How To Make Money On Twitter – Super Simple

How To Make Money On Twitter – Super Simple Method

Today we’re going to talk to you about how to make money on Twitter.

We’re going to show you an example of a guy doing over five hundred thousand dollars a year on Twitter.

And we’re going to show you a guy actually making money on Twitter in yeah, you guessed it, the toilet niche.

As I was doing research for this topic, I found a little case study of a guy making five hundred thousand dollars a year on Twitter.

This is a rather old case study, so I’m sure he’s making a lot more by now. And if you do a little research on his Twitter profile, you can see that he’s amassed a whopping thirteen point eight million followers, which is pretty difficult to get to.

So I want to talk to you about some methods that I found while doing my research that anyone can do, even if you have zero followers.

And that all comes down to the secret value of Twitter that no one’s talking about.

If we look at this little screenshot from Ahrefs a popular keyword tool. You can see that they have over one hundred and seventy one million organic keywords ranking in the search engines, getting traffic every day.

Those search rankings get them approximately eight hundred and twenty three million visitors a month for an estimated traffic value of a whopping two hundred and eighty nine million dollars each and every month just from search engine rankings. Just check out the traffic Twitter’s getting from some of these top rankings.

Now, why is this important and what does it have to do with you making money on Twitter?

Well, this tells us that Twitter is a powerhouse of a Web site.

They are actually ranked number 52 out of all the Web sites on the planet. That means only 51 other Web sites get more traffic than Twitter. So I’m gonna go ahead and put this muscle dude over here. So that you remember why Twitter is valuable to us when we want to make money online. Because the idea here isn’t just to use Twitter to engage on Twitter, but rather to use the power of Twitter to get Google rankings. So what we want to do is create Twitter posts that are based on keywords that people search for quite a bit in the search engines.

Then we want to take the traffic from that Twitter post and put them to stuff that makes you money. These could be your own products. Affiliate offers, paid search networks and more. And the key is to find keywords that are not that competitive. So you can get ranked very fast.

For example, when doing research, I found out that a lot of people use Twitter to rank four words related to PDF books. And you could see that their ranking for quite a few terms that used the word PDF.

But how does this make any money? Well, it’s actually pretty simple. You see, these people are looking up the PDF because they want to read a book.

And so what the marketer does is simply create a page about the book with a little review or summary. And then he leads to a page where you can sign up and get access to hundreds of thousands of different PD FS and books and magazines and all sorts of things.

Now, if we go behind the scenes, we can actually see that this is an affiliate offer that they probably found on offer vault that pays them when the user signs up to get all the free stuff. And you could see here that the affiliate offer is paying over fifty seven dollars per sale, which means if you want to make one hundred and fourteen dollars a day, all you got to do is get two people to sign up.

Which isn’t that hard to do when you take a look at all the books out there and all the traffic they’re getting. And this list doesn’t even include all the books that are out there that could possibly be searched for with the word PDF. So as you can see, this can be quite lucrative.

And it’s actually pretty simple to do.

First, I simply choose a noncompetitive keyword for the market i want to tackle.

Second. I go to the affiliate networks and find offers that fit that keyword.

Then I generate a simple affiliate link. I copy that link into a notepad file. If I was using an affiliate network such as Max Bounty, I would just build my tracking link in here. Copy that. To the notepad file.

And third, I want to go ahead and shorten my affiliate link so they’re nice and small for Twitter

Using something like Bitly or the affiliate marketing dude tracker. If you’re using your own Web site, we simply put our link in here. Click Shorten and it spits out a little Bitly link. Now, these Bitly links can be kind of difficult. So if you want a pro tip, use your own site with the click voodoo plugin. All you have to do is name your link. Enter your big you URL. And then choose a little name for your link that you’ll remember. Click submit and that’ll create a link. That’s super easy to remember. And we’ll actually brand your site so you could build up over time. As you can see, my link is now affiliate do dot com slash servais one and fourth. I create my Twitter post with my keywords and some images if I want to get a little fancy. I then include my affiliate link within the Twitter post hit tweet and you’re done. And when people come to the tweet, they can actually click on my link, go to the site and I can get paid.

