family tree maker 65 33000
23 youtube banner 58 28000
24 gift certificate template 59 26000
25 weekly calendar 40 24000
26 wedding invitation templates 67 23000
27 resume builder free 90 23000
28 flyer maker 76 22000
29 resume maker 91 21000
30 business card template 66 20000
31 weekly planner 46 20000
32 lesson plan template 43 19000
33 weekly schedule template 52 18000
34 free business cards 71 17000
35 online video editor 88 16000
36 storyboard template 41 15000
37 brochure templates 57 15000
38 logo designer 94 14000
39 free invitation maker 59 14000
40 create a logo 94 14000
41 certificate template 51 14000
42 infographic template 75 13000
43 photo collage maker 78 13000
44 album cover maker 46 12000
45 menu template 64 12000
46 business card design 67 12000
47 instagram filters 17 11000
48 newsletter templates 70 11000
49 invitation templates 51 11000
50 pfp maker 34 11000
51 how to make a logo 92 10000
52 linkedin background banner 38 10000
53 birthday invitation templates 50 10000
54 instagram post template 49 9600
55 checklist template 47 9600
56 vision board template 21 9500
57 presentation templates 77 8800
58 thumbnail maker 67 8800
59 instagram story covers 29 8300
60 linkedin banner 31 8100
61 instagram template 54 8000
62 funeral program template 52 7900
63 weekly calendar template 53 7700
64 free flyer templates 67 7600
65 free invitation templates 54 7600
66 youtube banner maker 61 7200
67 postcard template 35 6900
68 card maker 65 6900
69 collage maker online 82 6300
70 profile picture maker 41 6300
71 color theory wheel 88 6100
72 graduation invitation template 45 6000
73 how to make a flyer 68 6000
74 pamphlet template 52 5900
75 youtube thumbnail maker 66 5900
76 online invitation maker 60 5600
77 canva templates 20 5500
78 daily planner template 53 5500
79 create your own logo 93 5300
80 business logo maker 93 5300
81 comic strip template 39 5000
82 how to make business cards 60 4800
83 canva logo maker 52 4600
84 shirt design maker 56 4000
85 t-shirt design online free 67 3700
86 canva business cards 43 3500
87 make a flyer 76 3100
88 flyer templates free 67 3000
89 free certificate templates 57 3000
90 linkedin banners 35 2900
91 invitation templates free 54 2800
92 portfolio template 41 2800
93 create a flyer 76 2800
94 canva resume templates 36 2700
95 concert ticket template 3 2500
96 canva infographic 55 2300
97 book cover maker 62 2300
98 certificate template free 58 2300
99 canva invitations 19 2200
100 calendar generator 46 1000

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