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Now, I want to take a second real quick and interrupt myself, because if you’re watching this thinking, hey, this seems really, really easy. While it is easy, I want you to realize that if you’re out there thinking you’re going to put one tweet up, get it ranked in the search engines and get rich overnight. That’s not the case. This does take some hard work. And I want you to realize also that the results and income claims in this video are not typical, implied or guaranteed. The average affiliate marketer usually makes nothing because they end up giving up and doing nothing. And I want you to keep that in mind when you do this business, because this is a business and you need to treat it as such.

So when you do set out to make money on Twitter, I want you to keep in mind that there is some work involved.

It will take a lot of tweeting and you need to follow all the rules and guidelines.

Now, while you can use free services like Bitly and things like that, in my 20 years of affiliate marketing experience, I’ve found that having your own Web site has multiple benefits from being able to get more search engine rankings to your own site, to being able to control your links and edit things on demand and having it all very easy to remember track and build and grow. So if you can afford about six bucks a month, I would highly recommend going to and set up your first Web site in about 15 minutes.

And when you’re marketing on Twitter, you want to make sure that you follow all the rules. And also keep in mind that the people on Twitter are usually there for updates and news and things like that. So if you can think about updates and new stuff, you’re going to have a great target audience.

Let me show you some other examples of some niches that can be really good, that are noncompetitive.

One of the examples that I found was stock prices.

Lots of people are looking for updated stock prices and things like that so they can see how much money they’re making or should they invest in stuff. And these can link to lots of affiliate programs that help people learn about stocks such as the Motley Fool stock advisory offer that pays 80 dollars a sale and it converts like crazy.

Motley Fool Affiliate Program Pays $80 Per Lead

There’s also lots of people ranking for movie reviews, product reviews and things of that nature and lots of people using the word prices, which is good for coupons and discount tools and affiliate and affiliate offers of that nature. You can also see lots of rankings for things like the Law of Attraction, Law of Attraction quotes PDF Meems, which fit in quite nicely with the Law of Attraction offers here on Click Bank. And they actually pay pretty well, too.

You can see there’s all kinds of stuff related to celebrity weight loss.

You could simply have a profile all about different celebrity weight loss and the different programs they use to lose weight.

Link them to the affiliate offer for the program they used. And boom, you get paid. And of course, we have the toilet niche.

You could see lots of different products in this niche that they are reviewing and then sending that traffic to their affiliate links, product links and pretty much anywhere they get paid.

And please don’t overcomplicate this. It’s actually pretty simple.

Some other niches I’ve seen that do really well and would work really well for this method are cigars.

Different updates on cigars and types of cigars and different stuff like that, which is actually really good because if you build your profile up, you can get the same customers to reorder over and over and over again every time you recommend a new product. And this works really well.

Another one is weather updates. You could do weather updates. I know of a guy here in Florida who does updates on all the hurricanes and different things like that to keep people informed.

Now, you might be asking, Marcus, how would we make money on stuff like weather updates, travel deals, coupons, trivia recipes?

How are we going to make money on twitter with this?

Well, it’s actually pretty simple because on offer vault, we can actually see that there’s a weather forecast browser extension that people can install on their computer. So they get weather updates and we actually get two dollars and eighty cents every time someone downloads that. That’s right. They don’t put their e-mail in. They don’t need a credit card. They don’t have to buy anything. They just download it. And I get two dollars and eighty cents.

weather affiliate program

Or maybe you’re in the political news niche and you want to go for different politics type things. There’s a toolbar that pays two dollars for the latest news headlines.

news toolbar affiliate program

Or perhaps you’re like the five hundred thousand dollar example we showed earlier or you’re doing all kinds of quizzes and trivia. Yep, there’s a toolbar for that as well.

And it pays a whopping two dollars for a free download.

So as you can see, this stuff works extremely well. And the key is to focus on the right traffic method. You have to get the right keyword and the right offer to make this work. If you go for super competitive keywords like make money online or weight loss, that’s not going to work. So do your research and find the keywords that are not that competitive that you can use Twitter to rank for. And you can actually start very fast. And again, if you want to be in it to win it and be a pro affiliate marketer, go ahead and go to go hub site Acom and start your first Web site. I guarantee it’s going to be a lot easier than you thought it would. And you’ll be up and running in about 15 to 20 minutes. And if you want a complete breakdown of all the notes I used in this video, links, tools, resources and more, you can get that over at download my notes dot com. I hope you enjoyed my quick little video on how to make money on Twitter if you like this. Be Sure To Download Your Free Affiliate Marketing Toolbar Below

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